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Grab these amazing tips to exercise without effort. This eBook is packed full of amazing exercise, dieting, and weight loss information for anyone looking to shed a few pounds.

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Exercise Without Effort eBook

  2. 2. Brought to you by the team at Weight Loss Bully
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTSEffortless Exercise Begins with Stretching ..................................................... 4How Housework Keeps You in Shape............................................................... 4Cleaning Your Home to Stay Fit.......................................................................... 5Move Furniture for Fitness .................................................................................. 6Playing Sports in Your Living Room ................................................................. 7Dont Exercise - Take the Kids to the Park Instead ...................................... 7A Fun Day at the Park Can Keep You Fit .......................................................... 8Can a Trip to the Mall Keep You in Shape? ..................................................... 9Window Shopping to Lose Weight ..................................................................... 9How to Park Your Car for Fitness .................................................................... 10Staying Fit with Friends ...................................................................................... 11Effortless Walking for Fun and Exercise ....................................................... 12Double up Your Workouts Effortlessly .......................................................... 13Hiking Your Way Healthy ................................................................................... 14Can You Walk to Work?....................................................................................... 14Breathe Your Weight Trim ................................................................................. 15Skip the Exercise by Skipping the Sugar ........................................................ 16Getting Fit with the Glycemic Index ................................................................ 17Effortlessly Boost Your Metabolism with Supplements ........................... 18Do You Want to Cut Weight? Ride the Bull .................................................. 18Get out Your Bicycle for Fun and Exercise ................................................... 19Weightlifting without Lifting Weights ............................................................ 20Mountain Biking to Stay in Shape .................................................................... 21Stay Fit with Deep Breathing Exercises ......................................................... 22Got Exercise? Get Rest ........................................................................................ 23
  4. 4. Effortless Exercise Begins with Stretching I know that exercise has 8 letters in it but I have always considered it to be somewhat of a 4 letter word. The reason why this is the case is because exercise has always been something that is very inconvenient for me to do. I dont know about you but I have a life outside of the time that I spend in the gym. As a matter of fact, I rarely find my way over to the gym in the first place because I tend to keep myself a little bit too busy. That doesnt mean, however, that I dont like to stay in shape.The easiest way for you to stay in shape is to get a little bit of exercise that issomewhat effortless. Although it is still going to take a little bit of time, you canusually do these exercises in the privacy of your own home and on your ownschedule. As a matter of fact, some of the effortless exercises that I do take meless time than it takes me to drive over to the gym in the first place. I am able tosave a lot of time and in most cases I dont sweat to the extent where I need to getcleaned up after I am finished.The main way that I get this exercise in my life is through stretching. Have youever seen how lean and fit a gymnast is? Although they may do a variety ofdifferent exercises and they certainly do get their cardiovascular workout in on aregular basis, a lot of their fitness comes as a direct result of stretching. Theymay spend hours every week stretching out every last muscle in their body inorder to remain limber and to be able to do some of the acrobatics that they do.You can achieve the same results by stretching on a regular basis yourself. Evengetting up every hour from the desk and stretching your neck and back will helpyou to stay fit. Having a regular regime of stretching is not only effortless, it feelsgreat and it can go a long way in helping to lengthen your muscles and to makeyou look good as well. So the next time you think about hitting the gym, do alittle bit of stretching instead. You will benefit as a result of what you are doingand you will not have to expend all of the effort in order to do it.How Housework Keeps You in ShapeWhenever some of us hear the word exercise, we tend to run in the oppositedirection. How many times have you had a gym membership and only evershowed up once or twice during the length of that membership? You would besurprised at how many people are in the same shoes as you are. Perhaps youenjoy exercising but simply do not have time to incorporate it into your dailyregime. It may also be possible that you hate the effort that needs to be put forthin order to exercise effectively. The fact of the matter is, it is not necessary foryou to hit the gym on a regular basis in order to get in shape. All you really needto do is keep your house clean.
  5. 5. Housework is one of those hidden gems of exercise that is far too oftenoverlooked. A lot of us tend to spend our time sitting on the couch watching TVwhenever we have a few moments. If you get up and move around a little bit,even if you arent exerting yourself enough to break a sweat, you are still going tosee benefits from that effort. Keeping your house clean is an excellent way toburn some calories and to do so without having to formally go into an exerciseroutine. What are some of the best things that you can do around the home thatwill help you to get in shape?There are several different things that you can dowhile you are doing your housework which will keepyou in shape. Things such as vacuuming, dusting andwashing dishes all are able to help you to burnadditional calories. Many of these things, however,are done while we are fairly sedentary so doing somedeep cleaning is one of the best ways for you to realizebenefits. The reason why this is the case is becausewhenever we are deep cleaning we are often liftingheavy boxes or perhaps bending and stooping in orderto reach areas that are not usually touched.Doing housework on a regular basis not only helps you to burn calories whileyoure doing it, it also helps you to relax in your home. Remember, being able torelax and destress from time to time is an important part of staying in shape.This is how cleaning your house can help you in a number of different ways toexercise effortlessly.Cleaning Your Home to Stay FitExercise is just one of those things that many of us do not enjoy doing. Finding away to exercise effortlessly and is probably something that we spend a lot of timeconsidering, especially if we either dont have the time to do it or hate doing it.The fact of the matter is, there are plenty of things that we do on a daily basiswhich help us to get some exercise. Yes, having a regular exercise regime is a veryimportant part of staying physically fit and trim but we should not overlook thepossibilities of incorporating some of that exercise into our daily routine.One of the greatest ways for you to be able to do this is to make sure that you aregetting plenty of physical activity whenever youre cleaning your home.Housecleaning is something that all of us have to do, whether we like it or not.Unfortunately, it is not something that we can put off the same way that we putoff the exercise that we should be doing. If we do, our house is going to suffer asa result. Make sure that you are regularly cleaning your house but do so in a waythat will help you to reap the most benefits as far as your health is concerned.
