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Powerpoint presentation for Educational Technology: Spiritual Path

Powerpoint presentation for Educational Technology: Spiritual Path



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Edu Tech Presentation Edu Tech Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • By: Jennifer Crawford
  • Mother’s Family: Reverend AM Wilson Great Grandfather Founder: The Trenton Church of the Nazarene Reverend Roger Goff Uncle Clergy for Hospice of Dayton Father’s Family: All members of the West Elkton United Methodist Church
    • History class @ Ohio State University 2002
    • “ Peace-Loving” Minoan culture worshipped the Earth Goddess
    • “ Warlike” Mycenaean Culture worshipped the Skyye God
    • Matriartical Society
      • Women Dominated the Priesthood
      • Played active roles in every part of society (as apposed to ‘Athens’, and many other powerful city-states, where women were not permitted to leave the home.)
      • Sport: Bull Jumping
    • Men often trading at sea, left the women to govern the state.
    • They embraced a society known for harmony and peace.
    • Agriculture: Poly Culture- Practice of growing more than one crop at a time.
    • Matriarchies?
    • Divine femininity?
    • Gnostic Gospels?
    • The TRUTH about Mary Magdalene?
    • … Too many questions without answers.
    • Scottish in blood, Celtic in Spirit.
    • “ Celtic Virtues “
    • honor, loyalty, hospitality, honesty, justice and courage.
    • Crawford Clan Crest:
    • A Stags head with a cross between the antlers.
    • Crawford Clan Motto:
    • Tutum Te Robore Reddam
    • (I will make you safe with strength).
    • Druidism
    • Druid ( Celtic, "true seer") - A member of the priestly and intellectual elite of the Celts.
    • Women & Men were respected with equal importance.
    • Practices Included: Meditation, Dream study and interpretation, Fortune telling, and divination.
    • Baptism : There is evidence that the Celts had a baptism initiation ceremony similar to those found in Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and Islamic sacred texts.
    • Sabbaths observed in tune with the natural cycles of the earth, as the earth and nature were most sacred and valued as manifestations of the glory of God.
    • Many Christian religious traditions originated from the Druids:
    • For Example:
    • The Christmas Tree & The Easter Egg
    • DRUID Sabbaths:
    • (Correlation with American Holidays)
    • Samhain (or Samhuinn) Literally the "end of warm season". November .(Halloween)
    • Imbolc (or Brighid) Literally "in the belly". February marked The Return of Light ( Groundhog Day)
    • Beltaine (or Bealteinne). May was the celebration of The Fires of Bel . (May Pole- a fertility ritual)
    • Lughnasad (or Lughnasadh, Lammas). August was The Feast of Lugh ,a time for celebration and harvest.
    • (Thanksgiving)
    • Winter Solstice December 21rst- When nighttime is longest (Christmas)
    • Summer Solstice- June 21rst When nighttime is shortest
    • Self Realization through Harmonizing the Mind and Body
    • Meditation: Relieves anxiety, balances the mind body and spirit, increases internal and external awareness
    • “ Yoga teaches us that every individual’s life is to take the inner journey to the soul.”
    • Overcome Materialism
    • Solace, inspiration, peace and happiness can not come from the external environment.