Each and every day Stock Report Friday Morning, July 6, 2012


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Each and every day Stock Report Friday Morning, July 6, 2012

  1. 1. Daily Stock Report Friday Morning, July 6, 2012 Announcement: The Trading Room is a LIVE real-time forum where you get excellent stock ideas for mostly intraday scalping trades where our goal is to make 1-3% profit per transaction. Go to www.TradeStocksAmerica.com and click on the Trading Room tab for instructions to receive a $1 trial for a week. Not only will you receive excellent stock trading ideas, mostly focused on intraday scalps, you will get commentary about the timing, trading action, and market behavior during the day and how it affects any stock ideas posted in the Trading Room. Plus, you will interact with other traders as well. It is highly recommended to study the trading strategies and chart setup before you use your actual hard earned money and practice in a virtual account for 30-90 days before in order to get a high winning rate while practice. This will dramatically increase your chances of being profitable from the beginning of using your own money. See you in the Trading Room!Trading volume continued to be light and the US marketindices were mixed on Thursday. Any direction in the Summary Opinionmarket shouldn’t be used for any forecasting because it With this holiday week, the trading volume is light so stock pricesdoesn’t mean anything this week. tend to be exaggerated. The bias is to the upside this week and long positions should perform better than shorts.Tomorrow’s economic data and jobs numbers are importantwith emphasis on the Nonfarm payrolls and theunemployment rate. If we see the rate stay at 8.2% or Calendar (All Eastern times) Monday, 1000am, ISM Index, 52.2 (>50 is expansion)increase, then markets probably head down next week, Monday, 1000am, Construction spending, 0.2%especially if we couple that with some negative headline Tuesday, 1000am, Factory Orders, 0.4%stories out of Europe, which seems likely. Tuesday, 200pm, Auto and Truck Sales, 4.7M & 5.9M Thursday, 700am, MBA Mortgage Index, -7.1% Thursday, 730am, Challenger Job Cuts, 66.7%The market may not react to its full impact in reaction to any Thursday, 815am, ADP Employment Change, 105Knews to the unemployment report tomorrow on Friday until Thursday, 830am, Continuing Unemployment Claims, 3.283Knext week when professional money managers return from Thursday, 1000am, ISM Services, 53.0 Thursday, 1100am, Crude Inventories, -0.133Mthe holiday week. Friday, 830am, Nonfarm Payrolls, 100K Friday, 830am, Unemployment Rate, 8.2%I think the best strategy now is to start preparing for more of Friday, 830am, Hourly Earnings, 0.2%an extreme move in the markets that set up for a very high Friday, 830am, Average Workweek, 34.4probability of making money. This isn’t a great time to be Follow-up notes: ROST, Ross Stores is selling off the last two days on the publicity offully invested so keep positions small and continue to discount stores are over-priced.remain nimble. The hold time for stocks isn’t months but ORLY, O’Reilly Auto Parts. If you are long this stock after the big haircutmore like days and weeks. on their earnings warning, try to get higher prices to sell next 1-2 days. MNST, Monster Beverage is breaking down. Consider selling on a littleREPEAT: With this holiday week, the trading volume is light so rebound. Usually this means the momentum will start to come out of thisstock prices tend to move in exaggerated manner. The bias is to and direction change to downtrend.the upside this week and long positions should perform better thanshorts.Most recent list of “Market worries”: 1. Greece bailout and possible exit; Greece complains they want Spain’s deal; Greece vote this weekend. 2. Spain bailout proposal being criticized as creating more problems in future; Spain asking IMF for money now. 3. Next news bomb: Italy likely going to need help but not in news lately 4. Germany is Europe’s financial leader; says they pay biggest percentage of bailouts; must be weighing options. 5. European recession very likely to start 6. Chinas softening of economy or hard landing? 7. US economic data choppy; jobs market weak. 8. US Presidential election, momentum shifting toward Romney = Bullish 9. Apathy in retail investors 10. US Housing recovery not strong yet 11. Brazil economy stalling 12. Money is flowing into US dollar, US Treasuries and German government securities. 13. US economic policy not repairing economy. 14. Current US president not strong leader; creating more debt 15. India economy sharply pulling back now; just starting to hit news. 16. No serious discussion on US budget among politicians; Bernanke warns this as biggest fiscal cliff. 17. French President Hollande leaning heavily to the left toward spending and increasing taxes; not working well with Germany’s Merkel. 18. Healthcare costs and tax structure for US companies unclear; US Supreme Court decision due week as late as Thursday 6-28-2012. 19. France being suggested as next European country to have financial problems. 20. Low volume summer trading. 1
  2. 2. Scalp of the day from Trading Room: (all eastern times) VC, Virnetx had a short with a 6% potential profit today. Light volume but good movement in stocks. These scalps posted here are best ones we find in real-time each day and will do our best to present these as timely as possible to the Trading Room and give commentary and suggestions as how to profit from them. Normally a 2-3% profit is very good per scalp. The Trading Room is now open! Start your $1 trial here: www.tradestocksamerica.com/trading-room-new.php Swing Trade Ideas: (Usually hold time is days) MRX, Medicis Pharmaceutical. Consider small long position. BK, The Bank of New York Mellon. Consider small long position. ECL, Ecolab. Consider small long position. GWRE, Guidewire. Consider small short Friday. RNF, Rentech Nitrogen. Monitoring for potential short next 1-3 days. CANCEL Intermediate Trade Ideas: (weeks to months) ERJ, Embraer Aircraft. Consider small long position. KSU, Kansas City Southern. Consider small long