UPF Inter-Faith Peace-Building


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I am very happy to see different religions working harmoniously for world peace...

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UPF Inter-Faith Peace-Building

  1. 1. P
  2. 2. PeaceThe Universal PeaceFederation and its globalnetwork of Ambassadorsfor Peace bringuniversal, spiritualprinciples to the task ofresolving conflict andreconciling the dividedhuman family. UPF World Assembly 2007 in New York
  3. 3. Principles• We are one human familycreated by God.• The highest achievementsof men and women arerooted in spiritual and moraldevelopment.• The family is the “school oflove and peace.”• Peace comes throughdialogue and cooperation.• Service is the foundation ofreconciliation. Founded in 2005 by Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon
  4. 4. Working for PeaceUPF’s Middle East Peace Initiativebegan in 2003, in the heat of violenceof the second Intifada. Activitiesinclude—• interfaith pilgrimages• fact-finding tours• leadership consultations• grassroots encounters Jerusalem
  5. 5. Visiting Sacred PlacesVisits to a church, mosque, and synagogue in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  6. 6. Offering Prayers for Peace Slovakia (above), Canada (below)Honduras (above), Ghana (below)
  7. 7. Peace in Sacred TeachingsBuddhism:May those frightenedcease to be afraid, andmay those bound be free.May the powerless findpower, and may peoplethink of befriending oneanother. Italy
  8. 8. Peace in Sacred TeachingsChristianity:Blessed are thepeacemakers, for they shallbe known as the Children ofGod. Love your enemies, dogood to those who hate you, Perubless those who curse you,pray for those who abuseyou. Russia
  9. 9. Peace in Sacred TeachingsConfucianism:When the heart is set right,then the personal life iscultivated. When the personallife is cultivated, then the familylife is regulated. When thefamily life is regulated, then thenational life is orderly. And Koreawhen the national life is orderly,then there is peace in theworld.
  10. 10. Peace in Sacred TeachingsHinduism:May there be peace onearth. May thy Vedic Lawpropagate peace allthrough the world. May allthings be a source ofpeace to us. And may thypeace itself, bestowpeace on all, and may Nepalthat peace come to mealso.
  11. 11. Peace in Sacred TeachingsIslam:If the enemy incline towardspeace, do thou also inclinetowards peace, and trust God,for the Lord is the one thatheareth and knoweth all things. ThailandAnd the servants of God, MostGracious are those who walkon the Earth in humility, andwhen we address them, wesay “PEACE.” Malaysia
  12. 12. Peace in Sacred TeachingsJudaism:Come let us go up themountain of the Lord, thatwe may walk the paths ofthe Most High. And weshall beat our swords intointo pruning hooks. Nationshall not lift up swordagainst nation—neither Israelshall they learn war anymore.
  13. 13. Peace in Sacred TeachingsSikhism:God adjudges us accordingto our deeds, not the coatthat we wear: that truth isabove everything, but higherstill is truthful living. Know Indiathat we attaineth God whenwe loveth, and only thatvictory endures inconsequences of which noone is defeated. United Kingdom
  14. 14. Peace in Sacred TeachingsShintoism:Although the people livingacross the ocean surroundingus are all our brothers andsisters, why are there constanttroubles in this world? Why dowinds and waves rise in theocean surrounding us? I onlyearnestly wish that the windwill soon puff away all the Japanclouds which are hanging overthe tops of the mountains.
  15. 15. Peace in Sacred TeachingsUnificationism:A life of vertical “noon-time” alignment casts noshadow. I pray that we canwipe away the tears ofpeople in misery Switzerlandand poverty, and lead anilluminated life of eternaltrue love that dissipates alldarkness. Marshall Islands
  16. 16. ServiceAfter the 2011 earthquakeand tsunami in Japan, UPFpartnered with ChristianDisaster Response to trainvolunteers doing clean up innorthern Japan. Thissparked a collaboration ofNGOs and governmentoffices involved in disasterrelief.
  17. 17. ServiceBuddhist, Christian, and Muslim students cleaned aMuslim school in Bangkok damaged by flood waters. Thiscollaboration was facilitated by the Thailand NationalInterreligious Peace Council.
  18. 18. ServiceYoung people ofvarious faiths built aclassroom and toiletfacilities for students ina community nearLumbini, Nepal, thebirthplace of Buddha.Tamil and Sinhaleseyouth worked togetherto build facilities inPolonnaruwa, a townthat suffered from civilwar in Sri Lanka.
  19. 19. ServiceStudents from Beirut traveledto Nabatieh in southernLebanon and worked withlocal people to create a muralshowing a common vision ofpeace.
  20. 20. DialogueThrough formal and informaldialogue, religion andspirituality impact theworldviews, values, andpractices of humanityworldwide. USA (above), Albania (below)
  21. 21. DialogueAt a forum in Indonesia, a Muslim emphasizedharmonizing words and deeds, a Buddhist spoke aboutthe importance of listening, and a Hindu advocated“heart, humility, humanity, and harmony.”
  22. 22. DialogueA spirited discussionduring WorldInterfaith HarmonyWeek in Warsaw,Poland.Forums in Munichand Stuttgart,Germany includedspeeches, readings,and prayers,followed by dinnerconversations.
  23. 23. DialogueInterfaith forums stimulateconversation and deeperunderstanding about eachother’s experiences, concerns,and beliefs. Washington, DC, USASwitzerland: Model UN InterreligiousCouncil session (above), Ethiopia:Interreligious Council members (right)
  24. 24. DialogueIn forums on reconciliationand forgiveness in the UK,speakers talked about theirexperiences with people ofother religions, challengesthey have faced in life, andhow they drew upon theresources of their faith.UPF-Netherlands’Dialogue Center inAmsterdam hosts frequentmultifaith and multiculturalevents.
  25. 25. DialogueYouth in St. Lucia discussvalues common to allreligions.Young leaders fromvarious faiths participatein a forum in Vienna,Austria.
  26. 26. CooperationAt an observance ofWorld InterfaithHarmony Week 2012at the UN GeneralAssembly Hall,diplomats and UNofficials joined religiousleaders and officials offaith-based charities todiscuss greatercooperation.
  27. 27. CooperationIn Bangkok, a year ofconsultations and aWorld InterfaithHarmony Weekcommemoration builtmomentum toward theinauguration of theThailand InterfaithPeace Council inSeptember 2011. Thailand
  28. 28. CooperationAfter attacks killed 77people in July 2011,UPF-Norway held aforum in partnershipwith the Oslo CentralMosque featuringpolitical leaders and ayouth panel. Faith leaders lit candles at a 9/11 memorial service at the United Nations.
  29. 29. CooperationYoung athletes fromdifferent religions andnationalities convergein the spirit of goodsportsmanship.Friendly footballmatches bring Youth fromtogether youth from Baltic nationsnations and compete in Estonia.communities that havesuffered tension and Athletes builddivision. friendships in Georgia.
  30. 30. ReconciliationThe disputed presidentialelections of 2010 in Coted’Ivoire sparked a civilwar. Ambassadors forPeace reached out toreligious leaders and metwith the Dialogue, Truthand ReconciliationCommission to plan agrassroots campaign toteach peace principles.
  31. 31. ReconciliationJews, Christians, and Muslimsparticipating in the Middle EastPeace Initiative demonstrate aheart of reconciliation asmembers of one human familyunder God.
  32. 32. PartnershipsPlanning grassrootsinterreligiouscooperation in aneighborhood ofBogota, ColombiaDiscussing aproposal toestablish a peaceacademy in Israel
  33. 33. Universal Peace Federation www.upf.org
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