How effective is the combination of your main


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How effective is the combination of your main

  1. 1. How effective is the combinationof your main product and ancillarytexts?Evaluation Question 2
  2. 2. What I have created• I have created three products: a music video, a magazine advert, and a digipak. All of these are connected as they are all created to promote the song that I have chosen or the album that it is from. They all fit in with the Indie genre of music as that is the genre of music the song is from. All three are effective in doing this in their own way.
  3. 3. Music Video• The music video is effective as it allows for the song to be heard visually. It adheres to the indie genre through the clothing the performers are wearing as well as the style of music video, as I have based it around real life media texts. My music video is effective in its combination with the magazine advert as both have similar images in them. My music features a series close ups never giving away more than a medium shot.
  4. 4. Music video and magazine advert• Similarly in my magazine advert, it features six different images all medium close ups with a different effect on them, paralleling the music video. Moreover, the ‘fun’ and ‘different’ theme of my music video is also evident in my poster as the model is pulling different facial expressions, giving it a humorous feel. Moreover, the song that my music video relates to is advertised on my poster, showing a clear and effective link between the two. The font used on the poster however is ironic as the audience would feel that the song deserves a more ‘wacky’ style of font. I have done this to parody the song and give it an ironic feel about as many Indie music videos do.
  5. 5. Music video and magazine advert
  6. 6. Music video and digipak• My music video is also effective in linking to my digipak. Obviously the song is the key link however the album cover features one of the performers of my video so the audience will be able to relate to it. He is of the same age and demographic as the target audience, allowing them to establish a bond with him. My digipak also features some of the lyrics located in the song and a similar colour that runs through the video. The navy blue background is also shown in the song. The text on the digipak does not fit in with the fun nature of the song so this is not an obvious link, however, the song is ironic in the sense it has no true meaning so the serious text I have used is ironic.
  7. 7. Music video and digipak
  8. 8. Digipak and Magazine Advert• Out of all the products, these two are the most effective at paralleling one another. This is due to the fact it is hard to show a clear link between a music video and an ancillary text. The magazine advert feature the house colour ‘ navy blue’ which is also prominent on my digipak this allows the audience to recognise the fact that they are promoting the same product. Also the text is the same, I have used ‘Bodoni’ on both after changing it from ‘Impact’ to represent the Indie genre more effectively. The text also allows the audience to see the clear link in products.
  9. 9. Magazine advert and Digipak• The model used in each is the same person showing a clear and evident link between both. Moreover, the model is of the same age and represents the same genre that my target audience belong to. This allows the audience to relate themselves to the model as well as seeing him there makes them want to buy the product. The model is wearing similar clothing to the target audience, Indie style clothing, so they will see the link effectively. Furthermore, the rural setting shown in the digipak, coupled with the shots taken indoors show the Indie setting, this creates an effective link between the two through mise-en- scene.