position. VC, Visteon. Consider small long position. GRA, WR Grace. Consider small long position. PEP, Pepsico. Consider small long position. HIG, Hartford Financial. Consider small long position. GRMN, Garmin. Consider small long position. PPO, Polypore. Consider small long position. EXR, Extra Space Storage. Consider small long position. NXTM, NxStage Medical. Consider small long position. LEAP, Leap Wireless. Consider small long position. LXK, Lexmark. Consider small long position. WFM, Whole Foods. Consider small long position. Aggressive Investors-Traders (Higher risk, higher reward) WLP, Wellpoint. Watching for long position next 2-3 days.Focus Chart: (Worden Telechart 2007-Download FREE on home page SUPN, Supreme Pharmaceuticals. Bullshort. Consider small short, start in smallof www.TradeStocksAmerica.com.) increments. Study Bullshort chapter in Wizard Training course.WLP, Wellpoint. Watching for long entry next 2-3 days. HNR, Harvest Natural Resources. Watching for potential short, for aggressive investors.SUPN, Supernus Pharmaceuticals moved from $5.85 to Don’t get leveraged on any of these aggressive ideas. Study Bullshorts in the Wizard$15.09 in one day last week and has substantial downside Training Course before attempting this high risk high reward strategy. It is best to letprofits on the short side if you are able to find shares to short. these peak in price and turn down before opening short.This hit $8.70 on Monday’s low; looking for below $8 but be flexible. 2
  3. 3. Stock List Type Notes Open Price Close PriceCMG,CMG Chipotle Mex LONG-INT Closed all long position at 405, 236% avg. profit 163.49 367.18MNST, Monster Bev. LONG-SWI Closed Thursday for 75% profit. 42.69 74.74MO, Altria LONG-INT Up elevator. 31.82FNGN,FNGN Financial Eng SHORT-SWI Looking for 5% drop or more. 20.50CHMT, Chemtra SHORT-SWI Expecting to resume downtrend. 14.82 14.31VCI, Volassis SHORT-SWI Likely to see drop if you are still short. 20.50 21.50SHFL, Shuffle Mast AGGSHORT Closed Thursday at breakeven. Th 14.25 14.25NBL, Nobile Energy LONG-SWI Closed ½ long position Thursday for 10.7% profit Th 78.75HUM, Human Health LONG-SWI Thursday, 3%; Covered short Thursday, -3%; consider covering 78.81 77.24 77.24TARO, Taro Pharm SHORT-SWI Closed short Thursday for 3% profit. Th 37.35 36.50CNK, Cinemark SHORT-SWI Stopped Wednesday for 3.6% loss 21.69 22.50RHT, Redhat SHORT-SWI Covered short Friday with 2.2% loss. 53.41 54.34BEAV, BE Aerospace SHORT-SWI Covered Tuesday for 5.5% profit. 43.42 41.00SNI, Scripps Netw LONG-INT Approaching new highs 57.31SHW, Sherwin Will LONG-INT Approaching new highs 133.10ASIA,ASIA AsiaInfo SHORT-SWI Breaking down last two days. 11.94 12.05WAG, Walgreens LONG-INT Starting to move up. 29.33HXL, HexcelHXL SHORT-INT Covered Tuesday for breakeven. . 24.36 24.35IAG,IAG IamGold SHORT-INT Small short position. 11.89LAZ,LAZ Lazard SHORT-SWI Covered Tuesday for 3.3% profit. 25.39 24.57IMAX,IMAX Imax SHORT-SWI Covered Friday for 6.6% loss; consider covering 22.72 24.25JAZZ, Jazz Pharma SHORT-SWI Looking for another 2-3 down days but reduce? 45.25NSC,NSC Norfolk South SHORT-SWI Stop above 72.50 69.25RBC, Regal-Beloit SHORT-SWI Covered Thursday for 3% profit. 61.48 59.77DY,DY Dycom SHORT-INT Stopped Friday for 8.2% loss 17.18 18.60QSII, Quality Systems SHORT-INT Stopped Friday for breakeven; watch for short ; 26.54 26.54COF,COF Capital One SHORT-INT Covered for 6.6% loss. Consider covering. 51.74 55.00RBS, Royal Bank SHORT-INT Covered Thursday for 15.5% profit. 7.43 6.44HNR,HNR Havest Natural AGGRESSIVE Small short position. 8.91SHOO,SHOO Steven Madd SHORT-INT Consider covering short next 1-2 days. 34.97 32.80TIF,TIF Tiffany SHORT-INT Downtrend firmly in place last 2 months 51.64LVLT, Level 3 Comm. SHORT-SWI Should turn over. 21.65NFX,NFX Newfield Expl LONG-INT Covered Monday for 12.3% profit. 25.96 29.15CLB,CLB Core Labs SHORT-INT DANGER; DANGER; consider covering short. 113.50FFIV, F5 SHORT-INT Th Covered Thursday for 4% loss. 96.63 100.18RHT, Redhat SHORT-INT Looking for pullback after small rebound. 54.15SUPN,SUPN Supernus Phar BULLSHORT Monday’s low was $8.70; watch for cover price. 11.00TLM, Talisman Enrgy LONG-INT Th profit; Closed Thursday for 4% profit; consider selling. 11.54 11.90LXK,LXK Lexmark LONG-INT Looking for more upside. 26.47ICON, Iconix LONG-INT Thursday More upside momentum Thursday 17.60PEP,PEP Pepsico. LONG-INT Approaching high. 70.34 3
  4. 4. HIG,HIG Hartford Life LONG-INT Higher high Tuesday. 17.45GWRE, Guidewire SHORT- SHORT-INT Small short position. 27.68Here are some highlights of comments and stock ideas from the LIVE Trading Room. Try a $1 trial for 1 week using thislink: http://www.tradestocksamerica.com/trading-room.phpJuly 3, 2012 July 3, 2012TSA Moderator Chat TSA Chat[06:54 am] Mitch K: i think i missed July 4th Ed, did I? still [06:25 am] khall : :-) much easier to typesitting at my desk computer [06:25 am] lisas : gm all[07:04 am] Ed : monitor TEVA for potential short in 41.01 area [06:25 am] gregsemple2003 : haha, agree on the name g3 not bad[07:38 am] Ed : looking for 55.4 on UNH short but be flexible [06:25 am] apple : hey lisa, gm[07:15 am] Ed : watch the 56.01 area on this boune in UNH [06:26 am] cdougan : Nice to meet Greg. Im over on the west[07:21 am] Ed : iniitiating small short in UNH with stop 56.01 coast. Vancouver[07:39 am] Ed : covering 1/2 UNH short [06:26 am] lisas : gm apple![07:40 am] Ed : placing stop on other 1/2 at breakeven [06:26 am] doji : Crude oil up 4%[08:29 am] Ed : covering 1/4 UNH short [06:26 am] gregsemple2003 : oh vancouver, ive only been once but[06:06 am] Ed : good morning traders its gorgeous there[06:08 am] Ed : Stock Market Closes at 1 est today [06:26 am] eddy : watchin OPK today[06:18 am] Ed : For anyone who trade bond futures, its normal [06:27 am] khall : hi lisa!hours [06:27 am] apple : loved vancouver and esp. victoria[06:28 am] Ed : today will be thin, I would use smaller position [06:27 am] khall : thanks eddy - up over 6% alreadysize on trades today [06:28 am] cdougan : it rains.