Every day Stock Report Monday Morning, May 21, 2012


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Every day Stock Report Monday Morning, May 21, 2012

  1. 1. Daily Stock Report Monday Morning, May 21, 2012 Announcement: The Trading Room is a LIVE real-time forum where you get excellent stock ideas for mostly intraday scalping trades where our goal is to make 1-3% profit per transaction. Go to www.TradeStocksAmerica.com and click on the Trading Room tab for instructions to receive a $1 trial for a week. Not only will you receive excellent stock trading ideas, mostly focused on intraday scalps, you will get commentary about the timing, trading action, and market behavior during the day and how it affects any stock ideas posted in the Trading Room. Plus you will interact with other traders as well. It is highly recommended to study the trading strategies and chart setup before you use your actual hard earned money and practice in a virtual account for 30-90 days before in order to get a high winning rate while practice. This will dramatically increase your chances of being profitable from the beginning of using your own money. See you in the Trading Room!It is the same story but a different day. Groundhog day. Summary OpinionTwelve out of the last 13 days the Dow30 is down with the The daily stock charts for the indexes look quite negativesame story on other indexes. Today we did have higher with more downside the most likely direction. Monitorvolume but I prefer a series of days that have increasing market action with a tradable bottom to buy long positionsdown volume with an accelerated drop in price. At some Continue to build wishlist of stocks to buy long. Wait forpoint stocks will rebound when there are more buyers than stocks to stop dropping first and turn up a little beforesellers but with the current market conditions and news buying.overhanging the market, it does not seem likely we see any Wait longer to see stocks bottom before entering anymeaningful rebound until either the above conditions occur long positions – STAY PATIENT!OR lower prices. Calendar (All Eastern times)Statistically, 12 out of 13 down days would normally mean we Tuesday, 1000am,Existing Home Sales, 4.65Mcould see a reversal, kind of like heads and tails. But the Wednesday, 7:00am, MBA Mortgage Index, 9.2%market needs to see some more “finality” out of Greece or Wednesday, 1000am, New Home Sales, 349kSpain or Italy—not the Chinese water torture we are getting Wednesday, 1030am, Crude Oil Inventories, 2.128M Wednesday, 200pm, FOMC Minutes releasednow, drip drip drip. Thursday, 8:30am, Initial Claims, 365K Thursday, 8:30am, Continuing Claims, 3,250KThe last time the market was this negative was last July and Thursday, 830am, Durable Orders, +0.3%early August 2011 when the US politicians couldn’t agree on Friday, 955am, Michigan Sentiment, 77.5a budget. (They still haven’t yet, which is another problem). Follow-up notes:That had increasing volume to an extreme with a strongrebound out of that bottom.Now if we get more down volume Monday and Tuesday, then we can look for a strong tradable rally that will last for 2-3days but a sharp rebound. Then more selling back toward that low after that.Facebook went public today and it did give a little boost to the market but as soon as the public saw the $42 indication,stocks turned over and I mean everything I was watching followed that pattern. FB went down to its ipo price of $38 beforethe underwriters start stepping in to support the stock. It is what I call buy the hype and sell on the news.Will Greece, Spain and Italy have a resolution this week? No. But after a while, the market gets used to the news and aftermentally digesting it or if stocks have gone down enough, the sellers have done most of their selling and then mostly buyersremain. Then stocks go up because the balance has shifted toward more buying than selling. It’s that simple.The key thing now is to continue to build a wish list of stocks you like and be ready to buy on that climactic day, probablysometime this next week. You won’t have time to assemble a list when the market is going down sharply so you need tohave already made up so all you have to do is refer to it. Here are a handful of ideas on this report but there are hundredsof charts all setting up to look the same.Continue to build wish list of stocks to buy long. Wait for stocks to stop dropping FIRST and turn up a little beforebuying. NOTE THE ETFs LISTED ON SWING TRADE LIST BELOW. 1
  2. 2. Scalp of the day from Trading Room: (all eastern times) IMOS was a big long scalp with a 10.25% move. These scalps posted here are best ones we find in real-time each day and will do our best to present these as timely as possible to the Trading Room and give commentary and suggestions as how to profit from them. Normally a 2-3% profit is very good per scalp. The Trading Room is now open! Start your $1 trial here: www.tradestocksamerica.com/trading-room-new.php Swing Trade Ideas: (Usually hold time is days) Wait for stocks to stop dropping before considering new longs. SSO, Ultra S&P 500 long etf. Consider small long next 2-3 days. DDM, Ultra Dow30 long etf. Consider small long next 2-3 days. UWM, Ultra Russell 2000 etf. Consider small long next 2-3 days. ORLY, O’Reilly Auto Parts. Consider small long position. UYG, Proshares Ultra Financials. Consider small long position. WLP, Wellpoint. Consider small long position. CEF, Central Fund of Canada. Consider small long position. GIL, Gildan Activewear. Consider small long position. HSC, Harsco Corp. Watching for long position next 1-3 days. HLF, Herbalife. Consider small long position. HUM, Humana. Starting to monitor HUM for potential long position. NFLX, Netflix. Watching for long position next 1-3 days. LPSN, Liveperson. Consider small short position. VCI, Valassis Communications. Watching for short entry next 2-3 days. ATML, Atmel. Consider small long position. CME, CME Group. Consider small long position. SLW, Silver Wheaton. Consider smaller than normal long position. CANCEL. DRIV, Digital River. Consider small long position. ANR, Alpha Natural Resources. Consider small long. LEAP, Leap Wireless. Consider small long position. APKT, Acme Packet. Consider small long for 2-3 day hold time. IDCC, Interdigital. Consider small short. ERJ, Embraer S.A consider small long position (looking for $30 area). Still looking for this to stop dropping before buying long. Intermediate Trade Ideas: (weeks to months) Wait for stocks to stop dropping before considering new longs. MDVN, Medivation. Consider small long position.Focus Chart: (Worden Telechart 2007-Download FREE on home page ofwww.TradeStocksAmerica.com.) FCS, Fairchild Semi. Consider small short position. MNST, Monster Beverage. Consider long position.LPSN, Liveperson. This short has started turning over as we COP, Conoco Phillips. Consider small long position.want to continue an established downtrend. You can see a BMY, Bristol-Myers Squibb. Consider small long position.downtrend starting to develop as intermediate term indicators ARG, Airgas. Consider small long position.are starting to turn down. MKC, McCormick & Co. Consider small long position. NYX, NYSE Euronext. Consider small long position DLTR, Dollar Tree. Consider long position. MAC, Macerich. Watching for long at $59. TSS, Total Systems. Consider small long. CHL, China Mobile. Was watching for a $54.50 level to buy but jumped up Wednesday. Still consider small long position even though jumped up. MO, Altria Group. Consider small long next 2-3 days. Aggressive Investors-Traders (High risk, high reward) TNA, Small Cap bull 3X leveraged ETF. Consider small long next 2-3 days AAP, Advanced Auto Parts. Consider small long position. QSII, Quality Systems. Consider small long position. CANCEL. VRTX, Vertex Pharmaceutical. Cancel this idea as short. Don’t get leveraged on any of these aggressive ideas. Study Bullshorts in the Wizard Training Course before attempting this high risk high reward strategy. It is best to let these peak in price and turn down before opening short. 2
  3. 3. Stock List Type Notes Open Price Close PriceCMG,CMG Chipotle Mex LONG-INT Closed all long position at 405, 236% avg. profit 163.49 367.18MNST, Monster Bev. LONG-SWI Still acting strong. 42.69 53.35AAP, Advance Auto LONG-SWI profit. Sold at Monday open for 13.7% profit. 75.17 85.50KT, Kt Corp SHORT- SHORT-SWI Covered short Tuesday for 4.2% profit 13.55 12.97DLTR, Dollar Tree LONG-SWI Closed half position Thursday for 4% profit. 97.50 101.58MTW, Manitowoc Co SHORT- SHORT-SWI Covered Monday for 14.8% profit. 14.64 12.75IMGN, Immunogen LONG-SWI Closed Thursday for an 8.6% profit. 12.65 13.65MDVN, Medivation LONG-SWI All-time new high Wednesday. 77.98CL, Colgate-Palmol LONG-SWI Still within uptrend, looking for higher highs. 98.15GDI, Gardner Denver SHORT- SHORT-SWI Covered remaining short for 6.2% avg. profit. 65.09 61.30JCOM, J2 Global Com LONG-SWI Stopped at $25 Wednesday for 4% loss. 25.97 25FTE, France Telecom SHORT- SHORT-SWI Covered Monday for slight loss. 13.66 13.70GRPN, Groupon SHORT-SWI Stopped Tuesday for 7% loss. 10.31 11COP, ConocoPhillips LONG- LONG-SWI profit; Sold for 2.5% profit; consider selling below $52.50 52.84 54IDCC, Interdigital SHORT- SHORT-SWI New low Friday; good to hold if still short. 27.31CHL, China Mobile LONG- LONG-SWI Stopped Thursday for 6.2% loss. 56.66 53.30SIMO,SIMO, Silicon Motion LONG- LONG-SWI Sold Tuesday for 3.3% loss. 15.02 14.49ATML, Atmel LONG- LONG-SWI Stopped Friday for 9% loss. 7.64 7.00CME, CME Group LONG- LONG-INT stop Set stop under $250 262.68SLM, SLM Corp LONG- LONG-SWI Stopped Wednesday at $13.50 for 3.8% loss. 14.02 13.50ANV, Allied Nevada LONG-SWI Sold Tuesday for 2% loss. 26.06 25.60DRIV, Digital River LONG- LONG-SWI Stopped Thursday for 7.2% loss. 15.87 14.73LPSN, LivePersonLPSN SHORT-SWI SHORT- This might take a while to breakdown. 16.30AL, Airlease SHORT-SWI SHORT- Consider covering short Monday-Tuesday. covering Monday- 22.25FCS, Fairchild Short- Short-SWI Small short position 13.37Here are some highlights of comments and stock ideas from Friday LIVE Trading Room. Try a $1 trial for 1 week using thislink: http://www.tradestocksamerica.com/trading-room.php 3
