World Ready Training for Apprentices and Junior Managers

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  • Personal Introduction 33 years with Scotland Yard. Retired last year Responsible for small and medium sized teams throughout career My approach always was to achieve maximum performance by nurturing the innate skills and aptitude of individual team members then fusing them together to create synergy and dynamismTook pride in training, encouraging and forging them into an effective crime fighting unitToday is the VERY FIRST formal presentation on this training concept. It was conceived in April on a blank sheet of paper and embodies much of my ethos and experience built up over the last 33 years for developing balanced teams of creative, committed and performance focussed individuals working in a co-ordinated “family” type unit . I have often stuck my neck out and taken a high risk approach to allow their development, Nearly always I have been rewarded ten fold.I have selected HCL as my first presentation after an extraordinary sequence of events:Hearing VineetNayar on BBC Radio 4 Friday boss interview 4 weeks ago and his eloquent description of employee first together with the demands of training new employees who albeit technically brilliant lack many basic skills to make them effective team playersExtensive research about HCL’s approach and business process which accords remarkably with my own experience in the crime fighting worldMy proposal today needs much further work honing the methodology and cost profileI am looking for a founding partner to work with to enable testing and evaluationGlobal network to enable multi national team formationEmpathy with the training philosophyPassion for continuous improvement and team work dynamicsThe resources to bring the concept to fruitionThe ability to promote the framework to a myriad of client partners in different sectors once tested and validatedToday I want to describe my thinking around the followingAims & Unique selling PointsMethodologyOutcomes & benefits to youCostsImplementation
  • Public and private sector in UK discovering over last 10-15 years that high calibre graduates and school leavers do not have the soft skill set necessary for a modern business environment particularly with regard to intense team work, planning & organising, communication and resilience. These characteristics can be developedSuch training on site can lead to substantial loss of momentum stemming from the need for “touch line” development & this has high risks in terms of safety, personnel disputes and lost production time.The opportunity to have this delivered externally and independently reduces company liabilities and gives an employer an objective look at a potential staff member whilst under going trainingIf the training is delivered in a consistent high quality manner using an integrated competency framework to assess progress the cost benefit could be substantial to mitigate the issues aboveIndividual learning and team work are inter-dependant within the concept focussed on values of personal discipline, creativity and joint team problem solving to see matters from different perspectivesDelivered by professionally trained managers and mentors under the umbrella of a charitable ltd Company to maximise cost efficiency and tax rebateSome of the worlds most exciting environments undertaking high profile engineering and community projects
  • Increased employee value through doing the right things, by the right team members in the right way to maximise performance
  • The potential employee becomes RELIABLE, FAST, delivering HIGH QUALITY WORK in COLLABORATION with his team and client partnerAnother new form of recruitment for HCL which prides itself on searching and identifying the worlds best talentThe format could be accredited, licensed and then franchised to HCL’s client partners which would then develop an integrated training and recruitment model throughout the supply chainBy using the charity as a conduit funding would be boosted 20% for every £ invested through Gift AidingPotential Apprenticeship scheme accreditation and UK Government Funding towards each place


  • 1. World Ready Training “An International Self Development ProgrammeReadying Individuals for Modern Business Demands” 23rd November 2010 Presentation To HCL Technologies Ltd Europe James Cooke Standing Start Solutions Ltd
  • 2. World Ready Training Introduction & Background• The need for basic “soft” skills• Pre-employment sponsored training• Competency behaviours• Structured support and training• Team and Individual learning• World class trainers and managers• Challenging International Team Projects
