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Making the most of an online job fair (1)
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Making the most of an online job fair (1)


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Some tips to make the most of the online job fair experience.

Some tips to make the most of the online job fair experience.

Published in: Career, Business

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  • Nick and Pankaj introductions
  • Employers can greatly reduce the time, cost and resources needed to recruit talent nationwide by relying on virtual career fairs. Job seekers can participate from anywhere in the world with an internet connectionThe job seeker is already online so they can apply for the jobs, and chat with the recruiters in real time.More and more job seekers are relying on the internet to source jobs and network, and the virtual career fair meets them there.The virtual career fair provides equal access to those who may have a disability, or inability to travel to and from a physical location.
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    • 1. WEBINARproudly presentsOnline Job
    • 2. David FrattiniManaging Partner atPrepare For CanadaJames CliftCEO and Co-founderKarmaHireOnline Job
    • 3. PanelistsDavidFrattiniJamesCliftOnline Job FairOnline Job FairsAlso known as a virtual job fair or electronic job fair.Like a traditional job fair, online job fairs arelive, fully interactive.They allow employers and job seekersto meet and discuss employmentopportunities by way of
    • 4. PanelistsDavidFrattiniJamesCliftOnline Job FairOnline job fairs are a great way to discover new opportunities andconnect with employers worldwide.Online Job Fairs BecomingMore of a RealityCandidates can browse companies’virtual booths, live chat with employers,and send resumes electronically. Andthe best part? The whole eventhappens online, from the comfort ofyour living
    • 5. Online Job FairPanelistsDavidFrattiniJamesClift5 Tips to get the most out ofan online job fairBut despite the convenience, we wouldn’t recommended attending anonline job fair in your pajamas.It is essential to treat the event as youwould a regular job fair, and utilize theopportunity to build connections andget noticed as a viable
    • 6. Online Job Fair1. Update your resume andonline profilesPanelistsDavidFrattiniJamesCliftLike a regular job fair, it is important to have your resume updated andpolished to suit the type of employers who will be at the event. Doyour research before the event and cater yourresume to the types of jobs available.An online job fair is also a good timeto polish up your online presence.LinkedIn is a very popular tool thesedays for employers, and is somethingto look into if you’re searching for ajob online. If you do utilize LinkedIn,make sure to keep it updated
    • 7. Online Job Fair2. Visit all the virtual boothsPanelistsDavidFrattiniJamesCliftBrowse through all the companybooths when you first attend theonline fair, and spend some timelearning about the companies andavailable opportunities beforestarting a conversation.Once youve chosen yourfavourites, do some additionalbackground research by visitingthe employers website andlearning as much as you can aboutopen positions and whether youmight be a good
    • 8. Online Job Fair3. Prepare questions to askemployersPanelistsDavidFrattiniJamesCliftIn a short period of time, it is important to tryand be memorable.Hi ___,This is JamesClift. Inoticed you hadsome openpositions for amillwright.Are there anyspecificcertificationsyoure lookingfor?• Make sure to do the research beforehand.• View the job descriptions and requirements• Don’t ask a question that could be answeredby a companies’ website or virtual booth.Introduce yourself, and then ask your question(in the same text box). Unlike an in-personconversation, it is acceptable introduce yourselfin more detail.“”
    • 9. Online Job Fair4. Create an "elevator pitch"PanelistsDavidFrattiniJamesClift• What are your strengths, skills, and passions?Make sure to mention these when youreconversing with an employer, and let them knowyoure interested in connecting after the event.• If the live chat is going well, try and schedule afollow up interview during the event.• Spend some time before the event defining your career
    • 10. Online Job Fair5. Dont get discouragedPanelistsDavidFrattiniJamesCliftIf it takes a while for a company representative to answer yourquestion, dont leave their virtual booth.Odds are that they are in conversation withanother applicant, and will be with you assoon as that conversation is completed.Wait a few minutes and you’ll get a response.Keep the conversation lively, and make sure toask all questions you need
    • 11. Online Job FairWhat does an online job fairlook like?PanelistsDavidFrattiniJamesCliftTo view an example job fair, visit
    • 12. Online Job FairPrince George Online JobFairPanelistsDavidFrattiniJamesCliftTo explore exciting opportunities and connect with top employers,register at This event aims to connectimmigrant talent to fast growing companies in Prince George, BC.Happening tomorrow!
    • 13. THANK YOUproudly presentsOnline Job