  4. 4. Friday 5-18-2012 [07:40 am] qwert : How can they know that mitch [07:40 am] eyes : FSLR just fluched me out and up it goes[01:02 pm] Mitch K: your learning will go 3 times faster when you [07:41 am] qwert : haha [07:41 am] scalpman : Reducing ADSK another 3/10.review every day [07:41 am] Ed : dddont worry[01:02 pm] Mitch K: take care guys and try to spend some time [07:41 am] shark : lolreviewing charts this weekend, preferrably tonight [07:42 am] shark : in 4min, they will know the first FB open trade[01:01 pm] Mitch K: we have to make you guys laugh too! [07:42 am] shark : wow[01:01 pm] Mitch K: good one gub [07:42 am] Ed : money talks[01:00 pm] Mitch K: hope you liked the ideas and commentary [07:42 am] shark : they do have a crystal ballafchao168 [07:42 am] shark : I knew it[01:00 pm] Mitch K: Ed got mixed up with the music, i think that [07:42 am] mikewd2 -: open at 50 or higher? maybe 100? [07:42 am] shark : 40s probablywas his strip act music [07:42 am] qwert : i cant believe how big of a deal they are making this[12:59 pm] Ed : have an awesome weekend traders [07:42 am] shark : maybe 50 at hi end[12:52 pm] Mitch K: no qwert, much better ideas than that, save [07:43 am] Ed : they have to, lot of supply to be unloadedyour money [07:43 am] shark : TOTALLY, ed[12:51 pm] Mitch K: cant do it for awhile [07:43 am] mikewd2 -: yeah and can dump more in 60 days at IPO price[12:50 pm] Mitch K: no options yet either [07:43 am] shark : and 64m share over allotment[12:50 pm] Mitch K: cant short for at least 30 days for this one [07:43 am] qwert : im even getting messages from lightspeed[12:50 pm] Mitch K: yep [07:43 am] mikewd2 -: was the offering price 38? [07:44 am] scalpman : Moving final stop to 28.99[12:50 pm] Mitch K: nope [07:44 am] scalpman : ADSK[12:49 pm] Mitch K: you wont get them except virtual [07:44 am] joeytsa : yeah qwert, i got an email from them the other day[12:49 pm] Mitch K: there shouldnt be any shares available to short [07:44 am] Ed : what says it, "buy buy buy"[12:49 pm] Mitch K: shark, you have FB short? [07:44 am] joeytsa : it was about the order types they will accept i think[12:49 pm] Mitch K: 2,625,000 order to buy at 38, 255k, 710k, 2.15 [07:44 am] joeytsa : it was a couple days agomil all support to buy at 38 [07:45 am] qwert : mine says nsdq accepting limit orders only beginning at[12:48 pm] Mitch K: now look at this 1 min chart on FB, clear 10:45 in FB iposupport by underwriters, no question [07:45 am] joeytsa : this is like the superbowl [07:45 am] qwert : im getting messages on my platform this am[12:48 pm] Mitch K: same thing happened in other markets, [07:48 am] shark : :)commodities like oil followed same pattern [07:48 am] shark : 10:45 et qwert??[12:47 pm] Mitch K: i think Facebook did give a little excitement to [07:48 am] skydiver : all out of TPX Lthe market and as soon as the public started seeing that $42 [07:49 am] shark : should I sell on open, Mitch?indication, that the FB stock wasnt going to go up a lot, everything [07:49 am] skydiver : ok Mitch - sounds goodstarted selling, i mean every stock i looked at turned over [07:49 am] qwert : yeah sky thats what it says[12:46 pm] Mitch K: i never thought people would want to buy today [07:49 am] scalpman : mismanged ADSK, and didnt see the drop...and hold over weekend because there is too many negative events [07:49 am] skydiver : good reminder Mitch - thnx [07:50 am] skydiver : ok - put my order in for 1 share like Ed is going to dothat could take place in Europe. :)[12:45 pm] Mitch K: the pops wont be strong and you can short into [07:50 am] scalpman : Out with small profit,most any pops with good profits, even on the FIRST day of a [07:51 am] Ed : actually Im doing 1 fraction of a sharerebound you can short [07:51 am] mikewd2 -: looking like 45 open[12:44 pm] Mitch K: with this current situation we have sustainable [07:51 am] joeytsa : Mitch: i said $64 if your poll yesterdaydrops in stock indexes, same volume. tick tick tick down, like [07:51 am] shark : going conservative, Ed?CHinese water torture. and i think the news out of Europe wont [07:51 am] skydiver : lol Ed :)climax for awhile, so this will weigh on the market very heavily for [07:51 am] joeytsa : micro-manage [07:51 am] Ed : keeping it close to vestquite a while. [07:52 am] mikewd2 -: we should all buy one share at $100 just to make[12:43 pm] Mitch K: the last time the market was this negative was the hod.last July when the US politicians couldnt agree on the budget. And [07:52 am] joeytsa : Ed is only buying Book, cant affor the Facethat was a much better bottom on AUgust 8th than what we are [07:52 am] mikewd2 -: spy hodleading up to now because down volume was increasing and prices [07:52 am] Ed : lolaccelerated on the downside [07:52 am] shark : haha[12:32 pm] Ed : SPY new lod [07:53 am] mikewd2 -: WLT put in a nice bottom, was close but stopped at[12:11 pm] Ed : got a pop in SPY lod [07:53 am] joeytsa : my book is loading[12:05 pm] Ed : getting bounce in SPY [07:54 am] skydiver : wow - FB all over the board --[12:03 pm] Ed : SPY testing lod [07:54 am] mikewd2 -: yeah its wild watching it[11:55 am] Ed : getting small bounce in markets [07:54 am] joeytsa : yeah this is gonna be a wild one[11:34 am] Ed : more selling in markets [07:54 am] mikewd2 -: 1M share asks[11:26 am] Ed : SPY new lod [07:55 am] joeytsa : thats just you mike[11:21 am] Mitch K: SXL dropping [07:55 am] mikewd2 -: saw a 3M bid[11:08 am] Mitch K: low of day on SP-500 [07:55 am] skydiver : yeah - I see that mike -- crazy[10:55 am] Mitch K: DOnt be surprised if we wake up on Monday [07:55 am] joeytsa : mike is jealous now, someone wants 3M [07:55 am] mikewd2 -: wish it would open early and nail these freeks.with more Greek problems. we need that increasing volume and [07:56 am] joeytsa : all of the abovepanic mode news to get a real good bottom in, for a V bottom to [07:56 am] qwert : allrebound out of [07:56 am] mikewd2 -: dont tell the answer joey![10:53 am] Ed : SPY trading near lod [07:57 am] Ed : all of the above[10:51 am] Ed : we will pass [07:57 am] mikewd2 -: WYNN turning over[10:50 am] Ed : was looking for more selling in DMND, but vol like [07:57 am] joeytsa : watching this can give you an epileptic seizureceased [07:58 am] joeytsa : amen Mitch[10:38 am] Mitch K: you know, by on the hype, sell on the news [07:58 am] joeytsa : theres a limit order sitting at $4000 hahaha [07:59 am] mikewd2 -: dumb - funny if it would open early and take it. 4
  5. 5. [10:38 am] Mitch K: must have been higher expectations for the [07:59 am] mikewd2 -: was that a sell or buy?stock. it looks like today was "sell on the news" day for Facebook. [07:59 am] joeytsa : think its a buy[10:37 am] Mitch K: Zynga stock getting hit today [07:59 am] mikewd2 -: right [07:59 am] shark : Bono making more money on FB than his whole music[10:19 am] Mitch K: Facebook didnt do the trading action i like for career!ipo. [08:00 am] qwert : new alert saying not opening till 8:05[09:40 am] Ed : getting more buying in markets [08:00 am] joeytsa : crazy[09:30 am] Ed : ZNGA halted again [08:00 am] qwert : est[09:28 am] Ed : too much risk buying at this level on ZNGA [08:00 am] shark : that must be my SELL order, joey[09:00 am] Ed : getting bounce in markets [08:00 am] joeytsa : :)[08:59 am] Mitch K: FB weak, very weak, probably gettting support [08:00 am] qwert : i mean pstby underwrtiters at 38 [08:00 am] joeytsa : thx qwert, just saw that [08:00 am] mikewd2 -: yeah, ill take 4000 and give you your shares a bit[08:56 am] Ed : SPY trading at lod later today[08:49 am] Ed : SPY approachn lod [08:00 am] shark : you going to put FB on the screen?