James Dudley Portfolio Sept 11


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3D communication designer for Exhibitions, Events, Retail and Corporate space.

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James Dudley Portfolio Sept 11

  1. 1. V I CTO R I N O X F L A G S H I P S TO R ENew Bond Street London 2008Designed while working for Messerli,Zurich for RetailPartnersVictorinox, famous for the iconic SwissArmy Knife are launching a majorFlagship store in Londons West End.The shop will primarily sell the apparelrange, along with watches, travel gear,cooking knives, perfume and naturallythe famous knives and multi tools. Theshop includes special touch pointswhere the products point of differenceare celebrated. The central feature ofthe store is a huge glass case of SwissArmy knives,10m high running throughthe stairwell.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  2. 2. V I CTO R I N O X F L A G S H I P S TO R ENew Bond Street London 2008Designed while working for Messerli,Zurich for RetailPartnersThe Victorinox,London Flagship storewas opened on 7 November 2008. Theproject was managed and implementedby specialist retail companyRetailPartners who are part of theMesserli group of companies.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  3. 3. GEORG JENSENBaselworld Watch Fair 2007Designed while working for Messerli,ZurichGeorg Jensen, the Danish luxury goodsmanufacturer wanted to create a pow-erful yet simple statement to marktheir return to Baselworld after a num-ber of years not exhibiting. We workeda solution that used back lit printedglass to create a minimal environmentin which to display their watches andjewellery. The private meeting roomspace featured a large 3 x 5m inkjetimage onto glass. For the additionalelements we choose to use a concreteeffect to create an urban feel to thestand.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  4. 4. M I K I M OTOBaselworld Watch Fair 2006Designed while working for Messerli,ZurichMikimoto are famous for producingpearls, and so we choose to develop thetheme of the ocean. The exterior of thestand was treated to resemble the sur-face of the ocean with waves of stain-less steel covering a facade printedwith the surface of the sea. To enter thestand is to dive for pearls. Once insidethe visitor is below the surface of theocean, in an under water world, withthe waves overheadJames DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  5. 5. S WA R O V S K IMilan Furniture Fair 2010Designed while working for Messerli,with Dr Jules Wright acting as lead cre-ative and Curator. Responsible forclient and technical coordination.The Installation was built in an oldindustrial building at Torneria ViaTortona 32, Milan.The Installation consists of the creationof sveral rooms from fabric or solidpanel walling, flooring and ceilings.Each room displays an Art Design pieceof lighting from some world famousdesigns including TokujinYves Behar, Nicolas Gwenael, RogerVan Der Heideand Vincent Van Duysen.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  6. 6. ITU WORLD TELECOM 2011ITU World telecom, Geneva 2011Designed while working for Messerli,ZurichDesign for the entire internationalTelecom Union 2011 show floor. Areasdesigned include the reception areas,the circulation system, the meetingareas and the show layout.Implemetation of the Brand identityand look into a coherent three dimen-sional environment.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  7. 7. Q ATA R B I D 2 0 2 2Soccerex, South Africa 2009Designed while working for Messerli,Zurich.The design for the Qatar World Cup Bid2022 had as its inspiration the swooshof Pentagons that made up part of thebrand identity. The bold and dynamicstructure was placed onto a floor print-ed with a traditional mosaic design,representing the traditional valuesunderpinning Qatari life. In addition tothe eye catching structure a specialtouch screen table and multi screenvideo was developed as part of thecommunication package. The Design for the Stand in South Africa was subsequently adapted for use in Manchester (far left). The struc- ture was also reused as a retail envi- ronment (left).James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  8. 8. 1 0 0 Y E A R S F I FA & W O R L D P L AY E R O F T H E Y E A RZurich 2004Designed while working for Messerli,ZurichFIFA, 100 years birthday event. Held tocoincide with the World Player of theyear event. The theme was celebrationand we cross projected within a 50 mdiameter tent an image in the roundwhich explored celebration acrossglobal cultures. At intervals the projec-tion screens lifted to reveal smallstages that contained acts from theChinese state circus with the eveningsfinale being a concert.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  9. 