  6. 6. Doing regular household chores, such as washing the dishes or vacuuming doesburn some calories and is certainly a lot healthier for you than sitting in front ofthe television. In order for you to really get the most out of your house cleaningactivity, youre going to have to make sure that your deep cleaning on occasion.Doing things such as cleaning out the closets, moving furniture around andcleaning out hard to reach places will certainly give you the most benefit for thework that you are doing. The simple fact that you are bending over, stoopingdown and standing up again will get your muscles working and begin burningcalories.Although this certainly is not the most effortless exercise that is available, it isone that we need to do on a daily basis. Make sure that you are taking the time toclean your house regularly and do so in such a way that you will benefit from it.Not only will your house be clean and enjoyable to be in, you will feel better aboutyourself as a result.Move Furniture for Fitness Although there are a lot of different ways that we can exercise and get in shape, many of us do not enjoy going to the gym and exercising with people that we dont know. Not only that, we may have too much to do as far as our family responsibilities are concerned to really get to the gym on a regular basis. That doesnt mean, however, that you cant get physically fit even if youre not putting the effort into exercise. There are plenty of things that you can do around the home which will help you to get in shape and stay in shape for the rest of your life.Although it is not typically thought of as exercise, household chores can besomething that we do which allows us to get some physical activity. All of us havedaily chores that we need to take care of in order to make sure that our homesoperate efficiently. Making sure that the dishes are washed, making the beds orvacuuming on occasion can give us a level of physical activity but it may not beenough for us to forego all of the exercise that we need. In order for us to do this,we may need to pick some household chores that are a bit out of the ordinary.A good example of this is moving furniture and rearranging our rooms. Althoughthis is not something that is usually done on a daily basis, you would be surprisedwith the amount of exercise that you are actually getting by taking care of this.Not only that, many of us enjoy having a fresh look from time to time in ourhomes and this is really the easiest way for us to be able to accomplish it. Notonly will you be moving furniture which is strenuous activity on its own, oftenyou will be moving things on and off of the furniture which adds to the activity.Although there are plenty of things we can do in order to get exercise, if we aredoing things such as moving our furniture regularly, it will help us to stay
  7. 7. physically fit. It certainly is not effortless but the enjoyment that many people getout of having a fresh look to their rooms will make it seem as if it were not reallywork.Playing Sports in Your Living RoomWouldnt it be great if you could get out and play tennis or another sport on aregular basis? Although we may enjoy doing such things, getting out and doingthem may be a difficult task. All that is now changing, however, because there aresome ways that we can now get physically fit at home and it wont even seem likeany effort at all. The best way for you to be able to do this is by using theNintendo Wii, a game console that is not only a lot of fun to play, it can help youto stay in shape in a number of different ways.If you have never seen this particular game console in action, it is a veryinteresting thing to see. Instead of sitting on the couch and holding a controllerin your hand, you are actually using a controller thathas gyroscopes on the inside. You will have to mimiccertain movements such as those used in bowling,tennis or golf in order to actually play the game onyour television screen. Some of the games that comewith the Nintendo are amazingly active and can helpyou lose weight while you are enjoying a fun activity.One of the newest games that has come out for theNintendo Wii is the Wii play. This game is amazingfor helping people lose weight because it offers avariety of different balance games, strengthexercises, yoga and aerobics for you to do.The best part about this is that it is so much fun while youre doing it that italmost seems effortless. Somebody that I know who absolutely hates to exerciseuses this game for an hour every day and is currently losing weight as a result.So the next time that somebody tells you that video games are ruining todaysyouth, think about the Nintendo Wii. Instead of spending your money on anexpensive piece of exercise equipment that will end up not getting used, try theNintendo instead. Not only will you spend less on it, you will tend to want to useit more often. It offers a family-friendly variety of games that help us to be activein our mind and body. As far as exercise equipment goes, it is one of the mosteffortless and enjoyable ones that has come along in quite some time.Dont Exercise - Take the Kids to the Park Instead
  8. 8. If you have a family, you probably realize how difficult it can be to get to the gymon a regular basis. As a matter of fact, some of us have given up one hopes of everbeing physically fit until our children are grown. Being a responsible parentsurely does dictate your time to a certain extent, especially whenever you are notworking. That doesnt mean, however, that we can allow our health to go sour asa result of not having the time to get to the gym. There are some ways that youcan make sure that your stay in shape and get all of the family fun time in thatyou possibly can as well. If the weather is nice outside, you should make sure that you are taking your children to the park on a regular basis. If your children are young, walking around and enjoying some time outdoors can do a lot to make sure that you are staying healthy. Not only will the exercise do you good, some mild exposure to the sun also has health benefits that many people are unaware of. This is one of the best forms of exercise that you can get, not only because you are moving around but because your children are enjoying time with you.If your children are a little bit older, you may be able to enjoy some morestrenuous activities at the park. How long has it been since you have been on afamily bike ride together? This is an extremely enjoyable pastime that manyfamilies take part in. You could also take up a physical activity, such as runningtogether. I know that my mother ran with my sisters and me for many yearswhenever we were all in school. We all enjoyed the health benefits of doing so,my mother included. The time together is still something that I enjoy thinkingabout today.You dont need to have a formal exercise regime in order to stay in shape. As longas you are eating properly, getting plenty of rest and doing family activities thatinvolve more than video games and television shows, you would be surprisedwith how much your health will improve. Not only will your health improve as aresult of these activities, it will strengthen your family bond and give yourchildren something that they will remember throughout their life.A Fun Day at the Park Can Keep You FitAll of us enjoy some recreation from time to time but the type of recreation thatwe choose can differ from individual to individual. For some of us, recreationmeans getting out and doing something active but for others it may meanwatching a movie or perhaps surfing the Internet. Unfortunately, all of us aredealing with a 24 hour day and it can be difficult for us to get adequate exerciseunless we are taking advantage of every hour. Although it never hurts to sitaround and do nothing on occasion, we need to make sure that we are gettingsome physical activity as well.