[08:42 am] Mitch K: ZNGA halted trade imbalance [08:00 am] mikewd2 -: WLT might be turning over[08:42 am] Mitch K: watching ZNGA [08:00 am] Ed : yes[08:42 am] Ed : getting slight bounce in markets [08:01 am] mikewd2 -: at 52.50 pivot[08:34 am] Mitch K: lot of selling [08:01 am] joeytsa : LNKD nice run[08:33 am] Mitch K: more drop in SVVC, watch closely for bototm [08:01 am] joeytsa : and fallto buy [08:02 am] shark : yeah joey [08:02 am] shark : missed that[08:33 am] Mitch K: indexes in negative [08:02 am] joeytsa : me 2[08:33 am] Ed : SPY new lod [08:02 am] qwert : Ed are you short wynn[08:29 am] Mitch K: Mitch King theory [08:02 am] scalpman : no data yet on FB[08:29 am] Mitch K: volume looks like it slowed to watch the FB ipo [08:02 am] mikewd2 -: i would think LNKD would get a bounce[08:18 am] Mitch K: good trading stock today [08:02 am] Ed : had chart up but missed it[08:18 am] Mitch K: watching SVVC, S V V C, First hand [08:02 am] joeytsa : slight pullback overallTechnology, for bottom to buy [08:02 am] mikewd2 -: sitting at VWAP[08:17 am] Mitch K: watching SGEN for top to short, monitoring at [08:02 am] shark : too many shares, Mitch [08:03 am] joeytsa : yeah Mitch, its not looking like as high an open as ithe moment though[08:16 am] Mitch K: 99% sure i am just an observer of FB trading [08:03 am] qwert : thx midded it to[08:16 am] Mitch K: i wont be scanning as much after FB opens, [08:03 am] shark : not expecting much, but would be nice[08:15 am] Mitch K: good area to cover GSVC short [08:03 am] mikewd2 -: moved to 11:05am[08:15 am] Mitch K: still interested in IMOS short [08:03 am] qwert : midded=missed[08:15 am] Mitch K: watching HIBB for short [08:03 am] mikewd2 -: on FB[08:15 am] Mitch K: NOV toppy for short [08:03 am] joeytsa : i was watching WYNN earlier also, missed that too[08:10 am] Mitch K: hope you guys got the SVVC long and short [08:03 am] Ed : baby talk [08:03 am] qwert : haha[08:09 am] Mitch K: consider short in IMOS soon [08:03 am] cdougan : znga drop[08:09 am] Mitch K: watching TITN for top to short [08:03 am] shark : LNKD bounce[08:07 am] Ed : more selling in markets [08:03 am] shark : nope[08:04 am] Mitch K: lot of sellers lined up on FB at opening, thats [08:04 am] shark : $42....why only 42 [08:04 am] joeytsa : im just going to watch the next few minutes[08:04 am] Mitch K: watching GSVC to cover short, lookking for [08:04 am] mikewd2 -: cover WLT short if anyone took it15.50 [08:04 am] mikewd2 -: easy 1% on that one[08:04 am] Mitch K: little more downside in MLM but watching [08:04 am] skydiver : thnx Mike on WLT [08:05 am] joeytsa : lower open, maybe a nice run up?closely to cover [08:05 am] shark : Im not counting on it[08:02 am] Mitch K: my first reaction is that FB wont have that big [08:05 am] shark : 421,000,000 sharesdrop i like before buying [08:05 am] mikewd2 -: me either shark[07:59 am] Mitch K: wow, only indicatingn $43 [08:05 am] shark : whos left to buy[07:58 am] Ed : SPY puling back to potential support [08:05 am] shark : ???[07:58 am] Mitch K: but we will wake up to looking at Greece [08:06 am] mikewd2 -: dont think ill mess with it unless a very big falloffMonday morning [08:06 am] shark : easily go below $38 in next 1-3 months[07:57 am] Mitch K: indexes getting a pop [08:06 am] shark : my .02cents worth [08:06 am] joeytsa : been a lot of ipo fails recently[07:57 am] Mitch K: stocks being lifted now [08:06 am] mikewd2 -: especially if ZNGA, GRPN, etc are any indication[07:57 am] Mitch K: same with XTEX [08:06 am] mikewd2 -: dogs dogs dogs[07:57 am] Mitch K: more upside for IMOS [08:07 am] qwert : DKS at lod[07:52 am] Ed : SPY broke through resistance, ew hod [08:07 am] shark : FB better than ZNGA GRPN[07:49 am] Mitch K: and whatever you do, keep this really small [08:07 am] mikewd2 -: and really FB isnt any better in my opinionposition szes, this will keep your emotions down [08:07 am] shark : but still have to tweak ad income[07:49 am] Mitch K: it isnt courage and adrenalin that makes you [08:07 am] mikewd2 -: dont see itmoney, its discipline and good headwork [08:07 am] shark : high barrier to entry- FB [08:07 am] mikewd2 -: never clicked on an add yet on FB[07:48 am] Mitch K: i would not be buying this at opening, i strongly [08:07 am] mikewd2 -: adadvise ou wait for a shakeout, let some selling take place and see [08:07 am] Ed : me eitherhow it acts [08:07 am] shark : PE100 for 20th largest co in America[07:48 am] Mitch K: getting some bids around 70 [08:07 am] mikewd2 -: GOOG much better for advertising[07:47 am] Mitch K: 58 to 65 [08:07 am] shark : me neither Mike[07:47 am] Mitch K: getting quotes on FB [08:08 am] shark : their ads look like gimmicks, more than real ads[07:45 am] Mitch K: im going fulltime to watch FB, wont be [08:08 am] joeytsa : i think i heard that FB market cap will be bigger thanmonitoring most stocks pretty soon Bank of America [08:08 am] shark : 20th biggest co in america, joey 5
  6. 6. [07:45 am] Mitch K: prob worth small short on MLM [08:08 am] mikewd2 -: unreal[07:45 am] Mitch K: more downside for MLM [08:08 am] joeytsa : i agree shark on the ads[07:44 am] Mitch K: watching NOV for short, missed first short [08:08 am] shark : :) [08:09 am] shark : I come from Ad world 15 yearsearlier [08:09 am] shark : they can do better[07:42 am] Mitch K: looks like we are going over 12 for IMOS [08:09 am] scalpman : QQQ dropping[07:41 am] Mitch K: even in my typing [08:09 am] mikewd2 -: might give WYNN short a bit more[07:40 am] Mitch K: i stutter [08:09 am] Ed : nice short mike[07:40 am] Mitch K: moving target of XTEX up, probably 14.85, be [08:10 am] mikewd2 -: i was late Ed, waited for it to cross 50maflexiiiibbbble [08:10 am] mikewd2 -: sorry 20ma[07:40 am] Mitch K: from retailers [08:10 am] joeytsa : FB pulling an obama....making everyone wait[07:39 am] Mitch K: you guys here that on FB? retail investors [08:10 am] shark : yeah [08:10 am] shark : their idea of suspense?going to trade 2 timex the float today alone, which is pretty amazing [08:10 am] mikewd2 -: supprised obama isnt having a press conference on[07:37 am] Mitch K: watching HIBB, needs to go under 54 to be CNBC right nowsafer buy, [08:11 am] shark : or Einhorn[07:37 am] Ed : HIBB alert [08:11 am] Ed : but if thats ur strategy u were on time[07:35 am] Mitch K: watch IMOS for top to short [08:11 am] qwert : yeah who makes the decision when it starts[07:35 am] Mitch K: consider selling IMOS [08:11 am] joeytsa : haha[07:30 am] Mitch K: looking for 60.65 area for JOY short, be flexible [08:11 am] mikewd2 -: yeah, Ed last dip it didnt cross the 20ma, just[07:30 am] Mitch K: watching BWS for top to short bumped and ran [08:11 am] joeytsa : obama is doing damage control this morning haha[07:28 am] Mitch K: consider selling half of IMOS rebound [08:11 am] joeytsa : he didnt like that booklet that came out[07:27 am] Mitch K: looking for 14.70 for XTEX, be flexible, as a [08:11 am] mikewd2 -: actually trying this as a strategyrubber band [08:11 am] shark : Jerry Brown happy with new tax revenue[07:27 am] Mitch K: watching REGN for top to short [08:11 am] shark : for California[07:26 am] Mitch K: watching ICE for top to short [08:12 am] mikewd2 -: giving up some money but seems to be working ok[07:26 am] Mitch K: watching JOY for top to short [08:12 am] shark : price crazy on AAPL[07:22 am] Mitch K: watching for FINL short to approach 21.40, be [08:12 am] mikewd2 -: yeah, they will have new spending, and not payflexible down the deficiti [08:12 am] joeytsa : just saw that shark[07:20 am] Mitch K: GGC bottoming [08:12 am] shark : show 531-541 spike on 1min[07:20 am] Mitch K: to watch [08:12 am] shark : cool[07:20 am] Mitch K: XTEX important [08:13 am] Ed : bad tick must be, it show on esignal but not TS chart[07:20 am] Mitch K: watching XTEX for bottom [08:13 am] shark : thx, Ed[07:19 am] Ed : SPY trading in range [08:14 am] joeytsa : yeah, got a weird on on ZNGA also[07:19 am] Mitch K: consider selling GSVC here, watch for short [08:14 am] joeytsa : it printedsoon [08:14 am] mikewd2 -: yeah, not on TS[07:18 am] Mitch K: 2nd helping short on OXY [08:14 am] shark : vol not on unusual, so must be bad print, yeah [08:15 am] mikewd2 -: less than 1min on FB[07:18 am] Mitch K: watching ROST for short [08:15 am] joeytsa : maybe they will scrap the ipo and crash the market[07:15 am] Mitch K: could get another bounce in ADSK, esp if haha28.75 holds [08:15 am] mikewd2 -: Mitch, all the oils and oil services are dropping[07:14 am] Mitch K: consider covering SYNC short [08:16 am] mikewd2 -: probably no one will be trading either Mitch[07:12 am] Mitch K: dont forget GGC [08:16 am] joeytsa : FB will be all over the scanners[07:12 am] Mitch K: to buy [08:16 am] mikewd2 -: probably blow a CB - haha[07:12 am] Mitch K: watching GGC for bottom [08:16 am] shark : CRM -early stages of poss Punchbowl Of Death -sky,[07:11 am] Mitch K: watching TDW for bottom to buy joey [08:16 am] Ed : all will be like Mitchs boxer dog, hyper focused[07:11 am] Ed : would like some selling with increased vol into [08:17 am] joeytsa : thanks shark28.05 area SCHN [08:17 am] joeytsa : yeah mike haha[07:11 am] Mitch K: lower vol so high volatility [08:17 am] joeytsa : so you are saying theres a chance :)[07:11 am] Mitch K: still watching IMOS for bottom [08:17 am] mikewd2 -: dont understand these wild bids this close to open.[07:09 am] Ed : monitoring SCHN for more selling for potential long someone is going to get caught.