Kazakhstan Capability Statement Intl


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Kazakhstan Capability Statement Intl

  1. 1. Republic of Kazakhstan Capability Statement VECKAZCS07/10
  2. 2. Von Essen Consulting Republic of Kazakhstan Availability g Von Essen can support the expatriate consultants coming to work in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan) under the following visa restrictions. Currently, every nationality entering Kazakhstan needs a visa except; • Citizens of the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine Immigration g Types of visa including validity, processing time, general requirements, costs, limitations. Type of Visa Validity Timescales Documents Costs at least for 3 months, with no Documents Required: right of extension Approval 1) Copy of the Invitation letter with of the Letter of Invitation Consulate Service Department of and issue of a Visa Support Ministry of Foreign Affairs (CSD MFA) of at least Number – approx. 5 working Kazakhstan mark of Visa Support for 3 days Number; Multiple Entry months, Application at the 2) Passport (period of validity must be USD 400 per Business Visa with no diplomatic missions of no less than 6 months after leave consultant (MEBV) right of Kazakhstan in a home Kazakhstan); exten- country/a country of resi- 3) Photo sion dence – approx. 2 working 4) Completed MEBV application/ daysIn-country registration request form; upon arrival to Kazakhstan – 5) Deposit in their personal bank within 5 calendar days account for the amount of a return ticket Depending on the citizenship of the consultants: Russia - USD 2860 per consultant Documents Required: EU/EEA, Switzerland, 1) Completed MEWV application form Turkey - USD 3080 per 2) Copy of the passport; 1 year, consultant 3) Soft/hard copy of Consultant’s CV with Multiple Entry confirming the presence of 5 years a right India, Israel, Work Visa up to 2 months work experience; of Kyrgyzstan, (MEWV) 4) Copies of education / qualifications exten- Uzbekistan, Tajikistan - diplomas + if one has some other sion USD 3080 per professional / technical licenses consultant 5) Recent passport sized photographs North/Latin America - USD 3300 per consultant China - USD 3630 per consultant Notes: 1. Immigration process foresees consultants entering into Kazakhstan on MEBV. Once consultants have arrived in Kazakhstan, Von Essen’s Local Partner will convert their MEBV to MEWV. It is required to have the application for MEWV submitted 2 months (at the latest) before MEBV expires. 2. Expatriate consultants have to obtain the MEWV documents (2)-(4) authenticated “Apostille Certificate” by the competent authority in a home country / country of residence before coming into Kazakhstan as these documents will eventually be requested. Withholding g Invoicing for services from outside Kazakhstan may carry a withholding tax of up to 15% on the certain services. Taxes Von Essen may support the invoicing process to mitigate any withholding tax by using appropriate contract structures. Types of g • Employed Solution Available VECKAZCS07/10
  3. 3. Von Essen Consulting Republic of Kazakhstan Contract g Von Essen can hold a direct contract with either the end client or the agency depending on the requirements Structure of the agency. Where they hold a contract with the end client the agency would hold a separate side contract with Von Essen for their margin. Employed consultants will hold a direct employment contract with the Von Essen partner, which in turn holds a service contract with Von Essen. Taxation g Income Tax Taxes are levied in Kazakhstan on all personal income at a flat rate of 10% Social Security In addition, there will be two forms of social security contributions levied for expatriate consultants: • Social Tax – at a flat rate of 11% • Social Insurance – at a flat rate of 5% with an income cap of KZT 149,520 Banking and g • Local banking can be facilitated depending on consultant requirements. other local • Our partner can provide a full range of local services including meet and greet, accommodation, health insurance, medical services, mobile phone, etc. services VECKAZCS07/10
  4. 4. Head Office +41(0)22 819 1814 UK Office +44 (0) 207 997 6950 www.vonessenconsulting.com