[06:34 am] Mitch K: watching GDI for top to short [06:28 am] joeytsa : i dont see any volume on that one[06:34 am] Mitch K: watching FFIV for quick short [06:28 am] gregsemple2003 : but hardly ever snows right? being[06:34 am] Mitch K: watching TRIP for bottom to buy, bouncy an island an allalready [06:28 am] jsn13 : good morning all.....Im currently studying in[06:35 am] Mitch K: watching JWN for bottom to buy vancouver....[06:35 am] Mitch K: watching NAV for top to short [06:29 am] cdougan : really jsn? UBC/SFU?[06:35 am] Mitch K: oh man, it is really slow, i mean vol just [06:29 am] jsn13 : UBCgone, they went camping [06:29 am] apple : gm jsn[06:38 am] Mitch K: monitoring PDCO for top to short, not big [06:29 am] cdougan : small worldrange of price though [06:29 am] cdougan : nice[06:39 am] Mitch K: watching VHC for top, best one so far [06:29 am] khall : thanks Ed for the tip[06:39 am] Mitch K: these are not great ideas yet, [06:29 am] joeytsa : agreed Ed[06:39 am] Mitch K: watching ANR for top to short, take your [06:29 am] apple : thx Etime [06:29 am] jsn13 : cdougan, which part of vancouver are u at?[06:40 am] Mitch K: watching SLW for top to short [06:31 am] cdougan : GMCR[06:40 am] Mitch K: watching FIRE for bottom, here is a good [06:31 am] scalpman : SAM didnt openone to watch [06:32 am] khall : I noticed that[06:41 am] Mitch K: monitoring COG, not developed yet [06:32 am] apple : gm scalp[06:41 am] Mitch K: watching COH for bottom to buy [06:32 am] joeytsa : yeah, they had gapped[06:41 am] Mitch K: watching JCP for bottom to buy [06:33 am] skydiver : watching FIRE[06:42 am] Mitch K: crude oil on fire again [06:33 am] apple : gm sky[06:42 am] Mitch K: watching RIG for top [06:33 am] skydiver : gm apple[06:43 am] Mitch K: watching YUM for bottom [06:33 am] skydiver : CRM dropped fast[06:43 am] Mitch K: watching BTU for top to short [06:34 am] Ed : esignal charts not working[06:43 am] Mitch K: watching NOG for top to short [06:34 am] Ed : have to reboot charts[06:44 am] Mitch K: watching POT for top to shor [06:35 am] scalpman : LQDT L @ 39.90[06:44 am] Mitch K: watching VRX for top [06:35 am] joeytsa : probably wont come back until monday Mitch[06:45 am] Mitch K: watching TMO for top to short [06:37 am] Ed : anyone having issues with esignal[06:46 am] Mitch K: watching AMRN for bottom to buy [06:37 am] scalpman : Out 1/2 LQDT L[06:47 am] Mitch K: watching WLT for top to short [06:37 am] eddy : no application on screen now?[06:47 am] Mitch K: consider selling most of FIRE long [06:38 am] apple : eddy - E uses esignal and has a problem[06:48 am] Mitch K: watchign AEM for top to short [06:38 am] joeytsa : ES still using 1360 as res..keep eye on that[06:48 am] Mitch K: watching ESV for top to short area 4
  5. 5. [06:49 am] Mitch K: watching CLR for top to short [06:38 am] apple : i am joey, thx[06:50 am] Mitch K: watching CCJ for top to short [06:39 am] joeytsa : :)[06:50 am] Mitch K: watching CNQ for top to short [06:39 am] scalpman : higher hi LQDT[06:50 am] Mitch K: watching MCP for top to short [06:39 am] joeytsa : yeah scalp, testing prev hi here[06:52 am] Mitch K: area [06:39 am] scalpman : not quite yet almost[06:52 am] Mitch K: worth watching a low priced stock, NSPH [06:40 am] joeytsa : nice bounce on CRMtoday for long entry, waiting for pullback to 3 [06:40 am] skydiver : :)[06:52 am] Mitch K: MCP toppy [06:41 am] joeytsa : oil is running[06:53 am] Ed : missed the breakout [06:41 am] mikewd2 -: yeah![06:53 am] Mitch K: watching GRPN for bottom [06:42 am] skydiver : nice mike :)[06:53 am] Ed : not sure will get, but monitor LNKD for pullback [06:42 am] joeytsa : probably more due to ME fears than globalinto 107.89 area to hold and take long upturn[06:53 am] Mitch K: watching PCYC for bottom [06:42 am] scalpman : OUt another 1/4 LQDT L[06:54 am] Mitch K: consider covering GDI short [06:43 am] joeytsa : crude hit res @ $88..watching here[06:54 am] Ed : you did [06:44 am] Ed : test[06:55 am] Mitch K: monitoring NAV for 2nd helping short [06:44 am] Ed : test[06:55 am] Mitch K: still watching ANR [06:44 am] apple : hes back...[06:56 am] Mitch K: watching CNSL for bottom [06:44 am] joeytsa : we see you[06:58 am] Mitch K: still little more upside on FIRE long [06:44 am] joeytsa : you look younger now :)[07:01 am] Mitch K: other ag chemical stocks like AGU are IPI, [06:45 am] joeytsa : ES quick move up and over 1360MOS, POT [06:45 am] mikewd2 -: materials strong today[07:01 am] Mitch K: watching AGU for top to short [06:45 am] Ed : thx[07:04 am] Mitch K: watching FOSL for bottom [06:45 am] joeytsa : nice on FIRE Mitch[07:05 am] Mitch K: consider selling TRIP [06:45 am] scalpman : all out LQDT L...mismanaged that last[07:05 am] Mitch K: watching MPC for bottom stop...oh well... my first gapper Ed[07:06 am] Ed : LNKD is consolidating and has base on base on [06:46 am] joeytsa : way to go scalp !!!1min [06:46 am] scalpman : Thanks for the gapper Joey...[07:06 am] Mitch K: watching NAV for 2nd helping short [06:46 am] Ed : nice scalp[07:07 am] Mitch K: watching NFLX for top to short [06:46 am] joeytsa : i have a doc in the facebook group...check it[07:10 am] Mitch K: another run on FIRE not done yet out sometime[07:10 am] Mitch K: watching EL for top, everything taking [06:47 am] scalpman : MDVN was good toolonger [06:47 am] scalpman : and ROSE...[07:11 am] Ed : getting pullback in SPY [06:48 am] joeytsa : hardest thing with gaps is choosing your[07:13 am] Mitch K: IPI toppy play...fade,follow,wait for pullback then go[07:14 am] Mitch K: turned over actually [06:49 am] joeytsa : get your plan set, then you wont ever have to[07:14 am] Mitch K: POT toppy 2nd guess yourself[07:14 am] Ed : monitoring UNH for short, [06:49 am] doji : ?