9. E S TA B L I S H E D & S O N SMilan Furniture Fair 2010Designed while working for Messerli,Zurich. Designed with with Seb Wrongand Alasdhair WillisEstablished & Sons 2010 Installationwas inspired by the idea of creating aterrace of long plinths onto which sitthe products. This made reference tothe idea of a production line belt pro-ducing very different items of furni-ture. The complete collection of furni-ture could easily be seen in a singlepanorama so it worked as a clear indexto Established & Sons workJames DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  10. 10. E S TA B L I S H E D & S O N SMilan Furniture Fair 2009Designed while working for Messerli,Zurich. Designed with with Seb Wrongand Alan Dempsey.Established & Sons 2009 Installationwas inspired by the irregular architec-ture of a favela, creating a labyrinth ofspaces to explore. The material usedwith 30 mm American Tulip Wood Thetotal amount was around 2000 QM. Thiswas screwed to triangular supportingframes. The inclined walls were a logi-cal approach to solving the problem ofonly having structure on one side. Thewood was fixed on site with referenceto a scale model.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  11. 11. E S TA B L I S H E D & S O N SMilan Furniture Fair 2008Designed while working for Messerli,ZurichOur aim with this project was to createa neutral architectural canvas whichwould act as a platform for the manyrichly contrasting design languages andexciting use of colour, form and scalethat have become the hallmark of theEstablished & Sons brand.Working within the Pelota hall in Milanwe essentially created a house within ahouse, albeit on a large scale. Thestructure, which is 25m long, 6m high,10m deep, open-plan, semi-transpar-ent is of a breathtaking scale but incomplete sympathy with the propor-tions of the building that contains it.The project is entitled 4, because of itscubic design and also in recognition ofthe company’s fourth consecutive yearin Milan.As always we sought to reduce thevisual noise of the structure in order tofocus on the real stars of the project,the furniture. We worked with a stan-dard Andreas Messerli double decksteel structure, reduced to the bareelements and painted in dark grey. Allflooring, walling and ceiling elementsare from white panels. This created aclear and concisely articulated lan-guage of two elements, the grey struc-ture and the white panels.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50UK. +44 79 56 501 767www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  12. 12. E S TA B L I S H E D & S O N SMilan Furniture Fair 2007Designed while working for Messerli,ZurichEstablished and Sons are a Londonbased design and Manufacturing com-pany who have created in a short time apowerful identity closely connected to aspecific graphic style. We choose tobuild an architecture from cardboardboxes, with each box individually print-ed using our flat bed print technology.This was a low cost solution to giveidentity to the space as well as to cre-ate "rooms" for furniture to exhibitedin their key show in Milan.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  13. 13. MAMMUTMummut 2010Design for ISPO and Outdoor ExhibitionsThe design for the Mammut standfocused on the key graphics showingthe mountain landscapes, usually withclimbers wearing Mammut products inthe iconic Mammut red. These key visu-al elements were enlarged as big asthe stand regulations would allow tocreate the visual context for the brand.Black was the used as the backgroundcolour with the products which werevery colourful being picked out bylighting, thus creating a vibrant display.Key branding was delivered by over-sized 3D cut out lettering and the subtleuse of black matt on black gloss logoprinting.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  14. 14. LG B R A N D S TO R EHarrods, London 2007Designed while working for Messerli,ZurichTwo different options for the flagshipLG Brand Store located at Harrods,London. Both options shared the samebasic idea of having a colour changeenvironment, lit by LED lighting. Oneoption was based around having rectan-gular light boxes, the second optionwas a much more organic option withSquiggles on the walls which held thevarious flat screens.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  15. 15. M E S S E R L I S TA N DEuroshop Dusseldorf 2005Designed while working for Messerli,ZurichWe choose to present Messerli throughan environment rather than using pic-tures of projects. The stand was basedon the idea of the modern Swiss skichalet, complete with cow hide and anopen fire. The building was the mes-sage. This project was extensively pub-lished and award winning.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  16. 16. OPEL LKVFrankfurt 2001Designed while working for Bellprat,ZurichFrankfurt has mainland Europesbiggest airport and so we choose to setOpels commercial vehicle exhibitionwithin an airport themed environment.The star product emerged from a giant35 m long transport aircraft, the vehi-cle colour range was shown on a bag-gage carousel and the info desksbecame check in desks. There was acontrol tower and windsocks to checkthe wind direction!James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  17. 