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Link Building Software list, read more at today.

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Link Building Software List

  1. 1. As everyone knows by now, link building is a massive part of search engine optimization. Infact, link building makes up the majority of Google’s algorithm. Although the realm of SEOhas been shaken up with the whole social aspect, link building is still king. Content is queenand the other social factors and princess. Saying that, I can definitely see the social sidebecoming a lot more imporant in the near future.Google has already started using Facebook likes, tweets and Google plus one’s to influencerankings. So be aware… link building is still the dominating algorithm factor, but make sureto make your sites as social as possible. Also, don’t put out shitty content or you won’t berewarded. Anyway, here is my top 14 list of effective link building software. I’ve tried andtested every one of these tools and put them into great effect.These tools are powerful and they come with GREAT responsibility!14. Submit Eaze Submit Eaze was originally a directory submission tool, buthas recently expanded. Taken straight from the website, “Submitting to directories is thefastest and single-most effective means of improving your search engine rankings“. While Idon’t completely agree with that statement, directory backlinks have been proven to raisesearch engine rankings time and time again. Submit Eaze used to just submit to webdirectories, but now submits to many of the top article directories.I honestly think there’s no point in using the tool for article directory submissions, as thereare far more efficient, effective and powerful tools on the market.BUT, it’s the perfect toolfor directory submissions. With the power of auto captcha solving, an up to date list ofdirectories and the ability to submit to web & article directories, Submit Eaze is a must havetool. (Click here to check it out)13. Bookmarking Demon
  2. 2. Everyone knows bookmarks can drive heaps of traffic to yourwebsite. In fact, 0ver 50% of my referral traffic comes directly from bookmarking sites.Digg, StumbleUpon and ReddIt send me the most traffic by far, and Bookmarking Demonsubmits to them all. This tool has sheer power. Really, you have 4 reasons to buy thissoftware.1. Bookmarks drive instantaneous traffic. (Your bookmarks can even go VIRAL)2. Bookmarks increase your PageRank.3. Bookmarks are a major part of “SocialRank”. (The social side of Google’s algorithm)4. They supply an unlimited amount of high quality backlinks.I hope we’ve cleared up exactly why bookmarks are a vital part of any SEO campaign. Butwhy Bookmarking Demon? Well the guys over at Demon Soft have been cranking out linkbuilding tools for years. They are a very reputable company and out of all of their tools,Bookmarking Demon is the most highly praised. It comes with 100+ high Page Rank sitesplugged in, a scheduler, the ability to add your own sites (1000′s), account management,spinning, a pinger and more. Here’s a list of the key features:
  3. 3. The tool works and it works very well, another must have for any serious search enginemarketer. (Click here to checkout the sales page)
  4. 4. 12. Backlink NukeForums have been utilized for search engine purposes for years now. To build backlinkswith forums you simply join a forum, edit your profile and include a link to your site. Allforums allow you to add a small strip of anchor text within your user profile. Really, thelinks you can build from forums are kind of spammy.Saying that, they work very well and I’ve seen a ton of sites ranking for terms as crazy as“weight loss” from solely forum links. The trouble is that manually building forum profilesjust isn’t worth the time and effort. However, tools like Backlink Nuke can build forumprofiles at the speed of light! Checkout its features: Automatically build forum profile backlinks on 3 popular platforms, andmore coming in the next updates, which you get Free! HOT! Automatic Email confirmer. HOT! Proxy Capability. Never have your I.P. address banned again! HOT! Automatic Captcha Solving by service. HOT! Multi-Threaded for Lightning fast speed. HOT!11. RSS SubmitRSS submit is pretty much the most powerful RSS submission and management tool on theInternet. It allows you to automatically submit RSS feeds to thousands of the most popularRSS search engines. Submitting your RSS feeds to the RSS search engines drives traffic
  5. 5. directly to your feeds and also helps index whatever’s in them. Honestly, the whole “RSSfeeds are huge traffic goldmines” thing is getting kind of old.RSS submit says yeah, “you’re missing out on hundreds of thousands of visitors if you’renot submitting your feeds to the search engines”. While that’s possibly true, the truth isthat I use RSS submissions strictly for indexing. Indexing my backlinks. As the links you canbuild with the other tools on this page won’t all get indexed by themselves. And…Without your links getting indexed you won’t get full credit for them and you won’t moveup in the search engines as much as you could. So getting your backlinks indexed is vital…And when you put your backlinks into an RSS feed and submit it to thousands of RSSengines, it sends the Google spiders all over them! Resulting in your backlinks beingindexed and higher search engine rankings. You really DO need an RSS submission tool. Itshouldn’t be first priority, but there will come a time where indexing links will be. (Clickhere to checkout RSS submit)10. Rank BuilderRank builder is an all in one SEO tool launched byAlex Goad. Alex is a very successfulmarketer and is quite the guru in the Internet Marketing niche. While he’s not known for hisSEO expertise, he did a great job with the launch of Rank Builder. Rank builder isessentially a mini Senuke. Senuke is a tool which I’ll talk about later, it’s on the higher endof the list. Essentially Rank Builder automatically registers accounts on an array of websites.It created websites, posts spun content on them and links back to your own using yourdesired keyword as anchor text. From there it will promote the websites through the use ofRSS submissions and bookmarking. It does a lot of stuff and is a great tool to have in yourarsenal. (Click here to check it out)