[07:15 am] Mitch K: watching NKE for short on top of this [06:50 am] skydiver : out 3/4 of FIRE L - 48.05 - 49.16bounce [06:50 am] khall : great trade sky[07:21 am] Mitch K: looking for $45.50 area on WLT short [06:50 am] skydiver : been watching it since 6:30am :) thnx khall[07:22 am] Mitch K: startring to monitor FIRE for short on top of [06:50 am] joeytsa : FIRE was nice, good job skythis bounce [06:51 am] apple : excellent job sky[07:22 am] Ed : this is ADVANCED TRADE [06:51 am] skydiver : :)[07:22 am] Ed : will add if get break below 55.62 with vol [06:52 am] joeytsa : BIDU near hod, might be tired, but still[07:24 am] Mitch K: little more upside on MPC bounce, dont buy watching to see if it busts above 115 at some pointnew position long, just if you have it already [06:54 am] mikewd2 -: WFT needs to push thru 13[07:26 am] Mitch K: MPC toppy here, consider selling [06:57 am] joeytsa : PXD, nice move, pullback to suppor, might[07:27 am] Ed : nice turn over in AG chemicals tryfor highs[07:35 am] Ed : I will not add to short if it breaks below 55.62, [06:58 am] skydiver : thnx Mitch on FIRE - still have last 1/4 in firedue to thin trading day with trailing stop[07:38 am] Mitch K: watching FOSL for bottom [06:59 am] apple : great call on FIRE[07:56 am] Ed : getting slight pullback in SPY [07:00 am] doji : Hey Mike, are you already positive on your WFT[08:09 am] Mitch K: watching VHC position?[08:33 am] Mitch K: watching GM [07:00 am] joeytsa : factory orders coming out[08:50 am] Ed : out all UNH short [07:00 am] mikewd2 -: up 0.7[09:13 am] Ed : getting little selling in markets [07:00 am] mikewd2 -: yes doji on WFT[09:20 am] Mitch K: watching TSCO [07:00 am] doji : Greta! Oil over 5% today[09:35 am] Mitch K: watching PMTC [07:01 am] joeytsa : watching SSYS[09:41 am] Mitch K: watching CHKP [07:01 am] mikewd2 -: took some profit on FST this morning also[09:42 am] Mitch K: watching CIE [07:01 am] eyes : SU[10:00 am] Ed : have an awesome day, see you on thursday [07:01 am] joeytsa : scratch that..too low vol[10:01 am] Mitch K: Happy 4th traders [07:01 am] apple : ES over 1363 and moving, SPY hod [07:02 am] mikewd2 -: UVXY below 8 [07:02 am] mikewd2 -: VIX 16.34 [07:02 am] joeytsa : just looked at that mike..was arond 20 not long ago 5
  6. 6. [07:03 am] skydiver : GM reports sales up in U.S. sales by 15.5%[07:04 am] eyes : Any Thoughts on SU[07:05 am] doji : Ill wait until oil stocks report in the next week, untilthen only day trading[07:05 am] doji : CLR[07:05 am] joeytsa : NFLX testing $70, GS testing $98[07:05 am] mikewd2 -: Ive also sold off some WFT calls that ibought[07:06 am] cowboyh : watching DV[07:06 am] doji : YEs Mike, better to take profits, don;t expect aspectacular report on oil stocks[07:07 am] doji : Breakout LNKD?[07:07 am] doji : HZNP[07:07 am] joeytsa : trail if long NFLX on break ofer $70[07:07 am] doji : Nice bullshprt[07:07 am] mikewd2 -: improved economy, europe settling - oil willgo back to 100[07:07 am] mikewd2 -: but .... - haha[07:08 am] joeytsa : yeah but first the economy has to improve[07:08 am] joeytsa : but copper has moved up..good sign[07:08 am] doji : hahaha... oil just move on speculation[07:09 am] joeytsa : oil pulled back about 70cents from high[07:09 am] mikewd2 -: Im speculating higher oil - lol[07:10 am] mikewd2 -: GMCR nice move today[07:10 am] mikewd2 -: HLF finally pushed up to 50[07:10 am] doji : UVXY down anothet 6% today.... will start takingsmall positions here[07:10 am] doji : share by share[07:11 am] mikewd2 -: i bought some doji 7.96[07:11 am] apple : 1 by 1[07:11 am] doji : Nice Mike[07:12 am] skydiver : FIRE is treating my nice today[07:12 am] skydiver : me[07:12 am] joeytsa : AMZN in a 1pt range[07:12 am] doji : Did you post it Sky?[07:13 am] skydiver : yes -- 6:33[07:13 am] mikewd2 -: nice SKY, didnt move on it[07:14 am] mikewd2 -: Toyota june sales up 60.3%[07:14 am] apple : thx mike[07:14 am] doji : below 55.35?[07:15 am] joeytsa : mike, is that TM # up from last month or lastjune?[07:15 am] mikewd2 -: versus estimtate[07:16 am] mikewd2 -: not sure compared to what[07:16 am] doji : up 60.3%?[07:16 am] mikewd2 -: sorry[07:16 am] joeytsa : just wondered, im guessing from last june[07:17 am] apple : probably because comparisons are usuallycomparing same qtr yr to yr[07:17 am] joeytsa : werent their sales down spring/summer fromthe earthquake[07:17 am] joeytsa : right apple[07:17 am] eyes : Ed what a day to start the new rule dont you think[07:18 am] Ed : today is as good as any[07:18 am] doji : What rule?[07:18 am] apple : what new rule?[07:18 am] joeytsa : rule 1 : dont lose money :)[07:18 am] doji : I must be drunk today... missing all the calls here[07:19 am] eyes : My new rule to stay in longer[07:19 am] joeytsa : rule #2 : never forget rule #1[07:19 am] apple : what do you need doji?[07:19 am] doji : Need waht?[07:19 am] mikewd2 -: or rule #2[07:19 am] apple : youre missing all the calls, what do you need[07:19 am] khall : maybe its just an off day doji[07:19 am] apple : good one joey and mike6
  7. 7. [07:20 am] doji : Lees work and another monitor.... hahaha[07:20 am] joeytsa : off topic ; Andy Griffith died[07:20 am] mikewd2 -: out AMRN second long today - thanks Mitch[07:20 am] mikewd2 -: no way, bummer[07:20 am] apple : too bad, thx joey[07:20 am] apple : good job mike[07:21 am] eyes : I have 100 shares left on NOG any thoughts[07:22 am] mikewd2 -: short or long eyes[07:22 am] joeytsa : good stop point Ed, thats the prev lo[07:23 am] skydiver : all out of FIRE L[07:23 am] joeytsa : nice one sky[07:23 am] skydiver : :)[07:23 am] apple : great job sky[07:23 am] joeytsa : FFIV moving a bit[07:24 am] skydiver : yeah - one a day like FIRE keeps the povertyaway! :)[07:25 am] joeytsa : FIRE paused at each pp and kept moving[07:25 am] doji : pp?[07:25 am] joeytsa : pivot point[07:25 am] apple : pivot point[07:25 am] doji : Thanks Joey[07:25 am] apple : maybe FIRE will fill the gap[07:26 am] joeytsa : never lost the 15ma, basically rode the 5ma up[07:27 am] scalpman : GOLD another good gapper about 6 minutesfrom open...was monitoring Joeys gap up list[07:27 am] doji : same as CLR Joey[07:27 am] joeytsa : look like they had slight pullbacks thenfollowthru[07:28 am] eyes : SU was Nice[07:28 am] scalpman : yes...and they had closes very close (butabove) the open...[07:28 am] cdougan : GRPN appreaching all time lows[07:29 am] mikewd2 -: watching AMRN for 3rd long entr[07:29 am] mikewd2 -: entry[07:29 am] joeytsa : yeah scalp, GOLD pulled back but held abovethe prev hi also[07:30 am] scalpman : MDVN actually started at yesterdaysclose...but it appears in pre-market as GAP down...interesting[07:30 am] joeytsa : yeah i listed that as a gap down[07:30 am] scalpman : I am attracted to this kind of trade often yieldpoint or more over a longer time from (an hour or more).