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  1. 1. Everyone can make a great start with a new social life through an online service. There are many online dating sites that have gained rapid popularity for making the perfect matches for people. It has even succeeded is finding great companions who would have been impossible to find otherwise. However looking for your soul mate or a companion online is a big feature that has been clouded with mixed opinions. Some people have claimed that they have had almost none or bad experiences when connecting with people through online dating sites. But the whole ball game is more about how you project yourself on a public profile. The little details matter a lot when a potential soul mate is skimming through your details, and that is usually a make or break solution. It is common to have a difficult start on these services, unless you take some helpful Online Dating Advice from a good consultant. If you want to make a good start, here are some common tips that everyone should know when making an online dating profile:Profile Defenders
  2. 2. 1 Choose the right words when explaining your feelings about a topic a Avoid those starting with hints like -I dont know why Im writing this- or -Iusually try to tolerate- b Share all those ideas that you are fond todiscuss about with positive adjectives c
  3. 3. Avoid any negativity or topics that would provoke you to rant about 2Share opinions that are genuine from your family and friends a Avoidthose phrases and comments which sound average, but rather just beselective when sharing your traits b There is a fine line betweenboasting and just listing down your qualities, try to sound as lessconceited and brief you can 3
  4. 4. Share how you get along with your family if it is good to share 4 If thereis something that is important to your life, like your pet or your hobbiesthen definitely put a positive note on them 5 Check through anyguidelines that the dating site offers you 6 Writing about 150 to 250words is ideal for any online dating profile because no one has time toread everything Profile Defenders unless your words are really engagingBeing in the process of writing your own online dating profile is a reallygood practice
  5. 5. It forces you to think about yourself and be critical too In the samepractice you will learn how to write even better that a third person wouldenjoy reading It is difficult to write like a skilled writer when expressingyourself or selling your personality, so you can always check out someformal classes that can guide you to a good profile online
  6. 6. A good place to get some good Online Dating Advice is from AlexHitchens Online Dating Master Class which is a perfect crash course foranyone who is seeking for good companionship from the internet Thereare some important lessons that you can learn the easy way and get offwith a good start with good memories only Never be lonely again!Become an Online Dating Guru with the Alex Hitchens Online DatingMasterclass
  7. 7. The somekeyword you get in this course will not only show you howEXACTLY how to set up that perfect profile, it will also reveal secrets andmethods that have never been seen before in the world of online datingGain the confidence needed to park her interest every time and never beleft out of in the cold again!Sign up for the somekeyword and finally getthe confidence you need to spark her interest, both online and off
  8. 8. Profile Defenders