[07:07 am] Ed : stopped last 1/4 PANL short 27.97 [08:18 am] joeytsa : my hands are anywhere near my keyboard[07:05 am] Mitch K: watching for 19.75 area to start covering FIO [08:18 am] shark : Everyone on CNBC talking people OUT of buying FBshort [08:18 am] joeytsa : arent [08:18 am] skydiver : Im with you joey - too crazy[07:03 am] Ed : SPY trading near lod [08:19 am] joeytsa : i dont want to get excited and hit the buy button[07:02 am] Ed : will trail last 1/4 of PANL short [08:19 am] skydiver : do not gunsling sky do not gunsling sky[07:01 am] Mitch K: watching VNR for bottom to buy [08:19 am] joeytsa : even dragged my cursor to a different monitor haha[07:00 am] Mitch K: watchin GSVC for short on top of bounce, over [08:19 am] shark : no cat on keyboard, sky!!!16 probably [08:19 am] mikewd2 -: listen to sky Mike, listen to sky[07:00 am] Mitch K: consider selling half of GSVC long, or more [08:19 am] shark : no cat on keyboard, sky!!![07:00 am] Mitch K: watching CMP for bottom to buy [08:19 am] skydiver : Hes outside!!![06:59 am] Ed : covering 3/4 PANL short [08:19 am] shark : :) [08:20 am] mikewd2 -: sim trading might be fun with it.[06:59 am] Mitch K: FFIV bouncy [08:20 am] shark : looking for MouseFace ?[06:58 am] Mitch K: watching GPS for bottom [08:20 am] skydiver : haha shark[06:57 am] Mitch K: OXY toppy [08:20 am] skydiver : :)[06:57 am] Mitch K: consider selling ANN long [08:21 am] mikewd2 -: oh, there waiting for the champagne to get chilled.[06:56 am] Mitch K: only interested if big multipoint drop quickly [08:21 am] shark : lolbefore looking for bottom [08:21 am] joeytsa : i would to if i was about to become a multi-billionaire[06:56 am] Ed : ADVANCED TRADE PANL break of 28.21 with vol [08:22 am] qwert : hey eyes hows it goin todayshort [08:22 am] shark : SVVC nice bounce [08:22 am] joeytsa : what was that ipo that scrapped their opening last 6
  7. 7. [06:56 am] Mitch K: Facebook starts trading in about 1 hour, month1100am eastern FB is symbol [08:22 am] mikewd2 -: WYNN and WLT short still working - im out of both[06:54 am] Mitch K: watching OXY for top to short though [08:23 am] mikewd2 -: some document probably didnt get approved.[06:53 am] Mitch K: monitoring SYNC for short [08:23 am] shark : another weird print on AAPL 1min 11:18[06:52 am] Mitch K: still watching INTU [08:23 am] shark : there you go....[06:51 am] Mitch K: missed HIBB bottom, still monitoring [08:23 am] shark : may break $38[06:50 am] Ed : SPY bouncing into resistance [08:23 am] shark : SELL orders coming in[06:50 am] Mitch K: watching ACOR for bottom to buy [08:23 am] shark : hmmm...[06:50 am] Mitch K: more downside in FL, prefer rebound first [08:24 am] mikewd2 -: 3 min fade setup on SGEN[06:48 am] Mitch K: watching PCYC for bottom to buy [08:24 am] scalpman : What going on with FB...no open yet?[06:47 am] Mitch K: watching ACOR for bottom to buy [08:24 am] joeytsa : getting a few weird ticks today..NFLX just gave one [08:24 am] shark : adjusting orders supposedly, scalp[06:46 am] Mitch K: watching ANN closer [08:24 am] mikewd2 -: no short shares at TS on SGEN[06:46 am] Mitch K: TDC bouncy [08:25 am] shark : got that on Worden -NFLX weird tick too[06:46 am] Mitch K: looking for 21.50 area or lower to cover FINL [08:25 am] joeytsa : SGEN shortable at lightspeed[06:45 am] Mitch K: CCE bouncing [08:25 am] mikewd2 -: i would take it[06:45 am] Mitch K: watching INTU for top to short [08:26 am] joeytsa : traders having probs changing/cancelling orders[06:44 am] Mitch K: GSVC bouncing [08:26 am] shark : hmmm...[06:44 am] Mitch K: watching DCI for bottom, low vol but monitoring [08:26 am] mikewd2 -: people calling in cancelling their IPO purchases?[06:43 am] Mitch K: watching IMOS for bottom to buy knowing they can get it lower later. [08:26 am] mikewd2 -: lol[06:43 am] Mitch K: watching MAIN for bottom to buy [08:27 am] mikewd2 -: SGEN nice 3min fade - dang![06:42 am] Mitch K: watching TCK for bottom to buy [08:27 am] eyes : NO shares SGEN TS[06:42 am] Mitch K: looking for bounce in indexes [08:27 am] joeytsa : Bernanke must be handling this FB deal hha[06:41 am] Mitch K: watching VHC for bottom to bounce [08:27 am] mikewd2 -: yeah, im bummed eyes - going to have to find me[06:41 am] Mitch K: SVVC bottoming another broker[06:40 am] Mitch K: watching ANN for bottom to buy [08:27 am] shark : They had FB trading on a fake ticker this week[06:40 am] Mitch K: watching SCSS for bottom to buy [08:27 am] mikewd2 -: lol joey[06:40 am] Ed : consider reducing more ADSK long [08:28 am] shark : zzyxz or something like that [08:28 am] joeytsa : i get that everymorning[06:40 am] Mitch K: watching EME for top to short [08:28 am] eyes : I am not switching no more[06:39 am] Mitch K: watching TDC for bottom to buy [08:28 am] joeytsa : zzyxz[06:38 am] Mitch K: watching GCO for top to short [08:28 am] shark : Briefing reporting -order placing problems[06:38 am] Mitch K: watching FIO for top to short [08:28 am] mikewd2 -: im not either eyes[06:38 am] Mitch K: watching CCE for bottom to buy [08:28 am] shark : is Bats involved in FB??[06:38 am] Ed : if u took ADSK long would reduce [08:28 am] mikewd2 -: just always i see the classic setup and cant get[06:38 am] Mitch K: watching FINL for top to short shares.[06:37 am] Mitch K: watcghing SCHN for bottom to buy [08:28 am] mriguy : status update: epic IPO fail. "comment" "like" [08:28 am] joeytsa : not sure, i have them linked to my book though[06:37 am] Mitch K: watching CRM for top to short [08:29 am] eyes : i hear you[06:37 am] Mitch K: watching GSVC to buy [08:29 am] Ed : it does not happen too often maybe 1 out 10[06:37 am] Mitch K: watching S V V C to buy [08:29 am] joeytsa : thats great mriguy hahah[06:37 am] Ed : watching QCOR for bottom to buy like more selling [08:29 am] mikewd2 -: seems more than that Edin 36.7ish area [08:29 am] Ed : Im basing it off all the one I short[06:36 am] Mitch K: watching AREX for bottom [08:29 am] shark : I agree, Mitch![06:36 am] Mitch K: watching ACE for bottom to buy [08:29 am] shark : you messed up the system Ed[06:36 am] Mitch K: watching KMI for bottom to buyy [08:30 am] Ed : lol [08:30 am] shark : they cant handle small orders[06:36 am] Ed : SPY breakin down from range [08:30 am] eyes : yea but it still a bummer i was watching like a hawk[06:35 am] Ed : monitoring ADSK for bottom to buy [08:30 am] joeytsa : hasnt been that big of a drop yet[05:59 am] Ed : good morning [08:30 am] shark : ;) [08:30 am] joeytsa : its open [08:30 am] scalpman : IMOS broke 12 [08:30 am] mikewd2 -: there you go 43 [08:30 am] joeytsa : opened 42.05 [08:30 am] joeytsa : 45 the high so far [08:31 am] joeytsa : look at that volume haha [08:32 am] Ed : ton of sellers [08:33 am] Ed : thats a job maintaining that balance [08:33 am] joeytsa : ES pulling back [08:33 am] mikewd2 -: spy lod [08:33 am] joeytsa : toast [08:34 am] scalpman : Out 1/2 IMOS S 1% [08:34 am] shark : Market order on FB to sell [08:34 am] shark : has not yet sold [08:34 am] shark : since 1st min [08:34 am] mikewd2 -: LNKD falling [08:34 am] shark : one of the problems with dealing with too big a stock [08:34 am] joeytsa : low 39.23 so far on FB [08:35 am] shark : without a doubt, everyone on CNBC unselling stock [08:35 am] joeytsa : man, did they get subdued on cnbc or what haha [08:35 am] shark : totally [08:36 am] shark : Sell order still not going through [08:36 am] joeytsa : ES testing 1300 [08:36 am] shark : I could be making more $$ shorting AAPL right now 7
  8. 8. [08:36 am] mikewd2 -: watching TNA for a bounce back [08:36 am] joeytsa : bombs away [08:37 am] joeytsa : LNKD losing $100 [08:37 am] cdougan : znga tanking [08:38 am] mikewd2 -: etrade nor TS charts working on FB - is this just mine? [08:38 am] joeytsa : ZNGA halted [08:38 am] mikewd2 -: neither [08:38 am] lisas : mine work mike, ts [08:38 am] mikewd2 -: ty [08:38 am] mikewd2 -: just that one workspace for some reason, [08:39 am] joeytsa : it got really quiet on cnbc..like someone died [08:39 am] Ed : they were looking for a bang [08:39 am] joeytsa : i guess the marching band all went home [08:40 am] scalpman : 1M shares @ 40 FB [08:40 am] joeytsa : FB really fighting at $40 [08:41 am] shark : maybe a floor [08:41 am] shark : on phone with broker to SELL [08:42 am] joeytsa : its halted [08:42 am] joeytsa : halted about 5 minutes ago [08:43 am] Ed : nice bounce in SVVC [08:43 am] mikewd2 -: LNKD bouncing [08:43 am] joeytsa : yeah, nice one [08:43 am] qwert : yeah thx for svvc mitch [08:43 am] joeytsa : great call Mitch !! [08:43 am] lisas : OMG, you should see this, I put in a market order to buy 5, it cant fill bouncing like crazy on matrix [08:43 am] joeytsa : haha [08:43 am] Ed : which stock [08:44 am] mikewd2 -: 5 what? [08:44 am] lisas : shares [08:44 am] lisas : fb [08:44 am] joeytsa : i assume facebook [08:44 am] mikewd2 -: ok [08:44 am] shark : you can have mine, lisa [08:44 am] joeytsa : is there any other stock :) [08:44 am] lisas : canceled it, hope the cancel went through before fill, lol [08:44 am] qwert : shark did you sell your fb [08:44 am] lisas : I have a yellow box bouncing like crazy [08:44 am] joeytsa : all that buildup and pffffttt [08:44 am] shark : nope [08:44 am] shark : broker having problems too [08:44 am] scalpman : Out Another 3/10 on IMOS S [08:45 am] joeytsa : like a fart in church [08:45 am] Ed : like we