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Angola Capability Statement


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Angola Capability Statement

  1. 1. Angola Capability Statement VECAGOCS09/10
  2. 2. Von Essen Consulting Angola Availability g Von Essen can support the expatriate consultants coming to work in the Republic of Angola (Angola) under the following visa restrictions. Currently, every nationality entering Angola needs visa before entering the country. Immigration g Type of Visa Validity Timescales Documents Costs 1. A photocopy of applicant's passport, with a validity of at least 18 months within 5 working 2. Soft version of a passport-size 7 days, with a days following photograph right of submission of 3. STV Application forms duly filled USD 550 one off costs extension for STV application Short Term (in duplicate) per consultant another 7 to an embassy Visa (STV) 4. An invitation letter provided by Consular Fee - approx. days without of Angola in a our Angolan partner USD 200 leaving home country / 5. A photocopy of a travel itinerary Angola a country of 6. Employment contract proving residence means of subsistence while in Angola 7. Proof of payment of the Consular Fee 1. A photocopy of applicant's passport, with a validity of at least 18 months 2. Soft version of a passport-size photograph 3. Extract from the criminal registry issued by authorities from a home country / a country of residence 4. Certificate of good health issued by an official Health Institution from a home country / a country within 10 USD 1100 one off costs per 1 year; with of residence working days consultant per year a right of 5. Curriculum vitae (dated and signed following Multiple Entry extension by the Applicant) submission of Government charge - Work Visa without 6. Contract of employment or contract WV application one off fee of 5% of the (MEWV) leaving of promise of employment to the Ministry of expatriate consultants’ Angola up to 7. MEWV Application forms duly filled Petroleum for monthly gross salary as per 3 years in total (in duplicate) approval the employment contract 8. Declaration by applicant to abide by the laws of Angola 9. Diploma or Certificate of Achievement 10. Proof of the legal status of the employer 11. Declaration of no existence of family relations with Angolan or Foreign Citizens living in Angola 12. Documents that can explain any eventual doubts in the application Notes: 1. Immigration process foresees consultants entering into Angola on STV. Once expatriate consultants have arrived to An- gola, Von Essen’s Local Partner will convert their STV to MEWV. It is required to have the application for MEWV submitted at the same or next day following arrival to Angola. 2. MEWV documents have to be translated into Portuguese by an Official Translator, legalised by a Public Notary and by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in a home country / a country of residence. 3. If a previous WV was issued, it has to be cancelled by the previous Angolan employer to the Directorate for Immigration and Customs (DEFA) in Angola (a letter to be attached to the WV application to prove it). 4. It might be very difficult to obtain STV for Indian nationals and other Asian nationalities; in this case Von Essen’s Local Part- ner could try to obtain an Ordinary Visa (OV) for them at the same costs as for STV, but the timescales are much longer (within 30 working days following submission of OV application to an embassy of Angola in a home country / a country of residence). Withholding g Invoicing for services from outside Angola may carry a withholding tax of 5.25%. Von Essen may support the Taxes invoicing process to mitigate any withholding tax by using appropriate corporate structures. Types of g • Employed solution Available cont... VECAGOCS09/10
  3. 3. Von Essen Consulting Angola Contract g Von Essen can hold a direct contract with either the end client or the agency depending on the requirements Structure of the agency. Where they hold a contract with the end client the agency would hold a separate side contract with Von Essen for their margin. Consultants will hold a direct employment contract with the Von Essen’ Local Partner, who in turn holds a service contract with Von Essen Taxation g Income Tax Both expat and local Consultants salary will be subject to Angolan personal income tax at progressive rates up to 17%. Social Security In addition, there will be the social security contributions levied for consultants (both expatriates and locals) at flat rates of 8% (employer’s) and 3% (employee’s). Note: The expatriate consultants are excluded from the Angolan social system, if covered by an equivalent program in another country. • Local bank account is strongly recommended to facilitate the relationship with the tax authorities – Von Banking and g Essen’s Local Partner can help to open it other local • Our partner can provide a full range of local services including meet and greet, accommodation, mobile services phone, car hire, etc. VECAGOCS09/10
  4. 4. Head Office +41(0)22 819 1814 UK Office +44 (0) 207 997 6950