Portfolio task 5 - Imaging presentation


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Portfolio task 5 - Imaging presentation

  1. 1. Portfolio Task 5Imaging Presentations By Jakki Oh
  2. 2. DefinitionsDigital imaging : Is an image on the computer which communicates meaning or information digitally.Raster images : These images are also known as bitmap images, and are made on the computer using pixels. Raster images are best for photographic images.Vector images : These images are made on the computer using mathematical calculations. Vector images are best for making simple geometric shapes.
  3. 3. Raster imageYou can use a raster image to create any pixilated images. An example of thisis Minecraft player skins, which is made purely out of altered colours ofdifferent pixels.NOTE: That quality of the image below is resized, and loses it’s resolution
  4. 4. Vector ImageVector images are more able to be resized at a better resolution. Logos which usethe basic shapes are very detailed and cannot afford to lose resolution. VectorImages are based on computer mathematical processes.
  5. 5. Pro’s + Con’s Pro’s Con’s Raster images Vector Images Raster Images Vector Images Can reproduce Small file size Resolution Less file formatssubtle continuous downloads quickly dependantsubtle changes in colour tone Larger files sizes Smaller file sizes Format is only used Not suitable for than Vector than Raster for a digital camera photo-realistic or scanner imagesSuitable for photo- Format is used Only 2 file formats realistic images when images are To be able to save created on the in computer
  6. 6. Image File FormatsA file format is used to attatch bits of information onto a file which allows theComputer to determine the type of data stored in the file.There are 5 types of image file formats which are;• .bmp• .tif• .gif• .jpeg• .png
  7. 7. Advantages and Disadvantages of image file formts Advantages Disadvantages UseJPEG Good for Archiving Compression is For natural and transferring cumulative- photographic across different removes data and images media types reduces quality of imageGIF Cross platform and Limited colour For images with compressed, good depth, not suitable large areas and for websites, made for natural or solid colours like for online purposes photographic geometric shapes, images logos, text.TIFF Is high-quality Not suitable for the To save images that images and saves internet and need to be read by full colour images websites as the file devices other than size is too large. computers
  8. 8. ReferencesFiles from the moodle;• Image File Formats• Raster v VectorGoogle logo from GoogleEducation Services logo from moodleMinecraft Skin from PlanetMinecraft Website
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