You Either Believe, Or You Don’t. Believe Me When I Say There Is No Middle Ground.


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You Either Believe, Or You Don’t. Believe Me When I Say There Is No Middle Ground.

  1. 1. You Either Believe, Or You Don’t. Believe Me When I Say There IsNo Middle James Godin | on February 18, 2013Either You Believe, Or You Don’t…It’s true, if you want to prosper in life and you want to be wildly successful beyond your most vividly excitingdreams, you need to BELIEVE it’s possible…Then you MUST BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT TOO…Then you MUST BELIEVE IN OTHERS…Most of all……you must BELIEVE you and your family deserve to live a better life.Whether you believe you can be more successful in life or not, you are right!No matter what side of the fence you’re on right now…THIS CALL WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE…FOREVER! (in a good way)There is a little catch though…You need to be in my inner circle to access the audio.You can enter my inner circle right now by clicking here.Not ready to enter my inner circle?That’s okay…I believe you are here for a reason, so keep reading!Do You Believe In Yourself?Do you believe you are worth more than your boss pays you?Do you believe that you have a greater purpose in life?If you do…
  2. 2. Then you already believe in yourself less than I believe in you.Why?Because not only do I believe that you are worth a million times more than your boss pays you, and thatyou have a very important purpose in life…I also believe that you are someone who is smart.I believe you are someone who knows a good deal when they see it…I believe that your family can’t wait another minute……For you to make the decision to start building a highly lucrative business online while you sharean amazing lifestyle with them.I also believe that you are here for a REASON.So why not just go with the flow?Failures resist the things that must happen. (they fight the flow of the current)Successful people believe in fluid decision making…Believe that you are in the right place at the right time, right now……and click here to watch this LIFE CHANGING VIDEO!Do You Believe In Others?Are you humble enough to believe in other people and listen to them when they have the knowledge or theresults you are looking for?Do you believe in another person’s skills and abilities?Do you believe that there are still good people in the world with good hearts?Great!What does it mean if you believe in these things?It means that you believe in the same kind of things that over 90,000+ people believe in inside of theEmpower Network.
  3. 3. You go ask a person in Empower Network about the company, the vision, and the level of belief we havehere in other people’s success…You will hear person after person after person ALL say that the vision here is like no other…They will say that an Empower Network member cares more about your success then their own…They will tell you that we ALL believe in the VISION of lifting people up for the good of humanity andhelping them live their own vision in life!There’s more power in being unified than there is in being right…Our vision is unified…And EXTREMELY POWERFUL!Step into the most powerful unified vision you will ever see from an army of people that BELIEVE INOTHERS FIRST and then through unity, rise all ships at sea, because a rising tide lifts all ships at sea.Empower Network IS the rising tide to lift your ship and help you succeed in business and in life…Join The Movement Here.What Do You Believe You Are Meant To Do?Do you believe you are meant to DO something amazing in this life?Do you ever get the feeling that you are being pulled by a force that is more powerful than anythingyou’ve ever experienced in your life, and what it’s pulling you toward is your destiny?We ALL deserve to feel fulfilled in life…We ALL deserve to DO what we are truly meant to do…Whatever it is that you believe you are meant to do…We want to help you do that…Do it to the best of your ability…And ultimately, help you live a life that is beyond your wildest dreams!I believe that everything happens for a reason…I believe that YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON…
  4. 4. And maybe that reason, is to lock arms with my team right here, right now.Who Do You Believe You Are Meant To Be?Yes, to believe WHO you are meant to BE is different from WHAT you are mean to DO…Being is a human state that is unlike anything else in the universe…We are called human BEINGS, not human doings.Sure we must do things in order to be someone or something we believe are meant to be…BUT…All you need to DO really, is to BELIEVE you are meant to BE and you will DO whatever ittakes to make that become a reality for you.I believe, that if you’re still here reading this LONG post…You are the kind of person that has chosen to believe in something greater for you and your family, and youARE willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.I believe you are meant to be here right now…And maybe you believe that you are meant to be a part of a movement that is much bigger that youand I can even imagine…You can become a part of the movement of the people by clicking here now.Focus On What You Believe!STAY FOCUSED!I know this is a long blog post…But, since you and I both know that you believe you are here for a reason…BECAUSE we both believe this IS what you are meant to DO…Because we both believe this is WHO you are meant to BE…And YOU KNOW you are in the right place at the right time…Stay Focused on what you believe, and I will help you get to the level you are trying to get to in business
  5. 5. and in life…Whether you’re trying to have your first $1,000 day online…Or if you’re just fighting to have your first big breakthrough…My team can help you.We believe in you…Believe in us, and lock arms with us right now.Turn The Dreams You Believe In Into A Life You Love!Chances are you are here because of a dream you had…Because of a dream that you believe in!Why else would you be searching online for a better way?YOU NEED TO BREAKTHROUGH!Something needs to change for you…It’s either this, or it’s nothing…It’s either you believe, or you don’t…But here’s the thing…Success is your ONLY option.Why?Because WE BELIEVE your dreams should be reality.We’ve already helped 90,000+ people world wide to start to believe more…We’ve helped them start living their dreams and inspiring the world…Now it’s YOUR TURN.If you haven’t gotten in yet, I don’t even know why you’re still here.Believe In Your Dream and Get In Here.
  6. 6. Do You Believe Your Family Deserves Better?Look…I don’t know if you believe your family deserves to live a better life…I don’t even know if they believe in your dream or support you…But I do know that over 40% of American adults in the U.S. have less than $500 in their bankaccount right now, and they are just a small problem away from complete disaster.I believe that you and your family deserve to live better than that…I believe that your and your family should never have to worry about money, bills, rent, or unexpectedemergencies…I believe you and your family deserve to BE FREE OF PAIN AND SUFFERING.Now, don’t be in denial about it…If you and the members of your family have less than $500 in the bank, YOU ARE below the poverty leveland you ARE STRUGGLING in a way that you don’t need to anymore.Here at Empower Network WE BELIEVE in lifting you up and helping you be so successfulthat money will never be an issue for you and your family EVER AGAIN!We believe your family deserves better.Do you?If you believe your family deserves to live a better life, GIVE IT TO THEM NOW!I Believe In You!I can’t possible describe in words just how much I BELIEVE IN YOU…Why?Because I’ve been where you are now…I’ve been stuck in life…I’ve been below poverty level in my life and I watched my family struggle for most of my life…If I can make the decision to change my family’s life, YOU CAN TOO!
  7. 7. If you’re still doubting that you can do this…Just know and BELIEVE ME when I say this.No matter what you have done in life…No matter where you have been…No matter what has happened in your past…It doesn’t matter…It doesn’t exist anymore…All that exists is this moment, right here, right now…And all that matters right now is that I BELIEVE IN YOU more than you can believe inyourself, because I want to see you succeed and I want to see your family prosper…Why?Because I believe it’s the right thing to do…I believe it feels right…I believe in you so much, that if you join me right now, I KNOW your life and your family’s life will changeforever for the better, starting right now.Believe You Are In The Right Place, At The Right Time…NOW…You NEED to BELIEVE that you are in the right place at the right time…There are a million places you could have been right now, but YOU ARE HERE!It IS for a reason…I believe it’s for a good reason.Go with the flow, lock arms with my team right now, and…BELIEVE IT’S YOUR TIME!If you Believe This Is Your Time To Shine…Click The Button Below And Lock Arms With 90,000+ Believers!
  8. 8. Connect With Me!James Godin“I Believe In You More Than You Believe In Yourself”Work With Me DirectlyFriend Me On Facebook!Follow Me On Twitter!Chat With Me On Skype: Jimag87