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Ittehad Elevators Engineering's Information

  1. 1. ITEEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING E-mail: [Pickthedate] ITTEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING® IEE is one of the leading elevator company providing expertise solutions in "Moving Technology" Our product range in lifts include passenger, goods, automobile, dumb waiter which also extends to home lifts as well as parking solutions including stacker, puzzle as well as tower parking system and escalators. IEE provides integrated systems in design, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance and modernization. It has strong practice to research, develop and innovate their products and systems which aim at providing cost effective as well as user-friendly solutions to their esteemed clients. IEE keeps its promise for SAFETY, RELIABILITY, COST EFFIECIENCY and QUALITY. For Contact: +923334683956 +923012743394
  2. 2. ITEEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING E-mail: [Pickthedate] INTRODUCTION About: We are at present Manufacturing Elevators like Hydraulic Lift, Car Passenger Lift, Cargo Lift, Passenger Lift, Automatic Capsule Lift, Machine Room Less Lift and automatic doors etc. Mission: IEE delivers solutions that enable people to move smoothly, safely, comfortably and without waiting from one place to another. Vision: IEE delivers the best People Flow™ experience. Strategy: IEE delivers a performance edge to its customers by creating the best user experience with innovative People Flow™ solutions. Simultaneously, IEE’s people leadership and processes enable operational excellence and cost competitiveness. Company Overview: IEE provides complete and innovative solutions for the installation, modernization and maintenance of elevators, escalators and automatic building doors. IEE has segmented the markets according to the purpose of the building. The main segments are categorized as residential, office and retail, as well as public transportation and airports. In addition, IEE serves hospitals, leisure centers, hotels and industrial properties. Equipment Serviced: Elevators, Escalators, Dumbwaiters, Material Lifts, Wheelchair Lifts, Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors etc.
  3. 3. ITEEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING E-mail: [Pickthedate] ELEVATOR PRODUCT RANGE AND FEATURES Types of Elevators 1. Passenger elevators of 4 to 29 person capacity, 1.0 to 2.5 MPS speed 2. Observation elevators (also referred to as capsule/ scenic/ panoramic) of 8 to 20 person capacity, 1.0 to 2.5 MPS speed 3. Goods or freight elevators of 500 to 5000 KG capacity, up to 0.75 MPS speed 4. Hospital bed or stretcher elevators of 15 to 26 person capacity, up to 1.5 MPS speed 5. Automobile elevators (Hydraulic) of 2500 to 7000 KG capacity, 0.3 to 0.5 MPS speed 6. Automobile elevators (Traction) of 2500 to 5000 KG capacity, 0.3 to 0.75 MPS speed 7. Dumbwaiters of 100 to 250 KG capacity, up to 0.3 MPS speed 8. Home elevators of up to 4 persons capacity, 0.32 MPS speed Passenger elevator: extraordinary quality, comfort and safety IEE combined with German technology and adopt high integration computer intelligent control system, 32 low power microprocessor control, with high efficiency, energy saving, high quality throughout the design, configuration of high-end with high performance, strong function. IEE integrates into the cage displacement absolute control concept, realize the VVVF digital variable frequency drive perfect match with permanent magnet synchronous (PM) gearless traction technology. Coupled with a unique car decoration scheme, user-friendly man-machine interface, a new design concept, so that the elevator trim and the appearance is luxury, elegant, fashion ,generous, harmonious integration of different architectural style of decoration, more comfortable to ride. Following the European design concept, IEE passenger elevator is in the pursuit of powerful function, and at the same time, we always attach primary importance to the passenger safety. Always take the reliability of conventional control and fault-tolerant protection design concept as the basis, and adds multiple safety protection measures. There are much variety of passenger elevator, including room, small room and room less elevator; including low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed elevator. Complete in specifications and beautiful decoration of passenger elevator in all directions to meet the different needs of users from all walks of life. Our products are widely applicable to residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, offices, schools and shopping malls and so forth
  4. 4. ITEEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING E-mail: [Pickthedate] Freight elevator: as solid as a rock, long lasting Rugged construction, stable and reliable operation of IEE freight elevator is a building ranked as vertical run of armored vehicles, to provide the safest form of transportation for your valuable cargo. IEE freight elevator creatively utilizes VVVF drive control technology and machine position control technology into manufacturing freight elevator, and the control precision that similar products can’t be compared with, and greatly improves the stability and reliability of the freight elevator. In the time of manufacturing freight elevator, we adopt the steel seamless docking technology and enhance the overall intensity, rigidity and the appearance of the elevator car. There is a very wide load selection range of IEE freight elevators, and no one like IEE freight elevator can be found in ten thousand in the same kind brand, whether it is used in factories, restaurants, shopping malls or dock, we can meet the different needs of customers .
