The Sales Bible - Jeffrey Gitomer


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In this slide show I have highlighted some of the most effective sales principles covered in the sales bible.

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The Sales Bible - Jeffrey Gitomer

  1. 1. Jeffrey Gitomer
  2. 2. 1 new technique per day is 220 techniques per year• A resource• Daily Lessons• In a study group• To lead a meeting• To solve a problem• To prepare for a sale• To close a sale• In the heat of the battle
  3. 3. The trick is to use these techniques daily1. Say it in terms of the customer wants, needs, and understands2. Gather personal info3. Build friendships4. Build a relationship shield that no competitor can pierce5. Establish common ground6. Gain confidence7. Have fun and be funny7.5 Never get caught selling
  4. 4. FREE GIT BIT1. Write down big ones2. Write down small ones3. Put them in front of your face4. Say them aloud each time you look at them5. Keep looking and talking until you act6. Seeing the note there every day make you think about acting on it every day6.5 Revisit your success every day
  5. 5. • 0-2 YES answers – You have a positive attitude• 3-6 YES answers – You have a negative attitude• 7 or more YES answers – You have a problem attitude. Serious problem
  6. 6. 15% Improper Training20% Poor verbal and written communication skill15% Poor or problematic boss or management 50% Attitude
  7. 7. Traits of GREAT salespeople! Personal Inventory Test (Answer Y/N) *Working on it? Mark No1. I have set my goals in writing2. I have good self-discipline3. I am self-motivated4. I want to be more knowledgeable5. I want to build relationships6. I am self-confident7. I like myself8. I love people9. I love a challenge10. I love to win11. I can accept rejection with positive attitude12. I can handle the details13. I am loyal14. I am enthusiastic15. I am observant16. I am a good listener17. I am perceptive18. I am skillful communicator19. I am a hard worker20. I want to be financially secure21. I am persistent15+ = Great, 10 to 14 = Middle Ground, Less than 10 = RUN!!
  8. 8. • Just give me the facts• Tell me the truth, and don’t use the word HONESTLY. It makes me nervous• Give me a GOOD reason why this product is good for me• Show me some proof• Show me I am not alone• Show me a letter from a satisfied customer• Tell me how this price is fair• Tell me and show me you will serve me after you sell me• Don’t argue with me• Don’t tell me negative things• Don’t talk down to me• Don’t tell me what I did was wrong• LISTEN to ME• Be sincere when you tell me things• Deliver what you sell me – when you say you will• Help me buy – don’t sell meTake a few minutes to think. Do you incorporate these into your sales presentation?
  9. 9. (Personal is hotter than business)• Ask questions about status and situation• Ask questions about issues of pride• Ask questions about personal interest• Ask what he would do if he didn’t have to work• Ask goal-related questions• Look at EVERYTHING in the office
  10. 10. 1. Listen to the first thing said or alluded to2. Listen for the tone of first responses3. Listen for immediate, emphatic responses4. Listen for a long, drawn-out explanation of story5. Listen to repeated statements6. Look for emotional responses
  11. 11. 1. Ask questions about importance or significance2. Ask questions about the are you think is hot3. Ask questions in a subtle way4. Don’t be afraid to bring up the hot button throughout the presentation4.5 Use “If I (offer solution)…, would you(commit or buy) …?”
  12. 12. • The hot button is sometimes a very sensitive issue• The hot button is elusive• The hot button is an elevator
  13. 13. The secret to a great week is to use Monday as aspringboard for the rest of the week!1. Make a sale first thing Monday Morning2. Learn Something new3. Work like hell all week
  14. 14. 1. Learn something new2. Make a sale on Friday afternoon3. Confirm and solidify your Monday appointments4. Make at least 5 appointments for next week
  15. 15. Humor is one of the most important communication strengths needed to master in the selling process• Use jokes to warm up the presentation• Don’t make jokes at others expense• Use yourself as an example• Some people won’t get it• Listen before you give the joke• If you use a joke they have heard before, it is a NEGATIVE response to make them hear it again• More…
  16. 16. Develop a total WOW preparationPrototypes/mockupsProposalsReference LettersTrademarkVisual PresentationProvide distinct separation from competitionWrite pitch and understand all possible objectionsSelect clothing that would be most appropriateAlways have somewhere else to goDon’t be afraid to BE HONEST about your schedule
  17. 17. • Hand Delivery’s• Fast Delivery’s• Early Service• Late (After hours) Service• Delivering more than you promised• Fax a joke• Quotation examples• A remarkable business card• Gift basket of things that are meaningful• Fax an article about the person’s interest• A birthday call• “I was thinking about you” call• Personal Attention – before, during, and AFTER the sale• Delivering a gift of thanks – gift basket, plant, flowers• Delivering a personalized gift of thanks
  18. 18. • Number of kids (in school? Which one?)• College attended• Favorite sports team• Favorite restraunt or food• Type of car• Favorite magazine• Last book read• Prime goal• Last vacation – where• Trade publications read• Trade association involvement• Civic/community organizations• Hometown• Other places lived or worked• Present place of residenceAsk yourself this: Will they talk about me after I leave?
  19. 19. • The game-plan (and budget)• The objectives• The urgency (selling cycle time)• Tools to be used• Verbiage of all writing… with impact• Verbiage of the pitch (phone, in person)… with impact• The objections – scripted response• The implementation (and training)• The measurement – documenting details
  20. 20. Use that personal information wisely! WOW your prospect.• Don’t just give away tickets to the game. Take your prospect along with you!• Take your prospect to their favorite restraunt• Donate to THEIR charity in THEIR name• Make them your Customer of the Month. Send them an award plaque.• Share a family experience – Discovery place, a Knights game, a picnic• Send a handwritten note with a personal message
  21. 21. USE POWER QUESTIONS TO FIND FACTS CRITICAL TO CLOSE THE PROSPECT• “How do you select…?”Quality, Deliver, Price• “How do you define…( quality, delivery, price)?”- (What does …. mean to you?)• “What makes that important to you?” (Is that most important to you?)• If I could… Would I be a candidate for your business?• Great! When could we begin?
  22. 22. • What do you look for…?• What have you found…?• How do you propose…?• What has been your experience…?• How have you successfully used …?• How do you determine …?• Why is that a deciding factor …?• What makes you choose…?• What do you like about …?• What is one thing you would improve about…?• What would you change about…?• Are there other factors…?• What does your competitor do about….?• How do your customers react to…? Practice for 30 days to see the rewards!
  23. 23. • Free Git Bits in his books• is FULL of Sales Resources• Video testimonials DRIVE sales• Don’t just read this book once• Walk through the Sales grading sheet with this book• Subscribe to Gitomers email newsletters:
  24. 24. • 24.5 Sales and Personal strategies in a downed economy• 39.5 Rules of success
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