  9. 9. Nobody said that you need to go into the gym and sweat for an hour every day inorder to get adequate exercise. The fact of the matter is, we can add somephysical activity into our lives on a regular basis without even putting much effortinto it. In some cases, we may put a lot of effort into the activity that we aredoing but we make it enjoyable enough that it is not recognized as being hardwork. If you find yourself in a position where you simply dont have the time toexercise, take your recreation time and do something active with it.Can a Trip to the Mall Keep You in Shape?When most of us think about exercise, we think about going to the gym andsweating behind some piece of equipment that hundreds of other people havesweated behind before us. The thought of doing this is rather unsavory to most ofus and to others it is simply a matter of being inconvenient. There are some waysthat you can get out and lose a little bit of weight along with staying physically fitwhile you are doing things that you would normally do anyway. A good exampleof this is spending a day at the mall. How can shopping at the mall help you toexercise and stay in shape? One of the main reasons that it is able to help you stay in shape is because you will be moving around instead of sitting still. If we are not at the mall shopping whenever we have some free time we may end up just sitting on the couch and watching TV. At least when youre at the mall you will be walking around to a certain extent and stopping and starting. You will not be burning calories as if you were running a marathon but it certainly will go a long way in helping you to stay in shape. There are some things that you should look out for, however, so that you do not destroy any effort that you make in this regard.First of all, you need to make sure that you are not giving into the temptation ofthe bad food that is available in many of these locations. One meal at arestaurant can have enough calories that would completely blow any dieting thatyou have done for a couple of days. As a matter of fact, an appetizer, hamburgerand onion rings along with the soda can have two days of equivalent of calories init if it is bought at the wrong restaurant.That being said, there are some ways that you can increase your exercise whileyou are at the mall. Park your car a little bit further away so that you have toactually walk into the mall and make sure that you are taking the stairs, not theescalators. If you dont have an option but to take the escalators, make sure thatyou walk up and down them instead of just standing still. Remember, littlethings add up to a lot and the exercise that you get will pay off in the long run.Window Shopping to Lose Weight
  10. 10. There are a couple of different things that you should keep in mind when you areconcerned about the level of physical activity that youre getting. First of all, it isa very good idea for us to be exercising on a regular basis but that doesnt meanthat all of us are going to take advantage of this knowledge. The fact of thematter is, getting physical activity can be done in a lot of different ways alongwith our regular workout routine. The best way for us to make sure that we aregetting this activity on a regular basis is to incorporate it with something that weenjoy. Something that many of us find enjoyable is shopping. Although we may not consider this to be a physical activity, the fact of the matter is that we can actually expend a lot of energy whenever we are doing so. We dont even need to buy anything in order to burn these calories, some simple window shopping is all that is necessary for us to get fit if we do it on a regular basis. Walking around at the mall is something that we can do in a comfortable environment and the shopping that we are doing is something that makes it enjoyable. Often, we do not even consider this type of activity to be exercise at all.Something that you should watch out for, however, if you spend a lot of your timewindow shopping is eating improperly. There are very few things available for usto eat whenever we are out shopping that would actually be considered good forus. Make sure that you either eat ahead of time or that you do a lot of research inorder to make sure that youre making wise food choices whenever youre eatingout. Let me give you a hint, almost anything that you eat at a restaurant is goingto be bad for you with very few exceptions.Window shopping may be great for the body but it might be rough on our wallet.This is an activity that can certainly help us to get in shape but it is not somethingthat we should undertake on a regular basis if we have a difficulty saying no.Make sure that you are not damaging yourself financially in an effort to helpyourself physically.How to Park Your Car for FitnessVery few of us have the time anymore to exercise on a regular basis. Although wemay go to the gym from time to time, many of us are looking for a way that wecan incorporate exercise into our everyday activities. This is certainly possiblebut it is going to take an effort on your part to a certain extent. Although it maynot seem much like exercise, any activity that you do is considered exercise,whether you are going to do it regularly or not. A good example of this ischoosing how to park your car properly.
