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James Delaney Design Portfolio

  1. 1. James Delaney james@dzyn.be Design Portfolio +353 85 756 0001 http://dzyn.be Dun Láoghaire, Dublin, Ireland.James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 1
  2. 2. Education & TrainingHomepageDeaf.ie - Web DesignThis was a college project where we picked an Irish charity and designed their website. I chose theIrish Deaf Society as I thought it was interesting to have the chance to build a website for a culturaland linguistic minority such as the Irish Deaf community. Constructing an appropriate tone of voiceand visual language was my primary concern, as well as dealing with challenges such as users have lowEnglish literacy by creating a video navigation system. Support ServicesJames Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 2 James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 3
  3. 3. Video Navigation with YoutubeDonate page Watch on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0t-o3uHW5sJames Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 4 James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 5
  4. 4. SolarSchools SolarSchools IADT’s School in a Box is a mobile, solar- powered technology driven educational tool. It tackles huge problems in access to education in developing countries. SIAB counters problems of not having access to power, technology, education syllabus and teacher training. It is intended to be used in rural areas of Africa and India. It’s innovation and technological achievement were my main inspiration for the visuals. The sun is ubiquitous in our lives; everyone on earth has access to it. It gives us life and sheds light on darkness. The role of the sun, as well as a star’s use of a symbol of quality and praise informed my visual approach.James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 6 James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 7
  5. 5. IADT Open Day Exhibition 2011 Window GraphicsExhibition SpaceSemi transparent screens with embedded touch interfaces Information Graphics IADT Open Day 2011- 3D Spatial* This was a group project as part of my course. Three of us had to work to create an exhibition for IADT Open Day 2011. We brainstormed individually and then took our best concepts and visual languages ideas and created a new brief and a group direction. My role in this project was focused around the shape, flow and layout of the exhibition stands as well as some information architecture.Wall GraphicsJames Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 8 James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 9
  6. 6. PACKAGES Master pack Power pack Power pack Beginner pack Beginner pack PACKAGES Master pack Web Office Media Location Social Web Chrome a web browser built for Gmail gmail makes email easy Office Youtube share your videos with Media Latitude see where your friends Google+ real life sharing, rethought Loc speed, simplicity and security and efficient friends, family and the world are right now for the web Search Chrome Calendar Gmail Picasa Maps Youtube Reader Power pack search billions of web pages web a browser built organise your schedule for gmail makes email organise, edit and share easy find places, get directions share and your videos withup to date with all your stay in an instant and share events your photos explore the street level imagery favorite websites in one place speed, simplicity and security and efficient friends, family and the world Translate Docs Books Earth Blogger translate text, webpages and create and share your find the books you need the world’s geographic create your own online journal files between over 50 languages online documents and preview them online information at your fingertips Search Calendar Picasa search billions of web pages organise your schedule organise, edit and share Beginner pack in an instant and share events your photos Translate Docs Books translate text, webpages and create and share your find the books you need files between over 50 languages online documents and preview them online Web Office Media Location Social Chrome Gmail Youtube Latitude Google+ a web browser built for gmail makes email easy share your videos with see where your friends real life sharing, rethought speed, simplicity and security and efficient friends, family and the world are right now for the web Search Calendar Picasa Maps Reader search billions of web pages organise your schedule organise, edit and share find places, get directions and stay up to date with all your in an instant and share events your photos explore the street level imagery favorite websites in one place Vector Illustration of Packaging Concept Translate Docs Books Earth Blogger View Video of Motion: http://youtu.be/MELbIIV_BqM translate text, webpages and create and share your find the books you need the world’s geographic create your own online journal files between over 50 languages online documents and preview them online information at your fingertipsJames Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 10 James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 11
  7. 7. Google Strand Rationale The problem presented by Google in their brief is that they need a packaging solution for their range of products that inspires, informs and articulates the benefits of using their products. The design should respect Google’s visual approach, show the benefits of the products and explore how the products work together as a family. Google Strand is my response to the brief. Google strand is a packaging and display concept for all your Google products. It serves as a discreet notification display for your Google account in your home or office. The package is a tangible way of visualizing your interactions with Google. For this project I let the concept of building blocks inform by direction. Early on, I decidedGoogle Strand with Chromebook Google’s products should be presented as the building blocks to constructing your life online. They should be simple and fun to use, have endless possibilities for arranging and be a reflection a person’s individuality. This building block approach was inspired by the imagination inherit in using children’s building blocks, and also by the personal building blocks of someone’s life, their DNA. People can place Google Stand on their desk, wall or mantle piece where it serves as a discreet notification system for their Google account. The individual electromagnetic balls respond to a person’s account activity by a flashing LED, or by floating and spinning. The balls playfully inform you of a new email or another comment on your Youtube video. This system serves as a reminder of just how much you use Google’s products and how often you interact with them. It is intended to bring awareness to users about just how much they’re using Google products. It is a tangible reflection of your Google experience. I wanted to create a packaging solution that people could keep after they’ve bought Google’s products. Something that was complimentary to the products functions, looked appealing, yet easily faded into the background. The containers visuals are inspired by chemistry and lab equipment, and were created to give theIn location on Mantelpiece feeling of something precious or important yet fragile.James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 12 James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 13
