Broadband Presentation CA1-Part 1


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The following presentation is a look at the broadband options available to a start-up Small/Medium Enterprise in theTallaght, Dublin 24 Area.

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Broadband Presentation CA1-Part 1

  1. 1. Jamie Paisley N00080612 NMT: CA1
  2. 2. •The following presentation is a look at the broadbandoptions available to a start-up Small/Medium Enterprisein theTallaght, Dublin 24 Area.•Itwill explore a number of broadband connection typesincluding: Wireless, DSL, Satellite, Mobile and Cable.•The conclusions/findings are based on a start-up eventco-ordination business with no more than 2 staff at anyone time.
  3. 3.  ADSL: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. This is a DSL line where the upload and download speeds differ - typically the download speed is faster than the upload speed. DSL: Digital Subscriber Line. This is a method of transmitting data over standard telephone lines - in the UK a variant called ADSL is most common for providing broadband access. Bandwidth: Also known as head-line speed or connection speed. Bandwidth shows how much your broadband connection can send and receive the data per second. It is measured in bits per second (bps) or mega bits per second (Mbps) Dial-up: Dial up or narrow band runs at 56Kbps download speed or less than that. You cannot use your telephone when you use dial-up. Dial-up connection is not as much stable as broadband and gets disconnected periodically. IP address: Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique number assigned to a PC. There are two types of IP addresses – static and dynamic. Static IP address is permanent as against dynamic address which changes each time you connect to the internet. Kbps: Unit that measures speed on a broadband line. Kilo bits per second or 1000 bits per second. Megabits (Mbps): Unit of broadband speed. Megabits per second or 1000 kilo bits per second. Router: helps multiple PCs to share a single broadband connection. Wi-Fi: Wireless Fidelity. Wifi users can access broadband on their smart phones or laptops. Wi-Max: Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is a wireless broadband technology used to transmit data over long distances. An enhanced version of Wi-Fi.
  4. 4. •High-speed access to the Internet.•Download data transfer links equal to/faster than 256 kbit/s.•Access to high quality Internet Services.•Transmission of information in a given amount of time (Likelanes on a motorway with many cars driving at one time).
  5. 5. Connection Types: Mobile Broadband Mobile broadband, also referred to as WWAN (for Wireless Wide Area Network), is a general term used to describe high-speed Internet access from mobile providers for portable devices. It refers to the use of GPRS networks and advanced 3G & HSDPA technologies to provide broadband connection to the smartphone users and laptop users. Usually slower than ADSL or cable broadband and the users often depend on the signal strength.Mobile broadband services can also provide wireless Internet access on your laptop or netbook using built-in mobile broadband network cards or other portable network devices, like USB modems (Dongles) or portable Wi-Fi mobile hotspots.
  6. 6. Connection Types: ADSLADSL broadband-Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is the most commonform of broadband used because it uses a standard phone line found inmost premises/homes. By converting your analogue phone line to a digital(ADSL) line, it can be used to transmit data simultaneously at a high speed.It enables fast data transmissions over copper wire telephone wires byutilising the frequencies that are not used by a voice telephone call. A DSLfilter allows a single telephone connection to be used for both ADSLservices (eg: Web browsing) and voice calls at the same time.
  7. 7. Connection Types: WirelessA high speed internet service technology for portable devices such aslaptops and phones that eliminates need for bulky modem cables. Thebroadband modem has the ability to receive the service and then transmitradio waves which gives computers with wireless capabilities, the ability topick up signals and use the internet. Wireless broadband must be set up ina home/office or in an area which has a wireless router, commonly referredto as a Wi-Fi hotspot
  8. 8. Connection Types: CableThis form of access to the internet uses the infrastructure of cable televisionvia the unused bandwidth on a particular network. One or more wires oroptical fibres are joined together to make a cable. Coaxial Cable and FibreOptic Cable are capable of transmitting speeds in excess of 1gbps You mustlive in an area that has this kind of broadband in order to access it. Phonelines are not needed for this type of connection.
