Power Supplies for Electric Motor Driven Fire Pumps


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Requirements and Application Information.

Both NFPA-20 and Article 695 of NFPA-70 (NEC) are covered.

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  • The service point or the tap ahead of the main.
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  • Power Supplies for Electric Motor Driven Fire Pumps

    1. 1. Fire Pum p Po we r S upplie s Applic a ble Co de s a nd Inte nt - by - James S. Nasby Columbia Engineering
    2. 2. To pic s to be Co ve re d Are : ♦ 1 -Applicable Standards ♦ 2 -Pow r Sourc (s) for Fire Pum e e ps ♦ 3 -Continuity of Pow r to a Fire Pum e p ♦ 4 -Transform rs in the Fire Pum C uit e p irc ♦ 5 -Pow r W e iringto a Fire Pum p ♦ 6 -O r Require e the m nts ♦ 7 -Rules of Thum (For Refe b renc O e nly) ♦ 8 -Fault Curre C nt onsiderations
    3. 3. Applic able S tandards NFPA 70, the NEC®Artic 695 - le and- NFPA 20 Fire Pum Pow Supplies p er ♦ N FPA- - C 20 hapter 9 - Perform e & anc Ac e c ptanc T e esting of Pow Sourc er es ♦ N FPA- (N C Sec 70 E ®) tion 695 & etc . Installation of E tric E lec al quipm ent ♦ N FPA- - Inspec 25 tion, Testing etc , . -also - ♦ Loc C al odes - E . C .C (C ag E tric C .g .E . hic o lec al ode) ♦ Insuranc C pany Require ents e om m (IRI, FM& etc .)
    4. 4. NFPA 20 – S tandard fo r the Ins tallatio n o f S tatio nary Pumps fo r Fire Pro te c tio n Seve require e of Artic 695, inc ral m nts le luding pow r sourc are ex te from N e es, trac d FPA 20 * * No te : The NEC TCC re je c te d upda ting e xtra c t te xt fro m NFPA-2 0 -2 0 0 7 . Thus the 2 0 0 8 NEC re ta ine d the wo rding fro m NFPA-2 0 -2 0 0 3 . A ta s k g ro up
    5. 5. What is Co ve re d by NEC Artic le 695 ♦ E tric pow sourc s lec al er e ♦ Interc onne tingc uits c irc ♦ Sw hing and c itc ontrol equipm dedic d ent ate to fire fire pum drivers. E .: Se e p .g rvic E ntranc G ar. e e Power Sources Control Circuits Fire Pump Control Equipment 695.1(A)
    6. 6. What Is No t Co ve re d By Artic le 695 ♦ System Pe rform e - N anc - FPA- E . Fire 20 .g Pum Cp ontrolle and T rs ransfe Sw he r itc s. ♦M aintenanc - N e - FPA- 25 ♦ Ac e c ptanc testing - N e - FPA- 20 ♦ Routine (Periodic T sting - N ) e - FPA- 25 ♦ J key pum oc ps - N CArtic 430 - E le ♦ Alarm Syste s - N m - FPA- 72 C V R D O E E 695.1(B)
    7. 7. Ho w Is Artic le 695 Applie d ? B ause it is loc ec ated in Chapte 6, r –Artic 695 applies to spe ial equipm le c ent – am nds the re It e quirem ents of Chapters 1 -4 in the N Cfor fire pum installations E p ♦ E am : x ple –Artic 695 am nds Artic 240 and 430 le e les –Artic 695 is N T m le O odifie by Artic 700 d le (E erg y System m enc s) 90.3 & 695.2
    8. 8. What Is the Inte nt . . . o f Artic le 695 -and - NFPA-20 ♦ Fire Pum sourc and c p es omponents m be Reliable, and ust ♦ Should the Fire Pum B C p e alled Upon to Function, It Is Considered Sac ial rific NFPA 20 and 695.3
    9. 9. 2 - Po we r S o urc e (s ) fo r Ele c tric Mo to r Drive Fire Pumps ♦General Philosophy ♦ Perm itted pow sourc er e(s) ♦ Individual pow sourc er es(s) ♦ M ultiple pow sourc er es ♦ Pow sourc er e(s) perform e anc M im V ax um oltag Dropse
    10. 10. Ge ne ral Philo s o phy Po we r S o urc e s fo r Ele c tric Mo to r Drive n Fire Pumps ♦ Re quire ents foc on the c m us ontinuous uninte rrupted operation of the fire pum p. ♦ E tric safety is c lec al onsidered a sec ondary obje tive. c ♦ Fire pum equipm nt is c p e onside d re sac ial. rific ♦ As suc Eh, quipm nt and C e onduc tors m ay constitute a fire hazard. ♦ Prote tion of the prem c ise and oc upants of c param ount im portanc e.
