Mobile Marketing 101: How to Set-Up and Run a Mobile Marketing Campaign

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Want to learn how to use SMS, Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites and other mobile tools to grow your sales and revenue? Then check out this presentation from Jamie Turner and Jeanne Hopkins, co-authors of …

Want to learn how to use SMS, Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites and other mobile tools to grow your sales and revenue? Then check out this presentation from Jamie Turner and Jeanne Hopkins, co-authors of Go Mobile.

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  • 1. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mobile* *But Were Afraid to Ask Jamie Turner Author, Speaker and Founder of BKV’s 60 Second Marketer Follow Jamie on Twitter @60SecondTweets Download these slides at
  • 2. Let’s Kick Things Off Join us live a
  • 3. Introductions• Director of Marketing at HubSpot• Responsible for Top of the Funnel inbound marketing programs at HubSpot• Named one of the Top 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management• Co-authoring Go Mobile with Jamie Turner• All-around decent human being
  • 4. Introductions• Author of How to Make Money with Social Media and Go Mobile (to be released in 2012)• Profiled in the world’s best- selling advertising and promotions textbook• Speaks around the globe on the topics of social media, mobile marketing and branding• Download these slides at KeynoteSpeaker
  • 5. Join Us Live at the Go Mobile Conference• What: The Go Mobile Conference and Workshop• When: Thursday, October 6th• Where: Atlanta, GA• Tickets: On sale now Join us live a
  • 6. All-Star Mobile Marketing Join us live a
  • 7. Agenda• Mobile Media Facts and Figures (10 minutes)• How Brands Connect with Consumers (10 minutes)• Mobile Marketing Tactics (30 minutes)• Applause, Encore and Standing Ovation (57 minutes)Download these slides at Join us live a
  • 8. Mobile Media Facts and Figures
  • 9. Mobile Media Facts and Figures• There are 6.8 billion people on the planet. 4.5 billion own a mobile phone. Only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush• The growth rate of the iPhone was 10 times faster than the growth rate of AOL• Gartner Group predicts that by 2013 the number one way people will access the internet will be through their mobile devices
  • 10. Mobile Media Facts and Figures • Mobile coupons generate 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons • 70% of all mobile searches are acted upon within an hour vs. 30% of all traditional searches • Research indicates that if someone leaves home without their wallet, they keep going. If they leave without the mobile device, they turn around
  • 11. 5 Mobile Marketing Myths
  • 12. Top 5 Mobile Marketing Myths• Myth #1: Everyone Has an iPhone • Only about 35% of the population owns any kind of smartphone • Android has grabbed 41% share of smartphone users who have purchased a phone in the past 6 months, compared with 27% for Apple and 19% for Blackberry Join us live a
  • 13. Top 5 Mobile Marketing Myths• Myth #2: You Need an App for That... • With the rise of HTML5, the functionality and feel of mobile websites is nearing that of Apps • You will need an App if you want to take advantage of GPS, augmented reality and other features • But if you just want to provide consumers with a way to connect with you via mobile, a mobile website is fine Join us live a
  • 14. Let’s Drink! Join us live a
  • 15. Top 5 Mobile Marketing Myths• Myth #3: Mobile is the Internet, Just Smaller • People use mobile differently from how they use the internet • They use mobile to find information quickly, compare prices and make decisions • People on PCs are more likely to surf social networking sites and play games • Search is twice as prevalent on mobile web than on a PC • 1/3 of all searches on mobile are local and 70% of searches lead to action within one hour Join us live a
  • 16. Top 5 Mobile Marketing Myths• Myth #4: Mobile is Only for Big Companies • 75% of al marketers are planning to add mobile to their marketing mix this year • 3 simple ways to ways to get into mobile: • Get involved with location based services such as Foursquare and Gowalla • Optimize your website for mobile • Make sure your company contact information is up-to-date and claim your business listing on Google Join us live a
  • 17. Top 5 Mobile Marketing Myths• Myth #5: Mobile is Just for Teenagers • The average age of a person who sends text messages is 35 • The number of baby boomers texting and shopping using their mobile phone nearly doubled between 2007 and 2009 • 35- to 44-year-olds are the most likely to have downloaded an App in the last 30 days Join us live a