  • 3. World Ready Training Key Aims• Pre-employment training to enable fast start• Constant “conditioned” employee stream• Tailored training plan for individual needs• Proven Integrated Competency framework• Increased Staff resilience and aptitude• Structured assessment and mentoring• Conditional employee selection and support• High profile world team projects
  • 4. World Ready Training Integrated Framework INDIVIDUAL LEARNING TEAM PROJECTS 4 x Field ProjectsR & D Project SUPPORTED BY (Arctic, Desert, Temperate and Tropical Region): Student ManagerPractical Skills Engineering Student MentorReading & Review Environment Humanitarian
  • 5. World Ready TrainingWorld Class Field Project Managers 1. Ray Mears - Wilderness bush craft & tracker skills 2. Robert Swan OBE – Antarctic Explorer & Environmentalist 3. Steve Bull – Global Exploration & Fuchs Foundation Projects 4. Suresh Paul – Adventure Activity & Product/Process design for the disabled 5. Dan & Deb Golding – Winter Mountain Leaders & leadership psychology
  • 6. World Ready Training Competency Value Chain ACTIVITY (WHAT) BEHAVIOURS (HOW) OUTCOMEPersonal Learning Communication Individual PerformanceTeam Projects Problem Solving Team SynergyProgress Reviews & Planning & Organising Continuous ImprovementAdjustments Managing Change & Diversity Attitude Resilience Effective Employee
  • 7. World Ready Training Process • Competitive Selection (sponsor & pool candidates) SELECTION • Baseline Assessment & Objective Setting (Student) • 4 Field Team Projects (1 each 3 months) • Individual Learning (Between Team Projects)DEVELOPMENT • Activity & Behaviour Diary • Monthly manager progress assessments & mentoring ASSESSED • Final manager assessment & report PROGRESS • Sponsor employment panel
  • 8. World Ready Training Integrated Competency Behaviours Sense of Areas ofResponsibility COMPETENT Activity Technical Skills
  • 9. World Ready Training Management Structure Charitable Ltd Company CENTRAL• CEO & Strategic Operations• Support & Finance Director – Administration – Marketing – Legal & Accountancy – Student selection – Funding OPERATIONS• Student Manager• Student Mentor• Field Project Managers
  • 10. World Ready Training Outcomes & Partner Benefits• Pool of Staff candidates fit to start work quickly & effectively• Opportunity to project corporate interests into community (awareness, science, IT)• Specialist off site training with world class trainers and managers• Shared costs with candidates and other funding bodies• Reduced corporate liabilities training & managing junior unskilled staff members in basic work skills
  • 11. World Ready Training1 Year/6 month/3 month Programme Options - Costs & Income Year 1 (Set Up) Year 2 (Pilot) Year 3 (full Ops) Expenditure •Staff Funding & CostsTeam no. One Team x 15 Multiplier •CEO £42K (75 days) £42k •Managers £42K + 25 % addition •Mentors per extra team •Projects £200K (4x ) •Administration & £17K £21k Travel £20k •Marketing £20k Total £59k £345k Full Year £170k 6 month £85k 3 month Income One Team x 15 Cost Charge % •Team Sponsor £59k £85k - £345k 70% Sponsor •Trust/Charity 10% student •Gov Enterprise 20% other •Student Fees Total £59k £345k 1 Year £170k 6 month £85k 3 month
  • 12. World Ready Training Comparative Programmes• The “Year Up” Programme USA• The Princes Trust UK• Raleigh International UK• Voluntary Service Overseas
  • 13. World Ready Training Feasibility Study Findings• Value of off site pre-employment training• Unique content and assessment• Value of a competency behaviour focus• High costs need re structuring by considering: – Reducing programme to 6 months – Reducing number of field projects to 2 – Use a single base area with a multi national business sponsoring one team
  • 14. World Ready Training Implementation (Phases & Stages 2010-13)Feasibility Study (May-September 2010)• CompletedSet Up (Jan-June 2011)• Establish Community Interest or Ltd Company by Guarantee• Source and Select management team• 3 year Funding sourced and secured• Source and select pilot team• Finalise pilot programmePilot Programme (Sept 2011-August 2012)• Monitoring & Evaluation• Final Report to BoardFull Operations (2013 onwards)• Four teams based north and southern hemisphere
  • 15. World Ready Training Conclusion• Value of such specialised training• Multi National Team training• Pre-Employment assessment of candidates• Revision of costs needed without compromising objectives• Founding Organisations needed to support start