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Eating disorders in_wrestling
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Eating disorders in_wrestling


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  • 1. Unhealthy Weight Loss in High School and Collegiate Wrestling How can Wrestlers lose weight in a healthy way? By: Jacob Heaton
  • 2. Story Cutting weight is a common practice in the sport of wrestling. In fact, wrestlers have been shedding pounds to qualify for lower weight classes since the NCAA made wrestling a sport in 1928. A lot of wrestlers go to drastic lengths to lose weight such as:• Dehydration• Starvation• Excessive Exercise
  • 3. Frequently Asked Questions• What weight should I Wrestle? It Should be a mutual decision between coach and wrestler.• Is Cutting Weight dangerous? It can become very dangerous if you do it the wrong way.
  • 4. DehydratingDehydration occurs when more water and fluid is exiting the body then are entering the body.• Wrestlers will result to Dehydrating themselves in order to shed those last few pounds without knowing that it is a dangerous weight loss practice• These Dangerous weight loss practices include riding an exercise bike in a rubber suit while in a steam room, using Laxatives, drinking nothing or very little, and Spitting.
  • 5. StarvationStarvation involves long or short term food restriction. The body does not get enough calories ornutrients to function properly. Weight is lost from allcompartments of the body includingwater, fat, muscle and even bone.
  • 6. Excessive Exercise• Another way wrestlers cut weight is by excessive exercise where they think that it is all in there head that there tired or starving and there body can still continue to lose the weight needed to get to the next weight class.
  • 7. Those Opposed• Coaches: many coaches often tell there wrestlers that by not making weight you let the team down.• Parents: There are some parents who are so competitive that they encourage there offspring’s dangerous behavior.• Teammates: wrestlers teammates will also encourage there rapid weight loss without knowing the dangers of the practice.
  • 8. • If your willing to • As a wrestler I will encourage an say you are better athlete into a off wrestling up a dangerous practice weight class and lift which could be life weights, eat food to threatening then build you are ignorant muscle, Increase and selfish. your energy, and practice learning new moves.
  • 9. My Views• I am a wrestler weighing 205 pounds wrestling in a 220 pound weight class. I do have the option to drop to the 195 pound weight class but choose not to because I can eat what I want, lift as much as I want, and have more energy to practice harder and wrestle tougher.
  • 10. Things To Think About• What do Billy Saylor (19 years old) at Campbell University in North Carolina, Joseph LaRosa (22) at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and Jeff Reese (21) at the University of Michigan all have in common? They are all dead now. All three boys were engaged in dehydrating practices trying to lose weight in order to qualify for their first college-wrestling matches.