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Hubbub health-i phone-test-automation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. iPhone Webdriver in a CI Environment  by James Eisenhauer© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.
  • 2. About Me James ‘Jim’ Eisenhauer Chief Quality Scientist, Hubbub Health o Breaking the web for 17 years….most of the time on purpose o Over educated and certified o Scuba Diving, Traveling & Beer! (not necessarily in that order) o Tech Oregon QA Forum - Board Member o Agile Testing Open NW Conference – Board Member o Co-Founder Portland Selenium Meetup Group @jameseisenhauer© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.
  • 3. Hubbub Health challenge platform deployed on Heroku + iPhone App & mobile web + Ruby on Rails web application & REST based API© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.
  • 4. COMING SOON! Hubbub Motion™ Hubbub Motion Kit: Activity Tracker and Base Station Players can automatically track their activity daily via Hubbub and their phones. 2. Track 3. Compare No data-entry No synching 1. Wear No charging Just moving!© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.
  • 5. Buzzwords Galore! A ton of info to cover and could possibly be 5-7 separate future sessions!  Setting up Selenium Grid/Server  Installing iWebdriver app on the iPhone Simulator  Building a Selenium Framework in Ruby  Setting up Jenkins CI  Running Selenium Tests when your mobile website changes© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions
  • 6. Disclaimer!! All work done on Mileage may vary on other operating systems© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions
  • 7. Selenium Grid/Server Download here: Good Info here: Start it Up! View Grid Console: http://localhost:4444/grid/console© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.
  • 8. iWebdriver  Buy a Mac  Install Xcode  Download the entire Selenium source tree  Launch Xcode  Open the iPhone Xcode project found in the Selenium source tree  Choose build destination – iPhone simulator  Build App  Now iWebdriver is installed on your iPhone simulator  Install on real iPhone?  Pay $99 for Apple iOS Developer License  Repeat above & choose your real iPhone as build destination All the info is found here:© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.
  • 9. iPhoneWebdriverSim Find it on my github account:© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.
  • 10. iWebdriver-Hooked to the Grid© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.
  • 11. Selenium Framework in Ruby Learning Ruby as we go!!! Almost done!! Features o Run from rake o Use bundler o Use Page Objects o Run from Jenkins and reported o Parallel running o Each rspec file is a browser session (for authentication) o Default browser - command line different browsers o Mobile run on emulator in CI o Screen shot on errors - shown in Jenkins o Easy change of selenium grid, sauce, etc.. o Easy change of it global test URL o Auto retry at least 2x See what I have so far at:© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.
  • 12. Jenkins Download here: Lots of help here: Start/Stop, etc… https://wiki.jenkins-© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.
  • 13. Jenkins Most of the time PERMGEN memory configuration needs increased. defaults write /Library/Preferences/org.jenkins -ci permGen 1024M After install view: http://localhost:8080© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.
  • 14. Continuous Integration© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.
  • 15. Jenkins Simple Ruby on Rails Tutorial© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.
  • 16. One More Thing! Sneak Preview Beta© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.
  • 17. Thank You!!! @jameseisenhauer© 2012 Cambia Health Solutions.