    11. 11. Pe rmitte d Type s o f Po we r S o urc e s fo r Ele c tric Mo to r Drive n Fire Pumps ♦ Individual Pow Sourc er e Utility Se e rvic O Site Pow Produc n- er tion Plant ♦Multiple (other) Pow Sourc er es Above two Stand- G set by en- Fe de Sourc e r es (C pus like C ple e am om x s) 695.3
    12. 12. Numbe r o f Re liable Ele c tric Po we r S o urc e s Re quire d ♦ Pow r to be supplie by a (one re e d ) liable source ♦ O by at le r ast tw approved inde o pende nt (other) sourc s. e - how - ever - - ♦W here heig of buildingis be ht yond pum ping capac of the fire departm nt, an ity e e e e y or bac up pow r supply is m rg nc k- e m andatory. ♦- and- Additional C ag Re hic o quirem ents
    13. 13. A Re liable Ele c tric Po we r S o urc e . . . ♦ T c o onsist of E c al Se e or Private le tric rvic Pow r Station e -w re - he ♦ Infrequent disruption from e nvironmental or m man- ade c onditions ♦C ontains a separate se e c rvic onnec tion -or- conne tion to the supply side of the c buildings se e e ’ rvic ntranc disce onnec m ans t e ♦ Dete ination of reliability up to disc tion of rm re the AHJ (Authority H avingJ urisdiction).
    14. 14. What Are Individual Po we r S o urc e (s )? 1. Separate Servic ore, 2. T Ahead of the Prem ap ise (Plant or B uilding) Servic Ee quipm ent -or - 3. O Site Pow Produc n- er tion Fac ility (O Site “ 7” n- 24- Pow Plant) er 695.3(A)
    15. 15. S e parate S e rvic e as an Individual Po we r S o urc e . ♦ Separate utility servic dedic e ated to the fire pum p ♦ Pe itted by Sec rm tion 230.2 ♦ Shall com w all applic ply ith able rules of C hapters 1- inc 4, luding Artic 250. le
    16. 16. Eac h Individual Po we r S o urc e M be Loc ust ated – ♦ and Arrang to M ed inim Possibility of ize Dam e B Fire ag y . ♦ “ …suffic ntly re ote ie m …” 230.72(B) ♦ And, both m have sig at both loc ust ns ation. 230.2(E )
    17. 17. S e parate S e rvic e Fro m a Utility Sufficiently Remote Locations Fire Pump Normal Service Service
    18. 18. Po we r S upply Arrang e me nt ♦ Pow supply to pum is to be er p m aintained when buildingnormal pow is disc er onnec ted. ♦E c x eption for feeder c uit servingas irc one sourc - disc e onnection of plant pow to fire pum perm er ps itted if alternate sourc is c e ontinually available
    19. 19. Tap Ahe ad o f the Building S e rvic e ♦Equipm nt requirem e ents are the same as for a separate servic e ♦ Installed ac ording to Part D of Artic c le 230, se e entranc c rvic e onduc tors; e.g 230.82(4), 230.2(A)(1), .: 230.72(B ), ♦B ce apable of c arryingthe locked-rotor current (LRC of the Fire Pum and all ) p connec all equipm loads ted ent 695.3(A)(1) & 695.6(D)
    20. 20. On -s ite Po we r Pro duc tio n Fac ility ♦This is not a ordinary standby g nerator, but rather e ♦ A fac ility that produc its ow es n pow on a C er ontinuous basis ♦ Sim ilar to separate servic e re quirem ents ♦ Loc ated and protec to to ted m inim the risk of dam e by ize ag fire 695.3(A)(2)
    21. 21. Multiple Po we r S o urc e s - Whe n Ne e de d ♦ T T he erm “ liable Is a Dec Re ” ision for “he T Authority HavingJurisdiction” . ♦ “ liable Is Define as “ apable of B ing Re ” d C e Re lied O De ndable, or T n; pe rustw orthy”. ♦ All Sourc s M e ust B Approve by “he e d T Authority HavingJurisdiction” . Reliable Dependable Trustworthy 695.3(B)
    22. 22. Multiple Po we r S o urc e s - NFPA 20 ♦ G overned by NFPA- Se tion: 20 c 6 -2 .3 Othe r So urc e s ♦ Ecx erpte into N CArtic : d E le 6 9 5 .3 . Po we r So urc e s (s ) fo r Ele c tric Mo to r-Drive n Fire Pum ps
    23. 23. Multiple Po we r S o urc e s -- Othe r Ele c tric Po we r S o urc e s W here a Re liable Pow r Sourc is NOT available, e e redundant (M ultiple supplie are to be provide ) s d as follow s: Anothe Se e or Private Pow Station r rvic er O site standby G nerator n- e C bination of Fee om ders from T o Separate w Utility Sourc s e C bination of O or M Fe ders and an om ne ore e Onsite G nerator e Die l E ine drive Fire Pum se ng n p Ste Turbine drive Fire Pum am n p
    24. 24. Example s o f Multiple Po we r S o urc e s 1) Dual U tility Service 2) Utility Servic plus O Site G Set e n- en- 3) C bination of Feeders from om separate Se es * * rvic 4) C bination of Feeder and O site om n- standby g enerator * * * * O allow on m building nly ed ulti- , c pus style c plex am om es.
