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  1. 1. Sometimes a product comes along that is simple in its brilliance. Explore has developed a wireless SDcard that allows uploading while in a WiFi zone. You can now have photos & videos upload from your camera to your computer or favorite media sharing site with speed and ease!recover photos from memory card
  2. 2. There are WiFi hotspots everywhere now the ability to upload fromincluding your favorite coffee shop, hotels, gyms and more The WirelessSD card also has an Automatic geo-tagging feature to effortlessly mapyour adventures And thats just the beginning! It is wireless, you canupload photos & videos from your camera through your Wi-Fi networkwith unprecedented wireless performance thanks to built-in 802 11ntechnology The 8 GB Card can store up to 4,000 photos or 3h of videowith superfast class 6 read & write speeds
  3. 3. Uploading your content will give you an unlimited amount of memory andusage out of the card This means it is the only card that can free-upspace for you after pictures are safely delivered Never worry aboutrunning out of space again The Eye-Fi Explore X2 card keeps yourcontent organized Photos and videos can automatically land indate-based folders, so memories are organized effortlessly by date
  4. 4. The card also gives you HotSpot access Upload on-the-go through oneof tens of thousands of AT&T Wi-Fi HotSpots, including your favoritecoffee shop, hotels, restaurants and more (1 year of service included) Ithas a Geo-taggingfeature What this does is logs the time and place youtook a picture or video It is lifetime and automatic! Geo-tagging servicehelps you organize and share your photos
  5. 5. View, search and share your latest trips on a map It brings your tripviewing to a whole new level The Eye-Fi Explore X2 card can wirelesslyupload photos and videos to folders of your choice on your computer, oreven directly into iPhoto for Macs! It is compatible with hundreds ofdevices No need to buy a new camera! It offers effortless sharing to yourfavorite social media sites Wirelessly send your JPEG photos and videosto a popular website
  6. 6. See the complete list you can choose from, which includes Flickr,Facebook, Picasa, MobileMe, and YouTube You can select whichphotos and videos are uploaded Get email, Facebook, text message* orTwitter alerts when your photos are uploading online The Eye-Fi ExploreX2 is easy to set up it just takes a few minutes and you are good to goHere is what you need to take advantage of this great new SD card: AnSDHC compatible camera
  7. 7. The Eye-Fi Explore X2 card works in hundreds of cameras Abroadband internet connection A Wi-Fi router compatible with 802 11b/g/n recover photos from memory card on the 2 4GHz band Note: 5GHz band is not supported
  8. 8. A computer with Windows XP (SP3)/Vista/7 or Mac OSX (Intel) 10 5, or10 6 (Snow Leopard) 100MB of free space It isnt often that a newproduct gets me excited but having been a victim of the all to common"Well Im out of memory space!" problem The Eye-Fi Explore X2 productwould be useful for anyone who wants to capture as many pictures asthey want, dash into a wireless area, upload them and have a newmemory card to use with all your pictures safe and sound!
  9. 9. recover photos from memory card