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  • Lost Boys is a multi-genre production that is about a group of boys living their lives to the fullest on this island. The boys have been on this island for a couple of years and haven’t seen civilization since so they believe it’s a test of survival. Now this production is a mockumentary so what you see isn’t exact reality but this is where the comedy side of the production comes in making the characters look silly but also making them do things that we wouldn’t see eye to eye to. We have 6 boys on the island all in the age range of 19-21 and when they first met no one knew anyone so the hierarchy of the camp and authority is a bit unfair so conflict is common on the island. Throughout the production I will document their day-to-day lives and watching over their individual roles on the island and within the camp. This varies from cooking, hunting, building but also their personal hobbies and the sense of giving up and heading to Tesco by boat. Lost Boys will last up to 30 minutes and will be a one off episode. This is so my target audience can be in a way flash mobbed with this program and after broadcasted I can see who liked it and who didn’t. This then leads to the decision of a series and further productions. The ideal broadcaster for my production is E4 and I would primarily wanted it to be shown after 9, as I believe it is unsuitable but also my target audience is 18-25. Mockumentaries are barely heard on television especially in the UK so I want to bolster the genre and put the word out there. So I believe Lost Boys will be a hit and comedy gold to the audience.  
  • Age: 18 – 25 I have found it hard to specify on my target audience age on my mockumentary. Purely because anyone with a sense of humour but also an interest in mockumentaries, and a regular E4 or BBC 3 viewer, could watch my production. After my feedback I have decided to put my mockumentary past water shed only because some of the scenes I am considering filming are not for the eyes of people under 18. I came to a decision with 18 - 25 because whenever I ’ ve watched a mockumentary it ’ s been with people my age and above and we have all enjoyed it. E4 as my broadcaster I also had to take their permanent audience to account but my target audience and their target audience are similar therefore broadcasting on channel 4 will be good for my mockumentary. Gender: Both When it comes to gender I have decided to target it to both genders because I don ’ t want females to feel like they aren ’ t allowed to watch it. Although it is a bunch of boys on the island and it ’ s all male banter, I feel that I can bring across a sense of sentimental value to attract the female side of my audience. I will do this by showing hierarchy and social status within the tribe so my audience can start to have feelings for my characters. Also channel 4 isn ’ t a male programme it displays a variety of mix gendered programmes and I don ’ t want to change that. Demographics My target demographics aren ’ t specific except the age. This is because I don ’ t want to exclude anyone from the programme but also when it comes to demographics it is hard to specify on a certain type of person only because demographics come from a census which is a collection of the demographic factors associated with every member of a population. My programme isn ’ t going to specify in religion or gender nor income levels or educational level purely because I don ’ t want to turn my possible viewers away. I want to keep my production mutual and equal to everyone watching to satisfy them but also to not make them feel insecure while watching my production.
  • One of my competitors is Canadian Film and TV director Mike Clattenburg. Best known as creator/director of the TV comedy series and mockumentarie Trailer Park Boys, Trailer Park Boys has a strong fan base and the viewers are consistent because they know what to expect from it. I want to have this type of effect with my mockumentary by relating to people ’ s day to day lives. Trailer Park Boys and Mike Clattenburg are my main competitors as we have the same target audience therefore I need to produce something better to interest the audience. Trailer Park Boys was broadcasted on a Canadian TV channel called ‘ Showcase ’ . Showcase is a Canadian version of E4, BBC 3 or the satellite channel Comedy Central. I looked at the three programs individually looking at the shows they broadcast and their view rates: From this data you can see that E4 alone has the most average daily views out of all the programmes and if you add all of comedy central together E4 is still on top. Although on the monthly reach BBC 3 has more views singly than E4 and comedy central. BBC 3 and E4 are very similar but in this case E4 have a repeat programme that would boost my views instantly because people are bound to watch it if they missed it beforehand. Therefore I am choosing to broadcast on E4 because I will have a bigger and wider distribution than Trailer Park Boys did on showcase purely because I have the extra channel that is proven to be watched a lot.
  • So for my resources I have thought carefully to weather I wanted crew because having crew then means they need camera and mics and lighting for them to do their job right. But because my production is a mockumentary of this tribe on an island I have to meet their requirements and one of them was to come with a maximum of one person. So my resources and equipment are small only because to get over the island we have to use a tiny paddle boat and I only have one crew member to assist me. So the Sony camcorder I have specifically chose because it ’s a mid ranged priced camera, its not to expensive but not to cheep but the 3 chip camera brings more quality in sound and picture for my production. My production will also be filmed in HD so, I can post it up on YouTube for viewers to watch after the broadcast on television. The tri-pod is for my long takes when sitting around the camp but also for landscape shooting. I feel a tri-pod will bring a variation to levels and angles when filming. The LED light is for night filming so I can see what I am filming but also where we are walking for our health and safety. This will bring another feature to the documentary and a night scene can be included. When it comes to props for my mockumentary a lot of the props are already on the island including machete’s, axe, hammer and rope swing etc.
  • So after I have filmed I need to edit for a good week to make sure my mockumentary has every aspect possible to attract my audience. Owned by the film and documentary production team Banyak, this Final cut pro edit suite in Hackney is what I need and at £700 for the week it is very good compared to other major editing companies situated in London.
  • So these are my actors or so called talent for my production. These people actually are some of the creators of the camp. But I know that they will be able to provide with good improvising but also good acting and there wont be as many takes than if I was filming my parents or younger children. I ’ ve sat down with these 5 and we have agreed to £20 a day for each actor so following my project schedule its going to be £500 for all my actors. I think £500 is quite reasonable seeing that a lot of high performance actors now days charge £100 an hour if not more. My camera man and my audio technician are also friends who are experienced with camera work and who also have music and audio knowledge allowing me to pay them less than the average price for a camera man. I have also spoken to them and because of long hours and also having to give up their time We compromised with £40 a day which is £400 for the week. I then need my technician to come with me to the suite to make sure all the sound throughout the clips are pitch perfect. Editing is another 6 days so I ’ d be paying him another £240 as well as my editor. When it comes to travelling the island is walking distance but we want our actors to feel relaxed before they have to act therefore renting a coach for the actors to chill out and feel at home. My executive minibus will come to £1,500 for the 1 st and 5 th day for getting there and back. I believe this is necessary because it allows us to get the best out of our actors and that ’ s what I want the most. Accommodation is a difficult one! Because from the minibus we have to walk to the river bank and from river bank we have to get a paddle boat so for accommodation we are going to hire barge boats from the local marina in Wargrave. For a 4 man barge it costs £756 for the week and there are 8 us. 5 actors cameraman audio technician and me the director and interviewer, so we will need two barge boats for the week at £1,620.
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