  11. 11. A car is certainly one of the more convenient things that we own. Because of therising price of gas, it has also become one of the more expensive things that weown. Many of us have stopped driving whenever it is unnecessary in order tosave money on gas. Did you realize that this can not only save you money but itmay actually help you to get in shape? After all, if you live close enough to theplaces where you work and shop, you may be able to leave your car sit in thedriveway and walk to wherever youre going.One thing that you dont want to do is to take off on a very long walk if you arenot up to the challenge. For example, if you live 10 miles away from work youshould not attempt to walk to and from work on a daily basis if you have neverwalked before. That doesnt mean that you cannot get some exercise in, in themeantime. Instead of walking to work, why not get your bicycle out and ride yourbike to work on a daily basis? Bike riding is an enjoyable pastime, you will getthere relatively quickly along with getting plenty of exercise in the process.You may also make smarter choices when it comes to parking your car when youdo go out. Instead of driving around for a few minutes looking for the spot that isclosest to the store, park as far out in the parking lot as possible and walk there.It may not seem like much but it is not necessary for you to do all of your walkingat one time for it to benefit you. Take 12 five-minute walks during the week andyou will have an hour under your belt. It is really that simple.Staying Fit with FriendsDid you ever wonder what makes people become dedicated to going to the gymon a regular basis? I have to admit, I still wonder the same thing myself. Attimes, I would rather have somebody punch me in the face than to get up and goto the gym by myself. Even though there may be a familiar face or two that is inthe gym whenever youre there, more than likely youre going to be around peoplethat you dont know and dont really care to be around. Not only that, you willprobably be sweating profusely and its not like youre in the mood while yourethere to make casual conversation.If you want to go to the gym on a regular basis but dont want to put in the effortto do so in a strange environment, perhaps you need to make the environmentmore familiar. One of the best ways for you to get in shape and stay in shape is to
  12. 12. make the effort with friends or family. As long as your schedule permits it, it is arelatively easy thing to do for you to end up at the gym at the same time and toenjoy a workout together. As a matter of fact, many of us that have done this endup enjoying our workouts so much that we dont even realize that were exercisingat all.Another reason why staying fit with friends is a good idea is because, it helps youto stay motivated. A lack of motivation is one of the main reasons why many ofus give up exercising in the first place. We may get motivated because ofsomething that we see on TV or perhaps reading a book about being fit but whenit comes down to actually doing the exercise, we tend to sputter and fail. If youhave a commitment to go to the gym with somebody else, however, you will rarelyever back out of that commitment.Bringing somebody to the gym with you can add something to your workout thatjust was not there before. You are able to give each other encouragement, spoteach other when necessary and talk about your progress. If you really want tomake your workouts as effortless as possible, this is probably one of the betterways to do so. Stay fit with a friend and both of you will be better off for theeffort.Effortless Walking for Fun and ExerciseIf you have the ability to walk, you have the ability to stay in shape. Believe it ornot, walking is one of the most effortless exercises that is available outside of afew others which tend to be rather boring. The great part about this exercise isthat almost anybody is able to take part in it and you can do so without spendingany money on expensive exercise equipment. Of course, there are a lot ofdifferent ways that you can actually get this exercise in. Lets take a look at a fewof the most convenient in order to make this exercise as effortless as possible.Some of us only enjoyed walking whenever we are able to get out in the greatoutdoors and go someplace. As a matter of fact, some of us may end up in thewoods on the weekends in order to do some hiking. Although this is greatexercise, it is not something that is convenient for every one of us to do. It is alsovery time consuming for us to get out and walk for a couple of miles every day.That is especially true if your time tends to be gobbled up by familyresponsibilities and a heavy workload. You can still get out and do your walkingif you are able to double up your activities in some way or another. For example,
  13. 13. if you like to read you may enjoy listening to some audio books whenever yourewalking. Its a good way to enjoy two activities at once.Of course, you dont need to really leave the house in order to enjoy a walk. If youhave a treadmill, park it right in front of the television set and get up off of thecouch whenever your shows start to come on. Walking for an hour wheneveryoure watching television is one of the most effortless forms of exercise thatyoure going to do. Often, we become so engrossed in what we are watching thatwe dont realize that we are exercising at all.Walking is not only one of the most convenient exercises that can be done; it isalso one of the most effective. If you can somehow find the time to put in a halfhour every day in the mornings and a half hour in the evenings, your health willbe drastically changed in a months time. Give it a try, you have nothing to losebut some fat.Double up Your Workouts EffortlesslyHow frustrating is it to you to step on a treadmill and walk without actually goinganywhere? Have you ever seen somebody that is constantly on a treadmill? Theyare really in shape, more than likely, and they seem to enjoy being there. I dontknow about you but I find it extremely boring to do exercises such as this. Iwould much rather get out in the fresh air in order to do my walking than to endup spending all of my time making a belt go around in a circle. Unfortunately, Idont have the time to do either.If you find yourself in a situation where you want to getphysically fit but you do not think you have the time todo so, you may have to double up some activities in orderto achieve your goal. Putting effort into exercise issomething that is almost always necessary but thatdoesnt mean that we need to be inconvenienced as aresult of the exercise that we are doing. If you have timeto sit and watch TV on a daily basis, you have time to makesure that you are getting in your exercise so that your healthcan improve. The real trick is making sure that you are ableto do both without giving up one or the other.One of the easiest ways for you to be able to do this is by putting a treadmill orstationary bike in your TV room. All you really need to do is get up from thecouch and go over to do a little bit of exercise while youre watching TV. After all,riding an exercise bike or walking on a treadmill is not going to hurt your abilityto watch TV at all. The only thing that you may need to do is adjust the volume toa certain extent and you dont even need to walk over to the TV to do that.Another thing that you can do is to get a mini trampoline in order to dorebounding exercises. This is an almost effortless way of exercising because all