talked saturation [08:45 am] shark : YEEESSSS [08:45 am] shark : uggghhh [08:45 am] scalpman : Moving final stop to 11.87 [08:45 am] shark : like my quiet trades.. [08:45 am] shark : sneak in......attack!! [08:45 am] Ed : my scanner is barely moving [08:45 am] shark : there goes $40 [08:46 am] dmitry : when is the right $$ to pick up some shares of FB? [08:46 am] joeytsa : same here Ed with madscan [08:46 am] skydiver : glad I kept my hands off my mouse - I have zero shares of FB [08:46 am] joeytsa : yeah, but you have 14 likes on your profile pic :) [08:47 am] qwert : hahaha [08:47 am] skydiver : :) [08:47 am] mikewd2 -: might bounce off 38 [08:47 am] scalpman : I played at 40.05 but was stopped....1.3M shares @40 and it blew right past it....amazing...but cost me a few bucks [08:47 am] shark : broker cant even sell [08:48 am] shark : stuck with FB long [08:48 am] Ed : have to get in line, waaay down the line [08:48 am] joeytsa : rut roh [08:48 am] shark : hahaha [08:48 am] skydiver : sorry shark - hope you only have only a few shares of FB L [08:48 am] shark : going to break $38 soon [08:48 am] mikewd2 -: watching DNDN [08:49 am] joeytsa : GS testing lod [08:49 am] joeytsa : these cnbc guys are genuises [08:49 am] scalpman : Still watching...FB [08:49 am] Ed : underwriters always make out on ipo [08:49 am] lisas : well, my orders show canceled, who knows though, I8
  9. 9. may be with you shark, hopefully you dont have too many shares [08:49 am] mikewd2 -: FB at IPO price - wow [08:49 am] joeytsa : the guy honestly feels hedge funds all sold on that first pop [08:50 am] scalpman : 21M @ 38 [08:50 am] joeytsa : captain obvious at the helm [08:50 am] mikewd2 -: my order on FB at 38, filled immediately [08:50 am] joeytsa : at least the indis are bottoming :) [08:51 am] scalpman : I had a 39.90 stop...and filled at 39.02 ouch!.... [08:51 am] joeytsa : %R is hitting 100 [08:51 am] lisas : Im rebooting my TS to see if that will fix the phantom order, or show I got filled [08:51 am] skydiver : sellers are looking for buyers mike [08:51 am] shark : $38 FB [08:51 am] mikewd2 -: ah, selling side slow - gotya [08:51 am] scalpman : Ill have a story to tell my grandkids! [08:52 am] mikewd2 -: looking for 39, and ill be out [08:52 am] joeytsa : dow lost 12,4 [08:52 am] lisas : nope, still have bouncing yellow box. [08:52 am] joeytsa : GS testing 96 [08:52 am] mikewd2 -: lisas, your selling or buying [08:52 am] shark : off phone with broker [08:52 am] shark : going to file a "Trade inquiry" with Nasdaq [08:52 am] skydiver : FB -- bottom? [08:52 am] shark : Market Order over $42 [08:53 am] shark : filled at low 38ish, but not yet confirmed [08:53 am] mikewd2 -: wow [08:53 am] mikewd2 -: UVXY over 23 [08:53 am] mikewd2 -: dang dang dang [08:54 am] scalpman : 20M shares @ 38 [08:55 am] mikewd2 -: so you broke even scalp? [08:55 am] joeytsa : so glad i avoided that one [08:55 am] skydiver : me too joey [08:56 am] joeytsa : now we just need some euro news to really finish the job [08:56 am] mikewd2 -: be a bit supprised if it goes below 38 [08:56 am] mikewd2 -: but .... [08:56 am] shark : sounds good, joey, euro news [08:56 am] joeytsa : yeah Ed, next real test is 1280 [08:57 am] joeytsa : FB is trying [08:57 am] mikewd2 -: push FB [08:57 am] mikewd2 -: out 38.75 [08:57 am] mikewd2 -: ill take it [08:58 am] skydiver : good job mike [08:58 am] mikewd2 -: wow, got the high of that candle [08:58 am] shark : FB order confirmed sold at $39.00 [08:58 am] joeytsa : nice [08:58 am] mikewd2 -: my buy and sell was immediate [08:58 am] shark : most difficult $1.00 ever made in stock market [08:59 am] scalpman : FB @ 38.21 [08:59 am] scalpman : Out 1/2 [08:59 am] joeytsa : yeah shark, much easier ways [08:59 am] scalpman : gto a piece [08:59 am] mikewd2 -: bet it test the lod again [09:00 am] totora : its a dud [09:00 am] joeytsa : lots of stocks barely moving [09:00 am] mikewd2 -: dang it hit 39, should have patience [09:00 am] joeytsa : i thought my screens froze [09:00 am] scalpman : bandwagon...now [09:00 am] totora : I was only off by 62 [09:01 am] mikewd2 -: wow, dumped way too soon [09:02 am] scalpman : Out 39.92 [09:02 am] scalpman : Whoo ....hoo [09:02 am] mikewd2 -: nice scalp [09:02 am] mikewd2 -: reload near 38 again [09:03 am] cdougan : sgen bouncing [09:03 am] scalpman : Actually when all is said and done...im at break even...but it was fun! [09:03 am] jsn13 : Ed, are u in fb? [09:03 am] scalpman : be on FB...cause I got stopped [09:03 am] Ed : nope [09:04 am] mikewd2 -: dabbling in a little DNDN at 6.97, very tight stop [09:04 am] jsn13 : ok....it is not the V that u like? [09:04 am] Ed : pattern was there just did not like order flow, too saturated etc [09:04 am] eyes : Mike did you get SGEN Long9
  10. 10. [09:05 am] mikewd2 -: SLW L 24.85 [09:05 am] scalpman : All out IMOS S....I had a last piece in the green [09:05 am] mikewd2 -: no, i didnt quit watching [09:05 am] lisas : Ok, got my one "Ed" special for history, lol [09:05 am] scalpman : Time to go...a good and fun day today... [09:05 am] mikewd2 -: once i entered FB long, i didnt watch anything [09:05 am] eyes : me too was a nice long thou [09:05 am] skydiver : take care scalp have a good week-end [09:05 am] Ed : good one [09:05 am] lisas : bye scalp [09:06 am] scalpman : 4/7 but losses small. and gains bigger [09:06 am] mikewd2 -: still didnt like the vol on SGEN [09:06 am] Ed : c ya scalp [09:06 am] shark : bye scalp [09:06 am] mikewd2 -: for the long [09:06 am] skydiver : yeah - Im out of CRM L -- was busy with FB and almost forgot about my CRM L [09:06 am] scalpman : By ed....and I made more on the traditional trades...not FB....! [09:06 am] mikewd2 -: i would short SGEN again if i could now [09:06 am] Ed : good deal [09:06 am] scalpman : Thanks TSA and Chat Room...a good week.... [09:07 am] scalpman : Scalpman has left the building [09:07 am] mikewd2 -: LNKD bounced back nicely [09:07 am] qwert : cya scalp [09:07 am] go4it : B FB 39.90 [09:07 am] mikewd2 -: ZNGA still halted? [09:08 am] mikewd2 -: becareful go4it, not much upside from there [09:08 am] go4it : ok thks [09:09 am] scalpman : FEB 200K shares to Sell 40 [09:09 am] scalpman : Well, you guys can play it... [09:09 am] go4it : hope to see 42 again [09:09 am] scalpman : Scalpman has left the building! [09:09 am] joeytsa : later scalp [09:11 am] mikewd2 -: but what do i know go4it. haha [09:12 am] mikewd2 -: DNDN moving [09:14 am] cdougan : Question re:ZNGA. Is that an unusal amount of time to be halted? or not really? [09:14 am] go4it : Hey Im just a beginner with a high risk tolerence [09:14 am] eyes : My gut told me to buy ay 38.10 I didnt listen [09:15 am] qwert : eyes hows your day goin [09:15 am] eyes : down 43 Nozv was not nice [09:15 am] mikewd2 -: out DNDN 7.24, +0.27 [09:15 am] Ed : nothing wrong with passing on that one, I saw pattern I like on FB, but I chose not to buy. too much chaos on it. Other opps will show uip [09:15 am] eyes : NOV [09:16 am] eyes : I agree ED [09:16 am] joeytsa : agreed Ed [09:16 am] jolliffboy : Anybody know whats going on with ZNGA? [09:16 am] jsn13 : nice nice Ed.... [09:16 am] joeytsa : some etrade accounts locked up i saw [09:16 am] Ed : circuit breaker halt [09:17 am] jolliffboy : Thanks Ed [09:17 am] Ed : bcuz of trade imbalance [09:17 am] jsn13 : mike what time was ur entry mike? [09:17 am] joeytsa : there were much better trades besides FB [09:17 am] jsn13 : on DNDN i mean mike... [09:18 am] eyes : If i could just learn to not watch the money Id be rich L Bidu 117.31 out 117.54 [09:18 am] joeytsa : you cant shoot for 20cents on stocks that high [09:19 am] qwert : what time eyes [09:19 am] Ed : start training urself to focus on action of stock, u have to work on it internally since ur using matrix [09:19 am] eyes : I was shooting for a+ 1 and pulled the trigger soon like always [09:19 am] joeytsa : BIDU regularly throws off 50cent, $1+ moves [09:20 am] eyes : My entry was perfect [09:20 am] joeytsa : actually you bought it just under res [09:21 am] qwert : your risk at that price was really low [09:21 am] joeytsa : once it pushed thru it went to 119 [09:21 am] joeytsa : yeah only 30cent risk [09:22 am] qwert : you just have to accept the risk and let the trade play out [09:22 am] eyes : on the 12:00 candle [09:22 am] eyes : 1 min10