[07:31 am] scalpman : frame[07:31 am] rusty : F hod[07:31 am] Ed : sounds like someone about to tee off on golf course,complete silence[07:31 am] scalpman : sorry ...back to work[07:31 am] joeytsa : usually much quicker, but you can getwhipsawed easily[07:31 am] apple : gm rusty[07:32 am] Ed : good afternoon rusty[07:32 am] rusty : gm[07:32 am] joeytsa : FFIV breaking out with some vol[07:33 am] apple : nice move on F from yesterday[07:33 am] scalpman : SAM eventually opened near previous close[07:34 am] scalpman : CAB was gapp down then rebounded abovethe open.[07:35 am] apple : BUD had a nice move from lod[07:35 am] joeytsa : no vol on CAB[07:35 am] joeytsa : same with SAM[07:35 am] doji : Watching LEN[07:35 am] rusty : GRPN lows[07:36 am] apple : MLNX took off[07:36 am] apple : watching LEN before doji, now it took off[07:37 am] mikewd2 -: stopped on SU long, 1% gain[07:37 am] apple : watching FOSL[07:37 am] joeytsa : nice mike7
  8. 8. [07:37 am] eyes : 2 BE 1 Win 1 Small loss up +17 i am on a roll[07:38 am] mikewd2 -: lunch money![07:38 am] apple : good job mke[07:38 am] skydiver : very good mike[07:38 am] joeytsa : as long as you are up eyes[07:38 am] eyes : yup[07:40 am] apple : thx E[07:42 am] rusty : HZNP doji[07:42 am] rusty : PCYC lod[07:42 am] apple : ES over 1365[07:43 am] rusty : AUXL radar quite the daily chart[07:44 am] apple : watching MNST[07:45 am] eyes : Watching BTU[07:50 am] scalpman : support at 70 on new low[07:52 am] sakii : Watching SXCI[07:52 am] eddy : Watching OREX[07:52 am] eyes : BAss Might be something to look at[07:52 am] eyes : BAS[07:53 am] mikewd2 -: missed the 3rd AMRN long[07:54 am] apple : EEP[07:56 am] doji : Pullback?[07:57 am] Ed : yes we got slight pullback. from highs[07:57 am] doji : H=1366, now=1365.5[07:57 am] Ed : hence slight[07:58 am] doji : hahahaha...[07:58 am] Ed : slight= small, thin trading day. :)[07:58 am] eyes : ANF 3 Min chart any thoughts[07:58 am] apple : lol doji, a pullback is a pullback[07:58 am] Ed : ur funny man doji-man[07:58 am] doji : You are3 absolutely right...[07:59 am] doji : You are the mad Ed... you know I appreciate you[07:59 am] doji : man[07:59 am] Ed : mad ed, LOL[07:59 am] doji : Ed[07:59 am] doji : Ed "El Loco"... hahaha[07:59 am] apple : now, that is funny[07:59 am] apple : lol[07:59 am] Ed : lol[07:59 am] apple : ed loco[08:00 am] skydiver : well - time is up for me - and too many phonecalls this morning I had to take. But . . FIRE was nice. Happy 4th ofJuly all :)[08:00 am] Ed : see sky[08:00 am] apple : same to you sky, have a safe fun holiday[08:00 am] Ed : see u later sky[08:00 am] eyes : FOSL wanting to break con[08:00 am] doji : Bye Sky and thanks for posting FIRE even though Imissed it[08:00 am] cdougan : take care sky[08:00 am] khall : see you Thurs sky[08:00 am] apple : today is too funny[08:00 am] skydiver : :)[08:01 am] doji : Skidiver = El Escalador[08:01 am] apple : look at ARBA[08:01 am] doji : Apple = Manzana[08:01 am] doji : Ed = El Loco[08:01 am] doji : Joey = El Mafioso[08:01 am] Ed : scaling is off some[08:01 am] doji : hahahah[08:01 am] apple : doji is now on a roll...[08:01 am] doji : wowo ARBA[08:02 am] eyes : there is just no volume whatsoever[08:02 am] doji : only 30 cents drop.. scale misleading[08:02 am] Ed : yep[08:02 am] apple : el doji[08:02 am] mikewd2 -: yes doji8
  9. 9. [08:02 am] mikewd2 -: big vol spikes[08:03 am] doji : No translation for Doji... mi wife call me "pocaspulgas"... which mean something like "I have little patient formsitakes"....[08:03 am] doji : hahaha[08:04 am] Ed : good one[08:04 am] eyes : They call me motorcity en la cola[08:05 am] Ed : lol[08:05 am] eyes : that means i cant sit still[08:05 am] doji : ?[08:05 am] doji : hahahaha[08:05 am] mikewd2 -: taking profit on UVXY in 7.96 out 8.20[08:06 am] doji : No way Mike... are you leaving me alone?[08:06 am] eyes : fosl moving up slow[08:06 am] mikewd2 -: yeah, will reload if it drops back to 8ish[08:06 am] doji : I now for sure Gary has 1M shares on UVXY....that is why he is so quiet these days...[08:06 am] mikewd2 -: yep[08:06 am] joeytsa : just as long as he doesnt have them from 19[08:06 am] mikewd2 -: he has to be hurting[08:07 am] doji : HE is the way he is.... "un loco"[08:08 am] doji : LEN trying to breakout[08:08 am] mikewd2 -: this is short trading day, correct?[08:08 am] joeytsa : yeah mike[08:08 am] Ed : yes[08:08 am] apple : yes mike until 1 EST[08:08 am] qwert : bye everybody in kona cant really post to easyon the ipad gonna go to sleep have a great holiday thx for somegreat calls[08:08 am] mikewd2 -: ty[08:08 am] doji : WFT, SLB moving Mike[08:08 am] eyes : ANF getting close to hod[08:08 am] Ed : c ya qwert[08:08 am] lisas : bye qwert[08:08 am] mikewd2 -: WFT finally broke 13[08:08 am] eyes : Have fun QWERT[08:08 am] cdougan : later qwert[08:08 am] mikewd2 -: nice[08:08 am] joeytsa : Ed posted a 1pm EDT close today[08:08 am] khall : bye qwert[08:09 am] doji : Bye QWERTYyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm[08:09 am] apple : qwert have a safe fun holiday[08:09 am] doji : Send me a e-mail if I missed a letter[08:09 am] apple : el qwert[08:09 am] doji : El Teclado[08:09 am] apple : haha doji[08:09 am] apple : the el family[08:10 am] doji : By the way, Dojis family just landed in Houstonright on time to celebrate July 4th during vacation time[08:10 am] apple : doji, where is shark since you last saw him inperu[08:10 am] joeytsa : very nice[08:10 am] doji : Doji staying alone in Rio.... on the beach with acooler full of beer[08:10 am] doji : Shark?[08:10 am] apple : looking at chicks[08:10 am] apple : yes, shark[08:10 am] doji : Ed.... do you want to kne what happened withShark afetr our last party in the disco?[08:11 am] doji : IS Lisas here?[08:11 am] Ed : please tell[08:11 am] apple : yes[08:11 am] apple : lisa was here earlier[08:11 am] doji : hahaha... No, I dont want to cause a futurewedding[08:11 am] doji : what happens with Doji stay with Doji9