17. A CT R O S T H E M E PA R KHanover 1996Designed for Atelier MarkgraphMost drivers of Mercedes Actros trucksare also the owners so for this launchexhibition we wanted communicate asmany benefits for the driver / owner aspossible. The centre piece was a livelink up to a test track that enabled a TVpresenter to communicate directly witha truck driver on a test track, live TVdone this way is a fantastic hit. Otherexhibits included a safety film and hotand cold containers which containedthe test components from extreme cli-mate testing.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  18. 18. KRUPPGerman Industrial Fair, Hanover 1994Designed for Park Avenue ProductionsKrupp, the major German Steel pro-duce has several different values theywould like to show, and so we choose torepresent literally spheres of activity.Special steels, automotive steels, logis-tics were all given their own spheres.The skin of the spheres was made fromspecially shaped plexi glass sheets.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  19. 19. C H E V R O L E T S TA N DFrankfurt Motorshow 2001Designed while working for BellpratAssociates, ZurichChevrolets US car range was present-ed at the Frankfurt motorshow beingimplicitly American in spirit. To get thiscommunication across we choose towork with massive neon text that washung at high level giving a strong iden-tity to the stand as well as a neon glowto the whole environment including thecars.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  20. 20. MINIGeneva Motorshow 2003Designed while working for Interbrand,ZurichThis project transforms the very strongMINI identity from 2D into 3D. Thegraphical elements that work so wellsuddenly become 3D, the colourfulframes, the black background and theMINI logotype. As with all MINI commu-nication the tone was hip, cool and fun.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  21. 21. B M W M OTO R S H O WGeneva 2003Designed while working for Interbrand,ZurichThe Concept for presenting BMW carsis have a bright white and open envi-ronment. This concept was at theGeneva motorshow using glass. Withthis one material treated in differentways we produced a range of panelsand display devices. The transparentlayers were developed with typicalBMW text, G-Lec LED video curtains,and as a display system for both thereal Formula 1 car as well as smallmodels of the F1 Car.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  22. 22. ROCHEProduct Launch 2007Designed while working for Messerli,ZurichRoche new product launch within atrade show environment. The graphicidentity of the product created the basisfor the exhibition design. We developedthe 2D elements into a 3D environmentand incorporated furniture which had asympathetic formal language.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  23. 23. OPEL CORSAInternational Press LaunchTenerife 1997Designed for HP:ICMThree cylinder engine Press launch forOpel Corsa. We developed a set ofexhibits around the theme of three.Firstly there three test tubes, then anengine balance on a tripod base show-ing the weight difference measured by20 kg of Oranges. A specially developedlight weight component table completewith scales. Sand blasted 30mm glassto house some of the smallest compo-nents.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  24. 24. OPEL ASTRAInternational Press LaunchBad Blaumau, Austria February 1998Designed for HP:ICMThe Opel Astra Press launch in Austriatook place in a Spa hotel complex.Therefore given the water theme wechoose to develop the design using theflow of water (shaped steel elements)and stones washed and shaped bywater (thick shaped ply wood ele-ments). These two materials formedthe basis for all the individual exhibits.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  25. 25. E L E CT R I C I E N S R O M A N D SSwiss Expo 2002Designed while working for BellpratAssociates, ZurichThe Theme of this project for a hydroelectric company was transformation.The ER transform water tumbling downa mountain into electricity. We chooseto develop a scheme which showed thethree stages of this process, firstlyWater, secondly Transformation, andthirdly the product, electricity, in use.To do this we needed to create threespaces within a structure.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  26. 26. E L E CT R I C I E N S R O M A N D SSwiss Expo 2002Designed while working for BellpratAssociates, ZurichWe choose to use Copper as thecladding material for the structurebecause it has a well known surfacetransformation quality, from shinnycopper to green and secondly becauseof its wide spread use in conductingelectricity.James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  27. 27. E L E CT R I C I E N S R O M A N D SSwiss Expo 2002Designed while working for BellpratAssociates, ZurichThe three stages of the visitor experi-ence are firstly the noise and sight of areal waterfall, one can feel the energycontained in a large amount of watercascading. Secondly the magic of trans-formation, an actor performs the act ofchanging the form of energy from mov-ing water into electricity. Thirdly amusician plays an organ that controls ahuge selection of everyday house holdobject. Spencer Tunick used thePavilion as the backgroud for one his"naked installation photos".James DudleySwiss +41 79 751 89 50www.jamesdudley.co.ukjim@jamesdudley.co.uk