  11. 11. [09:22 am] joeytsa : never a sell signal...just work on your stops and trade follow-thur like qwert said [09:23 am] eyes : I have gone over and over my entrys are awesome I am just trigger happy on sells [09:24 am] joeytsa : yep, good thing it that you recognize it [09:24 am] joeytsa : now work on the other part [09:24 am] qwert : exactly the fact that you see it is more than half the battle [09:24 am] Ed : just like u improved on entries continue to work on other aspect [09:24 am] joeytsa : once it crossed the prev cl, put your stop to be, worse case you be [09:25 am] joeytsa : in this trade i mean [09:25 am] eyes : I am I need to get rid of the idea that they are trying to flush my stop that is why i move them so quick [09:26 am] joeytsa : they flush it then so be it, if the trade is still a setup..re-enter [09:26 am] joeytsa : i will say, BIDU usually needs a bit wider stop, but your entry point allowed a decent tighter one [09:27 am] eyes : you are correwct Joey I do that and then i feel i am married to the stock and it just wont give just take LOL [09:27 am] qwert : yeah your entry was awesome [09:27 am] joeytsa : marriage is no good hahaha [09:27 am] qwert : better to think of like a hot girlfriend [09:28 am] joeytsa : even better if its someone elses hot girlfriend :) [09:28 am] shark : ZNGA [09:28 am] qwert : haha [09:28 am] mikewd2 -: glad you didnt listen to me go4it. [09:29 am] Ed : cant worry about them, must always be sharp,flexible,disciplined, and controled emotions cuz when ur not u consisttently give $ to trader who is [09:29 am] skydiver : thanks Ed - thats a lesson I am still applying [09:30 am] eyes : Heres another entry S Bidu 120.23 out 120.04 11:02 [09:30 am] Ed : may sound crazy but u have to talk urself through that all the time until it is grained in ur mindset [09:31 am] skydiver : think Ill try that Ed -- need that grained in my mind better :) [09:31 am] eyes : I Sorted 11:02 out 11:02.26 [09:32 am] joeytsa : 2 things: not giving the trade a chance, and scared to take a loss [09:32 am] joeytsa : normal things [09:33 am] Ed : can never go wrong working on getting that consistent trading mindset [09:33 am] joeytsa : right Ed [09:33 am] eyes : Amen to that I am Trying [09:34 am] skydiver : Thanks Ed and joey -- Im getting there -- good reminder -- had 4 trades today - up $2,304 - CRM was nice to me [09:34 am] joeytsa : great job sky !!! [09:34 am] Ed : nice going sky, I see why ur always flying high [09:34 am] eyes : GO SKy [09:34 am] qwert : nice sky [09:34 am] joeytsa : go buy a full-sized pink guitar :) [09:35 am] skydiver : thnx guys - now to be consistent - focused, disciplined, [09:35 am] skydiver : couldnt have done any of this without all you guys :) I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks :) [09:35 am] shark : :) [09:36 am] shark : no such thing as "old" sky [09:36 am] shark : only "older" [09:36 am] eyes : WFM [09:36 am] skydiver : good point shark!! :) [09:36 am] shark : goes to absolutes [09:36 am] joeytsa : agreed shark [09:36 am] skydiver : wine gets better with age :) [09:36 am] shark : you bring a lot of wisdom, too [09:36 am] shark : priceless [09:37 am] skydiver : hard knocks teaches wisdom - life experience :) [09:37 am] Ed : true [09:37 am] joeytsa : UHK: University of Hark Knocks [09:38 am] joeytsa : thats what my facebook page says :) [09:38 am] qwert : thats my alma mater [09:38 am] skydiver : Thats where I got that saying - from Joeys facebook page :) -- Well - to avoid more hard knocks - taking a break and helping the wife move some bark dust onto her plants - will be back in a while :) break time for now [09:38 am] Ed : im getting my 20 doctorate from there11
  12. 12. [09:38 am] mikewd2 -: Bet you guys have a tough football team, Joey. [09:38 am] eyes : See you all in a while [09:38 am] joeytsa : have fun sky [09:38 am] skydiver : :) [09:38 am] joeytsa : yeah...we play i ronman [09:39 am] Ed : c ya sky [09:39 am] joeytsa : im TE and MLB haha [09:39 am] mikewd2 -: Hardknock University P90Xers [09:39 am] mikewd2 -: colors are black and blue!! [09:39 am] joeytsa : Team Bring It !!! [09:40 am] mikewd2 -: i skipped normal workout time, because of FB [09:40 am] joeytsa : me 2 [09:41 am] shark : ugh [09:41 am] joeytsa : yeah Ed, nice little push here [09:43 am] joeytsa : no surprise that SPY vol is already higher than last thur,fri,mon [09:43 am] joeytsa : not far from t,w,th [09:49 am] cdougan : Im outta here all. Have a great weekend and good luck with the rest of the session. [09:49 am] Ed : have nice weekend cdougan [09:50 am] qwert : cya cdoug [09:50 am] joeytsa : bye cdoug [09:50 am] joeytsa : ZNGA was halted again [09:51 am] afchao168 : Ed ... Can I ask ... what stochastic seetings do you guys prefer? [09:52 am] Ed : great q, personally I dont use them to trade, but 6,5,4 is newer setting than whats on dvds [09:52 am] afchao168 : thanks! [09:52 am] Ed : no problem [09:52 am] qwert : afchao i use 8,7,6 on 1 and 2 min and 10,8,7 on daily [09:53 am] mikewd2 -: i started using 10,8,7 on everything - just to slow things down a bit for me. [09:53 am] qwert : Ed do you have them on a daily chart [09:53 am] joeytsa : you slowed down mike?? haha [09:54 am] mikewd2 -: on the stochastics yes. [09:54 am] mikewd2 -: haha [09:54 am] joeytsa : might need to go 60,50 45 haha [09:54 am] Ed : no dong have them on my daily [09:54 am] Ed : dong=dont [09:54 am] Ed : my daily chart [09:55 am] jsn13 : how do u see those? so many moving averages... [09:55 am] joeytsa : daily i still use 14,3,3..but dont rely on them [09:55 am] qwert : i like them just to see if im shorting something thats already oversold or not [09:55 am] joeytsa : right, extremes [09:55 am] qwert : yep [09:56 am] joeytsa : i do that with %r also [09:56 am] Ed : not for me gues Im use to it [09:56 am] joeytsa : i missed it, how many mas did you have Ed? [09:56 am] Ed : 6 [09:56 am] joeytsa : ahhhh thanks [09:57 am] joeytsa : i use 3 or 4 [09:57 am] qwert : thats just your daily Ed [09:58 am] jsn13 : Ed, do u use mas to help find ur s/r ? [09:58 am] Ed : yes just my daily [09:58 am] joeytsa : i use different setting on my esign daily and schwab daily [09:58 am] Ed : yes to find areas of support/resistance, i use mas, areas of consoidation and so on [09:59 am] joeytsa : plus overall stock direction [09:59 am] qwert : Ed can u explain the linear regression [09:59 am] Ed : correct joey [10:01 am] jsn13 : thanks Ed.... [10:01 am] Ed : in simple terms qwert it helps to see trend [10:01 am] joeytsa : when those ma/s cross i usually perk up a bit [10:02 am] qwert : okay thx [10:03 am] Ed : so when u get " movement outside of channel" good chance it will revert back to the mean [10:03 am] Ed : or at top/bottom of channels [10:04 am] qwert : so as an example apple right now about 20 dollars below lower chanel [10:04 am] Ed : where did that chart go> [10:05 am] qwert : we r hiding it from you [10:05 am] qwert : :)) [10:05 am] Ed : lol [10:06 am] qwert : my lines look different must have it set up wrong12
  13. 13. [10:06 am] Ed : the red is the mean, so it reverted back to the mean [10:06 am] Ed : i have mine set 400,1,c [10:07 am] qwert : thats what i put mine at but different results, mine says dynamic instead of 1000 days [10:07 am] joeytsa : Ed: do you find them more usuable than something like bollinger bands? [10:07 am] Ed : ok [10:07 am] Ed : never used bollinger [10:07 am] joeytsa : oh ok [10:08 am] qwert : anyone know how to change from dynamic to 1000 days on daily [10:08 am] qwert : esignal? [10:09 am] eyes : S WFM 84.30 12:39 Stoped 84.53 look at it now [10:09 am] joeytsa : i dont even see dynamic qwert [10:10 am] qwert : look at eds spy chart right after the 2 top left [10:10 am] joeytsa : oh i thought you meant linear reg [10:11 am] joeytsa : has to be in the chart setup somewhere [10:11 am] qwert : his daily chart said 1000 days instead of Dynamic [10:11 am] Ed : when u right clcik on chart go to time templats [10:12 am] Ed : should be in there [10:12 am] qwert : thx i see it [10:12 am] victor51 : Ed, Can you please tell me what candle or indicator to sell ADSK around 6:32 .I was little late [10:12 am] qwert : that fixed it [10:12 am] Ed : let check [10:15 am] Ed : the arrow was my bottom signal 9:36, so Im taking next candle long 30.01 9:37est [10:16 am] Ed : I always take profit at my 1st area of resistance since this was long which is blue ma, [10:16 am] jsn13 : potential support at 30 with a doji? [10:16 am] Ed : I sold 3/4 which happend to be 1%, held 1/4 [10:17 am] Ed : and I sold lat 1/4 at 9:40, more sellers started to come in and it felt weak [10:17 am] joeytsa : nice trade, i skipped that long, took both shorts [10:17 am] jsn13 : why not half? [10:17 am] eyes : Ok I took of Open $ colum from martix see if that helps [10:18 am] qwert : good idea eyes [10:18 am] Ed : no particular reason, just depends how I feel [10:18 am] joeytsa : no overnight margin on FB [10:18 am] Ed : also u had resistance from breakown [10:18 am] jsn13 : near 31 area right? [10:19 am] Ed : where arrow is pointed [10:19 am] jsn13 : ok [10:20 am] Ed : now and advanced trade, think joey took it too, was to short the new break of lod [10:20 am] jsn13 : did u buy again at around 29 area? [10:20 am] victor51 : Ed, Thanks. Do you use resistence lot more than candles. I got it [10:20 am] jsn13 : ok [10:20 am] joeytsa : yeah Ed, took the first short also [10:20 am] jsn13 : juz below 30.... [10:20 am] Ed : yea saw that joey nice short [10:21 am] jsn13 : saw it on action...thought of that short, but not pro yet so juz wtch and learn... [10:21 am] joeytsa : had weak bounce off the gap down [10:21 am] jsn13 : so u catch it once it borke the lod? [10:21 am] jsn13 : must be market order to get thise... [10:21 am] victor51 : Ed, I now also see invereted hammer [10:22 am] Ed : No, I use price action,vol, candles and watch to see how they react around key areas of support/resistance [10:22 am] joeytsa : yes jsn [10:22 am] Ed : I did not take 2nd long on ADSK [10:22 am] shark : FB great bounce off $38 market makers came in to support here [10:22 am] joeytsa : me either Ed [10:22 am] shark : didnt trust ability to get out [10:22 am] jsn13 : Ed, not a great setup? [10:22 am] Ed : i think qwert did, [10:22 am] joeytsa : yeah shark, they will support it again if it hits [10:23 am] Ed : no I moved on, took it off screen [10:23 am] Ed : it was nice setup [10:23 am] shark : they have $1b set aside to prop up stock [10:23 am] qwert : yeah i got both longs but not the short [10:23 am] joeytsa : FB; 328M shares traded [10:24 am] qwert : that is some huge volume [10:24 am] jsn13 : cool....i wanna brush up on my selection skill....so the13