  14. 14. you really need to do is bounce up and down on the trampoline for about 10 to 15minutes every day. This helps to realign your organs and to burn additionalcalories while you are doing something that is actually pretty fun to do.Hiking Your Way HealthyIt is not always necessary for you to do boring exercises in order to stay fit. As amatter of fact, most of us will not be able to stick with something that we do notenjoy long enough to see long term benefits. I know that for myself, I really hatewalking on a treadmill and I find it to be one of lifes most boring activities.Although I have walked on a treadmill from time to time in order to stay in shape,doing so on a long-term basis is something that simply is not going to happen.The funny thing about it is that I do enjoy walking but while doing so, I like to gosomeplace. One of the most interesting and enjoyable activities that you can do is to take up hiking. This is more than simply walking around the block or perhaps strolling through the mall, it is a strenuous exercise that you would need to build up to in order to be efficient at it. Although it is not effortless, you would be surprised with how enjoyable it is and how quickly the time passes as you are doing it. I dont consider hiking to be exercise at all, I consider it to be a hobby that I am dedicated to and will continue to do as long as my legs allow me to do so.What would happen if you were not someplace that was conducive to hiking? Notall of us live in a mountainous area that would allow us to get in a good hikewithout having to travel too far to get to the location. Believe it or not, mostcommunities have an area that would suffice for such an activity. You wouldprobably be surprised to find out that one is right in your backyard, even if it isntexactly what you are looking for. As long as youre getting out in nature andwalking around enjoying the things that are nearby, this is exercise and it ishiking.You might enjoy hiking so much that you decide to make a trip out of it. Manyindividuals end up going away in order to hike someplace special. You cantimagine how many calories you will be burning and how physically fit you will beas a result of this activity. Take the time to do it on a regular basis and you willlove the way you look.Can You Walk to Work?
  15. 15. Theres no doubt about it, walking is one of the best exercises that you canpossibly do for your health. Not only can it help you to keep trim, it can keepyour metabolism running strong which can aid you in any weight-loss efforts thatyou happen to be undertaking. The difficult part about walking is the fact thatyou are going to have to spend a lot of time doing so. Although it certainly wouldhelp if youre able to walk for 10 minutes a day, making sure that you walk acouple of miles every day are going to have a major impact on your health.The good news about this is that it is not necessary for you to walk the entire 2miles every day at one time. Exercise is not something that needs to be donewithout stopping although it does help in some ways to be able to do so. The factof matter is, just as you can save up $100 by putting one dollar at a time into yourpiggy bank, you can do 2 miles worth of walking every day by doing it in shortspurts. What is the best way for you to be able to do this?What you actually need to do is to evaluate yourcircumstances to see if there is anything that you can do which will be able to incorporate walking into it.A good example of this is if you live close enough towhere you work that you would be able to walk to iton a daily basis. Often, this is not practical unless you live within a mile or two ofyour office. You would probably be surprised to findout that after you walk for a little while, you would getyour speed up enough where you would be able to do this within a half-hour.Many people commute a half hour to work and they do so without gettingexercise at all.If you live further away from your office than you can walk, you might want toconsider riding your bike. A 5 mile bike ride to and from work would do wondersfor your health if you do this several times per week. If you are able to walk for 10minutes here and there during the day, you would be able to get enough exercisethat you could substantially impact your overall health without too much effort.Breathe Your Weight TrimWhat if I told you that it would not be necessary for you to go to the gym or toexercise at all in order for you to remain healthy? Although it certainly is a goodidea for you to exercise to a certain extent, you may be able to receive some of thesame benefits without effort by just breathing in the proper way. After all, thebreath that we have is a large part of what makes up our life and if we arebreathing improperly we may be hurting our health. Lets take a look at somedeep breathing exercises and what they can do for us.One of the problems that many of us tend to have is that we are shallowbreathers. Do this test for yourself to see how good your breathing is but youregoing to have to do so whenever you are not really paying attention to it.Whenever you are breathing properly, you are doing more than just filling your
  16. 16. lungs with air. Your diaphragm is also moving, allowing your lungs to expand tocapacity. Whenever your diaphragm moves up and down as a result of yourbreathing, your stomach will go in and out. Check this and see for yourself. Youmay need to ask somebody else to watch you breathe whenever you are notthinking about it to see if youre actually breathing deeply or not.Whenever we breathe, we bring oxygen into our lungs and it is picked up by theblood and carried directly into the heart. This oxygen is what helps to feed andfuel our body in a lot of different ways. If we are oxygen deprived, our body willnot be functioning properly and we will have a difficult time staying in shape. Byconcentrating on our breathing and the learning how to breathe properly all ofthe time, your health will be corrected and improved. How can this be done?One of the easiest ways to make sure that you are breathing properly is to take alittle bit of time every day to do some deep breathing exercises. Not only will thishelp to retrain us but it will also bring a lot of oxygen into our body, somethingthat will boost our metabolism. By doing this on a regular basis and teachingyourself how to breathe whenever youre not doing the exercises, you will behelping yourself to be healthy in mind and body.Skip the Exercise by Skipping the SugarI dont know about you but I really hate to exercise on a regular basis. Thatdoesnt mean that I am anti-exercise, it simply means that I find the effort that isneeded to really get physically fit is usually very inconvenient at best. I work a lotin order to be able to support my family and taking the time to exercise regularlyis not necessarily something that I can do. Believe it or not, I am actually in thebest shape of my life and it doesnt have anything to do with exercising at all. Ifyou make smart choices along the way, you can get physically fit and stay healthy,even without an official exercise regime.One of the easiest ways to do so is to totally cut sugar out of your life. Althoughthis is impractical to a certain extent, you cannotimagine the benefits that you can get by doingso. The easiest way for you to be able to do this isto eat according to the glycemic index. This is alist of carbohydrate foods that are arrangedaccording to how quickly the sugars that arecontained within them are dumped into ourbloodstream. As long as you are eating foodsthat are on the low end of the glycemic index, you will be able to eat about asmuch as you possibly want. You will stay full in the process and you will not havethe highs and lows that are experienced whenever you eat sugar.Along with making sure that you are eating the low on the glycemic index, youshould be eating a protein and a legume at every meal. Vegetables arenotoriously low in calories and in order for us to keep our metabolism running