    25. 25. Example s o f Multiple Po we r S o urc e s NFPA-20 S e c tio n 9.2, Po we r S o urc e s (1) C bination of om Service #1 Service #2 Servic and/or O es n- site Pow r Fac e ilities. Fire Pump Controller Fire Pump M Motor
    26. 26. Example s o f Multiple Po we r S o urc e s NFPA-20 S e c tio n 9.2, Po we r S o urc e s (2) C bination of om Service On-site G Servic or O and e PF standby O site standby n- Generator g rator. ene Fire Pump Controller M
    27. 27. Example s o f Multiple Po we r S o urc e s NFPA-20 S e c tio n 9.2, Po we r S o urc e s (3) C bination of om Service #1 Service #2 Fe ders from e separate Se e rvic s. High Voltage Substation ♦ O allow d on nly e Feeders m building ulti- , c pus style am c plex om es. Fire Pump Controller M
    28. 28. Example s o f Multiple Po we r S o urc e s NFPA-20 S e c tio n 9.2, Po we r S o urc e s (4) C bination of om Fe der and O site e n- Service High standby g nerator. e Voltage Substation On-site ♦ O allow d on nly e G Standby m building ulti- , Generator c pus style am Feeders Fire Pump c plex om es. Controller M
    29. 29. S o urc e s NFPA-20 9.2, Po we r S o urc e s (Tap Ahe ad . . .) ♦ The fire pum p Service pow supply shall not er be disc onnec wted hen Plant Power plant pow iser Disconnect disconne ted. c ♦ T ex eption perm he c its this only for m ulti- building c pus- , am style c plex s that om e Feeders autom ally ensure atic Fire Pump alternate pow is still er Controller available . M
    30. 30. Multiple Po we r S o urc e s - On -s ite Ge ne rato r ♦G nerators to be of suffic nt c e ie apac to allow ity norm startingand runningof the m al otor(s) drivingthe fire pum p(s) w hile supplyingall other sim ultane ously operate load(s). d ♦W here prote tive devic s are installed, the m c e y ust allowinstantane ous pickup of full pum room p load. E . Ac .g ross- - the Line Startingof all pum ps. ♦Transfer of pow to take plac in the pum room er e p ♦ M et B e oth Voltag Drop Re e quirem nts (15%& e 5% )
    31. 31. Multiple Po we r S o urc e s -- On -s ite Ge ne rato r G ne e rator to m et re e quirements for Leve 1, l Type 10, Class X system as de d by N fine FPA 110, Standard for E erg y and Standby Pow r m enc e System s Level 1 -C al to life safety. ritic Type 10 -Pow available w er ithin 10 seconds Class X -Suffic ient fue to run for a period of “ hours l X” Suffic nt fuel supply so g rator c ope ie ene an rate for eig hours at 100%c ht apac of the pum and ity p other de ands (C m lass “ ). 8”
    32. 32. Multiple Po we r S o urc e s -- Trans fe r o f Po we r Transfer M O c w ust c ur ithin the Pum Room p ♦ Arrang e I - em nt - C bination C om ontroller & Transfer Sw h itc pe N r FPA- Se tion 20 c - or- ♦ Arrang em nt II - e - Separate Fie W ld ired C ontrolle & T r ransfer Sw h itc pe N r FPA- Se tion 20 c
    33. 33. Arrang e me nt I Co ntro lle r - Xfe r. S witc h Co mbinatio n A “ om C bination Fire Pum C p ontroller and Pow r Transfe Sw h” e r itc unit m . . .ust ♦ B Liste as a c e d oordinated de ne and sig d fac tory asse ble and w d c plete unit m d ire om ♦ N d have only N ee orm Side B aker unless al re the E e e y Sourc is a U m rg nc e tility (ne to ed spe ify E erg y Side B ake w n c m enc re r he ne d). ede ♦ W alre ill ady m t all re ee quirem ents of N FPA- Sec 20, tion 10.8
    34. 34. Arrang e me nt II Trans fe r S witc h Ahe ad o f Co ntro lle r A transfe sw h ahead of a fire pum r itc p m ... ust ♦ B a Liste “ e d Fire Pum Pow T p er ransfer Sw h” itc ♦ B Liste and Rated for the Available Fault e d C nt. N urre FPA 20, ♦ B Protec e ted by Listed Servic E e quipm ent ♦ M t all re ee quirem ents of NFPA- Se tions 20, c 10.8.1, & 10.8.3 Approx ate 31 c im ly lauses including inte onnec rc tions and W Short C uit IC irc C oordination. Se N e asby Applic ation N s ote
