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  1. 1. Can YOU RECALL the last time you heard the newsman deliver his piece and you latched on till the last syllable?voice over talent
  2. 2. Or what about that rousing cry by Brad Pitt who(melodramatically) exhorted, "Beyond that beach is Immortality Takeit Its YOURS!!" How about that time your lover lustily whispered,"the Bedroom Now " Instantly, you felt hot all over; not because ofanticipation, but because of her intonation Now, stop, and lets lookat at the other side of the coin Can you already remember that dullprofessor who droned on and on And on and on
  3. 3. Three cups of black coffee nothwithstanding, and you fell asleepdespite her topic embracing your dearest hobbies? The VoiceForget about the Pen being Mightier than the Sword The Voice canrip that Mont Blanc to shreds Over the spectrum of mans history,
  4. 4. men deployed SPEECH like a sword Ancient Senators in Greeceused grand rhetoric to craft empires Bill Clinton unleashed charmingsoliloquys to entice an entire nation It also got great lovers satisfiedand crafty employees a fat raise So whats the secret totransforming that rusty vocal weapon into an indomitable Excalibur? Ican give you numerous tips to explode the power of your voice, BUTTHEREs ONE overriding principle Follow it, and all the other tipsautomatically come into play Ready for it? ++PASSION++ Thats thekey Speak with passion, declaim with authority, sing with desireACT AS IF WHAT YOU WERE SAYING CAME FROM THEBOTTOM OF YOUR HEART And yes, EVEN when youre droningabout yesterdays company stock plunge before the board Actdisinterested, and people will walk halfhearted BUT
  5. 5. voice over talent if you delivery with intensity, Im damnedconfident youll rouse the masses to your selfish cause I know, cozits how I rally the troops Dont drone " Yesteryears poorperformance resulted from lackluster product development due tounderfunding of the budget department and aggressive performancefrom the competitor" Yuch Thats a poor performance speech rightthere Instead, kick up the rhetoric with blazing action words thatcreate images, sounds and pictures Flood you voice with gusto, asyou say, " Okay, I know were all REELING from the kicking we tooklast year Its smarts AND we deserve it Why? We ABANDONEDproduct devlopment and sat on our fat butts of the previous yearsThat gave our opponents room to CHARGE in and CHECKMATE usinto a corner Is this how its to be? Gentlemen, we act now or weperish " Okay, its melodramatic, but you get my point, dont you?Okay, a few more pieces of advice 1) Speak from the diaphragm
  6. 6. Tom Vizzni mentions that quite a lot If the voice emanates from thethroat or the nose, youll sound pathetic To ensure that the voice isdiaphragmatic, press down on your tummy as you practice speakingIf you feel it rumbling, youll know that youre drawing from the lowerlevels to vastly and naturally explode the resonance of your voiceYoull sound ooohh so sexxxy 2) Slouch and youre dead Yourposture adds and detracts from your vocal command Imagine ahidden puppet master perpetually pulling your strings UPWARDSTry speaking Abe Lincolns "Four Score and Seven Years Ago" whilestanding straight AND slouching like a whipped dog Youll see the
  7. 7. difference DONT BE LAZY Do it RIGHT now! 3) Pepper yourwords with Action words Trash the vague abstractions and passivesentence structures- people will lapse into trance and space out
  8. 8. Say, "Mike SLAMMED open the door in disgust He seethed withfury " Dont say "The door was opened my Mike and he was mad "Geez 4) Finally, LISTEN and let PEOPLE speak Communications isabout saying your spiel as fast as you can, then gaining feedbackYou and I would hate the speaker who hogs the floor, woudnt we? Iwalked out of a Microsoft Convention for Networking Idiots Like Meat the Hotel Shangri-La because the speaker spoke straight for twohours without a forum or even a single question thrown at theaudience Respect your listeners by listening and gaining feedbackFeedback is gold ADVANCED LESSONS Okay, from now on, takenote of your favorite anchor people Watch how they report Askyourself how you could speak with such charisma, and HOW youcan do it even *better
  9. 9. voice over talent