Going the extra mile. why is it so important


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Going the extra mile. why is it so important

  1. 1. Going The Extra Mile. Why Is It So Important?by James Godin | on January 26, 2013Going The Extra Mile In LifeGoing the extra mile in life is such a valuable principle when applied often.Sadly, more often than not, people don’t go the extra mile…If they did, not only would there be more positivity in the world, there would also be a greater level ofpersonal achievement at an individual level clear across the board.Perhaps one of the reasons people don’t make it a point to go above and beyond expectations is becausethey think it might be too hard, or wouldn’t make a difference.In all actuality, it is easy to go a little further than you usually do and it would make a tremendous differenceif a massive number of people did it more often than they do.Think about this with me for a moment…Can we all agree that it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference?Like holding the door open for an elderly woman…Or helping someone when you see their car has broken down on the side of the road and everyone else isjust choosing to ignore them…Or giving a homeless man your last $10 so they can go somewhere warm and enjoy a nice hot meal in thedead cold of winter…These little things are what spark inspiration in others on a personal level, and compel them to take similaractions to go out of their way to help another person in need.THAT, is how going the extra mile in life can help make a HUGE difference in the world, and it will if youdecide to focus on it and make it a point to do something selfless for others daily without wanting orexpecting anything in return.Going The Extra Mile In BusinessIn business, going the extra mile is not all that different from going the extra mile in life.You see…There are things you must learn, fears and obstacles you must overcome, and a level of tenacity andconsistency in your work that will take you to where you want to be.
  2. 2. Going a little further than most people are willing to go, will surely take you to places that most people willnever get to see.So…Make it a point daily to do these things…Start going the extra mile with your education. If someone else listens to 1 audio book or lecture per day,you listen to 2 or 3. If someone else reads 1 book per month, you read 3 -4 books per month. If otherpeople only focus on important tasks for 1 – 2 hours per day, you focus on your most important tasks for 3– 6 hours or more per day.Going the extra mile in business requires a little more strength than doing it in life…But as you can tell, these things are priceless…The late Napoleon Hill (author of the book “Think And Grow Rich”) talks about the importance of going theextra mile with great passion, conviction, and enthusiasm.He worked for 20 years of his life, only accepting $1.00 per year for pay, and never expected anything morein return.Because of his willingness to go the extra mile, while being selfless in his actions, he became more wealthylater in his life than he ever imagined would happen. His book has sold over 20,000,000 copies world wideand his success principles are just as prevalent today as they have ever been.Going the extra mile for him was a thing of nature…And when you start practicing this is your life and your business, it will become as natural for you as it is foryou to breathe.Going The Extra Mile Means…Doing what others won’t do, so that you can get what others won’t get.Do I mean money?Well, that’s part of it, but going the extra mile rewards you with things that are so much more valuable thanany amount of money.While you are actively going the extra mile, you are sending out positive vibes out into the universe, andthe universe is always happy to return the favor. That’s called good karma, the more good you do for theothers, the more good things come back to you.Another great reward for going the extra mile is the feeling you get. The feeling of doing something good forsomeone else and knowing you made a positive difference in their life, and also the fact that other peoplewill see you doing these things and be inspired to go out there and do it themselves.That’s what going the extra mile means to me…What does it mean to you?
  3. 3. I mentioned Napoleon Hill a bit in this post, and for good reason. He is the grandfather of going the extra mile! Clickhere to read a blog post a wrote about Napoleon Hill.Connect With Me!James Godin“I Go The Extra Mile Daily”Work With Me DirectlyFriend Me On Facebook!Follow Me On Twitter!Watch Me On YouTube!Chat With Me On Skype: Jimag87 ==> Visit My Blog <==