  5. 5. ITEEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING E-mail: [Pickthedate] Hospital elevator: Every second counts, extremely considerate Description: IEE hospital elevator fully considered its application environment and special use, integrating intelligent, efficient, integrating intelligent, high efficiency, high precision control design concept for specializing in tailored design for hospital, modern hospital, medical center, nursing homes, health care hospital and other medical institutions. IEE hospital elevator utilizes environmental low power consumption, high precision control system, and automatically generate optimal velocity curve, give full play to the VVVF drive control technology and select high-quality components, so that the elevator is running quiet and stable, its good level of accuracy (less than 3mm) can reduce the pains and pressure of patients. In addition, new data network adaptive control technology took the lead in the application in hospital elevator, realizing elevator intelligent running, maximizing the elevator utilization, and shorten the waiting time of patients and medical staff. Adopting advanced technology, high-quality components, proprietary technology and preventive maintenance measure has achieved the elevator digital, low power consumption, long life.IEE hospital elevator shows energy saving and environmental protection concept.
  6. 6. ITEEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING E-mail: [Pickthedate] Panoramic elevator: brilliant and lustrous, tasting the life Description: IEE Panoramic elevator focused on the modern architecture design idea of permeability. The surrounding environment become the building structural component, shuttled in the light and air, increasing smart experience of visual mobile, is the perfect combination of ride comfort and visual beauty. IEE panoramic elevator, adopting multidimensional spatial thinking in innovation, can design and produce a variety of styles up to four sightseeing car, firm mechanism, novel and beautiful. When riding, in addition to watch the charming scenery around the buildings, tasting sweet and comfortable life, but also realize your dream of shuttling in the brilliant and lustrous sky. Excellence and multiple design style, is not only suitable for large shopping malls, shopping centers, exhibition halls, hotels, restaurants and other occasions, but also adding a bright color for office building, reflecting its unique style.
  7. 7. ITEEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING E-mail: [Pickthedate] DUMBWAITER: simple and small but exquisite Description: IEE in the dumbwaiter field, always uphold the quality first, the credibility of the supremacy, and rely on advanced technology, approaching perfection, refining, bearing the responsibility of user convenience, energy saving and environmental protection, benefit society. IEE dumbwaiter, truly achieve energy-efficient and environmental protection. Add acousto-optic prompting function, overload control and alarm system on the dumbwaiter. In the details, truly protect the users, and provide high-quality services.
  8. 8. ITEEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING E-mail: [Pickthedate] Car Elevator Description: Car Elevator is special kind of elevator which design for solving vertical transportation. The standard loading capacity is 3000kg,5000kg. Speed with 0.25m/s or 0.5m/s. As as important tool for car vertical transportation, it can save 80% building space and double car turnaround efficiency. The energy from machine or hydraulic driving source.IEE car elevator already well used in car 4s shop, car shopping market, parking lot etc.
  9. 9. ITEEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING E-mail: [Pickthedate] Types of Doors Description: Center Opening Automatic VVVF, of 2 panels for passenger elevators, 4 panels for goods elevators and 6 panels for automobile elevators Telescopic (side opening) automatic VVVF, 2 and 3 panel options Semi Auto – Telescopic Auto in car and Swing Door in landings Manual Collapsible in car, Imperforated or Swing Doors in landings
  10. 10. ITEEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING E-mail: [Pickthedate] Doors in SS with a range of finish options and in MS with standard painting and powder coating options. IEE ceiling will be the point for the eye around car environment in aesthetics as well as illumination function. IEE ceiling will be the point for the eye around car environment in aesthetics as well as illumination function.
  11. 11. ITEEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING E-mail: [Pickthedate] Description: Material with hairline stainless steel or Mirror stainless steel.Indicator with digital dot matrix or LCD.