  14. 14. potential support for ADSK long 2nd time was at 29? [10:25 am] Ed : i think at that particular time 28.66 was the low [10:25 am] jsn13 : the buy signal is the hammer and previous few shadows? [10:26 am] Ed : signal that u have potential bottom is hammer [10:26 am] joeytsa : also at the time, indis started trending up [10:27 am] jsn13 : that has to be coupled with ur price, volume and S/R area.... [10:27 am] victor51 : Ed, thats great but how do you work atlightspeed [10:27 am] Ed : puttin the pieces together [10:28 am] jsn13 : yup....understand...need time to learn.... [10:28 am] victor51 : Ed i am using MA 5 and 20 and you use 8 and 20. Is 8 and 20? [10:28 am] Ed : It comes from not thinking when ur looking at charts and allowing markets/stock tell u what it wants to do, then as soon as I see it long/short, no thought Im taking the trade [10:28 am] jsn13 : joey i juz saw that, thanks for the 5th component... [10:29 am] joeytsa : :) [10:29 am] joeytsa : right Ed, you have seen it b4 so you can react [10:29 am] joeytsa : its like driving and you see a traffic light, you dont really think of it..you just know what to do [10:29 am] jsn13 : we have to learn to have the instinct once we check through the 5 components... [10:29 am] jsn13 : right? [10:30 am] Ed : yes, my hurdle and sure some of u have it that I had to overcome is I would see it and start to think [10:30 am] joeytsa : guilty as charged [10:30 am] Ed : about the trade, scenario 1,2,3,4, all while stock leavn me behind then I would jump in anyways [10:30 am] jsn13 : my rpob is when i don think, im tonnes more agressive and every action can be a signal for me....like yesterday... [10:31 am] joeytsa : early lunch break...make some money :) [10:31 am] jsn13 : when i think, i would really limit my losses and risk not sure why.... [10:32 am] Ed : then when I started to get it, is when I started reactting to what I saw, And if I had to think about the trade I knew it was not a good trade so I would sit on my hands [10:32 am] victor51 : Joey enjoy lunch. I will always remember traffic light and proceed [10:32 am] qwert : joey i love your driving analogy its perfect [10:32 am] Ed : great analogy [10:33 am] jsn13 : i guess, i need to learn to "drive" and read the traffic rules.... [10:33 am] qwert : haha [10:34 am] Ed : so how do u get there to the driving analogy in ur trading? This is where the study comes in, u have to have input in order to have something to draw from [10:35 am] Ed : FB came with a fizzle, all of john q public is shocked it seems [10:35 am] victor51 : Ed, inverted hammer and res. line did it again for ADSK short.. Do you agree [10:36 am] Ed : sure did [10:36 am] jsn13 : thanks Ed....more study more study... [10:36 am] victor51 : Ed, i will remember this lesson for a long time. Thanks [10:36 am] eyes : Ed will you look at My WFM trade and see what would keep you from entering S were idid 12:39 candle 84.30 stoped 84.53 [10:37 am] Ed : est [10:37 am] eyes : yes [10:39 am] Ed : checkn now [10:40 am] Ed : I would have passed, not enough money in trade and at that particular time u were shorting into potential support [10:41 am] mikewd2 -: Baker Hughes reports U.S. rig count up 12 from last week to 1986 [10:41 am] mikewd2 -: rig count has been increasing last several weeks it seems [10:42 am] eyes : were you getting the support from [10:42 am] Ed : opening price marked by blue line [10:43 am] eyes : how did i miss thet WOW right in front of my eyes [10:43 am] Ed : see how it bounced off that area, it eventually succumbed [10:43 am] Ed : so conservative play for future reference, take short below with vol [10:44 am] Ed : this area here [10:44 am] eyes : yep stoped me out and down she went [10:45 am] eyes : My blue blens in with my balck backround going to change to lighter color light blue14
  15. 15. [10:46 am] Ed : i know u would not intentionally short into potential support [10:47 am] mikewd2 -: WLT at lod [10:49 am] eyes : thanks for looking [10:49 am] Ed : no problem [10:53 am] joeytsa : eyes: if you have that opening price line on yoru charts, see if you can also thicken it..more visual that way... [10:54 am] joeytsa : i dont use it, i use prev clo, but mine is thick yellow line..cant miss it :) [10:54 am] Ed : yea I see it from here [10:54 am] joeytsa : haha [10:54 am] joeytsa : actually i open the blinds..its really a sun beam hitting my monitor [10:55 am] joeytsa : if it reflect to my buy button, then i buy :) [10:55 am] Ed : :) [10:55 am] qwert : lets hope so mitch [10:55 am] joeytsa : thx Mitch, plus all of the spanish banks dgd [10:56 am] eyes : will do thanks joey [10:56 am] joeytsa : by moodys [10:56 am] joeytsa : eyes: it gives you a point of reference on the day [11:00 am] Ed : i recall back in 30s markets were open on saturday. Not recall but read [11:00 am] joeytsa : kind of rings a bell [11:00 am] joeytsa : wonder if thats why options actually settle on saturdays? [11:01 am] Ed : great question, where is our historian [11:01 am] victor51 : Mike, [11:01 am] Ed : must be taking a nap [11:02 am] lisas : taking off, have a great weekend all, thanks for all the great trade calls! [11:02 am] joeytsa : hes probably doing his workout [11:02 am] joeytsa : enjoy lisa lisa [11:02 am] lisas : bye joey joey [11:02 am] Ed : take care lisa [11:02 am] victor51 : mike, WLT crossed both mva. Do you think it will now breaking up/ Your thoughts [11:03 am] mikewd2 -: i like it, but failed once today on trying to take it long [11:03 am] mikewd2 -: prefer it break out over the 50ma, now though [11:04 am] mikewd2 -: volume not great, probably will leave it alone [11:04 am] mikewd2 -: see it touched the 50ma, and reversing plus stochastics now up higher. [11:04 am] mikewd2 -: doesnt look good for a long at all for me [11:07 am] joeytsa : Ed: in 1952 the exchanged ended Saturday trading ( 10am-3pm ) [11:07 am] joeytsa : current trading hours came in 1985, extended in 1991 [11:09 am] joeytsa : dow lost 12,400 [11:18 am] pirate : watching MCK [11:19 am] pirate : not much potential [11:19 am] victor51 : Mike, you were right on zWLT bounced back down from 50 mva twice. thanks [11:24 am] mikewd2 -: ive made money on WLT 4 time last 3 days all shorts. Im currently 3/3 all losses on longs last two days on WLT. [11:24 am] mikewd2 -: WLT lod, [11:25 am] victor51 : Mike, thanks. [11:25 am] joeytsa : big red vol spike there mike [11:27 am] mikewd2 -: 50.00 might be a possible bottom [11:27 am] joeytsa : Ed: 11:07 post for nyse hours history :) [11:28 am] Ed : nice [11:28 am] joeytsa : you remembered well [11:28 am] Ed : I was a young lad then [11:28 am] joeytsa : :) [11:29 am] Ed : :) [11:29 am] jsn13 : qwert, may i know how u played ADSK 2nd time long? [11:34 am] eyes : Good Night Everyone Ending the day down -45 See you all Monday [11:34 am] Ed : take care eyes [11:35 am] jsn13 : Ed, hwta have u tarded so far today? [11:35 am] jsn13 : *what, traded [11:36 am] Ed : 3 trades for me today [11:36 am] jsn13 : adsk, panl, and? [11:37 am] Ed : crm [11:38 am] jsn13 : long at the open? [11:38 am] Ed : short [11:39 am] Ed : 9:38 [11:40 am] mikewd2 -: WLT at 50.00 [11:40 am] jsn13 : the 1st red bar? dark cloud cover? potential resistance zone at 148-150?15
