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Interested in learning how to Go Mobile? Then check out this cartoon, based on the popular book "Go Mobile" by Jeanne Hopkins and Jamie Turner. It provides all the tools and tips you need to set-up, launch and run a mobile marketing campaign.

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Go Mobile

  1. 1. Hey, Kids. Here aresome nifty tips from the co-authors of “Go Mobile!” How to Get Started in Mobile Marketing by Jamie Turner Founder of the 60 Second Marketer and Jeanne Hopkins V.P. of Marketing, HubSpot Co-authors of “Go Mobile”
  2. 2. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2012, the #1 way your customer will access the internet is via their mobile device. To find out how to getstarted in mobile, check out the tips here. Or, better still, buy “Go Mobile,” nowavailable in fine bookstores (and a few not-so-fine bookstores) everywhere.
  3. 3. Our story begins on a planet much like earth.This planet had oceans, plants and humans just like earth.Okay, this planet was earth.But that’ besides the point. s Damn. There goes theThe important thing was that neighborhood.earth had a flaming asteroid hurtling towards it. Daily News We’re Toast!
  4. 4. Despite the flaming asteroid, it wasbusiness as usual back at the office. Bob’ big s Are you kidding? presentation is It’ 9:00 am s He’ been at s today. I hope he already... it for hours. laid off the sauce. We’re going to put your logo on a blimp, then ignite the darn thing. (Burp.)
  5. 5. Unfortunately, the client was not Huh?impressed with Bob’ blimp idea. s That’ as bad as your ill-fated s baby tattoo idea. No wonder you drink, Bob. Let’ try something else ... like s mobile marketing.
  6. 6. Bob’ blimp idea went down in s flames. And so did Bob. The bad news is she hated the blimp idea. The good news is the bars in this neighborhood are open 24 hours.
  7. 7. Mary Ellen knew that in order to save the account, the company had to learn about mobile marketing fast. But I know someone who does. Our company knows nothing about mobile marketing. I’ll call him now.
  8. 8. Meanwhile, in thelaboratory of Stone Steele... I wonder if this radioactive fluid tastes as good as Stone. It’ s it looks. Mary Ellen. I need !! your help. i ! ng !!! R g R in
  9. 9. So, Mary Beth ... er, Mary The Super Heroes knowEllen, it sounds like you’re everything about mobileabout to lose the account. marketing.I’ll have to call my Super Heroes to fix this. On another note, can you tell I’ve been working out?
  10. 10. We can either save the Meanwhile, on the planet from the asteroid ... Super Hero Space or teach people how to make money with mobileStation high above the marketing. earth’ atmosphere... s Screw the planet. Let’ teach them how s to get rich quick. Pizza anyone?
  11. 11. The Green Machine was the first to offer his advice. After all, you can only learn so much by reading comics by Jamie Turner and JeanneThe first step to learning mobile Hopkins. is to get comfortable with it.Go out and scan a 2D Code, do aGoogle Voice Search, download an augmented reality app or run apaid search campaign -- just use the darn stuff.
  12. 12. The second step is to There are a lot of ways to set up a set up your mobile mobile website. Your web hosting website, which canactually be quite simple. service will have a plug-and-play approach. And there are many online services that can do it. But building it into your existing site is probably the best approach. One simple way to do this is to put a line of code on your home page that “sniffs” out the size of the visitor’ browser screen. If it’ large s s (say, over 600 pixels), the visitor is directed to the regular site. But if it’ small (under 600 pixels), then s the visitor is re-directed to mobile pages on your site. The “sniffer” approach, while only one option, is a simple way to get your mobile site up-and-running fast.
  13. 13. The third step is to do a 2D Generating your own 2D Code promotion. Code is easy. Just Google “2D Code Generator” or use the Even thought the jury is still one on the bottom right out on whether 2D Codes are hand side of the 60 Second a fad or are here to stay, Marketer blog.there’ no denying that they’re s a hot topic right now. Since they’re catching on with consumers, try incorporating one into a point-of-purchase poster, a business card, adirect mail piece or a brochure.Just be sure that the URL you drive people to is 1) designed for a mobile browser, and 2) rewards the consumer for taking the time to scan your 2D Code.
  14. 14. Given that,Search is the shouldn’t you at#1 activity on least try a mobilesmart phones. search campaign? The fourth step is to run a mobile search campaign. Running a search campaign on Google, Yahoo or Bing is very easy. Just visit their websites and click on their paid search links. The good news is that mobile paid search isn’ as t competitive as regular paid search. So dive on in. After all, if you don’ do a t paid search campaign, your competitors will soon.
  15. 15. Finally, when you’re ready to I have nothing relevant to hit the big time, try a say. I’m just standing here because I look good in tights. mobile display ad.Mobile display ads are sold on a Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or Cost Per Thousand (CPM) basis. There are plenty of great mobile display services, including iAd (Apple), Millennial Media (Independent), AdMob (Google) and others.The bottom line is that mobile display can be a great way for your business to acquire new customers.
  16. 16. After a lot of hard work, the Once again, you’ve made me Super Heroes had look good. So good, in fact, accomplished their task -- that tomorrow night I have a date with Mary Beth ... eh,teaching the corporate world Mary Ellen. how to make money with mobile marketing. Alright already, you’re going to get some action. Whatever. NOW can we order the pizza?
  17. 17. Stone can’ seem to tMeanwhile, back at the office... remember my name. Maybe he’ll remember it once he sees my tattoo. But wait, there’ more! s
  18. 18. About the Co-Authors: Hey, kids. Don’t forgetJamie Turner is the Founder of the 60 Second to look for “Go Mobile”Marketer and the co-author of “How to Make at your favoriteMoney with Social Media” and “Go Mobile.” He can bookstore or onlinebe seen regularly on CNN and HLN on the topic of retailer.social and mobile media.Jeanne Hopkins is the V.P. of Marketing forHubSpot and the co-author of “Go Mobile.” She isresponsible for driving 45,000+ leads per monthinto HubSpot and has been named one of the toplead management executives in the U.S. by theSLMA.Additional Statistics on Mobile Marketing • There are 271 million mobile subscribers in the US.   Charts Bin • There are five times as many cellphones in the world as PCs.  Impiger Mobile • The average person has their cellphone within reach 14 hours a day.  Impiger Mobile • 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being delivered.  Singlepoint • 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action, over half leading to purchase.  Google
  19. 19. Additional Statistics on Mobile Marketing Hey, kids. Don’t forget • There are 271 million mobile subscribers in the US.   to look for “Go Mobile” Charts Bin at your favorite • There are five times as many cellphones in the world bookstore or online as PCs.  Impiger Mobile retailer. • The average person has their cellphone within reach 14 hours a day.  Impiger Mobile • 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being delivered.  Singlepoint • 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action, over half leading to purchase.  Google • 79% of smartphone users use their phone to help with shopping, with 74% ultimately making a purchase as a result.  Google • Mobile coupons receive 10x higher redemption rates than print coupons.  Borrell Associates • 70% of mobile searches lead to action within one hour, as opposed to online searches, 70% of which lead to action within 1 month.  Microsoft • The Weather Channel reports some of their advertisers receive 6- 7 times higher click through rates on mobile than on the desktop version.  Ogilvy