    35. 35. Multiple Po we r S o urc e s - S ummary ♦ W here Re liable Pow r C e annot B O e btained from a Sing Sourc , le e ♦ T o or M w ore Sourc s Shall B Re e e quired. ♦ T Sourc to Sele t from are Lim he es c ited to Those C re in Se tion 695.3. ove d c ♦M ultiple Sourc are Require W re es d he B uildingH ig E c eds Fire Departm nt e ht x e e Pum pingC apac ity. 695.3(B)
    36. 36. Po we r S upply Pe rfo rmanc e – Any and All S o urc e s M .V ax oltag Drop Requirem e ents ♦ 15%U nder “ orm StartingC N al” onditions E .: Re ed V .g duc oltag Startingon Re ed e duc Voltag (Re ed C e duc urrent) Starting Controllers ♦ 5%U r 115%Full Load Running nde Conditions
    37. 37. Maximum Allo we d Vo ltag e s Dro ps – Mo to r S tarting ♦ DuringN al StartingC orm onditions, a 15% M im V ax um oltag Drop at C e ontrolle Inlet r Term inals. ♦ “ orm N al” otor startingc m onditions includes Re ed In- duc rush Starting if provided. , ♦Ecx eption for E e enc M m rg y anual M c e hanical (A- - T L)starting This is to Assure Ade quate C ontrol Pow r. e 2 x K x L x I V D (3 P h a s e =) X 0 .8 6 6 C irc u la r M ils 695.7
    38. 38. Maximum Allo we d Vo ltag e s Dro ps – Mo to r Running ♦DuringM otor Runningat 115%of M otor FLA, a 5%M im V ax um oltag Drop at the M e otor Term inals. ♦This is to Pre nt M ve otor Overheating. ♦ See N CC E hapte 9, T r able 9 for cable A.C. Im danc (Resistanc & Re tanc pe es e ac e). ♦ See N M IC 14 for ex E A S- am of voltag ple e drop c ulations. alc Available at: http://w w m w .ne a.org /standards 695.7
    39. 39. 3 - Co ntinuity o f Po we r G –M oal inim risk of inadverte ize nt disconnec tion from supply. ♦Connec fire pum direc to elec t p tly tric supply ♦ Lim num it ber of disconnec tingm eans ♦ Supervision -M onitor Fire Pum Pow p er actually present ♦T ransfer Sw h ahead of C itc ontroller 695.4
    40. 40. Phys ic al Pro te c tio n o f Ele c tric Po we r S upplie s ♦ Pow r sourc supplie by a se e or e es d rvic g ne e rator to be loc ated and arrang d to e m inim the possibility of dam e by fire ize ag from w ithin the pre ise and ex m s posing hazards. ♦ If pow r supplie solely by a private pow e d er station, it is to be prote te as above. c d ♦ Private Pow r Station m be g n e ay ive c onside ration as an ac e c ptable supply w here loc d in a se ate parate pow r house or c off e ut from m building ain s
    41. 41. Phys ic al Pro te c tio n o f Po we r S upplie s (Co nt.) ♦ M ultiple pow r sourc to be arrang so a e es ed fire at one sourc w not c e ill ause an interruption at the othe sourc . r e ♦ Supply c onduc tors to be de ate and dic d prote te to re c d sist possible dam e by fire, ag structural failure or ope , rational ac ide c nt
    42. 42. Co ntinuity o f Po we r ♦ Pow r supply to be direc c e tly onne te to the c d fire pum c p ontroller, - or - - - ♦ A sing supervise disc le d onne tingm c eans and assoc iated ove urre prote tive de e rc nt c vic pe itte be ee the pow supply and fire rm d tw n er pum cp ontrolle pow transfer sw h or r, er itc c bination c om ontroller/transfe sw h r itc
    43. 43. Me tho ds o f Ac hie ving Co ntinuity ♦ Direc C t onne tion c F IR E P U M P C O N T R O LLE R F IR E P U M P X M S E R V IC E P O IN T ♦ Supervise C d onne tion (U c pstre O P) am C SERVICE DISCONNECTING FIRE PUMP CONTROLLER MEANS FIRE PUMP X M SERVICE POINT 695.4
    44. 44. Dire c t Co nne c tio n o f S upply Co nduc to rs T sim he plest is a direc c t onnection F IR E P U M P C O N T R O L L E R F IR E P U M P X M S E R V IC E P O I N T B enefit: Limited risk of inadvertent disc onnec tion 695.4(A)