  17. 17. strong, we need to eat calories. The protein will help you to maintain yourmuscle mass, even if you are losing weight and the legumes will make up for anycalories that are lost as a result of you eating a lot of vegetables.Of course, it always helps to do a little bit of exercise along with eating the properway. You dont need to hit the gym on a regular basis in order to experience thesebenefits. Just make sure that youre moving around and try to stay as active aspossible in your everyday life. The benefits of doing so will be evident wheneveryou look in the mirror.Getting Fit with the Glycemic IndexGetting some exercise in can be quite a challenge considering the fact that manyof us have an extremely busy schedule. Not only that, most of us dont really likeexercise in the first place which can make it difficult to stay motivated at the gym.We all realize that getting some exercise is one of the best ways for us to stay trimand healthy. That doesnt mean, however, that it is the only way for us to do so.If you get a moderate amount of exercise throughout the week naturally, you maybe able to get fit simply by eating in the proper way.One problem that many people run into when it comes to eating properly is thatthey follow to many different programs. Although it is a good idea to have aprogram in mind whenever you start eating for health, being too drastic orjumping from program to program is not going to help you at all. Another thingthat many people tend to do whenever they diet is to cut something out of theirdiet which the body needs. It is difficult to estimate how many people havedamaged their metabolisms as a result of yo-yo dieting through low carbohydrateor low-fat eating.If you really want to stay fit, it is difficult to beat the benefits that you receivefrom eating a low glycemic diet. The way that you would do this is actually fairlysimple to understand. The glycemic index is a list of foods that are arrangedaccording to how quickly the sugar that is in them is released into our system.The higher on the list the food resides, the faster the sugar isgoing to be dumped. This can cause our pancreas to overloadus with insulin, something that is going to end up storing faton your body.By eating a healthy diet that includes five to six small mealson a daily basis, you can really get your metabolism runningat top speed. Make sure that you include a protein, legumeand plenty of low glycemic vegetables at every meal, preferably raw. If you eatlike this for two weeks you will be able to see the difference in your clothing andwhenever you stand on the scale. It is an easy way to get fit without doingexercise.
  18. 18. Effortlessly Boost Your Metabolism with SupplementsOur body is an amazing piece of natural equipment. Most of the time, we are noteven aware of the fact that our body is running and doing as many tasks as it is atone time. It is certainly something that we take for granted all too often in ourlives. If our health starts to go downhill, however, our body may be on our mindon a constant basis. It is a much better idea to make sure that we are taking careof ourselves regularly before something goes wrong than to try and correct it onceit does.Staying fit and making sure that youre not carrying around too much weight is avery important thing to many people. Unfortunately, it is also something that isvery difficult to achieve in the busy lives that most people follow. That doesntmean that it is something that is impossible for us to do. For example, we canmake sure that we are helping our body along to the greatest extent possible bykeeping our metabolism running at optimal levels. This can either be done byeating properly, getting exercise or taking supplements. Any one of these willwork or you can try a combination of two or more. Taking supplements to boost your metabolism is a relatively easy thing to do. There are plenty of supplements out there which help to fire up our metabolism and to keep it running well for us throughout the day. The main thing is that you choose something which is all natural so that you do not end up damaging this vital part of your body in the process. Taking man-made chemicals in order to alter the way that our body functions is simply a bad idea from the start.Although there are a lot of different supplements which can increase ourmetabolism, one of the safest and most effective as green tea. You can either takethis in its natural form by brewing it as a tea or get it concentrated in the form ofa pill. Green tea has several natural ingredients which can keep our metabolismrunning smoothly as well as some which work as an antioxidant. Make sure thatyou take this natural supplement on a regular basis and you will see results comeyour way within a short period of time.Do You Want to Cut Weight? Ride the BullIt is difficult to lose weight whenever we enjoy going out to the clubs on a regularbasis. As a matter of fact, drinking alcohol at these clubs can put weight on youvery quickly and make it almost impossible for you to take it off. Although a littlebit of alcohol is healthy for the most part, too much alcohol can slow yourmetabolism down to a crawl and many mixed drinks contain more calories than avalue meal at McDonalds. If you enjoy this activity a little bit too much, you willprobably see your waistline growing as a result. There are some ways that you