  8. 8. PunchTheSphinx.com PunchTheSphinx.com - Event & Web Design During summer 2009 I set up a website for young people in Kilkenny to publish content on. I created written, image and video content for the site. Along with a space for youth created content, I organized several campaigns and public events throughout the city. Give Kilkenny Some Lovin’ was the final event of the summer that coincided with the launch of Kilkenny Art Festival. The event was participated by over 250 people young and old and involved using chalk drawings to express affection for the city and it’s people.HomepageJames Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 14 James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 15
  9. 9. Dublin Energy Crisis ExhibitionFor this project I had to create an identity, campaign and exhibition for aclimate change conference in Dublin. I chose to zone in on the real problem,which is the general trend of over-consumption in Ireland. The visuallanguage was created to evoke an industrial and military feeling to reinforcethe exhibitions main arguments.The exhibition focuses on creating a concern for responsible energy usein the next generation of policy makers. The campaign focuses on turningDublin City Centre into a crisis-zone for the duration of the exhibition. Theexhibition itself creates a sense of urgency and claustrophobia around theissue of energy over-consumption. Crisis Control: Electronic displays with real time information on energy consumptionStationary War Room: Information Graphics Crisis Zone CampaignInvite to Exhibition OpeningJames Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 16 James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 17
  10. 10. SEAT Marketing CampaignViral Video Storyboard Research & Development Website Google+ PageView video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8iz4EGx7l0James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 18 James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 19
  11. 11. SEAT Campaign Rationale Freelance Web Design and DevelopmentThis was a competition run by SEAT with IADT Visual Communications Paul DevlinY3’s 2012 class. The brief was to create a marketing campaign forSEAT’s new line of cars that employed viral elements. Paul Devlin in a blacksmith artist from Kilkenny Ireland. He been working in the forge for over 30 years and is heavily involvedWhat stood out the most for me about SEAT’s range of cars was the Ireland’s heritage and conservation scene. His clients include theCity Safety Assist feature, which auto-stops the car if the on-board Queen of Qatar amongst many Irish national bodies. I am workingcomputer calculates a possible collision ahead. I decided to focus on with Paul to build a new brand and web presence that communicatesbringing this innovation and technological achievement to the fore in his extensive and prestigious career.my campaign by creating a memorable and interesting proposal thatportrays SEAT’s researchers and scientists in a lighthearted manner.The campaign strives to show that the people who work at SEAT seethings differently; they use unorthodox research methods in theirprocess that is crucial in informing their technological development.This campaign focuses on building an awareness of SEAT’s innovativetechnologies. The play out of the campaign involves connecting withthe public by sharing inside information about SEAT’s process andbuilding relationships with the public bases around their work.Its goal is to increase the reputation of SEAT as a progressivetechnological car company.Campaign StrategyStage_1:Videos are leaked from the SEAT research and development Look.rsdepartment online. These videos show scientists using strangemethods and performing questionable experiments to gather data The Lookers Art Collective is a group of young artists based in Dublinon people’s reaction times, spatial awareness and perceptions. comprised mainly of artists from NCAD and IADT. I worked with themThe videos are picked up by several cultural significant blogs and to give them an online platform for their numerous and creative useswebsites in the Internet Culture and Tech Industries with add to of media.their spread. http://look.rsStage_2:A series of short humorous .gifs are made from the videos and arespread throughout social media websites such as Facebook, Tumblr,Twitter and Google+ reaching even more audiences and spreadingthe leaked content. People are encouraged to generate their owncreations from the leaked content.Stage_3SEAT launch an experimental website for their research anddevelopment department in response to interest in the videos. Thewebsite is run by SEAT media interns working closely with SEAT R&Dinterns to capture the culture of the labs. Candid videos, writtenupdates, interesting tidbits and question/answer sessions with thepublic communicate the ethos of the labs and build a relationshipwith the public around the their work.James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 20 James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 21
  12. 12. RFRM 2 RVLUTN Exhibition CatalogueJames Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 22 James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 23
  13. 13. RFRM 2 RVLUTN In this part of our course we had to take an essay we wrote earlier in National Gallery of Ireland Signage the year and visualize an exhibition catalogue and space for a showcase in the National Gallery of Ireland on our subject. My essay was Reform to Revolution: How Communications Technology that Empowers the User Promotes Positive Social Change. This project was inspired by the vernacular of 16th century print, and the visual hallmarks of television and digital communication. Bustop Advert Foyer Exhibition StandsJames Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 24 James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 25
  14. 14. Gill Sans Typographic Poster In the second year of my course our first brief was to create a poster for a typeface. Gill Sans was my typeface. It’s history of a shop display font and British heritage informed my treatment.James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 26 James Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 27
  15. 15. Thanks for viewing my portfolio!James Delaneyjames@dzyn.behttp://dzyn.be+353 85 756 00011 Crosthewaite Park WDun LáoghaireCo.DublinIrelandJames Delaney - james@dzyn.be - dzyn.be 28