Social business webinar for marketing profs


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Social business webinar for marketing profs

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Social business webinar for marketing profs

  2. 2. THE EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL BUSINESS THE EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL BUSINESS 2003 to present 1995 to present 2008 to present SOCIAL BUSINESS SOCIAL BRAND SOCIAL CUSTOMER • Technology Innovation gives customers a voice • They are Influential • Amplified voices across the social web • Google indexing critical conversations about companies • Social Customers are trusted amongst their peers as influence grows @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER • Companies and brands join Twitter, Facebook and create corporate blogs • Engage with the social customer in various channels • Social Media teams are forming slowly • Small budgets are allocated on a project basis to social media engagement and community building • Organizations begin humanizing business operations • Organizational models are formed to include social media • Organizational silos are torn down between internal teams • Governance models and social media policies are created • Social becomes an essential attribute of organizational culture
  3. 3. HOW DOES THE SOCIAL CUSTOMER BEHAVE? • The customer journey is dynamic; and always changes • Brands need to have multiple customer touch points to break through the clutter • Customers need to hear things 3 – 5 times before the actually believe (Edelman Trust Barometer) @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  4. 4. THE SOCIAL CUSTOMER AND BRAND EXPERIENCE The Informed (e.g. research products online) Brand Discovery: Google Search, Word of Mouth Brand Participation: Fanning, following, liking The Participant (e.g. participate in a brand experience) The Opinion Sharer (e.g. post review) Brand Sharing: Easy, habitual, publishing Brand Advocacy: Creating content, sharing, defending @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER The Advocate (e.g. encourage friends to purchase)
  6. 6. THE NEW PURCHASE FUNNEL • A brand should build relationships with the social customer on order to drive advocacy • Advocates talk about the brand, even when the brand isn’t listening • Advocates are trusted among their peers and within their micro communities • Advocates are aiding and influencing others down the purchase funnel • The reach of one advocate is minimal; as an aggregate, the total reach can make a strong business impact @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  7. 7. 2011 GLOBAL SNAPHOT OF THE SOCIAL CUSTOMER EUROPE (EMEA) 31% comment on blogs 27% comment in forums 20% uploaded a video online 39% uploaded a photo online 63% watch a video online 13% actively blog LATIN AMERICA 49% comment on blogs 35% comment in forums 41% uploaded a video online 56% uploaded a photo online 74% watch a video online 27% actively blog @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER ASIA PACIFIC 42% comment on blogs 43% comment in forums 29% uploaded a video online 50% uploaded a photo online 65% watch a video online 37% actively blog
  8. 8. DEFINING A SOCIAL BRAND A social brand is any company, product, individual, politician that uses social technologies in order to communicate with the social customer, their partners and constituencies or the general public. @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  9. 9. ORGANIZATIONS FOCUSING ON INTERNAL CHANGE • The social brand has caused chaos and organizational anarchy in many companies today • Employees are running wild on the intrawebs with little to no guidance, direction or governance • Different geographies and business units are creating social communities externally and not sharing or communicating internally @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  10. 10. USHERING IN SOCIAL BUSINESS • A social business is built upon three pillars – people, process and technology • Change management and culture change is essential in order for genuine social business transformation to occur • Organizations cannot have effective external conversations with customers unless they can have effective, internal conversations with each other first @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  11. 11. SOCIAL BUSINESS DEFINED A social business is any organization that has integrated and operationalized social media within every job function (and process) internally. @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  12. 12. UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE SOCIAL BRAND SOCIAL BUSINESS External Communications Operations & Change Management (internal) Usually owned and driven by marketing or corporate communications Business leaders, employees in every job function across the organization and in every geography Engagement with the social customer and within the external community like blogs, Twitter and Facebook Engagement with internal teams and channel partners at every level within the organization Measurement: clicks, impressions, engagement, likes, comments, web traffic, etc. Measurement: employee participation, # of employees trained, process efficiencies, etc. Budget allocated to support external facing objectives like agency support, Facebook applications, social ads Budget allocated towards “consultative” agencies, internal social technologies, training and change management initiatives Little to no internal collaboration to be somewhat effective Collaboration is imperative to the success of social business transformation Difficulty level is easy Difficulty level is hard, very hard @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  14. 14. CONFUSION OF ROLES & RESPONSIBILTIES, CONFLICT I just wanted to post our press release…. I have been on the marketing team for 4 years now and WE OWN the Facebook page! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  15. 15. FROM CHAOS TO GOVERNANCE GOVERNANCE MODEL Policies Guidelines Organization Design Channel Creation Employee Activation Technology Deployment • Legal document • Guides employee's • Directs the • Address the • Process creation for • Enablement behavior on the organization to creation of new, existing process for internal • Addresses social web maximize its new, external facing employees that / external social compliance and is structure to ensure social media want to engage applications very specific on • It’s good practice to efficiencies and channels externally what not to do co-create guidelines • Security & Privacy scale with employees • Creates consist • Training modules • Governs employees • Ensures technology messaging and creates an increase behavior • Moderation policies • Provides guidance consistency across of ownership for minimizes customer in employee for the organization • Employees liable the social media job confusion proficiency Facebook, Corporat for actions function e blogs @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  16. 16. CREATE A PARTICIPATORY LEARNING ORGANIZATION FROM MINIMAL PARTICIPATION TO COMPLETE OWNERSHIP Training Curriculum • • Training Curriculum Training Curriculum • • • Basics of Social Media Overview of owned media channels to include enterprise communities, blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts Policies & Guidelines WHITE BELT Awareness & Engagement Organizational Expectations • • • Research & monitoring Listening to owned media channels Escalate conversations to others @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER • • • • • Basics of Community Engagement Listening & Monitoring Tools and Apps Intended Uses of Social Media Engagement Model & Escalation Process Metrics Overview BLUE BELT Fluency & Participation Organizational Expectations • Frequent tweeting and retweeting; responding to comments on/off of enterprise owned media channels • Responding to customer support issues and escalating to appropriate channels • Basic community management • • • Advanced tactics of Community Engagement and Management Leveraging search to create social content for blogs Metrics deep dive – understanding metrics and making data driven decisions Advanced training on social tools and technologies like Radian6, Meltwater Buzz, Sprinklr, Shoutlet, CoTweet, and other publishing/listening platforms Train the trainer BLACK BELT Expertise & Ownership Organizational Expectations • Frequent blogging, tweeting and responding to comments on/off of enterprise owned media channels • Solving customer support issues on and off enterprise owned media channels • Mentoring and training white and blue belts; team brown bags • Speaking at conferences • Participate in and attend bi-weekly social media integrations forums
  17. 17. ACTIVATING EMPLOYEES TO ENGAGE Proficiency Level Channel(s) Employee Engagement Behaviors Tools/Technologies Video Record, upload video: live streaming, Hangouts Vimeo, YouTube, Twitvid, Qik, Livestream, Ustream, Google+ Photos Upload and Tag images Instagram, Picplz, Hipstamatic, Flickr, Picassa Blogs Write and publish blog content Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous, Microsoft blogs Channel(s) Employee Engagement Behaviors Tools/Technologies Micro Blogging Share product related news, announcements within micro blogging platforms Twitter, Friendfeed Social Networks Engage in two way dialogue about products, events and company news Facebook, Orkut, Quora, Google+ 3rd Party Blogs Respond to comments in 3rd party blogs NA Channel(s) Employee Engagement Behaviors Tools/Technologies Email Send product related emails to friends, family members and colleagues NA Social Networks Follow @brand and corresponding product Twitter handles , “Like” Brand Products on Facebook – RT, Like, Share posts Facebook, Orkut, Quora, Google+ Content Creators Advanced Proficiency Level Conversationalist Intermediate Proficiency Level Participant Basic @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  19. 19. ESTABLISHING A MEASUREMENT FRAMEWORK Financial Impact Metrics • ROI • Paid, Earned, Owned Media Value • Purchase Funnel Metrics Non Financial Impact Metrics • Community Health - Growth • Community Health – Membership • Community Health – Engagement • Share of Voice @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  20. 