How You Can Increase Your Twitter Followers


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Secrets to get more twitter followers revealed here:

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How You Can Increase Your Twitter Followers

  1. 1. ==== ====Using the Automated Tweet System is how to get followers on twitter. ====OK...Im addicted on twitter. I likely did what a lot of you have done: I signed up with twitter somemonths back...looked at it...and said.."Now what am I supposed to do with it?" And walked away.But, then I sat in on a webinar, talking about social networking. About having 100,000 followers ontwitter, and how twitter is used to introduce your business, send helpful tips, and then movefollowers to wherever you want them to go.So, I went back to twitter, got TweetAdder, and the proverbial lightbulb went off. After 1 week, Inow have 1700 followers, and have set up a second account, specifically for local TweetersTweetAdder automates almost everything you would want to do with twitter. As I am writing thisarticle, TweetAdder has added 100 followers to my account, and is automatically sending mytweets that I set up last night.There is a growing number of twitter programs that will do everything you could ever want ontwiiter: But TweetAdder is the only one that I have found that will do all of that...automatically.For example, there are programs to find people for you to follow. But they will only LIST thosepeople; you have to go through and follow them yourself. TweetAdder allows you to search forpeople to follow by tweets, their bio, location (zip code, city,state), or even following the followersof specific members. You choose how many you want to follow, click the mouse, and TweetAddernot only finds the people, but it automatically SIGNS YOU UP as a follower. You can set it andwalk away.You can use it to automate your tweets. Prepare your messages all at once, make about 20 ofthem. Load them into the Tweet" submitter, and minimize the program. Now, automatically, every40-60 minutes, depending on the setting that YOU set, your tweets go out.TweetAdder keeps track of your Follows, and your Followers. Your Unfollows are alsoautomated. Select how many you want to unfollow, and TweetAdder takes care of it. DirectMessages can also be whatever class of followers you wish....New followers first,Random followers, etc.You can set everything up at once; getting new follows, following new follows, unfollowing, DMs,Tweets, and going to the Automation page, and click...TweetAdder runs in the background.There are various programs that will do all of these services, and most of them are free.TweetAdder is $55 for one account; up to five accounts can be handled for an additional $19. Whywould you want extra accounts? I have a general account, which is centered on businesses and
  2. 2. internet marketing; I have just started a second account, which will be centered on local tweeters,based on zip code. The affiliate program is great; 50%. Sell 2, and your program is free.Download the FREE trial today. You get a fully functional time CCneeded...youre limited to 250 followers. This is a great program.Jim Farnsworth concentrates his Internet Marketing on two specialties: Online Video, and twitter.Follow him @snappp and visit his website at Googleopoly []Article Source: ====Using the Automated Tweet System is how to get followers on twitter. ====