  12. 12. ITEEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING E-mail: [Pickthedate] Types of Machines  Gearless PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)    Conventional geared traction    MRL (Machine Room Less) gearless PMSM    Hydraulic  Both geared as well as gearless machines are designed for easy installation. Types of Operation  Down Collective/ Full Collective    Simplex/ duplex/ triplex 
  13. 13. ITEEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING E-mail: [Pickthedate] Key Features of Control Systems 1. Advanced micro-controller based control system with serial communication, using nanotechnology to minimize wiring and mechanical parts, enhance reliability and keep down time to a minimum 2. Programmable micro-controller with on board facility to meet customization needs and for easy trouble shooting 3. Multiple micro controllers interlinked on AX CONTROL network, with LED display for monitoring the system and locating fault immediately 4. Watch dog self-diagnostics to detect hang-ups and reset the controller automatically 5. Low voltage SMPS powered in rush current protection 6. Low hardware use and high isolation to make system compact and durable 7. Group operation of up to four elevators 8. Advanced car arrival information system 9. High traffic handling capacity 10. Detection of stuck hall buttons 11. Home landing facility Key Safety Features 1. ARD (Automatic Rescue Device) using sealed SMF batteries 2. Full height multi-beam (154 beams) infrared door safety 3. Over speed governor 4. Close loop encoder feedback for smooth and jerk free landing with V3F drive 5. Automatic doors too with V3F drive and close loop encoder feedback, for smooth Door operation 6. Overload warning Other Core Features (Included or Optional Depending on Elevator Specifications)  Regenerative drive option “Eco Saver”    Destination Control System    Touch button    LCD scrolling display / dot matrix scrolling display    Floor announcement in language of choice    Door open announcement for manual door lifts    Scrolling direction arrow and arrival gong 
  14. 14. ITEEHAD ELEVATORS ENGINEERING E-mail: [Pickthedate] ESCALATORS & TRAVELATORS IEE forte has been design and manufacture of high reliability and performance elevators and their maintenance but IEE is also equipped to help customers import cost effective and reliable escalators and travelators with good aesthetics and to install and maintain the same at customers’ premises. AFTER SALES SERVICE IEE has a dedicated team of trained skilled technical personnel to service the elevators under maintenance contract with the Company. All locations with IEE elevators installed are also adequately manned to service the elevators.
  15. 15. E-mail: [Pickthedate][Pickthedate] Ittehad Elevators Engineering Ad Details: Imported and Local Lifts Installation & Maintenance We provide services in all over Pakistan. We deal, installation & maintenance of;  Passenger Lifts, Capsule Lifts, Panorama Lifts, Cargo Lifts, Hospital Lifts.  We install lifts with Machines like: Italian Machines (GEM, FAER)  Chinese Machines (XINDA, CANON and TORREN), Refurbished  Italian and Japanese Machines. (FUJITECH JAPAN, FAER ITALY).  We can install lift Cabins: Fully Chinese assembled cabins imported From China.  We Install and use Import from USA, WESTERN EUROPE, JAPAN and China made material.  We can install lifts with Control Panel: AEBEY Control (Turkish) with LG Inverter. It’s pride to Mention our Projects: Pakistan Engineering Council Islamabad (5 Floors, 3 lifts) (Under installation) Passenger Elevator 630 kg. 8Passanger Fujitech Japan .
  16. 16. E-mail: [Pickthedate][Pickthedate]  MOBLINK HEAD OFFICE (ISLAMABAD). Passenger Elevator 780 kg. 10 passanger. SER Com Italy.  HKB (DHA PHASE 5 Lahore). Passenger Elevator 460 kg. 6 passenger Semi Imported
  17. 17. E-mail: [Pickthedate][Pickthedate]  AZAM CLOTH MARKEET (HAJI SONS LAHORE) Passenger Elevator 780 kg. 10 Passanger Local.  UNIVERSITY OF LAHORE 3 Passenger lifts. Passenger Elevator 1000 kg. 12 Passanger Semi Imported.
  18. 18. E-mail: [Pickthedate][Pickthedate]  FASAL BANK (DHA PHASE 6 Lahore) 1 Passenger lift. Passanger Elevator 430 kg, 4 passanger Local.  CITY TOWER PANORAMIC LIFT. Passenger Panoramic Lift 720 kg, 10 Passengers Semi Imported
  19. 19. E-mail: [Pickthedate][Pickthedate]  HOUSE NO 87 (Y) BLOCK (DHA PHASE 4 Lahore) Home Elevator 470 kg,6 persons, 3 Floors. Imported from Schindler Switzerland. HOUSE NO 61 (F) BLOCK (DHA PHASE 5 Lahore) 2 FLOR1Passenger lift. Home Elevator 480 kg, 6 persons. 2 floors Imported from Nova China.
  20. 20. E-mail: [Pickthedate][Pickthedate] It’s pride to Mention our other Projects: Punjab auto Badami bag lahore 3 floor s Cargo lift Shah hamden Brandreth rode lahore 5floors Passenger lift+ cargo lift Asia hardware Brandreth rode lahore 6 floors Passenger lift+ cargo lift Asia marriage hall Lal pul lahore 5 floors Passenger lift+ cargo lift Cristal printing press Murree toll plaza murree 3 floors Passenger lift+ cargo lift Shahin hardware China chwok sialkot 2 floors Passenger lift+ cargo lift Suzuki auto Lahore hotel lahore 2 floors Passenger lift+ cargo lift Hajvery center Chuna mandi lahore 4 floors Passenger lift Ba trader Gulshan ravi lahore 2 floors Cargo lift Hajji sons Shah alam market lahore 7 floors Passenger lift+ cargo lift Ali plaza Brandreth rode lahore 4 floors Passenger lift+ cargo lift Narges polar Moon market 3 floors Passenger lift