State of mn innovation program


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Presentation to stakeholders on the current state of the Innovation Program launched by Carolyn Parnell, State of MN CIO.

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State of mn innovation program

  1. 1. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR MINNESOTA GOVERNMENT InnovationA change in business as usual James Kauth MN.IT Services Innovation Program
  2. 2. AGENDA• Catalyst & drivers• What is Innovation?• Terms• OK, what is in it for me?• The innovation process – The teams – Project criteria – Success requirements – Getting involved• Looking to the future• Next steps• Discussion
  3. 3. Governor’s Priorities Create jobs and improve Minnesota’s competiveness Improve how state government works to deliver the best services at the best price Make Minnesota’s tax system more fair IT can be a significant catalyst for change
  4. 4. “Our goals are to be an agent of change and help governmentreinvent itself by identifying next-generation technologies thatcan help state government be faster, more nimble, less bureaucraticand more responsive in the services it provides to citizens, moreable to measure and report on outcomes; and to model reform in thereinvention of state IT.” - State of Minnesota IT Master Plan, April 2012
  5. 5.  IT is a top expense of state budgets IT directly contributes to business efficiency and effectiveness Minnesota needs to “catch up” with our government and private sector peers Marginalizing IT limits its potential to deliver only what is in use todayMore? How about: Big Data, Open Government, the social enterprise, democratization of the web, & ubiquitous computing
  6. 6. What isInnovation?
  7. 7. “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” Theodore Levitt“Innovation is capable of being learned, capable of being practiced” Peter DruckerInnovation: Latin innovatus, innovāre, innovātum I renew I restore I alter I return
  8. 8. Invention(create something new)Innovation(do something different)Improvement(do the same thing better,reengineer)
  9. 9. Creativity — The ability to imagine new ideas and possibilitiesRisk Taking — Driving an idea forward in the face of adversityInnovation — A combination of risk taking and creativity
  10. 10. This program is not about IT consolidationIt is about value to citizens:  Enhance citizens interaction with government  Deliver new or improved services to citizens  Provide positive impact to taxpayers
  11. 11. Back Office InnovationResults in greaterefficiencies within state Public Service Innovationgovernment Results in better government services and information for the people of Minnesota / improves the business climate for the state
  12. 12. InnovationTerminology
  13. 13.  Campaign: a complete cycle of an innovation process Theme: the focused topic of a campaign Idea: contribution that meets the objective of a theme Opportunity: parts of ideas that can be implemented Project: an opportunity selected for execution
  14. 14. MN/DoT (e-Jams)1) Workplace of choice and sustainability2) Cost-savings and efficiency: already in place, or new ideasState of Michigan (Bureaucracy Busters)1) Too much red tape!2) What’s in your way?3) Best practices, what works?Government Services Administration (Great Ideas Hunt)1) Save money2) Improve performance/efficiency3) Improve delivery of services to our partner agencies4) Provide better value to taxpayers
  15. 15. Campaigns MN.ovation / Minnovation Innovation Tournaments (“IT”, cute right?)Themes We’re already doing it! (leverage hidden innovation) Mobilize it! (reach citizens on their terms and devices)
  16. 16.  Participate in something beyond your core job Learn new agile project processes Network, share your knowledge, socialize ideas A reward system for the best ideas Actively contribute to our growing social enterprise!
  17. 17. The Process
  18. 18. A virtual event for employees to collaborate and offerideas in alignment with MN.IT strategic direction, improveservices and create a workplace of choice.More simply:event + topic + idea + socialize + do = innovation Predefined topics Time-boxed events Unlimited ideas, comments and votes Vetting and project selection follows
  19. 19. Innovation Campaign Innovation Innovation Advisory: Crowdsource Crowdsource Idea Review Selected begins: Advisory: projects to Community: Community: Team: Vet &Set launch, Review and Project(s) make Details Submit ideas Vote on the turn ideas into approve budget, & & comments best ideas opportunities Announced cool stuff! theme announced projects
  20. 20. Innovation Advisory Crowdsource Idea Review Team Project Teams Approve themes, Community Provide expertiseresources and clear Actively engage the Analyze Project and deliver roadblocks Innovation viability solutions Campaign Demonstrate Submits ideas and Conducts research, Execute approved leadership comments, votes scoping and projects commitment on best ideas resource planning
  21. 21.  Provides immediate, demonstrable value Meets the priorities of the State’s IT Master Plan and defined campaign theme Measurable outcomes Development time-frame: 3 weeks - 3 months Costs that fit within program budget and/or attract investment from interested partners Contributes to a repeatable process for an ongoing Innovation program
  22. 22.  Active Senior management support  Encourage risk taking  Promote new culture and paradigm  Embrace agile practices Employee engagement  Submit ideas, comment, vote, collaborate  Teamwork and project execution Effective Program Communication  Two-way community connection  Manage expectationsCreate a new cultural paradigm
  23. 23. Campaigns Open to everyone for its duration Idea Review Teams  Profile a potential project, make it achievable Project Teams  Deliver tangible results
  24. 24. The Future
  25. 25. Audience reachIs beyond MN.ITCreate a repository of past ideas Resurrect opportunities when suited Share ideas with more suitable implementersExposing Innovation Annual report on emerging trends and technologies Social Enterprise tools integration Public-facing innovation web presence
  26. 26. Procure and set up campaign tools Integrations: SSO, SharePoint, reporting, UI branding Testing: mobile, accessibility, workflowConvene Innovation Advisory Charter the members Approve tool and process Set theme, budget and goals Set campaign launch dateStay Tuned, Get Involved CIO meetings Brown Bag Sessions, MN.IT Commons and Morning Java Innovation Topic on Yammer, join it!