Weather Lesson Plan


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Weather Lesson Plan

  1. 1. University of the Philippines College of Education Educational Technology Department Technology Integration Lesson Plan RequirementArea: Grade 2 ScienceTheme/Unit/Topic: Different Kinds of WeatherObjectives: ● To be familiar with the different kinds of weather in the Philippines ● To know the effects of the different kinds of weather in the Philippines ● To cope with the effects of the different kinds of weather in the PhilippinesPrerequisites: ● Knowledge about the rain, sun, wind, and (probably) the different types of clouds (since types of clouds are related to the kind of weather)Target Learners: Grade 2 Filipino public school studentsDuration: 80 minutes (two 40-minute meeting)Resources: Projector, Laptop, PowerPoint Presentation, Paper, Coloring Materials Computers for thestudents, Video, Online Resources: [ (video), (game/song), (game), (weather reporting), (games, WORD SEARCH, MEMORYGAME),, (help the beardecide what to wear game according to the weather),] First Day Duration Specific Teachers Students Instructional Media Materials Objectives Notes Activities Methodology & and Equipment Responses
  2. 2. Introduction To review or Greetings Student People(3 minutes) recap previous Teacher: possible Media: lesson ‘Good replies: The The Teacher To introduce Morning sun is up, the new lesson Class, look the leaves outside, are swaying, what do you et cetera. see?’ Introduction to new topic Teacher: Our lesson for today are the different types of weather.Preparatory To motivate *Teacher Students Multimedia: Laptop,Activity the students will sing the will sing the The Weather Speaker,(5 minutes) to engage in Weather Weather Song Projector today’s lesson song song with (http:// To ‘break the with the the teacher. ice’ among the students* students cbeebies/ something- special/ songs/ something- special- weatherson g)
  3. 3. Lesson Proper To enumerate Teacher: Multimedia: Laptop,(20 minutes) the different The different Powerpoint Speaker, types of types of (http:// Projector weather weather: www.slide (Sunny, Sunny, Windy) Windy, JamieMa Cloudy, rthaMunoz To describe Stormy/ 1/weather- the different Rainy, for-grade-2) types of Snowy( weather outside (Sunny, Philippines) Windy) For today, To describe we are going the effects of to learn the different about the types of sunny and weathers to windy day. animals, plants and humans
  4. 4. Reinforcemen To further Teacher Students Manipulative Computert Activity enhance introducing should note s Media: s/ laptops/(5 minutes) student’s the activity: what the Let’s dress iPads learning Now, can animals do the bear! through you help when the (http:// activities. the bear weather www.foss pick out the changes. right clothes modulesK-2/ depending AirandW on the weather? eather/ activities/ (After the whatsthewe activity) ather.html) Teacher: Possible What have Student you observed Replies: from the ‘Nagpayong animals and nung the man in umulan’, ‘N the activity? aglaro nung umaraw’ *If computers are limited, you may do this as a class or you may pick out volunteers
  5. 5. Evaluation To test the Teacher What do ComputerActivity students’ introducing people s/ laptops/(7 minutes) understanding the activity: wear during iPads of the lesson Can you different help the types of children pick weather? out what (http:// to wear according to the different cbeebies/ types of boogie- weather? beebies/ *If games/ computers boogie- are limited, beebies- you may wackyweath do this as a er) class or you may pick out volunteersTechnology/MediaIntegration Second Day Duration Specific Teachers Students Instructional Media Materials & Objectives Notes Activities and Methodology Equipment Responses
  6. 6. Introduction To review Teacher: Possible People Media:(3 minutes) or recap Good Student Teacher previous Morning replies: The lesson Children! sun is up, the (sunny and It was a sun cannot windy day) _______ be seen, (weather there are only To introduce yesterday) clouds, it is the new day raining etc. lesson (rainy, yesterday. stormy and Can you now snowy day) guess what weather it is today? Can you look out the window again and tell me what do you see? Yesterday, Possible we talked Student about what replies: weathers The sunny again? and windy day Today, we are going to learn about the cloudy, rainy/stormy and snowy day.Preparatory To motivate Teacher: Students Multimedia: Laptop/Activity the students Before we will sing the http:// Projector/(5 minutes) to engage begin our Weather Speakers in today’s lesson today, song with the uk/cbeebies/ lesson let’s sing the teacher. something- weather song special/ To ‘break the again. ice’ among songs/ the students *Teacher something- will sing the special- Weather weathersong song with the / students*
  7. 7. Lesson Proper To Teacher: Text and Laptop/(20 minutes) enumerate The different Visual Media: Projector the different types of Powerpoint types of weather: weather Sunny, (rainy, Windy, stormy and Cloudy, snowy day) Stormy/ rainy, Snowy( To describe outside the different Philippines) types of weather For today, we (rainy, are going to stormy and learn about snowy day) the cloudy, stormy /rainy To describe and snowy the effects day. of the different For the rainy/ Student types of stormy day, Reply: He/ weathers emphasize on she will tell to animals, its effects on the story to plants and our country class. humans and how are we going to Possible minimize its answers ill effects. on ‘What What will you do measures to lessen should we do incidences to minimize of flood?’ the damage? (Ano gagawin mo para ‘Has anyone makatulong in our class sa pagbawas experienced ng baha?): their house to be flooded? Wag What did you magkalat ng do before, basura during and after the flood? What can you do to lessen the incidences of flood? Give suggestions
  8. 8. of what theycan do in caseof a flood.Note toteacher:PLEASEemphasizethat a snowyday onlyoccurs incertaincountries. Asnowy daydoes nothappen in thePhilippinesbecause weare a tropicalcountryTeacher: ‘Asnowy dayonly occursin certaincountries.Here in thePhilippines,we onlyexperiencerainy/stormy,sunny, cloudyand windyday.
  9. 9. Reinforcemen To further Match each Manipulatives Laptop,Projet Activity enhance cards to Media: ctor(5 minutes) student’s reveal a http:// learning bigger picture www.weath through activities. *If laptops/ m/weather- computers games- are limited, do this as memory.htm a class or ask for a volunteerEvaluation To test the Assignment: Students Visual Media Paper,Activity students’ Draw yourself will draw Coloring(7 minutes) understan in the four themselves in Materials, ding of the different the different Extra lesson types of types of Materials to weather weather design the in the Sunny: homework. Philippines draw self in (sunny, the beach windy, cloudy wearing and stormy) summer clothes. Playing in the sand Rainy/ Stormy: Draw self wearing rain protective clothes. Preparing for a possible flood Windy: Draw self inside the house to prevent injuries or damage from the weatherTechnology/MediaIntegration