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Caffeine a health hazard
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Caffeine a health hazard


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Jake Mager …

Jake Mager
English 104
30 April 2012
This PowerPoint is about caffeine and how it is over all unhealthy. I used mainly questions in order to keep the audience interested. The slide with the question asking “Is drinking coffee or energy drinks worth the side effects?” has no picture in order for the audience to focus on that question and come up with their own conclusion that should align with the conclusion on the next slide. Some of the pictures I chose to use are a bit shocking but I felt as if that would support my case very well.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  • 1. Is Caffeine a health hazard?
  • 2. So Many People Drink It!
  • 3. Caffeine Dinkers10% people that do people that don’t 90%
  • 4. The Reason They Drink It?
  • 5. For wakefulness, enhance mood and cognition, and produce stimulatory effects.
  • 6. How Could Caffeine Be Bad?
  • 7. It’s Addictive
  • 8. Caffeine withdrawal includesheadache, lethargy, irritability, and mental fuzzy-headedness. Some or all can occur among manydaily caffeine consumers who abruptly stop theirintake.– Sally Satel
  • 9. Sleep Deprivation
  • 10. In moderation, it can be used as a short-termstimulant to improve performance that isimpaired because of unavoidable sleepdeprivation- Simon Joseph
  • 11. Various Other Problems Such As…
  • 12. Caffeine increases blood pressure, plasma catecholamine levels, plasma reninactivity, serum free fatty acid levels, urine production, and gastric acid secretion – Tony Chou
  • 13. Question For You!
  • 14. Is drinking coffee or energy drinks worth the side effect?
  • 15. Conclusion Caffeine may have somebenefits but is definitely overall bad for the user and if youare drinking coffee or energy drinks daily you should consider stopping for your health.
  • 16. Works CitedChou, T. (1992). Wake up and smell the coffee caffeine, coffee, and themedical consequences. The Western Journal of Medicine, 544. Web.20 Apr. 2012.Satel, S. (2006). Is Caffeine Addictive?—A Review of the Literature.American Journal Of Drug & Alcohol Abuse, 32(4), 493-502.doi:10.1080/00952990600918965 Web. 19 Apr. 2012.Simon, J. (2001). Caffeine addiction and its effects. NursingTimes, 97(31), 42. Web. 19 Apr. 2012.Yang, A., Palmer, A., & de Wit, H. (2010). Genetics of caffeineconsumption and responses to caffeine.Psychopharmacology, 211(3), 245-257. Web. 17 Apr. 2012.