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The history and design behind manga

The history and design behind manga






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    The history and design behind manga The history and design behind manga Presentation Transcript

    • The history and design behind manga style
    • Where did manga originate from?Manga began as standards art work produced in the 1700’s but eventually lead to shortcomic series during the second world war. Around 1940, many organizations for artists andcartoonists were formed. Among them were the New Cartoonists Association of Japan andthe New Cartoonists Faction Groups. During that time, the government used the fewremaining cartoonists, who were not banned from working or who were not in the army, toinfluence the people through their artwork by creating comic strips filled with propaganda touse against the nations enemies. One of the main inspirations for manga comics is OsamuTezuka . As a child, Tezuka was a fanatical fan of Walt Disneys early animations. Manywere impressed by Tezukas original style. However, it was not until Tezuka released hisultimate work Tetsuwan Atomu (Astro Boy) that he achieved success; he was pronounced"the Father of Manga and Anime".
    • The design of manga• Manga follows an extreme cartoon style but has specific looks which tend to stick through out manga comics. Usually they include facial features and emotional expressions which are seen through out a wide selection of manga comics.• Manga is not only just shown in the form of comics it can also be shown through Japanese animation, also known as anime. Anime is a popular form of animation in Japan which is quickly spreading in the U.S. Unlike American cartoons, which are only watched by children, anime is popular among the Japanese adults and is watched by millions. The audience is not merely directed to children but to teens and adults as well. The same applies to Japanese comics known as manga.
    • The difference between manga and Western graphicsFirstly the most obvious difference between western graphics and Manga’s are thecharacter designs. Western graphics try to follow a more realictic look about theircharacters where as Manga characters have a much more cartoon look about them. Thegenre’s are also fairly different, most graphic novels have a superhero sci-fi feel aboutthem where as Manga’s mainly consist of fantasy.Along with this, most graphic novels are set in the real world and during the present timebut a majority of Manga’s are set in either extreme times periods (far future or distantpast) or they are set in worlds similar to our world (Pokemon and Full metal alchemist areprime examples of this fact). Superman from the DC comics series “Superman” Edward Elric from the Manga and Anime series “Full Metal Alchemist”
    • Manga narratives• Usually the Narrative of a manga is laid out so that you read across the page starting at the top right before reading across the page and making your way towards the bottom left before moving onto the next page. The frames are laid out so that each frame varies in size depending on the situation unfolding in the story. Usually the more dramatic or extreme the situation, the 2. 1. bigger the frame that its presented in is. This is usually done in order to show detail and to allow more to take part in the frame. However smaller frames are normally used for either facial expressions or extreme close ups, which allow for the 3. reader to focus on specifically what is being seen in the frame. So for example a frame with someone being shot or stabbed would be much larger thn a frame of someones expression which would normally be placed within a smaller 4. frame but just next to it to help show you that the character in the smaller frame is reacting to what is happening in the bigger frame.
    • Manga CharactersA prime example of a working manga is “Full Metal Alchemist” one of the best mangaseries I have read and watched. The story follows the life of two brothers named Edwardand Alphonse Elric who seek to obtain an item known as the Philosophers Stone in orderto restore their bodies after a disastrous failed attempt to bring their mother back to lifethrough alchemy, which is a form of scientific magic used in the series by many. Edward is the older brother Alphonse is the younger of out of the two. He is known the two brothers. While him as the “Full metal alchemist” and his brother tried to bring (Hence the title) due to his his mum back to life, superior alchemy abilities. Alphonse lost his entire body. He is called Full Metal mainly His brother placed his soul because his right arm and inside an empty suit of left leg are what is Known as armour which he now moves Auto mail which are robotic about in. Like Edward he also limbs, attached to the specialises in Alchemy but is nervous system, allowing less experienced than Edward to move them. Edward.