  9. 9. Connection Types: SatelliteSatellite broadband is Internet connectivity provided by satellite, rather than dial-up, ADSL or cable service. Satellite broadband is linked to a dish networksubscriber service and provides speeds similar to other broadband technologies.The Internet feed is beamed from satellite to a dish installed at the subscribershome. Satellite Broadband services are not the most economical method ofInternet access available as far as pricing and accessibility is concerned, yet itcan reach locations where most other forms of Broadband cannot (includingremote, rural & marine environments). Onwave partnered with tooway providesSatellite Broadband to anywhere in Ireland
  10. 10.  The Digiweb brand is a full service telecommunication service provider offering data, MPLS, data centre services, cloud computing (IAAS), managed services, business voice and VOIP services. It is a leading broadband, hosting and phone provider. Broadband, Home Phone and Hosting. ADSL ,Wireless and Satellite Provider. Eircom Wholesale Reseller.
  11. 11. 1. Metro from €49.95 pm. Wireless delivers superiorbroadband and telephony access.1Mb to 10Mb download speeds. No telephone linerequired2. DSL from €49.95 pm. Using your phone line todeliver high speed access. 3Mb to 8Mb download speeds. Telephone line required3. NGB from €49.95 pm. Next generation congestion freebroadband from Digiweb.3Mb to 8Mb download speeds.Telephone line required4. Satellite from €31 pm. Available anywhere in IrelandIdeal for remote locations. Speeds up to 10Mb. No telephone line required
  12. 12.  The Smart Telecom brand is maintained as the trademark of Digiweb used in conjunction with DSL LLU, fibre and EFM business connectivity services across Ireland. ADSL (Local Loop Bundling) Provider .
  13. 13. 1. Business 24Mb for €24 per month. Static IP Address-1 included. Free Technical Support. 24 Mb Down/1b Up Speeds. Optional Wi-Fi.
  14. 14.  Imagine Communications is an Irish Internet Service Provider and telecommunications operator. (Previously known as Irish Broadband but then acquired by Imagine) WiMax means Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. WiMax is a 4G wireless technology allowing Irish consumers to avail of a quality home phone and internet service with no line rental charge. They are a WiiMax (Wireless) Broadband, DSL Broadband, Home Phone, Mobile Broadband and Satellite Provider.
  15. 15. Wireless: DSL: Static IP Address, No Usage Limits and Single IP address provided, Symmetrical Up and Down Speeds. Multiple IP addresses provided as required, No Usage Limits, ADSL2+ Wireless Router, MPLS VPN services1. Breeze 4Mb. €45.27p/m + €150 Connection 1. Up to 3Mb. €20.66 p/m + €45 ConnectionCharge. Unlimited Download Allowance. Charge. 3Mb Up and 384Kb Down Speeds.2. Breeze 6Mb. €100p/m + €150 Connection 2.Up to 7.6Mb. €28.93 p/m + €45 ConnectionCharge. Unlimited Download Allowance. Charge. 7.6Mb Up and 672Kb Down Speeds.3. Breeze 6Mb Plus. €175p/m + €150 3. Up to 12Mb. €55 p/m + €45 ConnectionConnection Charge. Unlimited Download Charge. 12Mb Up and 1Mb Down Speeds.Allowance.4. Breeze 6Mb Pro. €270p/m + €150 4. Up to 12Mb. €75 p/m + €45 ConnectionConnection Charge. Unlimited Download Charge. 12Mp Up and 2Mb Down Speeds.Allowance. 5. Up to 24Mb. €75 p/m + €45 Connection Charge. 24Mb Up and 1Mb Down Speeds.
