Defining your definite major purpose in life


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Defining your definite major purpose in life

  1. 1. Defining Your Definite Major Purpose In Lifeby James Godin | on January 11, 2013How To Go About Defining Your Definite Major Purpose In Life:Step 1: Write out a clear statement of your definite majorpurpose in life.==> Sign It. By putting your signature on this statement you are committing to yourself that you willachieve the object of your major purpose in life regardless of any other force of nature, be it human orotherwise.==> Commit your statement to your memory. It will help if you can memorize it by heart, so you canthen call upon it at will anytime you need to.==> Repeat your statement orally at least once per day. By doing so you will condition thesubconscious part of your mind to act upon your statement automatically in the most natural of ways. It isalso recommended that you speak your statement into the world using a voice of pure enthusiasm. Bothprayer and affirmations work great for this exercise.Step 2: Write out a clear definite plan for how you willachieve the object of your major purpose in life.==> State the maximum time in which you plan to attain it. By doing so, you will effectively alignyour consciousness with the natural flow of time in the universe. This is important as we all know that allthings happen for a reason, but great things only happen at precisely the right time.==> Explain in detail what you intend to give in return for attaining the object of your majorpurpose in life. The more detailed you are and the more specific your plan is, the better it will work. Sobe sure to leave nothing to question. This is the one part of your plan that you will feel the most satisfactionfor. Don’t skip it, after all, satisfaction and happiness is what we are after here, not greed and selfishness.==> Make your plan flexible enough so that you can make changes anytime you feel inspired to
  2. 2. do so. The more flexibility you have in your plan, the better off you will be. This quality is one that willenable you to bounce back from any setback imaginable.==> For this plan to work, you must be in perfect harmony with your significant other. Thereis nothing that drives a man or woman more in life than love and a mastermind alliance with their significantother, whomever that may be to you.==> Define smaller purposes in life that will lead you up to achieving your major purpose. Ifyou have a yearly goal, set monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly goals to build up to the point in time when youunlock the rewards for reaching your ultimate goal.==> When you have achieved the object of your major purpose in life, define a new majorpurpose and go after it immediately. This is the only way to ensure that you and your dynasty keepprogressing daily and evolving over time. ==> Visit My Blog <==