  10. 10. [08:11 am] apple : ok[08:11 am] Ed : lisa has company[08:12 am] Ed : she is busy entertaining[08:12 am] doji : so Ed, better you ask your wife for more than aweek in Rio... one week to stay with Doji and the other two weeks...lost like Shark![08:12 am] eddy : will go toss some frisbee[08:12 am] eddy : see you in 2 hrs[08:12 am] Ed : lol[08:12 am] apple : haha[08:13 am] apple : eddy, the market closes in 1:45 min...[08:13 am] joeytsa : im trying to confirm some #s on france, butcheck these.[08:13 am] apple : doji, at least its not a future divorce[08:13 am] joeytsa : new tax rate of 45% for the wealthy..[08:13 am] Ed : ouch[08:13 am] joeytsa : incomeover 1M euro 75%[08:14 am] apple : why not half?[08:14 am] mikewd2 -: good thing we are not wealthy[08:14 am] doji : Better I stay in Rio.... no taxes![08:14 am] apple : haha[08:14 am] doji : well no taxes on my trades[08:14 am] khall : wow - thats one crazy tax rate[08:14 am] joeytsa : capital income at same level as wages..[08:14 am] apple : well all move to rio[08:14 am] joeytsa : raise taxes for large companies,banks and oilfirms[08:14 am] mikewd2 -: sounds good apple[08:14 am] doji : Nope... the connectivity sucks!...[08:14 am] mikewd2 -: have a little trading group on the beach[08:15 am] apple : sounds delightful[08:15 am] joeytsa : has anyone seen that about france?[08:15 am] mikewd2 -: FST, WFT, SLB hod[08:15 am] cdougan : JSN you around?[08:15 am] apple : no joey have not, thx[08:15 am] apple : jsn was here earlier[08:16 am] jsn13 : yup im here....[08:16 am] jsn13 : anything cdougan?[08:16 am] joeytsa : jsn too busy on facebook haha[08:16 am] jsn13 : oooppppssss got caught....[08:16 am] jsn13 : haha....[08:16 am] joeytsa : i see all hahaha[08:17 am] apple : joey and his crystal ball... -- market closing uptoday?[08:17 am] doji : I am taking profits all SLB abd WFT Mike, theyhave moved a lot from the bottom....[08:18 am] cdougan : yeah I didnt awnser you question. I live in thelower mainland. Port Moody[08:18 am] joeytsa : crystal ball says....[08:18 am] joeytsa : 50/50 chance of up or down close ;)[08:18 am] apple : haha, you are too good![08:18 am] mikewd2 -: nice job doji[08:18 am] doji : Ill re-enter in a pullback[08:18 am] joeytsa : nicejob doji[08:18 am] doji : Thanks Apple, Joey[08:18 am] mikewd2 -: watching UVXY to reenter[08:19 am] joeytsa : interview with lagarde on cnbc[08:19 am] scalpman : VRTX, AREX watching[08:19 am] scalpman : EC[08:19 am] doji : Mitch "El Rey"[08:20 am] cdougan : yeah man, Connor Dougan[08:20 am] lisas : jsn13, you are in Richmond VA?[08:21 am] doji : The SPY in a very steady uptrend....[08:21 am] jsn13 : as in Richmond, BC, Canada....[08:21 am] lisas : oh, ok.[08:22 am] apple : theres lisa10
  11. 11. [08:22 am] jsn13 : cdougan, are u the one with son as ur coverphoto?[08:22 am] cdougan : yep[08:23 am] jsn13 : ok nice juz added u....[08:23 am] joeytsa : cdoug...you are on facebook?[08:23 am] cdougan : yep add me. I need smart trader freinds. Ihave none. Connor Dougan[08:24 am] jsn13 : joey, add him to our group....[08:24 am] joeytsa : no prob[08:24 am] scalpman : missed EC[08:24 am] joeytsa : friend req sent cdoug[08:24 am] doji : Joey, be nice and allow cdougan to get the annualmembership please[08:24 am] joeytsa : :)[08:25 am] cdougan : got em. Thanks![08:25 am] doji : We are collecting money for Eds lippo and plastcicirgury in Rio de Janeiro...[08:26 am] cdougan : They do good work down there[08:26 am] scalpman : EC had increasing vol. will watch for bounce.[08:26 am] doji : Yes, not even his grandma will recognize Ed whenhe is back from Rio... 100% garatee[08:28 am] apple : almost 10 pts on ES since open[08:28 am] joeytsa : yeah, do you have a volume read on teh ESapple?[08:28 am] doji : Crazy prices during hollidays always[08:29 am] apple : 693,849[08:29 am] doji : 750K[08:29 am] doji : ES Joey volume[08:30 am] joeytsa : thanks, idont have vol on my charts[08:30 am] doji : 697,856 Joey[08:30 am] mikewd2 -: UVXY L 8.00[08:30 am] joeytsa : i know the SPY vol is very thin....[08:30 am] apple : 700,450[08:30 am] joeytsa : its so thin that my ethiopian landscaper evenmentioned how thin it was :)[08:31 am] apple : now that is funny[08:31 am] doji : 704,267[08:31 am] apple : 706,452[08:32 am] doji : Open interest although is flat for the past twoweeks[08:32 am] doji : on the ES[08:33 am] gregsemple2003 : sitting on hands[08:34 am] apple : NFLX nice move today[08:35 am] doji : GM hitting the 30D MA[08:35 am] doji : 20dMA sorry[08:37 am] apple : thx doji[08:38 am] mikewd2 -: wonder if we close over 13000?[08:40 am] apple : joey, what do you think?[08:40 am] doji : GM shrt 21.08... tichght stop[08:41 am] joeytsa : not sure[08:41 am] doji : Today Mike?[08:42 am] doji : Crude moved on Iran Jitters[08:42 am] apple : 50/50?[08:42 am] joeytsa : stop reading my crystal ball hhaha[08:42 am] doji : Die GM die[08:43 am] gregsemple2003 : lol[08:43 am] gregsemple2003 : are you short already?[08:44 am] apple : excellent entry doji[08:45 am] gregsemple2003 : nice, was waiting for second wavedown[08:46 am] doji : It retracted from the 20dMA... fade breakout[08:46 am] eyes : Well See you on thursday to slow for me[08:47 am] Ed : c ya eyes[08:47 am] joeytsa : same here eyes..think im done in a few[08:47 am] doji : Bye "Ojitos"[08:47 am] scalpman : Out 1/2 GM S 1%11