    45. 45. S upe rvis e d (Indire c t) Co nne c tio n Indirec (Supervised) C t onnec tion is perm itted, but . . . ♦ C onsidered som hat less ew reliable, and ♦ Is m ore c plex (approx 8 om . clauses) ♦ B asic ally, this allow a disc s onne t c ahead of the fire pum p
    46. 46. S upe rvis e d (Indire c t) Co nne c tio n – c o nt’d ♦ A Sing Disc le onnectingM eans and O rc ve urrent Protection are perm d ahead itte of the Fire Pum C p ontrolle only if all of the r, follow c ing onditions are m t (nex four e t slides): SERVICE DISCONNECTINGFIRE PUMP CONTROLLER MEANS* FIRE PUMP X SERVICE POINT M *Service Entrance Rated (Listed) Fusible Disconnect or Enclosed Circuit Breaker 695.4(B)
    47. 47. The Dis c o nne c ting Me ans . . . ♦ Identified and M arked “ Suitable for U As se Servic E e quipm nt” .L. Liste e (U d) ♦ Loc kable in the “ lose (O ) position C d” N ♦ Loc ate suffic d iently re ote from other m disconnec tingm eans that inadve nt rte contem porane ous operation w ould be unlike ly ♦M arke appropriate d ly (M arke “ Pum Disc d Fire p onne tingM ans” c e ) ♦ Disc onne tingm ans supe c e rvised in the close position d
    48. 48. The Ove rc urre nt Pro te c tio n . . . ♦T O he verc urrent Protection Is Set to carry indefinite the sum of the loc ly ked rotor curre of the fire pum joc y pum m nt p, ke p otors and full-load c urre of assoc nt iated fire pump e quipm nt e E c ption: Additional de es for c pus style xe vic am fe der sourc s -to c ply w N e e om ith FPA 70 §695 ♦ N : E c for Lim ote x ept ited Se e units, the rvic Controller’ ove urrent prote tion is se to: s rc c t -N ve trip be e r low300%of m otor FLA - and- -Loc d rotor trippingtim se be e ke e t tw en 8 se onds and 20 se onds c c
    49. 49. Me ans o f S upe rvis io n o f Dis c o nne c t a. Fire Alarm C onne tion to a C ntral Station, c e Proprie tary, or Re ote Station Sig m nal De e vic . b. Loc Sig al nalingSe e that W C rvic ill ause an Audible Sig at a C nal onstantly Atte d nde Point. c Loc . kingthe Disc onne t “ losed” c C d. Se alingin C losed Position w W kly ith ee Inspe tions w c here the Disconnec ting M eans is w ithin a Fe e E losure or in nc d nc building unde “ontrol of the ow r” s r c ne (Loc d). ke
    50. 50. Additio nal Dis c o nne c t Re quire me nts ♦ A Key Is Plac at the Fire Pum C ed p ontroller, if the Disconnec tingM eans Is Locked, and ♦ A Plac is Installed on the Disc ard onnectingM eans, and ♦ An Additional Plac Is Installed at the Fire Pum ard p Controller, and ♦ T Disc he onnec ting Means Is Supervised in the Closed (“ N ) Position O” SERVICE FIRE PUMP CONTROLLER DISCONNECTING MEANS FIRE PUMP X M SERVICE POINT 695.4(B)
    51. 51. 4 - Trans fo rme rs fo r Fire Pump Circ uits ♦ ATransform r is Perm d W re . . . e itte he 13.2 kV 3 P A E H S D L A E T 480 / 277V 3 P A E H S 4-W E IR W E Y 695.5
    52. 52. Trans fo rme rs fo r Fire Pump Circ uits Servic at O e ther than Utilization Voltage ♦ W here “Servic ” Above 600 V e is olts e r a: ithe ♦ Liste M dium V d e oltag Fire Pum e p C ontroller(s) and M otor(s) if below7.2 kV - or- ♦ AT ransform r(s) is allow d pe N e e r FPA- 20 if it c plie w om s ith (Supervised C onnec tion) and N CArtic E le 695.5 (Transform rs). e
    53. 53. Po we r S upply Arrang e me nt 'A' & 'B ' fo r No rmal S o urc e No te : Trans fo rme r in Arrang e me nt 'B ' is o ptio nal
