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A3 : Free Best Practices Template                       Version: 1.00                   Author: Itsbestpracitices.comTOP 1...
Date: February 201208.   Best Practices:   Relationship Management: Outsourcing is more than just a Service-Level-Agreemen...
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Best practices outsourcing IT helpdesk


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10 examples of possible best practices that can be used in the process of outsourcing the IT Helpdesk.

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Transcript of "Best practices outsourcing IT helpdesk"

  1. 1. A3 : Free Best Practices Template Version: 1.00 Author: Itsbestpracitices.comTOP 10 BEST PRACTICES: Outsource IT Helpdesk 01. Best Practices: Sourcing strategy: Create a sourcing strategy that includes: • Goals and objectives • Critical Success Factors • Key Performance Indicators • Risk Assessments Tools: Performance Management, Dashboards CSF: Professionalism KPI: Dashboard with clear KPI’s for all identified key-areas. 02. Best Practices: Business scan: Understand the current process of your IT Helpdesk department; processes, systems, available technical skills, experiences and costs. Tools: Value Stream Mapping, Internal Auditing CSF: Flexibility KPI: Approved VSM what describes current process, including systems, resources, skills. 03. Best Practices: Risk Management: Every IT Helpdesk Outsourcing has risk and limitations. Therefore a Risk Management Program is an important element of the process. Tools: Risk Management Program. CSF: Challenging Problems KPI: Risk and risk mitigation plans. 04. Best Practices: Project management and planning: Create a project team with members from all involved parties. This team is responsible for all project management related activities including the communication with all stakeholders. Tools: Project management, PDCA. CSF: Teamwork KPI: SMART Project milestones. 05. Best Practices: Back-up plan: Always make sure there is a back-up plan available to ensure business continuity. Tools: Back-up procedure, back-up suppliers. CSF: Creativity KPI: Tested back-up plan that is ready for implementation. 06. Best Practices: Outsource partner selection: Do no underestimate the power of cultural differences between companies, organizations and countries. Tools: Available resources (books, training) CSF: Diversity KPI: Training program related to cultural awareness. 07. Best Practices: Communication and transparency: Start the conversation with all involved stakeholders (management, employees, and customers) to discuss the decision to outsource the IT Helpdesk. • Why is the outsourcing necessary? • How will it impact the daily work? • What are the advantages? Tools: Regular meetings, continue CSF: Clear communication communication, Voice of the Customer. KPI: Regularly communications and information sessions.
  2. 2. Date: February 201208. Best Practices: Relationship Management: Outsourcing is more than just a Service-Level-Agreement (SLA) between two companies. To make sure the relationship is successful creating a Quality Agreement can be value added for both parties. This Quality Agreement must include Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are related to the earlier identified critical success factors. Tools: Service-Level Agreements, Quality CSF: Quality Relationships Agreements, Management Reviews KPI: Approved Service-Level Agreement, Approved Quality Agreement.09. Best Practices: Roles & responsibilities: To make sure that all involved parties are aware of their roles and responsibilities it important to include a role and responsibilities matrix to the contract. Tools: Role and Responsibility Matrix CSF: Leaderschip KPI: Approved Role and Responsibility Matrix.10. Best Practices: Continuous Improvement: Always take the opportunity to identify improvements that can help improve the quality of the outcome and overall customer satisfaction. Tools: Lean SixSigma Tools CSF: Continuous improvement. KPI: # Number of successful implemented continuous improvements initiatives. Please visit our website for more examples of Best Practices and Lessons Learned.