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  1. 1. ID HUB Writings about art, fashion, my city and football
  2. 2. Professional Engaged Persona At the beginning of this course, I stated that I wanted to build my professional persona around writing about my interests. I have attempted to write about things you would read in a lifestyle magazine, including reviews of art exhibitions and events happening in my city. I have framed my posts around the idea of promoting exciting cultural events to people so that they might be inspired to check them out for themselves. My goal was to present myself as a writer who can report on and review a range of different topics or events and in doing this, I wanted to create engaging and original content for my blog. In terms of engaging my audience and forming networks I have taken predominantly to twitter to achieve this. I have shared links to sites, influencers and people I respect such as Shaun Mooney and his online football magazine Leopold Method. View tweet I have also retweeted posts by artist Ian Strange promoting his exhibition, which I reviewed in a blog post. View tweet In addition to retweeting and sharing, I’ve had two-way interaction with people from the football media and the art scene, as well as people who have read my blog posts and given feedback. View tweet
  3. 3. Positioning Statement Value Proposition Brand Story I’m a 25-year-old male from Melbourne writing about what I love. I pitch my content towards males between 18 and 30. Writing about football and menswear will attract this public first and foremost, however I also want to attract women to my writing as well. Writing about art is important as it something that appeals to a wider demographic. I write under my own name and I want to get it ‘out there’ to gain attention from people in the media as a writer and producer of interesting and original content. The category for my work is lifestyle publications. Specifically, publications that discuss current trends, review products and influence readers. I have a vast knowledge of different cultures, which informs my writing. I have lived overseas in Germany and Mexico, and travelled extensively around the world. These opportunities have allowed me to see things from different perspectives and in different contexts. I write with passion about the things I love most to create entertaining but also informative content for readers. My brand is current. By design it is on trend or ahead of trends and will constantly evolve. The content I produce is fresh and immediate. I am an individual who is constantly looking ahead at what is new and I want to share this and all of my other experiences with my audience. The narrative is constructed from what is happening around me and within my fields of interest, whether that be in Melbourne or online.
  4. 4. In this blog post I took the opportunity to expand on two tweets I posted during our twitter tutorial in week 2. The blog post provides an analysis of Zygmunt Bauman’s article, Identity in the Globalising World. Click to view post on Wordpress Evidence of blog posts
  5. 5. For the Media Mapping exercise I chose to analyse a piece of graffiti near my train station and two posters I saw at university. View post on Wordpress In another post related to my interest in contemporary art, I reviewed Ian Strange’s exhibition SUBURBAN at the NGV. View post on Wordpress
  6. 6. Tweeting about course material
  7. 7. Engaging in a hashtag conversation for a football match and interacting with an online football magazine
  8. 8. All content feeds to ID HUB Instagram posts link to twitter account Blog posts fed to twitter and HUB Flickr content sometimes shared to blog/twitter Line thickness indicates regularity of sharing between platforms