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Unique to JamiQ


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Unique to JamiQ

  1. 1. Unique to JamiQ JamiQ Global solutions (Radian6, SM2, etc)Data Source Search engines, APIs, and other public feeds including those from Asia and US-based data sources and APIs. custom crawling of local sources.Market Segmentation JamiQ looks at IP Address, Domains, GPS coordinates, Profile pages, and Only IP Address and Domain. Bloggers using platforms like text of posts to determine with high probability where an individual is from. wordpress.com, blogger, posterous, etc. are all tagged as This is highly effective for Asia where many individuals use US-based USA. platforms such as Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress, etc. (e.g. mrbrown.com is considered from USA because it has no .sg domain)Trend Spotting JamiQ goes beyond simple word clouds and performs clustering of phrases. Only word frequency in a cloud. Often with out context For example, if the word “new” was trending this is without context. JamiQ and does not support languages that are not English or can automatically determines that the trending phrase is “new zealand”. Latin alphabet-based. Trending words also work in all languages.Spike Detection Designed to pick up on sudden spikes in the volume of posts around the No intelligent spike detection. Most systems designed for client’s brands. These spikes could mean a potential crisis, issues, or even a social media management and engagement which successful campaign. Alerts from spikes can be set to email the user when it requires dedicated users of the solution. happens.Multilingual JamiQ is able to monitor and capture data in any language natively. Focus only on English with limited capability for AsianMonitoring languages. Some European languages are covered.Multilingual Sentiment JamiQ has the ability to identify sentiment from English, Chinese (both English only. Foreign languages are translated to EnglishDetection simplified and traditional), Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog, and French natively before sentiment analysis. This loses context. without translation.Custom Data Mining As JamiQ builds and owns 100% of the technology, we have the flexibility to Data and analysis modules are often bought or licensed scale our monitoring to cover even the most obscure sites from anywhere and thus limited to the capability of the provider. in the world.
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