Specfic research and analysis


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Specfic research and analysis

  1. 1. Research and analysis –Specific questionnaire
  2. 2. By the research and information I received from my questionnaires for adocumentary I gained good knowledge of who my target audience are. Iknew my target audience was young and are mainly students, which gaveme the idea to make my documentary about rising tuition fees as it affectsmy target audience. I made a second questionnaire specifically focusing onmy target audience, university and tuition fees as it’s the topic of mydocumentary. I produced 10 copies of my questionnaire and got the 10copies filled in by my target audience and gained good feedback andresearch from this. From the results of my questionnaire it can help mewith filming and the main aim of my documentary.
  3. 3. What is your gender ? How old are you ? 10% 16-18 40% Male 20% 19-21 Female 50% 22-24 60% 25+ 20%For my first question I asked about As Ive narrowed down my age rangegender. From my results 60% of the to a younger age I wanted to go intopeople I asked were male and 40% more depth and find out how old mywere female so more males answered target audience are. Out of the 10than females for my questionnaire. people I asked 50% were 16-18, 20% were 19-21, 20% were 22-24 and 10% ere 25 or over. This shows that my main target audience was going to range in-between 16-18.
  4. 4. What is your postcode ? What is your status ? 0% 8% B28 22% 23% B26 Student 23% B29 Part time work 11% 11% Full time work B33 Unemployed 11% 11% B25 69% 11% B14 B27As my target audience is young I wanted to I wanted to get an idea of whatfind out there status. I wanted to know if areas my target audience arethey were a student, in part time or full time from so I got my target audiencework or if they were unemployed. They had to fill in there postcode. Mostthe option of ticking more than one option. people are from B28 which isFrom my research I found out that 69% 23%, from B27 there was 22%were a student, 23% in part time work, 8% and from the other areas in thein full time work and nobody was pie chart were all 11%. So theunemployed. majority are from B28 or B27.
  5. 5. Are you currently studying at If answered no, are you considering university ? going to university? Yes 40% Yes 50% 50% No No 60%As students are at university or I extended the question for theconsidering going I wanted to know how people who said no in the previousmany of my target audience were studying question. I wanted to know if theyat university. I found out that 40% were at was considering going to universityuniversity opposed to the other 60% who and 50% answered yes and 50%were not currently at university. answered no.
  6. 6. How many of your relatives have studied or studying at Are you directly affected by the university ? rise in tuition fees ? 0% 10% 0 10% 30% 1 40% 2 Yes 20% 3 60% No 30% 4+I wanted to find out how may As the topic for my documentary isrelatives studied/studying at about rising tuition fees, I wanted touniversity. 30% said 0, 30% had 1 know if my target audience wererelative who studied at university or directly affected by this. From mystudying at university. 20 % had 2 research I found out that 40% wererelatives, 10 % had 3, 0% has 4 or affected by rising tuition fees andmore and 10% were unsure on how 60% werent affected by tuition feesmany relatives are at university or rising.have studied at university.
  7. 7. Would you watch a documentary Do you agree with rising tuition about rising tuition fees ? fees ? 10% Agree 20% Yes Neither agree nor No 50% 10% disagree Unsure 40% Disagree 70% I wanted to know if any of myI wanted to know my target audiences target audience would watch athought on rising tuition fees. Out of the documentary based on risingpeople who agree only 10% agree with tuition fees. Out of my sample 70%this, 40% neither agree or disagree as they would watch a documentary aboutmost likely arent at university or are thinking rising tuition fees at it most likelyof going and 50% don’t agree with rising directly affects them in some way.tuition fees. This shows the majority of my Only 10% wouldn’t watch atarget audience disagree with rising tuition documentary about this and 20%fees. are unsure whether they would watch it.
  8. 8. Do you think a documentary about rising tuition fees would be useful for yourself and young adults to watch ? 10% Yes No 90%For my last question I wanted to know whether my targetaudience would think a documentary about rising tuition feeswould be useful to watch. Out of my sample a huge 90% think itis a useful topic to watch on a documentary and only 10% don’tthink it would be useful.