20. ESTABLISHING A MEASUREMENT FRAMEWORK Financial Impact Metrics • ROI • Paid, Earned, Owned Media Value • Purchase Funnel Metrics Non Financial Impact Metrics • Community Health - Growth • Community Health – Membership • Community Health – Engagement • Share of Voice @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  21. 21. ALIGNMENT = BUSINESS RESULTS Programs Community Management Marketing Customer Service Communications Events Campaigns Advocacy Crisis SOCIAL BRAND (External) MEASURABLE OUTCOMES SOCIAL BUSINESS (Internal) Training Process Collaboration Organization Models Research & Development Policies & Guidelines Knowledge Sharing Culture Infographic by @armano Infrastructure @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  22. 22. SOCIAL BUSINESS VALUE CREATION MODEL Sales Advocacy Product Feedback Social Customer Value Creation Social Business Social Brand Brand Enablement Product Innovation Process Improvement Engagement Product Discounts Relevant Content Solving customer issues @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  23. 23. CREATING A CONTENT PLAN THAT ADDS VALUE TO THE SOCIAL CUSTOMER Relevant content is the right content, at the right time, in the right channel to the right customer
  24. 24. CONTENT STATEGY FRAMEWORK Internal Listening Daily “Tips” And Product News Based On Real Time Listening and Feedback From The Community Company News & Events 3rd Party Article & Blog Post Mentions Contests, Quotes, Sur veys & Other Content That Spurs Engagement Inform and educate the community @reply influencers Ask questions Respond to questions, comments and concerns Measure 6 Month Thematic Content Calendars Relevant content Engage Bi-Weekly and Daily Content Calendars Create Plan Corporate Communications | Internal Communications | Product Organizations | Customer Support Connect community members with each other via @replies External Listening Existing Social Media Engagement | News Articles | Online Monitoring | Search @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER Month to Month Growth Community Membership Month to Month Growth In Engagement External Benchmark Metrics – Share Of Voice/Engagement
  25. 25. LISTEINING IS IMPERITIVE Spend time listening to the conversation and determine if you can add value
  26. 26. CONVERSATIONAL AUDIT Twitter 16% Blogs 17% Media 1,300,000 Blogs 379,778 Twitter 338,828 News Forums 59% Mentions Forums News 8% 180,054 …this tells you “where” the conversation is happening about the brand @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  27. 27. TOPICAL CONVERSATIONAL AUDIT Overall ‘phone service’ Conversation ‘phone service’ & ‘brand’ conversation Twitter 1% News 8% Twitter 10% Blogs 18% Blogs 25% News 34% Forums 40% Forums 64% Media Mentions Media Mentions % Share of Overall Forums 4,693 Forums 372 8% Blogs 1,327 Blogs 233 18% Twitter 746 Twitter 13 2% News 622 News 318 51% … this tells you how relevant your brand is within certain online conversations @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  30. 30. SOLVING CUSTOMER PROBLEMS It’s one thing to solve individual customer issues. It’s another to fix the ROOT CAUSE of the problem!
  31. 31. REAL TIME ANALYTICS Knowing what content is being share/liked/RT’d the most should help drive the content strategy @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  32. 32. USE GOOGLE TO CREATE EDITORIAL CONTENT Understanding search behavior will help create editorial content @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  34. 34. OPTIMIZING THE HUB & SPOKES • Facebook status updates that promote blog content • Other content shared NEEDS to add value to the conversation and community • Occasional tweets on promoting blog content • Cross promoting other social channels, when relevant • Needs to be unique; not the same on FB @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER The Hub • The content hub is the website, blog, content aggregator • Content should be optimized for search w/terms that are relevant to your business • Should be convenient for users to consume content within the channels that they are comfortable with • Optimize Youtube channel and new videos to link back hub/blog • Videos can be shared on Facebook, YouTube or through editorial • Optimize Google+ page with relevant links and content back to other channels • Should not duplicate content • Add Google+ icons to hub
  35. 35. TOOLS TO HELP YOU SCALE … send em’ a tweet @simplymeasured @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  36. 36. TOOLS TO HELP YOU SCALE … send em’ a tweet @crowdbooster @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  37. 37. TOOLS TO HELP YOU SCALE … send em’ a tweet @vitrue @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER
  38. 38. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! Michael Brito SVP, Social Business Planning Edelman Digital @Britopian @BRITOPIAN ON TWITTER Jim Tramel Vitrue Regional VP, Business Development @jimtramel