  28. 28. Curriculum Vitae Work on the energy The Electriciens Romand’s Pavilion at Swiss Expo (winner of visitors favorite pavilion), an exhibition at the Name James Dudley Dipl. Arch UCL Swiss Transport Museum and an installation at the VW brand world Auto Stadt. Profession Creative Director and Designer 1994-2000 James Dudley Design. Areas of activity Brand Space: Exhibitions, Events and Retail Ran Studio with 3 assistants supplying Production Agencies with design expertise in exhibitions and installations. Swiss Address Chamerstrasse 42b, Zug, Switzerland Born 1966 Nationality British, holds Swiss C work permit Projects Millennium Dome, Body Zone Explore Area. Swiss Mobile +41 79 751 8950 2000m2 of interactive exhibits on the themes of How I Fit In, How I E Mail jim@jamesdudley.co.uk Feel and Hopes and Fears For The Future. (With HP:ICM London) Web www.Jamesdudley.co.uk Nokia Pavilion at World Telecom, Geneva 1999. Three floor exhibition building, with inflatable façade. (With Key skill areas Creative team leadership. HP:ICM) Concept development and client engagement. Client business development. International Press Launch for the Opel Astra in Austria Design of environment and exhibits. (With HP:ICM) Key achievements Establishing new and building on existing client relationships Theme Park for Mercedes Benz trucks at the commercial vehicle resulting in increased new business. show Hanover, September 1996. Building a strong and motivated creative team. Master planning for the Actros Theme Park, area and design of the Extensive portfolio of major international exhibition projects that individual exhibits and stages. (With Atelier Markgraph Frankfurt). push the creative envelope. Design for the external pavilion for Thyssen Telecom at Telecom ‘95, Geneva. (With Park Ave. Productions, London) Nov 2003-Current Creative Director, Andreas Messerli AG, Wetzikon, Switzerland. Exhibits and concept for Krupp Steel at the German Industrial Fair, www.messerli3d.com Hanover . Five spheres 6.5m in diameter with double curved decon- Creative Direction for all major projects undertaken by structed skin. (With Park Ave. Productions) Switzerland’s largest exhibition, event and retail company. Development and presentation of creative concepts for a range of ‘Mobility walkway’ for BMW at IFMA Cologne. Six glass and metal high profile clients including KPMG, Swarovski, Established & Sons, sculptures illustrating the theme mobility and motorbikes, inte- Victorinox, Vodafone, FIFA and Chevrolet. grated with video wall and monitors. (With Park Ave. Productions) Responsibilities also include new business acquisition and client development. Brand building for Messerli AG. Winner of 2010 Xaver Swiss marketing award. Education and Qualification June 2002- Oct 2003 Designer with Interbrand Zintzmeyer und Lux, Zurich, Switzerland. 1991-1992 Guest Student at Städelschule, Frankfurt. www.interbrand.com Working with 2D and 3D designers on the BMW brand account. 1990-1992 Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, Designing exhibits and installations for BMW and MINI at the five University College London. Global “A” Motorshows. Designing the BMW Brand academy. Won Diploma in Architecture. RIBA Pt. 2 2004 DDC Gold award for MINI Geneva. Designed the trophy and the stage set and lounge environment for 1986-1990 University of Bath, School of Architecture. B.Sc. with Honours in the BEST 2003. Architecture. RIBA Part 1 2000-2002 Designer with Bellprat Associates, Winterthur, Switzerland Other skills Spoken German, extensive international network of contacts in the www.bellprat.ch world of exhibition design and support services.James Dudley Designing a wide variety of environments from Museums toSwiss +41 79 751 89 50 Motorshows.www.jamesdudley.co.uk Brand experience: Opel and Chevrolet at the major Motorshows Free time All aspects of design, regular participant at major internationaljim@jamesdudley.co.uk which included Commercial Vehicles at the Frankfurt Motorshow shows, attended Art / Design Miami in Dec 2009, Milan Furniture 2000,IAA 2001 Geneva Motorshow 2001 and 2002 fair, visit Art Galleries and Museums, Skiing, playing football.