Seawater pumped hydro electric storageppsshow2


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The Marex Project is one of the largest renewable energy projects in Europe at present

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Seawater pumped hydro electric storageppsshow2

  1. 1. Seawater Pumped Hydro Electric Storage for Poor Grid. James J. Nolan B.E Organic Power Ltd. Ireland
  2. 2. Ireland’s Greatest Renewable Assets • A-Assets: • Ireland especially the west of Ireland and Mayo in particular possess the best wind profile in western Europe. • The potential for renewable energy including on and offshore wind and wave in west of Ireland is approx 25,000MW (Eoin Sweeney SEAI 2012). • Mayo Co. Co. as part of their strategic energy plant have designated large areas of the county as sites for wind turbines.
  3. 3. The Northwest Region of Ireland
  4. 4. With Planning and In Planning • The Northwest region has to date been granted in excess of 2,000MW for wind generation, some of which was granted >6 years ago but cannot be developed.
  5. 5. Liabilities. • The existing grid in the Mayo regions consists of one 110kV loop that only serves part of the region. • The capacity of this line is approx. 100MW.
  6. 6. Existing Grid Northwest Region
  7. 7. Proposed new Networks for 2025 The present upgrade plan for the region is to install one 400kV line into Mayo by 2020 at the earliest.
  8. 8. Statement on Eirgrid Website regarding GridWest This proposed line is totally inadequate to export the available resources of the region in the short term and under present plans a single 400kV line only is envisaged for the region by 2025 at earliest.. Obviously this grid structure and proposed upgrade will be totally inadequate for the export of the available power in the short and long term.
  9. 9. ORGANIC POWER Ltd Solution • Solution • The solution to the existing situation where Ireland has available a huge natural resource that cannot be exploited in the short term requires a dual approach.
  10. 10. First Stage: Organic Power Ltd plans to build a 6 Gigawatt Hour, 1,200MW Seawater Pumped Storage plant at Glinsk Mountain, North Mayo.
  11. 11. Location of Proposed SPHES in Mayo GLINSK MOUNTAIN The energy storage hub is designed to accept not only wind generated electricity, but also pumped seawater from wave device. This site is adjacent to the coast and consists of bare mountain and topped with peat bog.
  12. 12. Photo and Montage of Mountain At Present After SPHES Installed
  13. 13. Plan view of upper reservoir at Glinsk
  14. 14. Overview of Project. • The location is within 30km of most of the available onshore wind sources in the region. • The SPHES is ideally located to act as a node for offshore generated wind and wave power. • The project consists of the construction of 1,200MW MIC/ MEC of seawater pumped storage facility on top of the mountain with the Atlantic Ocean acting as the lower reservoir. • The civil works consist of the removal of approx 550,000 cu.m of peat from the top of the mountain and pumping it to dewatering ponds at the base stabilisation. • The 7m diameter penstock down the mountain will be approx 850m long into the turbine hall which will house 4 number 300MW (2 variable speed, 2 fixed speed) pump/turbines.
  15. 15. Main Parameters.
  16. 16. Profile of Waterways and Turbine Hall
  17. 17. It will accept up to 1,200MW of clean but unpredictable energy for storage at off-peak times from planned local windfarms and ocean energy projects, and transform it cost-effectively into a high quality predictable green electricity product by storing it for use when needed.
  18. 18. Second Stage the MAREX Project • The availability of the SPHES will facilitate the variable nature of the available wind source and wave sources. • The power will be stored and discharge in tandem with the provision of the Method for Atlantic Renewable Energy Export or MAREX section of the development. • The MAREX project will consist of : • 1. 1,900MW+ wind generation in North Mayo and DC connections to Glinsk • 2. 6GWhr/cycle Energy Storage and 1,200MW Invertor at Glinsk • 3. 1 x 1,300MW HVDC transmission bipole cable pair from Mayo to UK with 500MW link for additional wind import from Irish Grid at Dublin.
  19. 19. Summary • Organic Power Ltd in cooperation with the relevant statutory bodies are committed to utilising the enormous natural renewable potential that is available in the North West region of Ireland and getting it to market as soon as possible. • This project will deliver on the shortcoming of current planning of overhead grids, that are primarily delayed by interested local groups exercising their democratic right to the determent of the greater good.
  20. 20. Thank you for attending Further Information: or James Nolan: or