  12. 12. [08:47 am] lisas : same here, have a great 4th all![08:47 am] Ed : c ya lisa[08:47 am] joeytsa : market closes in an hour or so anyways[08:47 am] khall : have a great 4th you guys[08:47 am] cdougan : have a great holiday.[08:48 am] eyes : 2 green days in a row small burt green[08:48 am] joeytsa : Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow...notexpecting much vol thurs/fri either[08:48 am] doji : Nice "Ojitos"[08:48 am] scalpman : next target GM S .68[08:48 am] joeytsa : Thanks Mitch,Ed, everyone[08:49 am] Ed : take care joey[08:49 am] doji : Bye Joey[08:49 am] apple : have a safe and fun 4th, joey[08:49 am] joeytsa : i will, thanks[08:49 am] cdougan : c ya Joey[08:50 am] doji : out 1/2 GM, trailing 2nd half[08:51 am] scalpman : out another 1/4 GM S[08:51 am] scalpman : Holding final piece at b.e.[08:52 am] doji : NFLX[08:52 am] apple : nice on UNH E[08:52 am] mikewd2 -: out hlf UVXY 8.22[08:52 am] Ed : thx[08:53 am] doji : S SLB...[08:54 am] scalpman : trailing down stop on GM S[08:55 am] scalpman : GM testing support here...[08:57 am] scalpman : pusher er down, boys....no more cars (fornow)[08:57 am] scalpman : stochs crossing over...on 1 minute chart(GM([08:57 am] doji : It will drop Scalpy... I jus saw it on Joeys cristalball[08:58 am] apple : just read france is requiring all drivers to equiptheir cars with 2 breath test kits[08:59 am] doji : Bad... now you cannot drive and drink wine.... verysad[08:59 am] scalpman : stop now .81 GM S[09:00 am] apple : designated drivers doji[09:00 am] scalpman : All out at .79 good call Mitch, Thanks[09:01 am] doji : I was referrring to the designated driver Apple...hahaha[09:01 am] cdougan : Thats all for me. Habe a great holiday andsee you Thursday. Thanks for the calls.[09:01 am] scalpman : All done for today....tiny red...because Imessed up on FOSL...[09:01 am] apple : haha[09:02 am] apple : bye cd have fun[09:02 am] doji : Time to go also...have a nice July 4th fellas![09:02 am] apple : bye scalp have a fun and safe 4th[09:02 am] apple : bye doji, fun on the beach[09:02 am] Ed : c ya cdougan,doji,scalp[09:02 am] scalpman : I kept futzing with my stop on FOSL andmisread thinking more of short.[09:03 am] scalpman : Dumb mistakes...I have to leave the stopalone....[09:03 am] apple : now you got it![09:04 am] scalpman : See you all thursday...Im working on thoseGappers ED....[09:05 am] scalpman : Scalpman has left the building[09:05 am] khall : bye scalp[09:05 am] Ed : good deal[09:09 am] doji : CLosing all LEN short[09:09 am] doji : Sorry guys, forgot that!.... hahahaha[09:10 am] gregsemple2003 : hm, KEG going down but with 4thcoming shouldnt it be going up?[09:10 am] doji : My alarm jus trigerred!12
  13. 13. [09:10 am] doji : Now, see ya on Thusday...[09:10 am] apple : right, greg, but BUD is still going up[09:10 am] gregsemple2003 : that makes my canadian heart sad[09:10 am] gregsemple2003 : MLSN long[09:13 am] jsn13 : greg r u from canada?[09:14 am] gregsemple2003 : yes, originally from toronto area[09:14 am] mikewd2 -: out other half UVXY 8.30[09:14 am] gregsemple2003 : how bout you jsn?[09:14 am] jsn13 : studying in UBC, Vancouver, BC...[09:14 am] gregsemple2003 : oh nice, vancouver is one of myfavorite cities[09:15 am] gregsemple2003 : i live in austin now, my job is videogames[09:16 am] jsn13 : haha ya nice city to live.....oh nice....so u rtrading part time?[09:17 am] gregsemple2003 : i like it... a bit hot but fun city... yeah itrade in the first hour in the morning, and watch the room while atwork[09:17 am] gregsemple2003 : how long you been doing this?[09:19 am] jsn13 : a year and a half or so....trade in the 1st 3 hoursand attend class after that.....now im taking summer course....[09:19 am] jsn13 : graduating next year....bachelor of commerce...[09:21 am] gregsemple2003 : nice, yeah about six months for metrading... still on paper but starting to feel comfortable[09:21 am] gregsemple2003 : like i might not lose my shirt[09:22 am] gregsemple2003 : can i add you on FB?[09:22 am] jsn13 : great to start with that, but have to really feeldealing with real cash...[09:22 am] jsn13 : sure...[09:22 am] jsn13 : Jason Nieo[09:24 am] gregsemple2003 : added, hope that was you[09:25 am] mikewd2 -: shutten her down: 8/8 today, have a great 4theveryone.[09:25 am] Ed : nice going mike[09:25 am] khall : Im out as well - stay safe everyone - thanks somuch for the great calls and company today[09:25 am] apple : excellent job mike, something to celebrate. havea safe and fun 4th[09:26 am] Ed : c ya khall[09:26 am] jsn13 : have not seen the request yet....or can u give meyour fb name?[09:26 am] apple : bye khall have a happy and safe 4th[09:26 am] gregsemple2003 : sure, Greg Semple[09:26 am] apple : haha, greg, what else would it be?[09:26 am] khall : thanks apple[09:27 am] gregsemple2003 : lol John Smith[09:28 am] apple : haha, right[09:29 am] jsn13 : hey greg juz accepted ur request...the requestjuz appeared....[09:29 am] gregsemple2003 : cool, yep i sent a request to Connortoo[09:29 am] gregsemple2003 : the Canadian Alliance, eh?[09:31 am] jsn13 : https://www.facebook.com/connor.dougan.3[09:31 am] apple : lol[09:31 am] gregsemple2003 : ni shi zhong guo lai de ma[09:32 am] jsn13 : haha Malaysia....[09:32 am] gregsemple2003 : ah nice[09:32 am] jsn13 : but we learned CHinese, English and Malaysiasince primary school...[09:34 am] jsn13 : seems like cdougan is working in the gamingindustry....[09:34 am] gregsemple2003 : no way[09:36 am] jsn13 : u can talk to him on fb once he is online....[09:38 am] gregsemple2003 : definitely will[09:41 am] murano : CHKP[09:41 am] apple : hey murano, thx13
  14. 14. [09:55 am] rusty : Meredith Whitney downgrading JPM [09:56 am] apple : thx rusty [09:56 am] rusty : GS got stopped out of their market short yesterday [09:56 am] rusty : GS gives out two calls to mom and pop recently and both wrng [09:58 am] apple : hah [10:01 am] rusty : Have a good holiday everyone [10:01 am] rusty : Rip Andy Griffith [10:02 am] apple : thx MK, E and everyone. all have a happy and safe 4th. [10:04 am] gregsemple2003 : thanks mitch you tooSWI (SWING): 2-7 days INT: Intermediate term position 8 days to several months. Open Price: price paid on openinglong position or price sold on short position. Bold notes on table above represent changes from previous day.Current positions are highlighted in yellow. Green colored lines are next probable positions to consider. Red, take actionor watch closely, no color usually were stocks just finished trading or are watching. Realize that opinions about stockideas can be changed at a moment’s notice during any trading day without any warning!IMPORTANT: The notes in this stock list is how I have been writing notes to myself about stocks for 17 years. They are generalguidelines as to how I am approaching a particular stock and conditions may change during the next trading day that ay cause achange in opinion before the next evening report is written.Remember not to get too heavy in one sector and gradually move in because it is unrealistic to think