  • 18. Additional Resources Join us live a
  • 19. How Brands Connect with Consumers
  • 20. How Brands Connect with Consumers Brochures Websites Mobile MarketingPoint-of-Purchase YouTube Email Catalogs Magazines Blogs Newspapers Facebook Direct Mail a Join us live
  • 21. How Brands Connect with Consumers Google RIM Apple Microsoft 39% 20% 28% 9%Source: GS Statcounter
  • 22. How People Use Smartphones 0 25 50 75 100 Check and send email (82%) Read news articles (56%) Look up directions (69%) Listen to music/radio (45%) Watch online videos (41%) Play online games (39%) Manage finances and bills (34%) Look up sports information (38%) Use a social networking website (63%)Source: The Mobile Movement Study
  • 23. How Brands Use Mobile to Engage withProspects and Customers• Mobile Web Sites• Short Message Service (SMS)• Multimedia Message Service (MMS)• Mobile Display Ads• Mobile Paid Search• Proximity Marketing: LBS, NFC, Bluetooth and LBA• Apps• 2D Codes• Mobile Email• Tablet Computing Download at
  • 24. Mobile Websites
  • 25. Mobile Website Standard Mobile Download at
  • 26. SMS and MMS
  • 27. Short Message Service• The most common phone- based activity among U.S. cell phone users of all ages• Used by American Idol, the American Red Cross and others• Used by CNN, Mashable and ABC News for push notifications• Used by doctors to remind patients of appointments• Used by airlines to update people on flights Download at
  • 28. Multimedia Message Service • What can you send via MMS? ‣ Images ‣ Text ‣ Audio ‣ Animations ‣ Video Download at
  • 29. Mobile Display Ads
  • 30. Mobile Display Ads• Sold on a Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or Cost Per Thousand (CPM) basis• Popular platforms include iAd (Apple), Millennial Media (Independent), Ad Mob (Google) and others Download at
  • 31. Mobile Display Ads • Campbell’s ran a mobile ad using the iAd platform • Results: 53 million impressions, 1% click-through rate • Spent an average of one minute investigating ad • Intent to purchase was 4 times greater than with TV • Remembered "Campbells" five times more often than TV ad respondentsSource: Nielsen Download at
  • 32. Mobile Display: Targeting Options• Custom audiences -- TV fans, telecom switchers, business travelers, etc.• Location-Based Advertising• Nielsen Top 100 Sites• WiFi context targeting -- cable provider, hotels, airports, etc.• Geographic targeting -- Country, DMA, etc.• Demographic targeting• Time of day targeting• Advertiser retargeting through pixels or clicker tracking• Carrier/handset targeting• Age of device/profile Download at
  • 33. Mobile Display• User clicks ad, which then uses GPS technology to identify location and direct them to nearest storeSource: MobClix Download at
  • 34. Mobile Display• User interacts with brand by uploading picture from their photo file into the branded adSource: MobClix Download at
  • 35. Mobile Display• User clicks an ad to send a coupon code via SMS to any recipientSource: MobClix Download at
  • 36. Mobile Display• User is encouraged to add company contact information into their contact listSource: MobClix Download at
  • 37. Mobile Display• Usersare encouraged to email promotional offers to themselves and to friendsSource: MobClix Download at
  • 38. Mobile Display• User is encouraged to add an event or activity to their calendarSource: MobClix Download at
  • 39. Mobile Display• Useris encouraged to take a photo of themselves which is subsequently added into the branded adSource: MobClix Download at
  • 40. Mobile Paid Search
  • 41. Join Us Live at the Go Mobile Conference• What: The Go Mobile Conference and Workshop• When: Thursday, October 6th• Where: Atlanta, GA• Tickets: On sale now Join us live a
  • 42. All-Star Mobile Marketing Join us live a
  • 43. Mobile Paid Search• Less competition than with traditional search• Local queries are the norm -- movies, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc.• Click-to-call and click-to- map are important• Voice search is now available for all major search engines Join us live a
  • 44. Activities Conducted on Mobile Devices20.0 Searched for local products/services (18%)15.0 Searched for info on movies/ent. (16%) Searched for info on restaurants/bars (13%)10.0 Searched for stuff outside local area (11%) Purchased physical item that shipped (4%) Used coupon from mobile phone (4%) 5.0 0 Source: Kelsey Mobile Market View Join us live a
