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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. It doesnt seem to matter which of the major carriers you go with, you have to get at least a$40 per month voice plan just to have the ability toadd texting. However, you do have other here
  • 2. For young adults who rarely make phone calls on your wireless phone, you areprobably wasting a lot of money every month Sure you might have got a reallycool cell phone for free with your two year contract, but you also probably paid$36 for an activation fee and are also paying nearly $60 per month Thismeans over two years, you will spend approximately $1500 on your cellularphone service
  • 3. How would you like to cut your bill in half, and get a cool phone while you areat it? For less than $750 you can get a nice phone and two years of servicewithout signing a contract This includes unlimited texting and some voiceminutes for the occasional phone calls The fact is, talking on the phone isturning into a thing of the past, while texting is so quick and easy that it isbecoming the wave of the future
  • 4. What if Im not a young adult, but have children, is this still a good deal forme? The answer is yes Plus, you could even have your child pay you withsome of their allowance Here are the two most popular ways most parentsfind savings with their childs wireless phone
  • 5. If you find that your son or daughter send thousands of text messages permonth, but rarely make a phone call, you may want to consider a pay as yougo plan At least on major cell phone service provider offers unlimited textingwith some voice minutes for just $25 per month That is far cheaper than the$50-60 per month you would pay with the major post paid carriers
  • 6. Another solution that will work for some parents is adding your child to yourfamily plan This option is similar in cost as you should expect to pay anywherefrom $20-40 depending on the US cell phone provider you have
  • 7. We recommend you avoid signing the long contracts and stop being tied down Then, as the cell phone world changes you will have freedom to move to whatis best for you without paying cancellation fees which can be well over $200
  • 8. We hope you will find a site here great deal for your cellular phone needs
  • 9. site here