  19. 19. can have the best of both worlds, however, but you need to take the bull by thehorns.Although it may take a little bit of adjustment in the clubs that you frequentregularly, it is possible for you to get in some great physical activity while youreout with your friends. A good example of this is a mechanical bull. Althoughthese are relatively rare in todays club scene, there are still plenty ofestablishments out there which have a bull sitting in the corner. This is a greatway for you to be able to lose weight and to get in shape, along with being one ofthe most enjoyable things that you will ever do at a club.The best thing for you to do whenever you are attempting to get in shape in thisway is to start out slow and build your way up. Although it may be tempting foryou to have them throw the bull into high gear right from the start, that can causea lot of injuries which will put additional weight on your midsection because ofinactivity. Start out slow and ignore your natural desire to want to impress thecrowds and to show how much of a man you are. Believe me, riding one of thesecontraptions on a low-speed is going to be hard enough whenever youre startingout.One other word of advice that I can give you is to make sure thatyou skip the drinks while you are at the club. Perhaps you couldmake yourself the permanent designated driver in this case. Youwill still be able to enjoy time out with your friends but you willbe doing so, getting fit and then safely getting them home afterthe evening is over.Get out Your Bicycle for Fun and ExerciseThere certainly are a lot of different ways that we can get exercise in order to loseweight and a stay in shape. How many times have youowned a gym membership only to allow it to expirewithout ever really taking advantage of it. Believeme, you would be surprised with the number of peoplewho have done the exact same thing, several timesover. The simple fact of the matter is that you dontneed to go to the gym in order to get in shape andto lose some weight. As a matter of fact, youprobably have something sitting in your garage that is perfect for helping you tolose the weight that you desire.How long has it been since you have had your bicycle out for a ride? You wouldprobably be surprised with exactly how effective bicycling is to bring your healthback into line. More than likely, youre going to have to pull your bike out of thegarage and take it to have it repaired, especially if it has been quite some time
  20. 20. since it has seen the light of day. Typically, making sure the tires and the brakeswork well will be enough for you to get started with this amazing activity.You are going to need to make sure that you do not get uncomfortable wheneveryou are out on a bike ride. After all, doing an activity that you are unfamiliar withcan make you sore in a number of different ways. This is especially the case whenit comes to bicycling and the parts of your body that are going to be used duringthis activity. Usually, people end up enjoying riding their bikes so much that theytend to forget that they are out of shape. This can cause problems so you need tomake sure that you work your way into the long bike rides gradually.Dont ignore your body but make sure that you push yourself to a certain extentso that you get the maximum amount of exercise as possible. The great partabout doing this activity is that many of us enjoy it so much that the time passesquickly and we dont even realize that we are exercising. Dont let that fool you,however, the exercise that you get while riding your bike will go a long way inhelping you to look better in the mirror.Weightlifting without Lifting WeightsTheres no doubt about it, one of the best exercises that you can do for yourself isto hit the gym on a regular basis and the pump some iron. You dont need to betotally ripped and move a house around every time you get down on the bench,putting a little bit of effort into your weight lifting will benefit you in a number ofdifferent ways. First of all, somebody that has a little bit of lean muscle mass isgoing to look better, regardless of whether they are carrying extra weight aroundor not. The muscle that youre building is also going to help you to lose weight.Unfortunately, not all of us are inclined to get into the gym and do this regularly.There is a way that you can lift weights effortlessly, however, and gain some ofthe benefits as well.Although it is never actually going to be effortless for you to lift weights, you canincorporate it into your life in one way or another in order to make it as easy aspossible. There are several ways for you to be able to do this but the mostimportant thing is that you are conscious about the fact that you need to movesome weight around occasionally in order to reap the rewards.Here are some exercises that you can do around your homewhich will help you to be able to tone up and lose a little bit ofweight in the process. The best part about it is that these willnot take too much effort on your part and many of them aresomething that you need to do anyway.Toning your muscles is really just about lifting weight that is notnaturally carried around with your body. For example, carryinggrocery bags is something that we all do on a regular basis but many of us tend todo as little bit of this work as possible. I make this a rule in my particular case,
  21. 21. any time I am carrying anything in my hand I either curl it or press it. I also useforearm flexors whenever I am sitting around watching TV. Although youre notgoing to get muscular by doing these few things, you would be surprised with howmuch these little efforts add up over time.A perfect example of how you could do this is by spending a day every week withyour family at the park. You dont have to do something that is extremelyextravagant in order to enjoy a day like this, just getting out of the sun andplaying a little while can add a lot of activity to your overall weekly exercise. Ifyour children are young, put them in the stroller and take a walk through thepark on a sunny afternoon. Your child will enjoy the time out in the air and youwill enjoy the time as well.If your children are older or if you want to spend some time at the park with yourfriends, some serious physical activity can ensue. Taking a frisbee and throwingit around or perhaps getting together a quick game of football are excellent waysfor you to enjoy some physical activity without feeling like you are actuallyexercising. After all, being sedentary is only enjoyable to a certain degree,enjoying some time with friends at the park is something that you will enjoy everytime it is done.Mountain Biking to Stay in ShapeIt is difficult to find the time to exercise on a regular basis. Theres no doubtabout it, exercise is something that we all need but it is also something that wetend to let slide if our schedules get too busy. We may spend the time doingsomething that we enjoy doing before we will spend the time sweating on thetreadmill or lifting weights. The easiest way for you to make sure that youregetting exercise on a regular basis is to incorporate the two with each other. Ifyou choose an activity that you enjoy, one that requires some physical exertion onyour part, you would be surprised with how much you will benefit from thecombination.As far as Im concerned, one of the most enjoyable forms of recreation isbicycling. This is one of those physical activities which seem to allow time to passso quickly that you dont realize that youre exercising in the process. Of all of thedifferent ways that you can bicycle, however, mountain biking is probably onethat will be the most interesting and give youthe most exercise. The good part about it is thatthere are very few things that are necessary foryou to take up this hobby and you often have tospend less than you would on a stationary bike.Having the proper clothes, a bicycle and a helmetare all that is really needed for you to get started.Although in the traditional sense, mountain biking needs to be done in themountains, not all of us live in an area that provides this kind of environment.