  • 45. Proximity Marketing: Location BasedServices, Near Field Communications,Bluetooth Marketing and LocationBased Advertising
  • 46. Location-Based Services Download at
  • 47. Tips on Using Location-Based Services• Firstof all, claim your business• Reward first-time visitors• Change deals often• Promote group check-ins. The more in a group, the better the deal• Interact with customers. Make them accomplish a small task (Origami napkin) to redeem• Promote to those checking-in nearby Download at
  • 48. Near Field Communications• Uses near field technology to deliver digital communications between devices Download at
  • 49. Bluetooth Marketing Download at
  • 50. Location-Based Advertising• Uses Geo-Fencing to figure out where you are• SMS, display ads and paid search ads can be targeted by location Download at
  • 51. Mobile Apps
  • 52. Mobile Apps Download at
  • 53. How Apps Are Used 75.0 50.0 25.0 0 Games (64%) Weather (60%) Social Networking (56%) Maps (51%) Music (44%) News (39%) Entertainment (34%) Banking (32%)Source: Nielsen Join us live a
  • 54. Is an App Right for Your Business?• You’re a large brand looking for ways to deepen your relationship with customers (e.g., Coca-Cola, Campbell’s)• You’re a content provider looking for new distribution channels (e.g., AutoWeek, CNN)• You have a game concept that has the potential to go viral (e.g., Angry Birds, ABC Go)• You have a utility that helps people execute tasks from their mobile devices (e.g., Charles Schwab, Dragon Dictation)• You’re a celebrity interested in leveraging your brand (e.g., Jamie Oliver, Martha Stewart)• You’re a B2B company looking for new ways to connect with customers (UPS, FedEx)• You’re a B2C company looking for new revenue streams (Netflix, New York Times) Join us live a
  • 55. Augmented Reality Apps Download at
  • 56. PURLS
  • 57. PURLS Join us live a
  • 58. 2D Codes
  • 59. Join Us Live at the Go Mobile Conference• What: The Go Mobile Conference and Workshop• When: Thursday, October 6th• Where: Atlanta, GA• Tickets: On sale now Join us live a
  • 60. All-Star Mobile Marketing Join us live a
  • 61. 2D Codes• 2D codes can be used to deepen relationship with audience• Come in many formats: QR Codes, Datamatrix, EZ Code, Microsoft Tag, SPARQCode and ScanLife• 2D code reader can be downloaded from Download at
  • 62. 2D Codes1. Marketer generates 2. Marketer deploys 3. User scans 2D code 4. User driven to 5. Marketer collects data 2D code 2D code promotion Download at
  • 63. 2D Codes • Q: Where have you scanned a QR/Bar 50 code with your mobile phone? 37.5 Printed magazine or newspaper (49%) Product packaging (35%) Website (27%) 25 Poster or flyer or kiosk (24%) Business card or brochure (13%) Storefront (13%) 12.5 TV (12%) 0Source: comScore MobiLens June 2011 Download at
  • 64. 2D Codes• 2D codes can drive people to websites, to phone numbers, to contact information and even to text messages• The first person to scan this code and send me a text message from it wins a prize Download at
  • 65. How to Download a 2D Code Reader Download at
  • 66. Let’s Generate a QR Code Click here. Download at
  • 67. 2D Codes Download at
  • 68. 2D Codes Download at
  • 69. 2D Codes Download at
  • 70. 2D Codes Download at
  • 71. 2D Codes Download at
  • 72. 2D Codes Download at
  • 73. 2D Codes Download at
  • 74. 2D Codes Download at
  • 75. 2D Codes Download at
  • 76. 2D Codes Download at
  • 77. 2D Codes Download at
  • 78. 2D Codes Download at
  • 79. 2D Codes Download at
  • 80. 2D Codes Jamie’s Neanderthal Jamie’s High School Exhibit Photo Yearbook Photo Download at
  • 81. Mobile Email
  • 82. Mobile Postcards Join us live a
  • 83. How to Get Started in Mobile Today
  • 84. Mobile Media Action Plan• Step #1: Mobilize your website• Step #2: Watch how your competitors are using mobile media• Step #3: Start using mobile media yourself• Step #4: Read everything you can about mobile media (start with• Step #5: Claim your business on location-based applications• Step #6: Run a mobile ad campaign Join us live a
  • 85. Mobile Media Action Plan• Step #7: Create a 2D or QR code promotion• Step #8: Design an iPhone or a Smart Phone app• Step #9: Encourage interactivity (e.g., CNN and Virgin Air)• Step #10: Integrate• Step #11: Track your results• Step #12: Test your way into success Join us live a
  • 86. Top Mobile Apps That You Should Have
  • 87. Let’s ConnectTo Searches:Jamie Turner, 60 Second MarketerJeanne Hopkins, HubSpotFollow Us:@60SecondTweets
  • 88. Contact MeTo Searches:Jamie TurnerSocial Media ROI60 Second MarketerFollow me me:Jamie.Turner@60SecondMarketer.com404-233-0332