  16. 16. [11:41 am] Ed : did u go back to basics today? [11:41 am] mikewd2 -: just watching no plans for a trade on it yet [11:41 am] jsn13 : i took juz 2 tardes....have to go in sim... [11:42 am] qwert : jsn bought half position at 29.02 9:45est 2nd 1/2 at 29.08 9:47est, took off 3/4 at 29.49 9:50 and stopped out last 1/4 29.33 at 9:52est [11:42 am] jsn13 : took adsk at the same bar as u... [11:42 am] qwert : thats on adsk [11:42 am] mikewd2 -: wow, WLT is a sick puppy [11:42 am] jsn13 : ok thanks qwert.. [11:43 am] joeytsa : so is the market mike [11:43 am] qwert : yur welcome [11:43 am] mikewd2 -: yeah, i think im done trading for today, will just watch [11:43 am] joeytsa : 1293 printed [11:44 am] joeytsa : yeah, unless a no-brainer comes along [11:44 am] joeytsa : leave early and hit the workout [11:44 am] mikewd2 -: yeah, would not mind one of those [11:44 am] joeytsa : GS looks ugly [11:44 am] mikewd2 -: yeah, i think ill skip that and take a nap!! haha - from 2.5 men [11:45 am] joeytsa : hahah [11:48 am] joeytsa : FB still trading fast up to 433M [11:49 am] jsn13 : qwert, did u take alot of trades today? [11:50 am] qwert : 7 trades jsn [11:51 am] jsn13 : may i know what are those? need to learn how u select the good ones... [11:51 am] qwert : adsk 2x, crm, joy, oxy, sgen, svvc [11:52 am] jsn13 : u shorted crm as well? [11:52 am] mikewd2 -: qwert: was that a short on sgen? [11:52 am] qwert : no long on crm [11:52 am] jsn13 : right at the open? [11:52 am] qwert : yeah sgen my only loser [11:53 am] qwert : crm at open [11:53 am] mikewd2 -: you must not shorted it when we were trying to at the hod [11:53 am] mikewd2 -: i tried to short it at 21.90, but no shares at TS [11:53 am] jsn13 : where was ur entry on sgen? [11:54 am] qwert : yeah i was to early then missed 2nd time was looking at something else [11:54 am] mikewd2 -: gotya [11:55 am] qwert : i chased the entry then got out when it was riding up the 20sma on the 1min [11:56 am] Ed : u did what qwert [11:56 am] shark : Broker called me back on FB [11:56 am] shark : upping my exit from $39 to $40.47 [11:56 am] joeytsa : nice [11:56 am] shark : :) totally [11:56 am] shark : what a surprise [11:56 am] mikewd2 -: that was nice [11:56 am] shark : wonder where they are moving the $$ from [11:57 am] joeytsa : pays for the next vegas trip [11:57 am] skydiver : good strategy shark [11:57 am] shark : lol - nice joey [11:57 am] jsn13 : qwert, ur entry for OXY short was at 9.55 est after the doji closed right? [11:58 am] qwert : i shorted at 11:26est then didnt like how it was acting when it was riding up the 20sma so got out looking back was a bonehead move [11:58 am] mikewd2 -: FST 8.50, big vol spike [11:58 am] shark : FB retest of $38 [11:58 am] mikewd2 -: UVXY over 24 - uggggh [11:59 am] shark : once that $1b dries up, look out below [11:59 am] Ed : when shark got off the phone he say [11:59 am] shark : excuse me? [11:59 am] skydiver : lol Ed [11:59 am] shark : ;) [12:00 pm] joeytsa : :) [12:00 pm] qwert : yes jsn [12:00 pm] Ed : wow mkie ur wlt has fleas [12:00 pm] qwert : on oxy [12:00 pm] shark : train stopped at SPY 1300 joey! [12:01 pm] Ed : joey said if FB was dud, look out [12:01 pm] mikewd2 -: not sure why i didnt stay in the short on WLT all day [12:01 pm] joeytsa : :) [12:02 pm] shark : The Trend Is Your Friend, Mike16
  17. 17. [12:02 pm] mikewd2 -: yeah, Joey keeps telling me that - one day its going to sink in!!! [12:02 pm] shark : 452M shares traded today -FB [12:02 pm] qwert : 12th down day in 13 wonder what the odds are [12:02 pm] joeytsa : odds are 50/50 [12:02 pm] jsn13 : thanks qwert...for joy short, what was the sell signal? [12:02 pm] mikewd2 -: but didnt loss much money on the long attempts. [12:02 pm] mikewd2 -: made good money on the shorts [12:03 pm] joeytsa : just might get taht 1280 if things fail here [12:04 pm] mikewd2 -: FB may test 38 again [12:04 pm] joeytsa : aol homepage : Facebook ipo an "embarrassment" [12:06 pm] mikewd2 -: new record vol first day on a stock [12:07 pm] joeytsa : probably hit half a billion [12:07 pm] mikewd2 -: 458M [12:07 pm] mikewd2 -: so far [12:07 pm] joeytsa : hasnt slowed down 460M [12:07 pm] mikewd2 -: it touches 38 again going to be interesting [12:08 pm] joeytsa : im watching an old Preakness from a few years back..i think i can win this race :) [12:08 pm] mikewd2 -: do the supertrifecta! [12:08 pm] joeytsa : :) [12:08 pm] joeytsa : will you take my bet [12:09 pm] mikewd2 -: lol [12:11 pm] joeytsa : pay up mike haha [12:11 pm] mikewd2 -: haha, need to start playing these TNA bounces again. Wheres gary he always kept me in those. [12:13 pm] jsn13 : qwert, how did u play SVVC? [12:13 pm] victor51 : Great learning, thanks ED, Joey, Mike, Jason, Mitch and all. Will need to leave shortly [12:14 pm] mikewd2 -: enjoy your weekend victor [12:14 pm] Ed : have an awesome weekend victor [12:18 pm] shark : bye victor! :) [12:18 pm] qwert : long jsn on svcc small position at 11:40 21.14 out 1/2 21.49 at 11:41 out the rest at 11:45 when the buyers dried up 21.75 [12:21 pm] jsn13 : ok thanks qwert....good one... [12:21 pm] joeytsa : bye victor [12:21 pm] qwert : no problem jsn [12:22 pm] qwert : here comes fb [12:22 pm] mikewd2 -: Im done for today guys, cu monday! Enjoy the weekend. [12:23 pm] joeytsa : be good mike, catch yuo later on FailBook hahah [12:23 pm] Ed : have a great weekend mike [12:23 pm] shark : thx, mike. Have a great weekend! [12:23 pm] qwert : cya mike [12:24 pm] qwert : if it loses 38 seems like it would really drop? [12:25 pm] dmitry : lets see if FB looses 38 [12:25 pm] shark : I think they will support it [12:25 pm] shark : as close as we are to the close [12:26 pm] jsn13 : qwert would u be free after market closes? have some quick questions to ask u.... [12:26 pm] shark : see if the market makers pop the last print, too [12:26 pm] joeytsa : big black eye if it loses 38 [12:26 pm] shark : TOTALLY!! [12:26 pm] shark : Headline papers will have a field day this weekend [12:27 pm] joeytsa : GOOG might touch 600, was over 630 earlier [12:27 pm] shark : ugh, missed that one joey [12:27 pm] shark : sold PCLN at 640 [12:28 pm] qwert : jsn im going out to lunch with my son whos in from college, you can email me and ill try to answer later or set up a time to talk if you want ikenberry5@msn.com [12:28 pm] jsn13 : thanks alot....enjoy ur weekend.... [12:31 pm] Ed : c ya qwerrt [12:32 pm] qwert : not leaving till mkt closes just have a hungry family waiting for me :)) [12:32 pm] Ed : ok [12:33 pm] joeytsa : great week, see you all on monday [12:33 pm] joeytsa : Thanks Mitch, Ed, everyone [12:33 pm] Ed : c ya joey [12:33 pm] shark : bye joey! Great work :) [12:34 pm] qwert : bye joey have a great weekend [12:34 pm] jsn13 : qwert, can i juz ask u few quick questions here b4 the amrket clsoes? [12:34 pm] afchao168 : Ed ... after you enter a trade, how far away do you put your protective stops? [12:35 pm] qwert : sure jsn [12:36 pm] Ed : I place few cents below lod or hod or few cents17
  18. 18. below/above area of support/resistance [12:36 pm] afchao168 : thanks! [12:36 pm] Ed : no problem [12:37 pm] jsn13 : ok can u juz tell me which ones are bad setups, CCE (9.39),ANN (9.42), JOY (10.55)? [12:39 pm] Ed : with all going on in world not too many want to carry longs over weekend [12:39 pm] skydiver : yeah Ed -- I for sure dont [12:39 pm] jsn13 : the bracket shows the time of potential reversdal that i was looking at... [12:40 pm] shark : not a single print below $38 on FB - [12:40 pm] shark : must be chewing thru that $1B here [12:41 pm] jsn13 : qwert, and also SGEN at around 12pm est... [12:42 pm] qwert : jsn give me your email address and i will look and email you later [12:42 pm] skydiver : Well - Im gone - Dont want to chew into my profits from today. See you all Monday morning - Have a great week-end alll! :) [12:43 pm] Ed : take care sky [12:43 pm] jsn13 : ok nvm why not i juz phrase them properly and send u an email... [12:43 pm] skydiver : :) [12:43 pm] shark : bye sky! great calls [12:43 pm] jsn13 : thanks qwert... [12:43 pm] skydiver : Hey shark -- you joyey, Ed, Mitch, and others - great team here!! ok - Im gone :) [12:44 pm] afchao168 : do you still expect a big cascading sell-off Mitch? [12:44 pm] qwert : cya sky [12:44 pm] skydiver : thnx Mitch - ok - now gone - take qwert [12:44 pm] shark : good info, Mitch! [12:45 pm] shark : awesome. missed most of $115 AAPL drop [12:45 pm] skydiver : still here -- Mitchs teaching is toooo good [12:45 pm] shark : :) [12:46 pm] shark : Try shorting FB at 38.01, cover at $38.00 [12:46 pm] shark : 10m shares should do the trick [12:46 pm] Ed : too funny [12:47 pm] qwert : you were right on mitch [12:49 pm] shark : TOTAL SUPPORT on FB [12:49 pm] shark : ....til next week!!! [12:49 pm] shark : die, FB, die [12:49 pm] shark : not yet [12:50 pm] shark : 400m float, no short??? [12:50 pm] shark : is that normal on an IPO? [12:50 pm] shark : options on Tue -FB then [12:50 pm] shark : scheduled for Tue -maybe they will delay [12:51 pm] afchao168 : how will they do options if they cant short the stock to hedge? [12:51 pm] shark : market makers can short to hedge, i believe [12:52 pm] qwert : do you think we should buy FB long with stop at 37.99 [12:52 pm] shark : nooooooooooooooo [12:53 pm] shark : too many other good trades [12:53 pm] qwert : okay thx [12:53 pm] shark : i made more shorting PCLN today and CRM today [12:54 pm] qwert : if they pull that rug out this thing is gonna be in a freefall [12:59 pm] afchao168 : you too! [01:00 pm] skydiver : Thanks Mitch, Ed, and the rest of you. Great teaching as well :) [01:00 pm] afchao168 : Thanks Mitch and Ed! [01:00 pm] qwert : bye Ed have a great weekend [01:00 pm] Ed : thx sky,afchao [01:00 pm] Ed : lol [01:01 pm] qwert : Goodbye everybody thanks for an awesome week [01:01 pm] gub : yes Eds warming up for the weekend. [01:01 pm] afchao168 : great! Thanks Mitch! [01:01 pm] Ed : too funny [01:01 pm] shark : ditto qwert [01:01 pm] fusco : Thanks! Great help with FB. [01:01 pm] qwert : By Mitch [01:01 pm] gub : Ed - just drive careful tonight! [01:02 pm] Ed : i ride a bike without motor [01:02 pm] gub : Im into green 100% too! [01:03 pm] qwert : nice gub [01:03 pm] Ed : nice [01:04 pm] gub : Thanks Mitch - thats why Im with you - I knew you were green without telling me. [01:05 pm] gub : Man $ was made today when I hear this music - I luv it! [01:06 pm] gub : I wasnt too active bcause I was working on installing18