Jamie Bell
Basedon the informationwe were givenandthe lessonswe weretaughtaboutthe political and
Jamie Bell
I value equalitybecause thisallowspeople tochoose whatappealstothem.AsawomanI value
equalitybecause ...
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  1. 1. Jamie Bell 2010-11-13 Basedon the informationwe were givenandthe lessonswe weretaughtaboutthe political and economicspectrum, Iwouldpositionmyself onthe “right”side of the spectrum where the Conservatives lie.If change istoooccur itmust be thoughtoutdeeplyandtheymust discuss a solutionif planswere toofail.If thingsare goingsmoothin societythere isnoneedtochange the way thingsare,if change shall occur it mustbe for validreasons. The equalityof equal opportunityisanimportantpartof the society. If everyonehasthe same chance to succeedand fail itcomesto be veryimportantinthe competitionof careersandqualityof consumergoods.Forexample,if people are all giventhe chance tobecome doctorsandtheypossess the correct qualities,oursocietywouldgrantthe bestdoctorthe positionandbecause everyone has equal chancesdoctorswouldgraduallybecome betterandbetterbecause theyhave tocompete against each otherforthe topposition.Ina Conservativesociety because individualshave more freedomto choose whattheywant to do,it isexpectedtheylive withthe consequencesof theirdecisions.Ihave grownup withthisexpectationinmyfamilyandunderstandthe meaningbehindit.If anindividual makesa mistake andhas to live withthe consequencesbythemselvestheytendtolearntheirlesson and knowfornexttime to make the betterdecision.Italsoteachesthe individual decisionmakingskills of howto assessthe situationandthinkof all the consequencesbeforetheymake adecision.People whohave learnedfromtheirconsequencestendtobe more mature because theyknow how tohandle thingsintoughsituationsandcan respectotherfeelingsif theyare involved. Thisisanimportantstepin life thatmanykidsneedtoexperience to become more mature. The rightside of the spectrumbelieves largelyinprivate ownershipbecausewhenyoupersonallyownanythingitisinyourbestinteresttotake care of it.This statementisunderestimatedinsocietyuntilyouhave achildwhoworksand savesup theirmoneytobuy somethingtheyhave alwayswantedandtheytake the biggestprecautionswhen handlingitbecause theyearneditthemselves.Ina societyitisthe same, people whoputinlonghours at work to purchase somethingare more likelytobettercare of itbecause theydon’twantto waste moneyonbuyingitagain if theydon’thave to. On the leftside of the spectrumpeople supportthe ideathatall membersof societybearsome responsibilityforthe qualityof lifeforall members.Thismeansthatthe governmentwillprovidehigher taxesto the wealthiestindividualstohelpthe lessfortunate.Ibelieve thatthe wealthyshouldhave a choice whethertheywanttohelpoutthe lessfortunate ornot. If the wealthyworkhardfor theirmoney by workingextrahoursor because theywenttoschool longertogeta highpayingjobdoesn’tmean theydon’tdeserve tokeepthe moneytheyearn.If theyfeelasif theyare able to redistribute their wealththeyshouldhave achoice ratherthan beingforcedbythe government. Alsoonthe “left”side crime isdealtwithas a social problembecause theybelieve somecausesare beyondindividual control.I disagree because itseemsasthoughmanyindividualsare usinginsanity,medical issuesorpovertyasan excuse tocommitcrimesevenif theyaren’texperiencinganyof those symptoms.If theygetoff easy because theystate theyhave those issueswe are puttingeveryone’slives indangeragainbecause you letthisindividualoff easy.The rule of law statesthatall individualsare subjecttothe law equallysoI believethatall criminal offencesshouldbe dealtwithequallyregardlessof the conditionsof the person.
  2. 2. Jamie Bell 2010-11-13 I value equalitybecause thisallowspeople tochoose whatappealstothem.AsawomanI value equalitybecause itallowsme tochoose jobsthatmay have beenclassifiedas“male”jobsinthe future and complete themwithrespectandconfidence fromeveryone around me.Thismaybe because Ihave grownup to be a veryindependentpersonandtendtoavoidaskingforhelpif I know Icomplete something. Ivalue the freedomtochoose.Thisallowsme tomake decisionswhichIbelieve are bestfor me and to learnfrommy mistakessoI can avoidmakingthemagaininthe future.Thisallowsme tobe more independentaswell.Mymotherhastaughtme how to deal withmyconsequencesandIbelieve it has helpedshapedme intowhoIamtoday. I value private ownershipbecause itisrewardingknowing youworkedhard to achieve somethingthatisactuallyyours.Itisan incentive toworking!Private ownershiptaughtme howto lookaftermy thingsbetter.Ihave learnedthisfromexperience,Igota pair of sunglassesformybirthday andthenIlefttheminEdmontonso I hadto buy myown pairand they meanta lot more to me because I hadto pay for them.