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  • NY State Conference are already movement warriors—digital media is just another part of the organizer’s tool kit.
  • Survey your audience—who is on FB/Twitter/email/mobile
  • What is digital media? Make a plan--Your plan should involve all the digital spaces that your influencers reside—whether they are potential volunteers; new members; current members—ask are they using smart phones? Are they using social media? Do they take photos? Know where you’re audience is and directly target how you’ll reach them by varying your platforms according to your end goal. For example = Email is a great way to fundraise Twitter = building your personality on line and driving stories and event participation. Youtube lets folks know what you’re doing-- helps to build a brand. Your website is the information portal where constituents can go to access all the information needed for the election and connect to your social media presence. Many communities of color are more accessible on mobile devices– through text.
  • Logo, navigation bar, sign up forms, hero banner and social media integration…
  • Real name
    Concise bio with link back to
  • Chairman Roslyn Brock pushes out her latest op-ed on The Black Church and HIV using the #healthACT hashtag and tags HufftingtonPost Black Voices.
  • Here’s a tweet from Dedrick about one of the Op-Eds he wrote for BET. Sharing some of the great writing you all do would be an excellent use of Twitter – also positions you as a thought leader. Make sure that your whole twitter timeline is not just spitting out links though. It is okay to RT people like in my last example or even to interact with people who mention you.
  • Brands that are verified.
  • Klout Scores are given to measure your levels of engagement and influence.
    Klout Scores: Jessica Pierce – 64; Shavon Arline – 44; Sammie Dow – 52
    I would encourage you to sign up for Klout and start measuring your influence and engagement. Helps you keep track of what you’re doing right on twitter.
  • Survey your audience—who is on FB/Twitter/email/mobile
  • Stand for freedom march in NY
  • In the drumbeat to 1 million new registered voters—NY state will be thinking of new ways to reach unregistered voters…
  • Every branch can set up their very own mobile program. I’m passing around a sign up form—add your mobile number and be sure to “opt-in” if you’d like mobile updates. Take out your phones—text NAACP to 62227.
  • We use mobile for BHM; events; action and civic engagement.
  • Stop and Frisk, racial profiling, ignoring certain communities in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy
  • Facebook allows us to send to certain cities—or states. We can break down part of our mobile list by zip codes—and in some instances,
  • The NAACP digital team shared this Detroit Free Press post only in the state of Michigan. 780 people saw it; 22 liked it and 24 commented (small numbers but the engagement is excellent.)
  • Every Thursday she leads free webinars on digital media—including topics like mobile +social media.
  • You’re all on the road towards being digital gladiators—some of you already are. Stay in touch—via Twitter @JamiahAdams or via email:
  • New York State Conference - Youth Track digital media presentation

    1. 1. Digital Media: How to be an online organizing Superstar! New York State Youth and College Division, October 12, 2013 We Shall Not be Moved! Jamiah Adams, Director of Digital Media
    2. 2. Steps for an Organizer Warrior Agenda: 1.What is digital media? 2.Best practices for a website 3.Building your social media influence 4.Digital video and photography 5.Mobile--1 million new registered voters 6.Blogging 7.How can NAACP national office digital uplift 8.Next Steps
    3. 3. What is Digital Media? Know where your influencers reside.
    4. 4. Best Practices for Your Website
    5. 5. Building Your Social Media Influence
    6. 6. Game Changers on Twitter
    7. 7. Maximizing Your Work via Twitter
    8. 8. Twitter likes Branding
    9. 9. Influence and Influencers
    10. 10. Online Video and Photography
    11. 11. Online Video and Photography •Paint a story and remain relevant
    12. 12. Mobile: On the road to 1 million
    13. 13. Start your Own Mobile Program
    14. 14. Blogging: Uplifting your Campaign
    15. 15. NAACP National Digital Team Geo-targeted Facebook posts Mobile – Text NAACP to 62227 Email Posting your blog on the national page
    16. 16. Facebook “Gated” Post
    17. 17. Next Steps Want to learn more? Email Lauren Wilson, the NAACP digital field manager.
    18. 18. Digital Gladiators