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Evidence of style guide

  1. 1. Introduction to Channel 4 style guide
  2. 2. I have written my own text description of my documentary for myfactual insert. I have looked at other factual inserts from channel 4 andprevious years work. By using these as a template I have started towrite my own description on my factual insert.
  3. 3. Ive accessed 4creative which gives me templates for adverts for channel 4 documentaries. I’m picking out things such as the mode of address and the overall message it sends out. http://www.4creative.co.uk/flash/# The people on the advert such as Gordon Ramsey let the audience knowThe facial its channel 4 as heexpressions of the 4 hosts differentpeople on the advert shows on theare annoyed and look channel.angry. This showstheirs competitionand rivalry, which The channel 4people will want to logo is clearlysee as its exciting shown on theand creates drama. advert in a noticeable place This advert which is very clearly lets you easy to pick out know its channel as soon as 4, as the font someones eyes used lets are drawn to the everyone know advert. this. Channel 4 has its own The colour scheme of this advert is red which unique font which is a colour that catches the eye. Its clearly its audience can noticeable to its audience and is seen as a pick out. positive colour. It also stands out and matches the colour of the font.
  4. 4. All the different colours in the advert really stand out and gives a sense of excitement to the advert. It would make the audience think of why all these bright, happy colours are used in the advert. They clearly stand out to the background which makes you spot them even more.The backgroundcolour to the text istake from part of the background like the The channel 4channel 4 style logo is clearlyguide states. placed on the middle right side of the page. It stands out and is the same colour as the text which white.Like on the channel4 template it useschannel 4s uniquefont is used againas it matches The font being white really stands out as it haschannel 4s house a grey background. This colour scheme sticksstyle. to the background as its black and grey, so its all linked together which is professional as sticks to the channel 4 style guide.
  5. 5. The text background is blue which stands out clearly to the white background. It sticks to one colour scheme which the channel 4 style guide does. It’s a bright colour which clearly stands out.The font is thetypical channel 4font whichstands out to itsaudience. Every The channelchannel 4advert 4 logo stickshas this font so to the colourit matches the scheme as itsstyle guide. blue just like the background The font colour to the text. for the title is white. The colour is taken from the background just like the channel 4 style guide. The women in the centre of the advert is wearing a blue dress. This shows that what the character is wearing also matches the colour of the background of the text. It shows its well organised and everything is linked.
  6. 6. This is the template I am using for my factual insert. I am using it as aguideline towards what mine will look like.
  7. 7. Here is my factual insert after using the template, I’ve made my own titleusing the appropriate font and colours as a practice. Ive added my owndescription.
  8. 8. This is my factual insert after further editing it and usingmy own picture and colours. For the background of my titleI have taken the colour from my image so it matches thechannel 4 style guide.
  9. 9. Above is my final factual insert. Ive changed the colour ofmy header and text by taking colour out of my image. Ivealso changed the picture as its more suitable for my topic.The description has also changed as it’s a lot better thanmy previous one.
  10. 10. This is my final factual insert. The only change I have made from myprevious one is the title. Ive changed the title to cost of living.