JamiQ snapshots the French Presidential Elections 2012


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JamiQ snapshots the French Presidential Elections 2012

  1. 1. JamiQ snapshots the French presidential elections 2012 2 – 4 May 2012
  2. 2. OverviewIn this snapshot, we see the application of JamiQ Buzz in a particularly interesting way. We track two of the leadingcandidates Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande over a very short period of three days.The setup of this snapshot monitors the names of Sarkozy and Hollande with our market filters set to France only.In this way, we ensure that this analysis is kept local to France and not reflect international sentiments. With thisrelease, we also introduce French language sentiment analysis into our software.
  3. 3. Sarkozy versus Hollande While a 3 day trendline is not indicative, what can be affirm is that the volume of conversations on Sarkozy increased tremendously after in the only televised debate on 2 May 2012. Also interested is that fifth most used phrase is “candidate socialiste” even when Sarkozy receives more conversations. Share of voice 47% Sarkozy Hollande 53%
  4. 4. Media type analysisWhile we expected to see an overwhelming difference in the media types covering each candidate, we werepleasantly surprised that they are remarkably similar. Keeping in mind that Sarkozy receives more conversationsthan Hollande, we see the biggest difference in that Hollande’s share of conversations on microblogs(predominatly Twitter) is significantly more than Sarkozy. Hollande can be seen as being just as strong intraditional media outlet while having a edge over Sarkozy in microblogs. Sarkozy Hollande Microblogs 11% Blogs 4% 10% 5% 35% News 40% 23% 24% Others 25% 23% Forum
  5. 5. SentimentsHollande triumps overwhelmingly here. His electorate in France lavish way more praise on him than Sarkozy. Ouranalysts content that due to Sarkozy’s past management of the economy and his controversial way of life, hereceives much more criticism. Our analyst also feel that Hollande’s more popular stand on issues garners morelove than hate. Sarkozy Hollande Positive 36% 47% 53% Negative 64%
  6. 6. Selected negative conversations on Sarkozy"Nicolas Sarkozy était prisonnier de son costume de président": Avec, François Bayrou votera Hollande, un désaveu pour SarkozyLedailleurs, de la mauvaise foi, pu... Nouvel ObservateurPARIS (Reuters) - François Bayrou a infligéhttps://twitter.com/#!/Elysee_2012/statuses/198254986797391873 jeudi un camouflet à Nicolas Sarkozy en annonçant quil voterait pour le social... http://jamiq.com/dashboard/topic/11499/#data%2F%3FstartDate%Il nest pas compréhensible que Nicolas Sarkozy, qui prétend vouloir 3D20120502%26endDate%3D20120504%26media_type%3D%26inflrassembler, soit le seul des 10 du 1er tour à ne pas voter Hollande uence%3D%26sentiment%3D-https://twitter.com/#!/zetwitty/statuses/198243112055869441 1%26country%3DFR%26search%3D%26compare_ids%3Dundefined- undefined-François Bayrou votera Hollande, un désaveu pourSarkozyBoursoramaLe futur président de la République, il a à Financement 2007 par Kadhaf : Sarkozy dément avecentendre ce que nous disons, ce nest pas uniquement avec une forceatlasinfo.frNicolas Sarkozy a qualifié jeudi d"infamie" lesmajorité de gauche quon peu... allégations selon lesquelles sa campagne électorale de 2007http://www.boursorama.com/actualites/francois-bayrou-votera-hollande- aurait pu être financée ...un-desaveu-pour-sarkozy-8c68ec1728cba48ad61d7cf424c5a165 http://www.atlasinfo.fr/Financement-2007-par-Kadhaf-Sarkozy- dement-avec-force_a28467.htmlLe président du Modem a estimé au lendemain du débat téléviséentre les deux finalistes à l’élection présidentielle, qu’il ne Bayrou et les sondages offrent peu despoir à«retrouvait pas ses valeurs» dans le discours de Sarkozy et à SarkozyBoursier.comPARIS (Reuters) - Le duel télévisé entredéclaré jeud... Nicolas Sarkozy et François Hollande, présenté comme lahttp://lemediascope.fr/bayrou-je-ne-suis-pas-une-homme-de-gauche- dernière chance pour le président sort...francois-hollande-cest-le-choix-que-je-fais/ http://www.boursier.com/actualites/reuters/bayrou-et-les- sondages-offrent-peu-d-espoir-a-sarkozy-110226.html
  7. 7. InsightsThis report was first drafted out before the results of the voting was out. We were surprised just how close the actual votingoutcome was relative to this analysis.One, the increased use of Twitter and the corresponding positive emotions towards Hollande reflects a growing younger electoratethat tilted the elections. In fact, French media outlets reports a significant increase growth and usage of social media during thecampaigning period*.Two, while traditional media outlets online clearly favoured Sarkozy, it was Twitter that proved to be instrumental in reflecting theactual results.Three, that even a snapshot monitoring of the final few days of the election can review that much insights. We recommend thatanalysts do a before, during and post campaign dipstick analysis of their campaigns in order to gain deeper insights as evinced byour Singapore Public Transport analysis.* Réseaux sociaux : des paroles et des « facts », Nicolas Rauline, Les Echoshttp://www.lesechos.fr/entreprises-secteurs/tech-medias/actu/0202055189507-reseaux-sociaux-des-paroles-et-des-facts-322070.php
  8. 8. Some of JamiQ’s Customers
  9. 9. About JamiQ JamiQ’s multilingual social media monitoring software helps businesses listen, measure, and discover insights from conversations taking place online. JamiQ’s unique solution provides the widest coverage of the Asia- Pacific’s diverse and multilingual social media. JamiQ uses advanced data mining and natural language processing technology to produce real-time buzz trending, sentiment detection, influence scoring, and market segmentation, giving you the critical insights businesses need for immediate and strategic decision-making.
  10. 10. Contact JamiQJamiQ Private Limitedquestions@jamiq.comhttp://www.jamiq.com+65 6536 090667 South Bridge Road, Level 3Singapore 058697
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