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Native iphone app test automation with appium
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Native iphone app test automation with appium



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  • 1. Native iPhone App TestAutomation with Appiumby James Eisenhauer of @hubbubhealth
  • 2. ABOUT MEJames "Jim" EisenhauerChief Quality Scientist, hubbub Health● First program written on a TRS-80 in 1978 when I was 12● Computer Science dropout with a bachelors degree in Psychology● Java Certified & ColdFusion 5.0 Certified...yes I said ColdFusion● Alphabet Soup - MBA, PMP, ITIL, SSGB● Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering from OGI● Army Vet-Airborne Ranger V Corps Long Range Reconnaissance and Patrol● Latest Hobby is Whisky! http://jimmyswhisky.github.com/
  • 3. AGENDA● Overview of current Native Automation Framework Scene● Intro to Appium● Why I like Appium● Automating a test with Appium & Selenium
  • 4. FRAMEWORKS● Hard to keep up with what is going on.● Apple keeps breaking frameworks● No clear leader or best solution● Calabash seems to be gaining popularity
  • 5. FRAMEWORKS Generally 2 schools of thoughtEmbedded HTTP server Integrate with Apple Instruments iphone iphone Test Framework HTTP SERVER Test Framework Apple Instruments APP APP
  • 6. Integrates with Apple Instruments iphone Appium Apple Instruments APP
  • 7. Utilizes the Webdriver JSON wire protocol Webdriver iphone Appium Apple Instruments APP
  • 8. ● Open Source Project - http://www.appium.io● Sponsored by Sauce Labs and led by Jason Huggins - @hugs● Written in Node.js● Very active with multiple commits per day
  • 9. WHY I LIKE APPIUM● Uses Apple layer as integration ○ forces learning apple way ■ useful if apple breaks your framework ○ less likely apple will break your framework● Uses Webdriver ○ integrates well with my web automation framework ○ nothing new to learn● Led by Proven leader of open source projects ○ this guy created Selenium so there is that..● Has commercial backing & resources ○ always nice to have paid resources on open source projects
  • 10. AUTOMATING WITH APPIUM * Sample code above in java for you slow people. Demo will be in Ruby
  • 11. DEMO● Install● Write a test● Run a test
  • 12. Demo & CI TipsView app elementsReset app state (I think this was implemented in Appium this week)#uninstall app from simulatorcd /Users/qauser/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/6.1/Applications/rm -rf *Command Line build appxcodebuild -sdk iphonesimulator6.1 -configuration Debug clean buildClose simulatorosascript -e tell app "iPhone Simulator" to quit
  • 13. THANK YOU!!!!!Questions?