  16. 16.  Vodafone is a global telecommunications company headquartered in London, UK. It is the worlds largest mobile telecommunications company measured by revenue. It operates networks in over 30 countries and has partner networks in over 40 additional countries. It owns 45% of Verizon Wireless, the largest mobile telecommunications company in the United States measured by subscribers. The name Vodafone comes from voice data fone, chosen by the company to "reflect the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones" Wireless and Mobile Broadband Provider.
  17. 17. Mobile Broadband Fixed Broadband1.Pay As You Use Mobile Dongle. Only Pay 1. 8Mb. €19.80 p/m. 512 Kb upload speed.for what you Use (Billed Each Month). Use 40GB monthly usage limit. Single static IPwherever you are.2. Bill Pay Mobile Broadband. Go Online at 2. 8Mb. €32.80 p/m. 512 Kb upload speedwork or On the Move. 10Gb Monthly 40GB monthly usage limit. Single static IPDownload Allowance.3. Mobile Broadband Plus. 2x as Fast as 3. 12Mb. €52 p/m. 1 Mbps upload speedRegular Mobile Broadband. K4511 Modem 4 static IP Addresses.Available. 15 GB Monthly DownloadAllowance. 4. 12Mb. €79 p/m. 2 Mbps upload speed Unlimited usage limit. 4 static IP Addresses. 5. 24Mb. €79 p/m. 1 Mbps upload speed Unlimited usage limit. 4 static IPs
  18. 18.  eircom is the principal provider of fixed-line telecommunications services in Ireland. eircom has the most extensive fixed-line telecommunications network in Ireland in terms of both capacity and geographic reach. They are an ADSL Broadband ‘Always On’, Home Phone, Mobile Broadband (eMobile) Provider.
  19. 19. ADSL Broadband Mobile Broadband1. 3Mb Bundle. €52.99 p/m. 384Kb Up and 3Mb 1. Per Pay By Day. €2.99 Per Day. 500Mb of Data.Down Speeds. Free Wireless Modem and Self-InstallConnection. Line Rental Included.2.12Mb. €40 p/m + €50 Set-Up Charge: Includes up 2. Per Pay 30 Days of Access for €19.99. 7.5GB ofto 8 IP Addresses. 1.1Mb Up and 12Mb Down Data.Speeds. Free Wireless Modem and OnlineInstallation.3. 8Mb. €20.65 p/m. 512 Kb Up and 8Mb Down 3. Bill Pay. €19.99 Per Month. 10GB of Data.Speeds. Free Wireless Modem and Connection. 10gUsage Allowance.
  20. 20.  UPC Ireland offers business customers a complete range of telecommunications solutions from standard voice and internet services to more advanced services such as Ethernet LAN extensions, corporate voice services and high-speed internet. Through the use of a Cable Modem customers can access a fibre powered broadband internet connection. The use of a Coaxial Cable provides a greater bandwidth than a typical telephone line; thus offering the customer much faster access to the internet than a DSL internet provider would. Fibre Power Broadband, Home Phone and TV Provider.
  21. 21. 1. Base 3Mb. €30 p/m + €80 Setup Charge. 3Mb/1Mb Speeds. 2 Phone LinesIncluded.2. Basic 10Mb. €49 p/m + €80 Setup Charge. 10Mb/1.5Mb Speeds. 2 Phone LinesIncluded. No Line Rental.3. Professional 20 Mb. €59 p/m + €80 Setup Charge. 3Mb/2Mb Speeds. 4 Phone LinesIncluded. No Line Rental.4. Premium 30Mb. €69 p/m + €80 Setup Charge. 30Mb/3Mb Speeds. 6 Phone LinesIncluded. No Line Rental.5. Premium Plus 100Mb. €100 p/m + €80 Setup Charge. 100Mb/7Mb Speeds. 6 PhoneLines Included. No Line Rental.
  22. 22. €20.65 p/m. 512 Kb Up and 8Mb.8Mb Down Speeds. Free WirelessModem and Connection. 10g Usage Allowance.
  23. 23.  Click here to see my Prezi Presentation! internet-services/
  24. 24. 