  22. 22. Most communities will have an area that has hills where we can ride ourmountain bikes but it may be necessary for you to simply get out into thewilderness or over to the park on a regular basis in order to ride your mountainbike someplace other than on the street. This will help to keep things interestingand that goes a long way in making sure that you stick with this activity.Mountain biking is not only a great exercise; it is also one that very few of usconsider to be exercise at all. Simply getting out on your bicycle and enjoying theworld around you can make for quite an interesting day. Not only will you enjoythe time, you will be more physically fit as a result of this hobby.Stay Fit with Deep Breathing ExercisesExercise does not necessarily always have to be about you being physically active.There are several different forms of effortless exercise that you can use on a dailybasis which will help you to get physically fit, lose some weight and feel betterfrom the inside out. A good example of this is deep breathing exercises,something that many of us never take advantage of. The fact of the matter is,breath is life and if we take advantage of these effortless exercises, we can help toenhance our life in a number of different ways. Not only will our breathingimprove on a regular basis, we may find that it helps our mind to relax as well. Whenever we breathe, the air from the outside is pulled into our lungs. It is then distributed throughout our body by our bloodstream. You might be surprised to learn that the air is taken directly into the bloodstream and then through the heart before it is dispersed into the rest of the body. It is that important for us to make sure that we have a constant supply of oxygen because without the oxygen, our life would cease to exist. Although we all breathe on a regular basis, making sure that we breathe properly can go a long way in improving our health.How can you tell if you’re breathing properly? Whenever we breathe, our lungsare filled with air but something else takes place if we are breathing in the rightway. Our diaphragm moves up and down as a result of our lungs being filled upwith their and in order to increase the capacity whenever we are breathing in.This diaphragm also makes our stomach go in and out and if you do not see thishappening, you are not breathing deep enough. By doing deep breathingexercises on a daily basis, you will be reprogramming yourself to breatheproperly.There are several different deep breathing exercise routines that you can do.Your best choice is to buy a DVD so that you can breathe along with theindividual while you are sitting in front of your television set. Eventually, you willbe able to practice these exercises no matter where you are but it certainly helpsto be able to do so at first in the privacy of your own home. Try this form of
  23. 23. effortless exercise for yourself for a month; you would be surprised with where itwill take you.Got Exercise? Get RestWhen most of us think about exercise, we consider exerting ourselves to the pointwhere we are sweaty and tired. To be sure, exercising in this way is one of thehealthiest ways to be able to do so. It burns off calories quickly and helps us tostay physically fit and healthy. The real problem with exercising in such a way isthat very few of us have the time that is needed to be able to do so on a regularbasis. Even though we may sneak into the gym from time to time, we need a formof effortless exercise that is not going to sap all of our time away from us.You might be surprised to learn that exercise is not all about the physical activitythat you are actually doing. As a matter of fact, much of the exercise that you aredoing is only going to work well if you do several things in conjunction with it.For example, eating the right foods is going to feed your body the proper type ofnutrients in order for it to get the most out of your exercise. Believe it or not,getting enough rest in between exercise is something that can also help you in anumber of different ways.One of the problems that many of us have is that we are living stressful lives.This can make it very difficult for us to lose weight and keep it off successfully. Ifwe are able to de-stress from time to time, that can do a lot to help us to remainphysically fit. A very similar thing happens whenever we do not get enough rest.A lack of sleep can cause chemicals to be released in our bodies that will have verymuch the same effect as being stressed out.If we are doing certain types of exercises, it may be necessary for us to takeseveral days off in between. Some people like to lift weights and when they do so,they tend to overdo it. If youre not giving your body adequate rest in betweenexercise sessions, you may be hurting it rather than helping it. After all, breakingour body down to exercise would require us to allow it to be built back up. Theonly way for you to be able to do this is to rest and that is the easiest part ofexercise that exists. Thank you for reading this report!
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