we get the exact bottom. We wantto gradually move into this sector and eventually build full size long positions in them that may be swing trades lasting for days orintermediate trades lasting weeks.If you spend too much money too quickly, you will run out of ammunition, then get emotionally stressed when stocks are going againstyou. If you get too leveraged you may be forced to sell at a loss because you are racking up losses at twice as fast if you are margined2 to 1and then miss the big move up we are looking for in oil and gas stocks.Advice: Don’t get leveraged in any one position long or short. Spread your money out between a variety of stocks and the higheramount of money you are working with, the smaller percentage of money you can afford to trade in one stock position. The mainreasons why people fail to make money in stocks consistently (according to Mitch King): 1. They are too emotional, controlled by greed and fear. 2. Not using a high probability technique to buy and sell (or no technique at all!) 3. Position size is too big in one stock relative to total account value (which is related to #1 above).Not patient or willing to spend enough time to learn a good trading technique. 4. Expectations are unrealistic to make large amounts of money in a short time period and at the same time violating #1, 2, 3 or 4 above.Thoughts: Best odds only, be decisive, aggressive, mentally flexible, stay in position size, don’t overtrade and wait a little longer to buyand wait a little longer to sell. You will find that will make you more money on your trades. Trade what you see, not what you hope for.Intermediate and swing trades are really important to have trailing stop losses set.Don’t trade unless the setup is there for you, then use the charts to tell you when the odds are heavily in your favor. Don’t forceanything to work for you, let the setups develop and then take advantage of that. Be patient. Stay in position sizes without letting anyintraday trade represent no more than 10-15% of your total account value. As you build your account, your position size percentageshould get smaller and smaller to lower your risk.Stop losses: Many people ask about stop losses on intraday trading and my response is that the stops should be wider because theyare stops “just in case” a disaster news event hits the stock. When you follow the technical indicators as I show you on the intradayscalping tutorials, rarely will a stop loss be hit. The indicators can be used with uncanny accuracy as a forecasting tool so don’t setyour stop losses on the intraday scalping too tight.Anyone setting tight stops while scalping will consistently lose money on scalping because stocks move around a lot even though theyfollow the technical indicators.Stop losses on swing and intermediate term trades can be sent anywhere from 5-7-10% and trailing stop losses are best.More thoughts: Keep steady, calm, decisive, aggressive. Have no fear and no greed. Keep looking at what to be doing next in a calmmanner. Don’t focus on the past or beat yourself up what you did or didn’t do or what you should have done. Just keep playing thenext shot, which in this business your next shot could be just sitting on the sideline.If you have been uncomfortable shorting stocks, which most people are, try to learn this technique, it will be a useful tool in the comingyears.When several stocks from the same sector are listed, like from the housing industry or steel industry for example, don’t short all of themunless you are well diversified and it represents a small percentage of your total stock account (in that same account). 14
  15. 15. Also note that we are in what Martin Pring, PhD explains in his book The All-Season Investor, the business cycles and which one isgood for various financial investments. He would describe that we are in Stage II of the business cycle which is positive for bonds andstocks but negative for commodities. Sometime in late 2011, we probably approach Stage 3 business cycle with rising inflation andinterest rates, which are usually bad for stocks and bonds.A couple of technical analysis books you should consider:Technical Analysis Explained, Martin Pring.Technical Analysis from A to Z, AchelisTechnical Analysis for the Financial Markets, John Murphy.Put the odds in your favor and have a great day!Mitch King and staffTradeStocksAmerica.com.Contents: online stock trading, trading strategies, stock picks, stock market education, stock market investing course, educational stocktrading videos, stock trading newsletter, stock market newsletter,Mitch King is the founder of TradeStocksAmerica.com. All material presented herein is believed to be reliable but we cannot attest toits accuracy. All material represents the opinions of Mitch King. Investment recommendations may change without notice and readersare urged to check with their investment counselors before making any investment decisions. Opinions expressed in these reports maychange without prior notice. Mitch King and/or the staff at TradeStocksAmerica.com may or may not have investments in any stockscited above before or after this newsletter is prepared. Use the stock table above as a model portfolio of ideas that look attractive at thetime of the writing. Comments can be hypothetical in nature. Opinions expressed in these reports may change without prior notice.Disclaimer - Stock investing or stock trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. There is risk of loss as well as theopportunity for gain when buying or selling stocks, bonds, option contracts or engaging in any strategy listed in the Daily Stock Report,The Wizard Training Course, The Trading Room and our seminar or workshops. You must be aware of the risks and be willing toaccept the risks when investing or trading in any financial markets. Dont trade with money you cant afford to lose. This website isneither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell stocks. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profitsor losses similar to those discussed on this website. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarilyindicative of future results. 15