    54. 54. Trans fo rme rs fo r Fire Pump Circ uits ♦ AT ransform r is Perm d W re the Supply e itte he V oltag Is Different from the Fire Pum and e p C ontroller Requirem nts e ♦ It is De ated to Fire Pum and Assoc dic p iated E quipm or ent E c that Transform on M B x ept ers ulti- uilding C plex s are Perm d to Supply O r om e itte the Loads 695.5
    55. 55. Trans fo rme r De dic ate d to Fire Pump P rim a ry O v e rc urre nt P rote c tion O nly D e dic a te d T ra ns form e r S e c onda ry C onduc tors , O v e rc urre nt P rote c tion N O T P e rm itte d J oc k e y P um p T a p C onduc tors J oc k e y P um p D is c onne c t, Lis te d O v e rc urre nt F ire P um p P rote c tion, C ontrolle r a nd M otor C ontrolle r M F ire P um p M J oc k e y P um p 695.5
    56. 56. Trans fo rme r S izing M inim SizingShall B at Least 125% of um e * the Sum of: ♦ T Full Load of the Fire Pum M he p otor(s), Plus ♦ T Full Load of the J key Pum M he oc p otor(s) (if applicable Plus ), ♦ T Full Load of Any Assoc he iate E d quipm nt e (if applicable). Note: * 125%is alm ost alw too sm to m ays all eet the tw voltag drop o e requirem ents. 695.5(A)
    57. 57. Trans fo rme r Ove rc urre nt Pro te c tio n ♦ Sec ondary Side O rc ve urre Prote tion (O P) nt c C is N Perm ot itted. Line side prote ction only 695.5(B)
    58. 58. Trans fo rme r Ove rc urre nt Pro te c tio n The M inim Se c um le tion and Settingof the Prim O P Shall B Larg E ary C e e noug to C h arry Indefinite the E ly quivale Se ondary nt c C nts of the Follow : urre ing ♦ T Loc d- he ke Rotor (600% C nt of the Fire ) urre Pum M p otor(s), Plus ♦ T Loc d- he ke Rotor (600% C nt of the ) urre J key Pum M oc p otor(s) (if applicable), Plus ♦ T Full Load (100% C he ) urre nt(s) of Any Assoc d E iate quipm nt (if applic e able ). 695.5(B)
    59. 59. Po we r S upply Co mpo ne nt and Wiring -- Co de Re fe re nc e s ♦ Direc C t onnection ♦ Indirec C t onnection (Servic E e ntranc Disc e onne t and O P c C upstre of the Fire Pum am p) ♦Transform C er onnection
    60. 60. 5 - Po we r Wiring ♦ Servic C e onduc tors (E c U le tric tility) ♦ Supply C onductors (O site Pow r n- e Produc tion) ♦ Fe der C e onductors conne te to: c d 1. O site standby g n- enerator 2. Supervised disconnectingmeans ♦ Fe der C e onduc tors for m building ulti- (c pus style) c plex am om es
    61. 61. Po we r Wiring (The S upply Co nduc to rs ) S hall Be . . . ♦ Installe As Servic E d e ntranc C e onduc tors, and ♦ Physic ally Route O d utside the B uilding or , ♦ Pe itte to B Route T rm d e d hroug Bh uildingif Installe U r, O E lose W d nde r nc d ithin, N Less ot T han 2 Inc hes of C re (Se Se tion onc te e c 230.6 ). ♦M ulti- uildingC ple Fe r C B om x ede onduc tors (N al Supply) on the Load Side of orm Disc onne tingM ans and O c e vercurre nt Prote tion Shall C ply W T c om ith hese Re 695.6 quire ents m
    62. 62. Lo ad S ide o f Dis c o nne c t and Ove rc urre nt Pro te c tio n -Within the Building ♦ Shall be protec to re ted sist dam e from fire ag , struc tural dam e or ope ag rational failure and ♦ E ased in not less than 2 inc s of nc he c re , or onc te ♦ Installe w d ithin 2- hour* fire resistanc rate e d e losed c nc onstruc tion dedic ated to the fire pum c uit(s), or p irc ♦ Installe w d ithin liste e c al c uit d le tric irc prote tive system havinga m c s inim 2- um hour* fire resistanc rating e . ♦ Re e be that these c mm r onduc tors are sac ial. rific * W 1- our as H
    63. 63. Lis te d Ele c tric al Circ uit Pro te c tive S ys te ms Pe itte to B Route T rm d e d hroug B h uildingif Installe in Liste E c al C uit Prote tive d d le tric irc c System W A M s ith inim of 2- our Fire um H Re sistance. N : N allow in all jurisdic ote ot ed tions for Servic e. M in e ra l I n s u la te d C a b le 695.6(B)
