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World Safe ● Established to use my extensive knowledge of London and risk management expertise   whilst providing highly p...
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James Cooke Standing Start Solutions Business Profile


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James Cooke business profile for World Ready and World Safe as part of Standing Start Solutions

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Transcript of "James Cooke Standing Start Solutions Business Profile"

  1. 1. Standing Start Solutions LtdThe Art and Science of Making Things Happen www.standingstartsolutions.comJames T. Cooke Tel +44 7813299039Managing Owner Companies House No. 7218025 Icecutter1 ChannelA highly experienced and skilled Operations Manager in the public sector having had adistinguished police career with Scotland Yard. Specialising in risk management, developinghigh performance teams and making projects/operations happen from a standing start.World Ready ● Designed to coach, mentor and train managers & teams in the skills and key success factors underpinning modern service sector Operations Management ● The target audience will be Operations Directors, Managers and Executives in the private, public and voluntary service sector ● World Ready uses the unique experience and skills I built up over 33 years of policing London, which underpin high quality service Operations Management: ● Building bottom up responsiveness to customer needs ● The pivotal translation of strategy to operational delivery ● Building high performance teams ● Resolving personnel conflict situations ● Exemplary planning and organising ● Attention to detail, prioritisation and sequencing of actions ● Using Joint ventures and partnerships to maximise market opportunities ● Work shops, self study products and individual face to face/skype sessions will be used to teach and coach these skills ● DISC psychometric profiling provided to assess individual and team personality traits ● An assortment of case studies drawn from my career will be used to illustrate the sessions and bring them to life acting as a discussion/analysis focal point ● Clients will complete the sessions and self help products with a heightened sense of awareness, confidence and focus on what matters to get things moving and completed to a high standard
  2. 2. World Safe ● Established to use my extensive knowledge of London and risk management expertise whilst providing highly personalised protection services to visiting VIP’s and their families ● The target client group will be high profile VIP’s visiting London as tourists, business purposes, official government business or as dignatories In particular I will: ◦ Plan and organise individual visits which meet exacting standards of security ◦ Meet and escort the client and/or family members to various locations associated with work and leisure activity ◦ Conduct a full risk assessment process to the visit including location, personal and route security considerations ◦ Give the visitor my unique perspective on London built up over 33 years of policing and living in the capital as a Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard ◦ Give the visitor a greater level of knowledge around aspects of London’s social history whilst chaperoning them ◦ Utilise my extensive police and business network to ensure the visit uses up to date information and back up expertise where required ● I have Security Industry Authority (SIA) Close Protection accreditation. Trained by Clearwater Special Projects, one of the Worlds top close protection training providers ● My services will generally be provided on a solo basis meeting the low-medium risk category of work but team cover will be arranged where necessary. MSc and DMS Operations Management Certified First Aider at Work CELTA English Language Teacher DISC Certified Personality Profiler