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  1. 1. Limitations of Liberties<br />Liberalism is the collection of ideologies committed to the principle of the dignity and freedom of the individual as the foundation of society and has respect for the sovereignty for the reasoning of the individuals. It emphasizes the individuals to be aware and protect their rights and freedoms and allows them to present their opinions if they feel they are being threatened. Liberalism allows people to be able to influence and choose the leaders that represent them to ensure what they believe is being expressed. The source presented to us is explaining that government leaders or individuals who have secured their liberty should guard their opposition and help them protect their freedom to avoid becoming a target if things fall through. “What he does to others will be done to him” is a saying that helps us to understand the underlying theme of the quotation in the source. The source respects the dignity of every individual and recognizes and protects the rights and freedoms of the citizens. We should embrace the perspective reflected in the source and become aware of the point they are trying to portray. It can be a good lesson so we can prevent repeating events that have happened in history and can keep peace between people of different societies. ****Supporter of modern liberalism left winged supporter and secure freedom and ensure protection of the people around if close or not…..<br />Some may argue that the government leaders are not respecting the charter of rights and freedoms that the individual is guaranteed. They complain that the government is supposed to protect us, the individuals, by protecting our rights and freedoms not by enforcing decisions that they believe will benefit or protect us from harm. The people who express this opinion or concern don’t understand that Liberal leaders of Democracy have found it necessary to limit people’s liberties in extreme situations such as war, times of crisis or country disaster. This has become a necessity for governments to do so because it allows the government to make decisions for the well being of all or the majority of the people. This has caused many controversial debates because there is a fine line between upholding the right to freedom of expression and protecting other human rights. This allows events such as hate speeches that may motivate some individuals to perform things that may cause harm to others or disrupt the rights and freedoms of others in these extreme times to be eliminated. The only way that a government can limit a person’s rights and freedoms is if it has a justifiable purpose or to protect everyone’s rights. For example, in the 1994 mass media such as television and radio was used to promote a genocide or racially motivated attacks in the Rwanda genocide. People do have the right and freedom of expression and freedom of the press but the government is now able to limit how much of these freedoms can be expressed if they are going against the right to ones safety. Limiting freedoms like the one in this example controls the outcome of the events, if some freedoms weren’t controlled in extreme situations matters could get out of the governments control and end up worse than if the government controlled the freedoms.<br />The source is presenting a quotation that warns the reader about precedent events which will reach you if you do not protect or respect the liberties of all individuals including yourself and the people around you. If governments’ expect the people to have faith and respect them they need to do the same in return because what they do to others will be done to them. We should embrace and learn from the source because it is teaching us about ways to keep peace and to ensure that others support us which is important in a liberal democracy because you want the representatives to display what the people want rather than what they want. A dictatorship government is what the source is trying to avoid because a dictator has absolute control over all the decisions and actions of the people. In most cases the people begin to rebel against the government because they are not representing the beliefs of the people or listening to what they want. If the government secure their personal rights and freedoms but take advantage or disallow the rights of their people they will in turn, turn against you and do the exact same to you. If you don’t protect the rights and freedoms of other your rights and freedoms won’t be respected or protected in return. This is an issue that can happen in the smallest situations or in the biggest world events. For example, When Stalin decided to take away all land from private owners, like the Kulaks, and combine it into large collectively worked farms to finance the expansion of industrial production and ensure sufficient grain supply to feed the industrial workers. Stalin ignored the land owners right to private property and ownership of land that they had recently gained and gave the owners no choice but to give it up. The Kulaks reacted by destroyed crops, slaughtering their farm animals and destroying the equipment to disrupt Stalin’s plans of agricultural production finance his industrial production. The Kulaks responded in such a violent matter because Stalin did not respect the rights and freedoms of the Kulaks and in return the Kulaks did not respect or protect Stalin’s freedoms.<br />We should embrace the ideological perspectives in this source because it will ensure that we keep peace within our society and nation. It is the smartest and easiest way to keep the majority of the people happy because they have the freedom to choose and make decisions that are best for themselves. Guaranteeing different classes of people these freedoms allows the government to abide by the rules of equality in a liberal society. Rights and freedoms are certain to all people because it is not based on wealth or religion it is presented to all when they are born. Equality is very important between all people in a society. In rule of law in a liberal democracy states that every individual is equal before the law and all citizens are subject to the law. This ensures that the government has to follow the law just like the citizens in the society do. It makes the people feel comfortable that everyone is equal and no one person is better than the other, the government is just as equal as the people. If the government encourages the concept of equality the people will be pleased and happy with the way the government is treating them they are most likely to support the decisions and actions the government portrays. <br /> <br />