Collaborative work placement presentation


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Collaborative work placement presentation

  1. 1. Collaborative Work Placement<br />By,<br />James Cartwright<br />
  2. 2. Chapter 1: Struggling to find a placement..<br />When I was first made aware of this assignment, I knew the most difficult part for me would be to find a placement. I asked around the family to see if they needed anything making, the answer was a solid no. <br />Fast forward 3 weeks and I was starting to worry as I still didn’t have a placement.. Just when I was getting desperate, I was saved!<br />
  3. 3. Chapter 2: My client<br />Name: Deana Massey<br />Business: Nail Technician<br />I was made aware that Deana had recently started a nail business from home by my mum, so I decided to ask her if she would like an advertisement poster made, to try and generate some early interest in the business. She seemed grateful of the opportunity.<br />
  4. 4. Chapter 3: Expectations & Needs<br />When I talked to my client about her expectations of the poster, what she wanted it to look like, and what information she wanted on it, she was pretty lenient. I was allowed full creative freedom apart from one thing, she definitely wanted the prices and a contact number on there, which I had already decided would be.<br />She was also very lenient about when the poster should be finished, and she placed no time constraints on me. <br />
  5. 5. Chapter 4: Teaching myself new skills<br />I decided to make the poster in Adobo Photoshop Cs5, as it is the industry standard, and I had just started to become proficient in the program. While I didn’t exactly teach myself new skills, I used some features of Photoshop I have never used before, mainly the Filters feature. I had recently seen a picture that had a lighting effect, and I was interested in trying it, therefore that is the filter I chose. <br />I chose the Omni light as I was familiar with it, and after around 10 minutes I was happy with the effect I had produced. A simple technique to learn, but one that can add a lot to an image.<br />
  6. 6. Chapter 5: Breakdown in communication<br />Around a week after I first took up the placement, I had finished the poster. The only thing missing was the information that my client had asked to be put on. Therefore I used my only form of contacting her, and messaged her via Facebook. However, after a couple of days I had yet to receive a reply. This meant that I had to take the initiative and research prices. <br />This also means that I have yet to show my client my poster, and am yet to get feedback. This is disappointing, but I am confident that my client will be happy with the product when I eventually show her it.<br />
  7. 7. Chapter 6: Summary <br />I would summarise my work placement as not being the best it could have been. I expected the placement to test my abilities and force me to learn new things, however, I found the placement I was given quite simple, and the skills I currently have saw me through it, with the exception of teaching myself how to use the Lighting Effects Filter. Overall it was disappointing.<br />
  8. 8. Chapter 7: What I would change<br />If we were to do this assignment again, the first thing I would do is to search for a client much earlier, and try to get more than one client to choose from. I would also find out exactly what each task entails, and to make sure to have more than one way to contact my client.<br /> The biggest difficulty I faced was communication with my client, sadly I didn’t have any way to fix this, and it was too late for me to find another client. <br />I would also search for a task that I would enjoy more, I feel that I performed to the best of my abilities making this poster, but I don’t have any personal interest in fake nails, so it was difficult to get into it. <br />