    64. 64. Ele c tric al Circ uit Pro te c tive S ys te m May Co ns is t o f a . . . ♦ 2- h Rig C inc id onduit w 250 kc il XH W ith m H , Coppe Cr onduc tors Installed w a U ith .L. Liste (C d lassifie Od) verall C ringof a 2- ove H our* Fire Resistanc Be lanke System or t , * W 1- our as H ♦ Liste (C d lassifie Fire Re d) - sistive M ral ine Insulated (M C I) able Syste s, m -and -
    65. 65. Ele c tric al Circ uit Pro te c tive S ys te m May Co ns is t o f a . . . ♦ O r Syste s and C the m onfigurations Are also Liste (C d lassifie d). ♦ See “ Fire Tests for E tric C uit lec al irc Prote tive Syste s”U Subje t 1724- c m , L c 1991 for E ac Inform x t ation. ♦ See U C N(G .L. C uide FH . De ) IT tails at: “http://w w om O w .ul.c ” nline C rtific e ations Direc tory
    66. 66. S e c tio n 695.6(B ) Exc e ptio n - Ele c tric and Fire Pump Ro o ms Supply Conduc tors Are E em from x pt Fire-Resistanc Rating O e s nly: ♦ In the E c al Sw hg Room and le tric itc ear , ♦ In the Fire Pum Room p . Electric Room Fire Pump Room 695.6(B) Exc.
    67. 67. Wiring Me tho ds fo r Po we r Circ uits – Within the Pump Ro o m ♦ Rig M tal C id e onduit ♦ Interm diate M e etal Conduit ♦ Liquidtig Fle ible M tal C ht x e onduit ♦ Liquidtig Fle ible N ht x onm tallicC e onduit (LFN - ) CB ♦ Liste M C d C able (w Im/ pervious C overing) ♦ M ral Insulated C ine able (M I) ♦W iringM thod for C e ontrol C uits Are irc E ssentially the Sam .e 695.6(E)
    68. 68. Fire Pump Co ntro lle r ♦ Controller M N B U ay ot e sed As a J tion unc B for O r C uits. ox the irc ♦ J key Pum C oc p onne tions N Allow d to B c ot e e M ade in Fire Pum C p ontroller. N : E r Fire Pum C uit or Loc B ote ithe p irc al ranch Pow r m be use for the J ke Pum e ay d oc y p. 695.6(F)
    69. 69. Fire Pump Co ntro lle r Jo c ke y Pump Co ntro lle r and S e parate Junc tio n Bo x 695.6(F)
    70. 70. Junc tio n Bo x Re quire d whe n … ♦* Where single conductors (individual conductors) are used, they shall be terminated in a separate junction box. Single conductors (individual conductors) shall not enter the fire pump enclosure separately. These are typically MI cables with solid wire. - Splices to Stranded Wire Required (Breaker Lugs are Rated only for Stranded Wire. - Separate cables will create a magnetically induced (eddy) current in ferrus metal (steel). This can easily heat #14 gage steel to red hot. - A nonferrus (Aluminum) junction box or plate is used since no current is generated. - Controllers were being hacked up, which violates both
    71. 71. Junc tio n Bo x Re quire d whe n …* Where required by the manufacturer of a listed electrical circuit protective system or by NFPA70, National Electrical Code, or by the listing, the raceway between a junction box and the fire pump controller shall be sealed at the junction box end as required and in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer. This is usually for type MC or Type RHW Listed High Temperature Wire. These give off flamable smoke when routed thru the fire zone. The controller is an arcing (sparking) device (open contactors) and
    72. 72. Fine S trande d Wire (Cable ) Warning ♦ Som W and C e ire able M s are M fr’ aking M ultiple Rate C d able, Suc as: AW , M W& h M T T W am E , ongothe rating T Wis a fine r s. E strande type of c d able and AW m be. M ay ♦ C uit B irc reake (IsolatingSw h) Inc ing rs itc om Lug are N ither T ste nor Rate for Fine s e e d d Strand W ire ♦ Ditto for C ontac (O oing Lug tor utg ) s ♦T his applie to both Fie and Fac s ld tory W iring N : The w type liste in N CT ote ire s d E able s 310.16 & 310.17 are usually N fineot strande E .: Suitable d. .g .
