Be honest about where you are in your business


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Be honest about where you are in your business

  1. 1. Be Honest About Where You Are In Your Businessby James Godin | on November 28, 2012There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life when they must take a look at what they are doinginside of their business and decide whether or not they are being completely honest withthemselves and their followers…That moment occurred for me not too long ago.I was in a place in my business where I had a sudden rush of success and was so overwhelmed with theexcitement of succeeding that I forgot to pay attention to what it was that brought me that success in thefirst place.I guess I got what some people refer to as shiny ball syndrome…After applying a form a marketing to my business that achieved good results, I became obsessed withspending all of my time, energy and resources on that one technique.If I were being honest with myself at the time, I would have realized that not only is this bad for mybusiness, it’s also bad for those whom I teach.Why is it such a bad thing?Well, it’s not because I found success……it’s also not because I aggressively sought to capitalize on it……the problem was that I put all my eggs in one basket, while at the same time ignored the signs that wereright in front of me telling me not to do that.So, I wasn’t being very honest or realistic in my approach to running my business.It was when I realized this, that I knew I had to reassess……after taking an honest, open look at my business, and learning the 5 phases of progress necessary forlong term success, I quickly realized I had passed through all 5 stages already, but at a very low level.Let me explain:Phase 1 = The GrindPhase 2 = Scaling Up MarketingPhase 3 = DuplicationPhase 4 = SystemPhase 5 = Culture
  2. 2. Here’s What I Did:I grinded out the tasks I knew I needed to complete in order to make sales. I found a marketing method thatworked and I began to scale it up. I duplicated my results by sharing it with my team who then passed upmy first pass up sale. I had a systematic process that I would follow every single day. Then finally, I beganto create team culture.Seems great right?Well, kind of.It could have been 100x greater if I had been more patient and more honest with myself.You see, I didn’t grind for nearly long enough to generate the monthly residuals I needed to have to propellmyself and my team forward to astronomical levels.I didn’t diversify my marketing enough to have a real shot of scaling it up to a point where it would functionlike a well oiled machine.Because there were not enough results produced, there were not enough people on my team yet forduplication to truly take shape and explode my business.Because of this, the system was less effective.And you can probably see by now how all of this would affect team culture.So what did I learn and what is my advice to you? Find Out Tonight At 8pm EST. Dial In: (805) 399-1000 Secret Code: 761055Our Automated Marketing System Works!Now imagine that you decided to get started today……you would probably need support right?We Have a Great Support System!When You Join Team Rock$tar You Get:>> Team Support In Our Facebook Group>> 80+ Professionally Written & Tested Email Autoresponders>> Access To Our Weekly Team Training Calls
  3. 3. >> Access To Our Current & Future Live Webinars>> Plus a Team Culture That Puts Helping Others FirstHere’s Your Assignment On What To Do Next:1. Join Team Rock$tar Now!2. Complete Your ‘Fast Start Training’ In The Member’s Back Office.3. Listen To The Replay of Our Last Team Call (Wednesday Night Rock$tar) Listen To The Wednesday Night Rock$tar Replay Here: Dial In: (805) 399-1099 Access Code: 761055#4. Listen To The Replay of The Most Recent Empower Network Call (Monday Night Empower Hour) Listen To The Monday Night Empower Hour Replay Here: Dial In: (712) 432-0990 Access Code: 260326#Did You Like This Content? ‘Comment Below & Share‘Connect With Me!James Godin“100% Commission Rock$tar”Friend Me On Facebook!Follow Me On Twitter!Watch Me On YouTube!Chat With Me On Skype: Jimag87