    73. 73. 6 - Othe r Re quire me nts ♦ E te x rnal C ontrol C uits irc ♦ N Se o nsors or Rem - ontrol De e ote C vic s ♦C ontrol W iring ♦M ultiple Pum - Se ntial Starting ps que
    74. 74. Exte rnal Fire Pump Co ntro l Circ uits (Re mo te S tart, De lug e Valve S tart, e tc .) ♦ Arrang So That Failure of Any E ternal ed x C ontrol C uit Shall N Pre nt the irc ot ve O ration of T Pum pe he p(s) by O r M ans. the e ♦ C uit Failure Suc As O ns, Shorts, irc s h pe G rounds, or Loss of Pow r Are Pe itted to e rm C ause the Pum to Run, but p ♦ T se Failures C he annot Pre nt the Fire Pum ve p from Running . 695.14(A)
    75. 75. Pro hibite d S e ns o rs & Co ntro l De vic e s ♦ U rvoltag , Phase Loss, Fre nc nde e que y Sensitive or O r Se , the nsors Are N ot Pe itte E c rm d, x ept… ♦M otor Sing Phase Start Atte pt Protec le m tion Is Pe itte rm d. Ec x eption to allow c s ontrolle that rs prevent 3- phase m otor from startingunder sing phase c le onditions, but that do not disconnec a runningm t otor ♦ Re ote De es in the C m vic ontrol C uit Are N irc ot Pe itte if They Prevent the Autom rm d atic O ration of the T pe ransfer Sw h. itc 695.14(b) & (c)
    76. 76. Wiring Me tho ds fo r Co ntro l Circ uits ♦ Rig M tal C id e onduit (Threade d) ♦ Interm diate M e etal Conduit (also T aded) hre ♦ Liquidtig Fle ible M tal C ht x e onduit ♦ Liste M C d C able (w Im/ pervious C overing ) ♦ M ral Insulated C ine able (MI) ♦ T re Are N E c ptions to T he o xe hese W iring M ethods ♦ N Allow ot ed: Flexible Metal Conduit (like BX) Thin W C all onduit Rom or Any O ex ther B C are able 695.14(E)
    77. 77. S pe c ify S e que nc ing o f Multiple Pumps whe n . . . ♦ Autom aticse quenc of pum require in ing ps d ac ordanc w 9.6.3 (and re c e ith quired by N : This e s the startinge tric load. ote ase lec al ♦ Autom aticse quenc of fire pum ne d ing ps ede for pum in paralle or in se ps l ries Any pum supplyingsuc p tion to another pum starts p before it (H h Zone Delayed Start) - if water ig or- requirements call for more than one pumping unit to operate. Pum to start at intervals of 5 to 10 sec ps onds. Failure of any one pum doesn’prevent others from p t starting.
    78. 78. 7 – Ro ug h Rule s o f Thumb ♦ Transform r or G n- Sizing–125% e e Set alm ne r enoug ost ve h ♦ Full Voltag (A- - Starting e T L) O n nee 300%to 500%Sizing fte ds ♦ Re duc Inrush Starting ed O n nee 250%to 400%Sizing fte ds ♦ De nding on: pe ♦ De e Im danc and V vic pe e oltag Drops of: e Transform Sourc and Prim W er e ary iringRun - and-W iringRun to Controller
    79. 79. 8 - Fault Curre nt Co ns ide ratio ns ♦ Controller Short C uit (W ) RatingM irc IC ust e c e the “ xed Available Short C uit C nt” irc urre ♦ Ditto for Arrang m nt II U e e pstre Xfe am r Sw h itc This alm alw requires upsizing the Xfer ost ays Sw h to c itc oordinate w the 600%(M ith inim ) um upstream O P (O C C ver urrent Protection) ♦ Controller and Xfe Sw h m be m r itc ust arked w the Short C uit Ratingand be ith irc “ Suitable for sam . ” e
    80. 80. What’s Wro ng with This Pic ture ? N tes: o • M E ost .F.P.C use .s “ apless” G “ ondary Sec Arresters” • Som have e lim ited self protec tion (bare w links) ire • All gapless M V O arresters are subjec to therm t al run- ay due to aw followon currents. • Three phase arcs are N T self O
    81. 81. What’s Wro ng with The s e Pic ture s ? Some Time Later on a Car Hits Another Pole Down the Alley and Causes a High Line (2.3 Kv) Cross to the Neutral which Takes Out Most of the Pump Room Loads and Damages one of the 3 Severe Lightning CPTs in Controller. Strike takes out Utility Arrester in a Very Lightning Prone Area. Also Damages Xfmr (Pot), Requiring Replacement; but, No Damage to Controller!
    82. 82. Bac k in S e rvic e in Minute s 2,300 Vac on 480 Vac Primary Smoked the Center CPT Technician Cut the Two Primary CPT Wires and Put the Controller Back in Service In only Minutes! (The Chassis was Replaced Later.)
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